On Trend: Perfectly Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

On Trend: Perfectly Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

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Perfectly Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid's duty comes with many responsibilities, but one of the most enjoyable aspects is to dress up and stand next to a happy couple, as if saying "yes". Of course, for such a loving occasion, you need a beautiful dress, which is the dress the bride chooses most often. Whether the bride's tastes are conservative or the couple chooses a traditional place, they need exquisite dresses. There is no doubt that bridesmaid dresses are the best choice. Never get tired of purple bridesmaid dresses! With so many shades of purple, there are countless ways to create a popular wedding color palette. Not sure if the colors match the aesthetic you are looking for? Don’t be afraid! You can mix and match our purple bridesmaid dresses in many ways to show off this color on your big day! Check out all our purple bridesmaid dresses and get some tips on how to use this color at your wedding.

Purple is the color of the royal family! From a romantic point of view, it is also a close sister of Pink. This stunning color is rich and luxurious and can be used in vibrant and softer wedding plans. At your wedding, we offer a variety of purple bridesmaid dresses. Choose light shades and dark shades, including warm and cool tones, for all types of brides. We hope you can easily add purple to your wedding palette, regardless of the season. Whether your intentions are mix-and-match or a plain lineup, your girl has many compliment options.

 Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Dark purple is a universal shade that is effective all year round. A color can allow you to add size to any palette. Combine with light purple dresses and other dark colors to create an avant-garde wedding look.


1.Plum Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple gives people a sense of mystery, while the purple bridesmaid dress is elegant with gentleness and romance. It can well set off the wedding scene and create more romantic atmosphere.

 Plum Bridesmaid DressesPlum Bridesmaid Dresses

2.Orchid Bridesmaid Dresses

This color is more dignified than other purples, and people usually choose these color bridesmaid dresses when holding a wedding in a church. It will make your girls more mature and elegant.

 Orchid Bridesmaid DressesOrchid Bridesmaid Dresses

 3.Grape Bridesmaid Dresses

Dark purple bridesmaid dress like grape, knee-length dress, easy to wear, the same style of dress, like a sister alliance, very imposing, with colorful bouquets and high heels of different colors, is it very Spanish romantic and free and easy feeling?

 Grape Bridesmaid DressesGrape Bridesmaid Dresses

Light Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Light purple bridesmaids dresses are especially popular for the springtime. It is a beautiful color that can be used if you aren’t a fan of pink, or in combination with pink. In fact, light purple pairs well with most any color, including both light and dusty shades.


1.Lilac Bridesmaid Dresses

Lilac bridesmaid dresses are elegant and gentle, with appropriate benefits. Wearing a lilac three-dimensional tailored bridesmaid dress can well reflect the bride's taste and greatly improve the wedding quality. To highlight your lilac bridesmaid dresses, please try Chicsew dresses. The strapless tube top design and the split legs still look fashionable, modern and tasteful. It can highlight the figure of the bridesmaid.

Lilac Bridesmaid DressesLilac Bridesmaid Dresses

2.Dusk Bridesmaid Dresses

The light purple tube top bridesmaid dress is very suitable for wearing in the seaside environment. Such a touching purple, with the summer sea breeze and the call of seagulls, quietly blooms in the romantic wedding, and will bring everyone In a good mood.

 Dusk Bridesmaid DressesDusk Bridesmaid Dresses

3.Wisteria Bridesmaid Dresses

Wisteria is a neutral and gorgeous color. Wearing a wisteria-colored bridesmaid dress on the wedding day will make you look incredible on any skin tone. For such a romantic wedding, a small bottle of dried wisteria and a bottle of purple perfume should be a perfect gift for guests. Everyone will love them and your wedding atmosphere will be passed on to all your friends.

 Wisteria Bridesmaid DressesWisteria Bridesmaid Dresses

4.Tahiti bridesmaid dresses

Skipping violets, a combination of romance and mystery. Wearing it on the bridesmaid is very easy, but it is precisely because of this that it is more able to set off the unique temperament of the bride. Different styles of purple bridesmaid dresses, unique personality and pink bouquets, make the modern temperament full of personality for the wedding.

Tahiti bridesmaid dressesTahiti bridesmaid dresses 

 You can't go wrong with purple bridesmaid dresses! There are many different shades to choose from, and every bride has something for her. In the Chicsew store, we offer a variety of cute styles and colors. Therefore, whether you plan to plan a warm or cool wedding, you can easily create a unique purple bridesmaid lineup. From dark purple bridesmaid dresses to light purple decorations, there are many ways to create a amazing purple wedding. You have a lot of time to be creative and get the most out of your colors. Which shade do you like best? Let us know in the comments! 

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