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138 Funny Wedding Puns to Keep You Walking in Laughter

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Weddings are a celebration of love, and people should celebrate them with laughter. Using wedding puns at a wedding, whether in speech or in writing, can add an extra layer of fun to the celebration. There are many words out there that you can create as a pun.

Imagine this: a wedding filled with clever and witty wordplay. A hashtag that is not only easy to remember but will tell a pun about the couple’s love story. These things might be small and simple to others, but they can add to the whole vibe of the wedding. A funny wedding pun can dictate the mood of your wedding and introduce the humor and funny side of the wedding, telling the guests to relax and have fun during your celebration.

In this article, we have compiled multiple hilarious puns that you can use when you are tying the knot.

Tips for Adding Funny Wedding Puns to Your Wedding

Tips for Adding Funny Wedding Puns to Your Wedding
Image Source: Pexels

Using wedding puns can add to the fun atmosphere of the celebration. Hilarious puns can be used to introduce themselves during lighthearted moments, during toasts, and during speeches. Use puns during the wedding program to insert humor that can build a connection with the guests. Encourage the guests to use a pun at least once to add humor to their speeches. Guests love humorous speeches as they find them relatable. This is also a good way to gauge how engaged the audience is.

Using wedding puns during reception, whether in table names, signage, or as a hashtag for social media posts, will add a playful spirit to the festivities. Printed items are the items that the guests see, and sometimes they take them as souvenirs. It can be a good place to place the pun. These printed materials can be part of their social media postings.

But always remember to use them cautiously, use them to add fun, and not overshadow the sentimental part of the celebration. Puns can be a good way to add fun and joy to a celebration. But if overused, it can also overwhelm the guest, and that is the only thing that they can remember, not the celebration of love itself.

138 Funny Wedding Puns That You Cannot Resist

114 Funny Wedding Puns That You Cannot Resist
Image Source: Pexels

1. Our love is knotted like any other!

2. Let's make today a 'happily ever laughter' affair!

3. I'm 'ringing' in the wedding festivities!

4. You're 'wifey' material!

5. Catch me; I’ve fallen.

6. We're on cloud 'wine' nine!

7. May your love be as 'endless' as the dance floor!

8. Our love story is legendary

9. Love is the 'tie' that binds us.

10. We're'mint' to be together!

11. Let's 'toast' to love and laughter!

12. We're 'tied' together like a perfect bow!

13. Our love is the 'key' to happiness.

14. This wedding is a'match' made in heaven!

15. Our love is'shore' to last a lifetime!

16. You're the 'one' I've been waiting for!

17. Our love story is brewing like that good cup of coffee

18. Let's 'not' forget to have a great time!

19. You're my 'lobster' for life!

20. Our love gets better with time

21. You're the 'spark' in my heart!

22. Let's 'roll' into this adventure together!

23. Our love is 'rock' solid!

24. May your love be as sweet as 'honey'!

25. Our love is the 'glue' that holds us together.

26. You're the 'icing' on my cake of life!

27. This wedding is'scent'-sational!

28. Our love is the 'anchor' in life's stormy seas.

29. You're my 'sunshine' on a cloudy day!

30. Let’s shine together and light the dancefloor.

31. You're my 'dreamboat' in the sea of life!

32. This marriage is 'pasta'-bly the best!

33. Our love is the 'pulse' of our existence!

34. Let's'muffin' compare to our love story!

35. You are my cupcake.

36. This wedding is 'tea'-riffic!

37. Our love is the 'puzzle' piece that completes us!

38. You're my 'peanut butter' to my jelly!

39. This wedding is 'popping' with love and joy!

40. Our love is 'note'-worthy!

41. You're my 'star' in this love-filled galaxy!

42. This wedding is 'simply' the best!

43. Our love is 'wheelie' special!

44. You're the 'apple' of my eye!

45. This marriage is'soup'-er!

46. Our love is 'egg'-ceptional!

47. You're my 'main squeeze' in life!

48. This wedding is 'grape'!

49. Our love is 'berry' sweet!

50. You're my 'jelly' to my peanut butter!

51. This marriage is 'purr'-fect!

52. Our love is 'butter' than the rest!

53. You're my 'sunflower' in the garden of life!

54. This wedding is 'waffle'-y wonderful!

55. Our love is'melon'-collie-free!

56. You're my 'rockstar' in the symphony of life!

57. This marriage is 'peachy' keen!

58. Our love is 'cherry'-shing every moment!

59. You're my 'firework' in the night sky of life!

60. This wedding is 'pasta'-bly the most romantic!

61. Our love is 'pumpkin'-spiced perfection!

62. You're my 'marshmallow' in the cocoa of life!

63. This marriage is 'hot dog'-gone amazing!

64. Our love is 'biscuit'-ing every challenge!

65. You're my 'unicorn' in the fairytale of life!

66. This wedding is 'whale'-y special!

67. Our love is 'lemonade' from the lemons of life!

68. Tropical adventure is not complete without pineapple.

69. This marriage is 'toast'-ally awesome!

70. Our love is'maple' syrup sweet!

71. You're my 'moon' in the night sky of life!

72. This wedding is 'pizza'-bly the best day ever!

73. Our love is 'bacon' me crazy in the best way!

74. You're my 's'more' in the campfire of life!

75. This marriage is'macaroni'-licious!

76. Our love is 'cookie'-ing up happiness!

77. You're my 'twinkle' in the starry night of life!

78. This wedding is 'avocado'-control fun!

79. Our love is 'potato'-tally amazing!

80. You're my 'cherry on top' in the sundae of life!

81. This marriage is 'brie'-autiful!

82. Our love is'soda'-lightful!

83. Love is our bind but it is never blind.

84. Another reason to get drunk - be married.

85. A happy wife, a happy life.

86. Tie this knot forever.

87. What is the best way to celebrate this wedding? Laugh and get drunk

88. Please expect a very punny and very funny wedding.

89. Wedding of the century: Knot to be missed

90. How to make sure to enjoy this wedding? There’s an open bar!

91. Let’s direct this wedding like Buzz Lightyear - to infinity and beyond.

92. It’s time to tell a punny and funny story about the couple.

93. How to start a wedding? With Laughter.

94. I will tell you how to deliver a wedding vow - it should be very punny

95. We are tying the knot - it’s unbelievable.

96.This should be a pun-filled and fun-filled wedding.

97. Tying a knot with lots of stories and a side of wine.

98. How to make a toast? Make it punny

99. Here is the best way to start this wedding - drinking.

100. I will tell you, a very punny story.

101. We will celebrate this punny love story.

102. Let’s get hitched and be punny!

103. The perfect blend of love and laughter.

104. We’ll see how this punny love story starts.

105. The best way to say I do is with laughter

106. I'm not a wedding photographer, but I can definitely picture us together.

107. I'm not lazy, I'm on energy-saving mode—like a bride planning her wedding.

108. Why did the bride suggest having the wedding outdoors? She wanted a 'hitch'-hiker's guide to marriage.

109. Why do brides wear white? Because it's the color of the kitchen appliances.

110. The key to a successful marriage is a good sense of humor and a short memory.

111. Why did the bride and groom go to therapy before the wedding? To work on their pre-wedding jitters.

112. My wife says I never listen to her. At least I think that's what she said.

113. Why did the bride go to therapy? She had wedding jitters.

114. Why did the bride and groom exchange cell phone numbers during the ceremony? In case they needed to call off the wedding!

115. I'm not saying my wife is a bad cook, but our dog begs for food before we eat.

116. Why did the bride refuse to play hide and seek at the wedding? She didn't want to be left at the altar.

117. Why did the bride bring a ladder to the wedding? To take their relationship to the next level.

118. My wife told me I should embrace my mistakes. So, I gave her a hug.

119. Marriage is like a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs, and it's over too fast for most men.

120. Why do brides wear white? Because it's the color of the kitchen appliances.

121. Why did the bride go to therapy? She had wedding jitters.

122. Why did the bride and groom exchange cell phone numbers during the ceremony? In case they needed to call off the wedding!

123. I'm not saying my wife is a bad cook, but our dog begs for food before we eat.

124. Marriage is like a fine wine; it gets better with age. Also, it can make you say and do silly things.

125. Why did the groom bring a ladder to the wedding? To show that he's ready to take their relationship to new heights.

126. My wife told me I should embrace my mistakes. So, I gave her a hug.

127. Marriage is like a roller coaster. Lots of ups and downs, and it's over too fast for most men.

128. Why do brides wear white? Because it's the color of the kitchen appliances.

129. Love is the main course, but cake is a close second.

130. To the bride and groom: May your love be stronger than your WiFi signal.

131. Love is the key to a happy marriage, but a spare set of keys doesn't hurt either.

132. Marriage is grand – and divorce? Oh, that's at least 10 grand.

133. The couple that laughs together stays together – and probably has great abs too.

134. Marriage is all about compromise, like deciding whose Netflix password to keep.

135. Why did the bride and groom bring string to the wedding? To tie the knot, of course!

136. May your love be as endless as your wedding photos on Instagram.

137. Marriage is a workshop where husband and wife work together – and sometimes with power tools.

138. The best love stories are like fairy tales – with a touch of reality and a sprinkle of humor.


Always note that wedding puns must be funny. Be careful when coining a pun, as they can go overboard and be offensive to some. Remember that this is a wedding, and a wedding is a celebration of a love story. You don’t want to ruin the day by offending something that you think is a joke. All wedding puns must be approved by the couple, and they must find them funny.

Coining a pun can be difficult, but if the couple will push for it, it can be done. The key is to keep it as simple and memorable as possible.


What Is the Wedding Phrase?

Exchange of vows, guest blessings, wedding puns, etc. are all commonly used phrases. At a wedding, guests should add some courtesy and blessings to their words. The bride and groom should add some excitement and gratitude appropriately.

What Do You Say to Guests at a Wedding?

Just thank everyone for coming to celebrate, add a few thank yous to your family and those who helped with your wedding, and outline how the rest of the night will go. Here are some simple words:

  • Thank you for coming to celebrate with us.
  • We're glad you're here.
  • Have a great time tonight.
  • Please enjoy the food and drinks.
  • Let's dance together!

What Are the Words for the Funny Wedding Contract for the Groom?

  • It depends on the newcomer's sense of humor, but some ideas include:
  • I promise to take out the trash, even if it's not my turn.
  • I always put the toilet seat down.
  • I would never say, 'Honey, it's not that serious,' but it is.
  • I will (eventually) know the names of all your friends and family.
  • I will love you even if you [insert interesting quirk].

What Is the Best Quote for a Wedding?

  • To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. - David Viscott
  • Grow old with me, the best is yet to be. - Robert Browning
  • A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. - Mignon McLaughlin

What Is the Old English Word for Wedding?

The Old English word for a wedding: Bridalope. This means that the wedding is the bride's journey to her new home.

What Is a Nice Short Wedding Quote?

  • Two souls, one heart.
  • Forever begins today.
  • Love wins.
  • Cheers to happily ever after.
  • Always and forever.

What Can I Say Instead of What I Do at a Wedding?

  • Absolutely!
  • With all my heart.
  • I commit to you fully.
  • This is my promise.

From this day forward, yes.


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