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How to be An All-around Good Bridesmaid

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Here you will learn about all the bridesmaid roles and how to be an all-around good bridesmaid.  

Being asked to stand with a loved one on their wedding day may be the ultimate honor for a friend. You'll probably be overwhelmed with delight and excitement, but if you're unprepared, anxiety can set in. Everyone at the wedding party has some work and financial obligations that get tangled up in the festivities, so you'll want to be aware of your responsibilities to be the best bridesmaid you can be.  You might also be thinking, "What exactly are my bridesmaid responsibilities?" What duties do bridesmaids have before, during, and even after the wedding?


How to be An All-around Good Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids are often among of the bride's closest friends or family members, and their position is crucial throughout both the wedding planning process and the wedding day. A bridesmaid's principal function is to assist the Maid of Honor with her major wedding-planning duties and to offer additional assistance to the bride as needed. But the list of bridesmaid responsibilities doesn't stop there. They are all in charge of so many additional details that go into arranging and carrying out the bride's dream wedding.

Before the Wedding

Provide Advice

Wedding planning

Wedding planning is a difficult process that the bride and groom are likely to seek assistance with. It is your responsibility as a bridesmaid to offer support throughout the planning process. The bride may seek advice from her bridesmaids on matters such as color palettes, food, and decorations. When it comes to wedding planning assistance, every bride will have distinct preferences. If you're the bridesmaid, ask the bride what she needs help with and communicate with other bridesmaids as needed. 

Shop Bridesmaid Dresses

You'll be expected to go bridesmaid dress shopping with the soon-to-be bride and the rest of the bridal party, which is probably your favorite part. What color will your bridesmaids wear? What style will everyone go with? Everything is so much fun!

If you are permitted to purchase your gown yourself, you might send your preferred gown or a few possibilities to the bride to confirm that the design, style, color, and other aspects match the bride's chosen theme. Chicsew offers a diverse range of bridal and bridesmaid garments. Chicsew has gowns for every member of the bridal party and every theme.

Provide positive feedback and keep in mind that dressing and coordinating everyone can be tough, so if you have any issues, address them calmly with the couple as soon as possible. Help the couple try to realize their vision, and most essentially, be open to new ideas.

Participate in Pre-Wedding Engagements

Make every effort to attend all pre-wedding festivities. If you are unable to attend, please notify the bride or other bridesmaids as soon as possible. This helps to reduce additional stress. Even if you are unable to attend the entire event, attempt to participate. Before the event, provide any necessary input, give best wishes to individuals involved, or record a video chat for the specific portion of the event.

During the Wedding

Wedding Ceremony


The wedding ceremony is the time for the couple and bridesmaids to shine. During the wedding, the bridesmaids should arrive early, hide out of sight until it's time to walk down the aisle, and then be ready to leave. Keep your talk to a minimum and show proper deference to the event's organizers or officiant. During the ceremony, remember to hit your marks, do any additional jobs assigned to you, and exit the venue in the order in which you entered. If you're the MOH, you may need to take your friend's flowers and hold them as they exchange rings. Check to see if their attire is in good condition, and if it does, smooth it down so it's picture-perfect.

Be Present for the Bride

Be Present for the Bride

Wedding planning may be rather stressful at times. Bridesmaids, who are usually close friends or family members, are expected to offer emotional support to the bride-to-be. Bridesmaids can check in with the bride during the process and offer assistance in any way that is required. Bridesmaids can do something helpful on the wedding day to ensure the bride is comfortable, happy, and has all she needs. These can be basic but considerate things like checking on the bride's makeup and hair, keeping her calm and collected, and assisting her with any logistical issues.

Being a bridesmaid may feel like a lot of pressure, but don't allow it to get you down. You'll be a good bridesmaid if you keep these bridesmaid tasks in mind and tackle everything one step at a time.  

Prepare Some Things in Advance

Consider putting together a care gift for the morning of the ceremony just in case. Safety pins, extra hairpins, emergency feminine goods, headache medicine, and other relevant items may be included in this kit. It may take some forethought, but the females will thank you later.

Keep the Dance Floor Filled

Keep the Dance Floor Filled

Setting a good example is one of the most important things a bridesmaid can do. Make sure your guests have a wonderful time, be the first on the dance floor (no one else wants to be the first, so it's up to you), and party all night.

As a bridesmaid, you must participate in the first dance, and you should stay on the dance floor for the whole evening. And bringing additional guests to a wedding after the first dance is as simple as making the wedding party look to be having a good time. The portion of the wedding that the majority of couples like the most is when the bride and groom can FINALLY let go. So keep your feet on the dance floor and assist them in celebrating the next step of their lives in style.

Don't Complain

Finally, and most importantly, don't moan. Remember, this is her special day. It's all about her, and whining about anything won't get you anywhere, so keep your ideas to yourself, smile, and sashay down the aisle.

After the Wedding

Help with Cleaning

You've completed most of the job; now it's time to put the final touches on. You may be required to assist with the removal of any decorations following the wedding, as well as the collection of any items required by the couple. Stick with it and round up the other bridesmaids to get to work, no matter how foggy your head feels. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, and both the pair will appreciate your assistance with the cleaning.

Now do you get the approaches to being an all-around good bridesmaid after reading the article?


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