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The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

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The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

Being asked to be a bridesmaid can often feel like landing a supporting actress role in an Oscar-worthy film. It can feel like a rite of passage, even something you're looking forward to crossing off your bucket list.

However, once the thrill of having the bride ask you to be a bridesmaid wears off, you may be stumped as to where to begin. Sure, you can search the Internet, ask experienced friends, or approach strangers for advice on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. But no matter how much you read up on how to be the most perfect bridesmaid ever, and no matter how many times you've been a bridesmaid before, you'll find yourself making mistakes that leave you with one too many blisters, headaches, or simply wishing you had negotiated the terms of your bridesmaid role ahead of time. You might even find yourself toying with the idea of canceling your bridesmaid duties entirely or convincing yourself that being a bridesmaid once is enough.

By learning how to conquer your bridesmaid duties and avoiding these 20 rookie bridesmaid mistakes, you can avoid the blisters, the crying bride, and the "I'll never be a bridesmaid again" attitude.

1. You Don't Pay Attention to the Bride.

The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

Don't plan a night out at the hottest club in Las Vegas just because the bride says she wants a quiet and simple bachelorette party with bottles of wine and cucumbers over her eyes. Listen to her, even if it's not what you want to do—or what you "believe" she wants.

2. You Don't Use Your Abilities to Assist the Bride.

Whether you're skilled at DIY crafts, writing speeches, or using Excel to manage budgets or organize a to-do list, the simplest and most supportive way to assist the bride is to offer assistance in areas where you excel.

3. You Immediately Spend Too Much Money.

Yes, the cost of serving as a bridesmaid can occasionally exceed your budget. Early on, discuss financial expectations with the entire wedding party.

4. You Are Upset with the Bride for Not Following Your Advice.

Be supportive and give the bride all the advice she wants, but don't take it personally if she chooses to honeymoon in Jamaica over Thailand or gold chargers over silver chargers.

5. You Arrive Late.

Make every effort to be to the wedding activities early in case the bride requires any last-minute assistance setting up or just someone can soothe her worries.

6. You Drank Excessively at the Rehearsal Dinner.

The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

Speaking of shots, leave them off your wedding night drink menu. Waking up hungover will not make you feel or look good.

7. You Forget the Important Things.

Take everything from the travel-size toiletry aisle and put it in a tote bag; it will come in useful. When the bride urgently needs eyelash glue, they will prevent your feet, your mind, and your stress sweat from dripping all over the place.

8. You Deceive the Bride.

Whether she asks for your opinion on flower arrangements or if her artificial eyelashes appear too fake. You don't have to tell a falsehood to keep her happy. Inform her of the reality in a kind manner and follow up with an alternate option.

9. You Believe the Other Bridesmaids Will Handle Everything.

The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

Reach out and inquire if there is anything you can do to help rather than assuming the maid of honor is handling all the planning and arrangements. If there isn't anything going on right now, you can offer to be "on call" just in case.

10. You Forget Important People, Places, and Things.

Keep track of all of the important dates for the wedding adventure, as well as the names of the other members of the bridal party. Keep track of the details so you don't forget where you need to be and when you need to be there.

11. You Forget the First Rule of Being a Good Bridesmaid.

The most important thing to remember as a bridesmaid is to just be a good friend. When the bride feels overwhelmed, be there to listen, support, and raise her back up to reality. 

12. You Don't Plan Your Hair and Makeup Ahead of Time.

The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

Take images of hairstyles and makeup looks you adore and bring them with you to the wedding day. This way, the stylists will know what sort of appearance you want and will be able to keep on schedule.

13. Becomes the Life of the Party with Your Plus One.

If you are permitted to bring a guest to the wedding, keep in mind that you are accountable for their behavior. Keep an eye on them as you balance your bridesmaid responsibilities to make sure they aren't downing their ninth tequila shot of the evening.

14. You Put Up a Fuss about the Dress.

Keep in mind that you'll only be wearing this dress for one night, even if you don't like the color yellow marigold or the way the seven layers of chiffon drape on your body. The bride's stress levels can increase if she complains to her about the dress.

15. You Attempt to Outdo Another Bridesmaid.

The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

As a member of the bridal party, you are essentially a team player. There's no reason to compete with other bridesmaids, especially when it comes to gift-giving, unless you want your savings account to be furious.

16. You Purchase the Wrong Bridesmaid Dress.

Write down the style number and color of the bride's requested bridesmaid dress. If you play a guessing game about which dress is the correct one, you might find yourself walking down the aisle in the wrong style.

17. You Placed Your Bridesmaid Dress Order Too Late.

Order your bridesmaid dress as soon as possible because it typically takes three to four months to arrive. The later you order it, the more likely it is that you will need to devise a backup plan that includes sewing fabric together to make it yourself.

18. You Make the Decision to Wear Uncomfortable Shoes.

If you want to wear shoes that are more cute than comfortable, bring Band-Aids or a pair of flats with you so you're ready when the blisters appear or you want to break it down on the dance floor.

19. You Don't Enjoy the Moment.

The 20 Common Mistakes Bridesmaids Make

This is just one big party. Take some time to relax and enjoy yourself and those around you.

20. You Forget to Say Thank You.

You can be so pleased about your new role as a bridesmaid or wedding party member that you forget to express your gratitude to the bride for asking you!


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