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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Color Schemes for 2023 Weddings

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Ladies, get ready to embark on a dazzling journey as we reveal the secrets to creating the perfect bridesmaid dress color scheme in our ultimate guide to choosing a bridesmaid dress color scheme. From delicate pastels that whisper of elegance and romance to bold jewel tones that ignite confidence and seduction, let's uncover the power of color and bring a more elegant touch to weddings. We'll give you a kaleidoscope of possibilities to explore, ensuring that every shade captures your beauty. Be prepared to be amazed as we browse the endless palette, discovering the perfect balance between uniformity and personal expression to find your own unique color scheme.

This article will customize a specific color scheme for you in terms of both color selection and color matching. Take a few minutes to read, and you will get it.

Part One: Color Options for Bridesmaid Dress Color Schemes

Interested in choosing the popular bridesmaid dress colors for 2023? This section will reveal the mystery. Jewel tones, earth tones, metallics, pastels, and neutrals will be the dominant color palette for bridesmaid dress colors in 2023. If you want to know how to choose bridesmaid dress colors for different complexions, then check out this article "How to Choose Colors of Bridesmaid Dresses Through Your Skin Tones and Undertones". And this section will introduce you to the trendy and fashionable colors that are representative of these color palettes in the best-selling collections of 2023.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones, derived from the colors of precious stones, refer to a group of rich, vibrant, and deep colors, with high saturation and luxurious and glamorous features. And they have a bold and intense look that evokes a sense of elegance, sophistication, and opulence, which is why they are very popular in the market for bridesmaid dresses and are one of the popular color shades for 2023.

Recommended Colors: Emerald green, burgundy, burnt orange, amber, royal blue, sapphire blue, fuchsia, amethyst, and plum.

Jewel Tones

Earth and Natural Tones

Earth tones refer to a palette of colors that are inspired by the natural elements found in the earth. These colors bring a sense of warmth, comfort, and harmony to any setting, reminiscent of the shades found in the rocks and soil. In addition, earth tones can be versatile and easily incorporated into various design styles in bridesmaid dresses, from rustic and Bohemian to modern and minimalist.

Recommended Colors: Brown tones like terracotta, chestnut, chocolate, espresso, or sandy beige; green tones like olive, mossy greens, and dusty sage.

Earth and Natural Tones

Metallic Tones

Metallic tones refer to colors that resemble the hues of metals, such as gold, silver, bronze, copper, or platinum. And they have a reflective or sparkling quality that can add shine, luxury, sophistication, and glamour to bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses can create a focal point with these colors or provide an eye-catching contrast to other colors. Furthermore, these colors can be bold and attention-grabbing or more subtle and understated, depending on the desired effect of the bridesmaid dresses you want.

Recommended Colors: Rust, copper, sliver, bronze, and gold.

Metallic Tones

Pastel Tones

If you favor soft and crisp bridesmaid dress colors, then pastel tones, which refer to a range of soft, light, and delicate colors, may be a good investment. With low saturation and a gentle, understated look, these shades evoke a sense of serenity and femininity, giving a healing visual treat and complementing better skin tones. That's why they are one of the bridesmaid dress fashion color palettes for 2023.

Recommended Colors: Dusty rose, mauve, lilac, mint green, powder blue, and light sunset yellow.

Pastel Tones

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones, defined as colors that are considered to have no strong chromatic characteristics or to lean towards warm or cool tones, are very classic colors in the fashion world. They include black, white, gray, beige, taupe, and more. For bridesmaid dresses, you can use these colors both individually to create an elegant, classic, and minimalist look. Or rather, pair neutrals with bolder or brighter colors to provide balance and contrast.

Recommended Colors: champagne, white, beige, gray, taupe, rose gold, and black.

Neutral Tones

Part Two: Color Matching Bridesmaid Dress Color Schemes

After knowing the current trend in colors, are you still struggling with how to match colors? Don't worry, this section will introduce you to the specific methods of common color matching, including the following five aspects: Monochromatic looks, color blocking, vertical designs, pops of color, and prints and patterns The right use of color matching can add the finishing touch to the appearance of bridesmaids' dresses while modifying your figure and skin tone and showing off your unique and beautiful qualities.

Solid Colored Looks

A bridesmaid dress's color is created by just one color in a solid colored look, which can result in a uniform and elegant visual style. A single color can convey depth and visual intrigue. For bridesmaid dresses, this style of design enables a coordinated and chic appearance while preserving a sense of simplicity.

Solid Colored Looks

Color Blocking

Color blocking is also a common technique in color matching for bridesmaid dresses. These bridesmaid dresses will be paired or combined with solid blocks of different colors to create a bold, visually striking effect that will also have a figure-skimming effect. Geometric or abstract shape aesthetics will be evident in the color blocking design. This type of design style will usually be distinct, contrasting, and have clear, clean lines.

The color choices in color block design are usually two or more colors that create visual interest, energy, and vibrancy. There are four main methods of color blocking: analogous color matching, monochromatic color matching, triadic color matching, tetradic color matching, and complementary color matching.

Color Blocking

Image Source: BHG

Vertical Designs

Vertical designs refer to visual elements or combinations that emphasize vertical orientation in bridesmaid dresses. They usually involve the use of vertical lines or patterns to make your figure appear taller and slimmer. Vertical lines or patterns do not necessarily refer to the use of actual physical lines in a dress but can also be subtle lines created through the stacking of elements.

Vertical Designs

Image Source: frenchnovelty

Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns are designs applied to the surface of bridesmaid dress fabrics and are among the most popular colorway choices for 2023. They can either be a repetition of a regular visual pattern or a disorderly arrangement of patterns. Both methods can create a unique visual effect and add style to bridesmaid dresses. Prints and patterns are diverse and include floral patterns, geometric patterns, stripes, polka dots, abstract designs, and much more. You can use these prints and patterns to form any style of bridesmaid dress you want. One of the more popular choices for bridesmaid dress patterns this year is floral.

Prints and Patterns

Image Source: rustic wedding chic

Part Three: Summary of Choosing Bridesmaid Dress Color Schemes

In conclusion, choosing the color scheme of the bridesmaid dresses is an important part of the overall wedding scheme. You need to consult with the bride and create a harmonious and visually stunning bridal party ensemble together by considering factors such as the wedding theme, skin tone, undertones, and personal preferences. You can learn about popular bridesmaid dress colors for 2023 and several common color schemes from this article of ours, which will help you in your final bridesmaid dress color choice. We would be honored if our article could help you. We wish you the best of luck in finding your unique bridesmaid dresses.


1.What Is the Best Color for Bridesmaid Dresses in 2023?

There are five most popular bridesmaid dress colors in 2023: Earthy neutrals, modern monochrome, blue hues, shades of green, and popping pinks.

2.What Color Is the Best Summer Bridesmaid Dress?

There are some colors, such as bright colors, that tend to be favorites of bridesmaids and brides at summer weddings. Among them, light pink, coral, lavender, and dusty blue bridesmaid dresses have been the trend for summer weddings. Of course, the ultimate bridesmaid dress color choice should follow you and the bride's preferences and fit the wedding theme, as almost any color can be used in a summer wedding.

3.What Color Looks Good on Every Bridesmaid?

Dark colors and neutral colors, such as burnt orange and black, are timeless classics in bridesmaid dresses and suit almost all bridesmaids.

4.Should Guests Wear the Same Color as the Bridesmaids?

There is no need to do this because wedding colors are for the preparers in the wedding, not for the guests. You just need to make sure that the wedding colors are harmonious and unified, except for the guests.

5.Does the Maid of Honor Wear the Same Color Dress as the Bridesmaid?

The colors of the bridesmaid and maid of honor dresses can be the same or different. When the colors are the same, you can differentiate between bridesmaids and maids of honor by the different styles of dresses, or by the different distribution of colors in the dresses. When the styles are the same, you can differentiate them by the different colors.


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