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Can Bridesmaids Wear Ivory Dresses

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Bridesmaids play an important role in the wedding ceremony. They usually wear dresses that complement the bride and add to the beauty of the wedding. But among the many colors and styles, there is a very versatile color that has been overlooked by people, and it is ivory.

Sleeveless Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Constellationame

Many people’s first reaction to ivory is: ivory is similar to the color of a wedding dress, and it’s crazy that the bridesmaids can wear dresses of this color! Now I am clearly telling you that you underestimated the potential of ivory. With the rapid development of fashion, people have discovered that ivory, which represents eternal love, not only makes weddings look more unified and holy, but is also easy to match with various wedding decorations. There are many celebrities who have tried their hand at ivory bridesmaid dresses, such as Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

Read on as we explore the functionality, elegance and practicality of ivory bridesmaid dresses. Now you have another beautiful color to choose from for your bridesmaid dresses.

The Trend of Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory color is inspired by ivory and is a natural color. As early as thousands of years ago, ivory represented power and wealth. Nowadays, ivory symbolizes loyalty and purity in clothing, which perfectly coincides with the wedding theme, and there is a little story about ivory bridesmaid dresses:

In the past, people believed that a bride wearing a white wedding dress would not only bring good luck, but because white is a holy color, it could protect herself from evil spirits. However, this was not always possible. So people hope that the bridesmaids also wear ivory dresses similar to the bride's to confuse the devil and prevent the bride from being kidnapped.

The trend of using ivory in color palettes is getting stronger in weddings. The soft neutral tones of ivory provide a great backdrop for incorporating other colors, whether it's bright flowers or elegant metallics, making the wedding feel classic and sophisticated.

Google Trends data shows that the popularity of ivory bridesmaid dresses in the United States exceeds 60 for 6 months of the year. In winter weddings, people’s search popularity for ivory bridesmaid dresses reaches a maximum score of 100 in New York, California and Texas. States are particularly popular.

Google Trends

Image Source: Google Trends

In the next part of the article, we will discuss why bridesmaids wear ivory dresses, a few reasons not to be missed!

Reasons to Choose Ivory Bridesmaid Dressess

When bridesmaids are choosing their own dresses, functionality, wedding theme and complementation of skin tone are all issues to consider. After reading the details below, ivory bridesmaid dresses will change your previous thoughts and become the ultimate color of the dress.


Ivory is widely used in weddings because of its soft center tone. It can be effortlessly matched with various wedding themes, making the venue look more sophisticated. And ivory bridesmaid dresses are so adaptable that you can wear them for the occasion, making them a practical and economical investment.

Suitable for Wedding Theme

Bohemian, black tie, minimalist themes and more. Whether it's a romantic garden soirée, a rustic barn celebration, or a chic urban wedding, ivory will blend perfectly with them all. Of course, ivory is also a good choice for outdoor weddings.

Complementary Colors for Different Skin Tones

Ivory can create a soft, romantic look on fair skin tones, complement olive skin for a harmonious and balanced look, or contrast with darker skin tones for an elegant and sophisticated look. If you have a cool skin tone, the warm undertones of ivory can soften the cold undertones and ensure that the colors on your body are not too bright.

Elegant and Refined

Few colors can compare to ivory in creating an atmosphere of purity, elegance and sophistication. When the bridesmaids wear ivory dresses, they will exude an air of elegance and holiness, enhancing the overall beauty of the wedding.

Even though there are many advantages of ivory bridesmaid dresses that make you want to try it, we must also consider the actual situation, such as weather, venue and body shape and other factors that affect the dress. Once you fool them, the wedding effect will be very bad. Follow my lead for more wedding inspiration.

Practical Considerations

Although ivory bridesmaid dresses have many advantages, you should also consider practical factors when choosing, such as season, venue, dress style, body shape, and accessories. If you want to mix and match styles, you also need to know what colors go well with ivory bridesmaid dresses.

Season and Site Suitability

  • Spring and Summer: Light ivory will look more elegant and bring you a psychological sense of coolness. I suggest choosing lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon, lace, organza and satin, to ensure that the dress is breathable and not so stuffy.
  • Venue: Both indoor and outdoor foxes can choose ivory bridesmaid dresses. Unless you are afraid of heat, indoor will be better.
  • Autumn and Winter: In the cold season, people have higher spiritual and material needs for warmth, so I recommend that you choose dark ivory bridesmaid dresses. It can visually give people in the wedding some warmth, and can also create a warm atmosphere for the wedding. The choice of fabrics should be based on warmth, such as satin, velvet and knitted fabrics.
  • Venue: You can consider outdoor weddings in autumn. The scenery in autumn is particularly beautiful and the temperature is relatively pleasant. For winter weddings, it’s better to choose indoors. Considering that there is a lot of rain and snow in winter, traveling outdoors is troublesome and very cold. If you prefer to have your wedding outdoors, I recommend bringing warm shawls and coats to keep the bridesmaids and brides from getting cold.

Different Ivory Bridesmaid Dress Styles Suit Different Body Types

If you're trying to save time and want to find a bridesmaid dress that will suit a variety of body types, I recommend an A-line, high-waist, or wrap dress. However, try to match the corresponding dresses for different body types, which will not only optimize the figure and make the bridesmaids look more sexy and beautiful, but also the wedding effect will be better.

Here are my recommendations for bridesmaid dress styles suitable for common body types:

  • Rectangle Body Shape: A rectangular body shape means that the bust, shoulders and hips are similar, and you need styles that can modify your curves, such as A-line, X-line, fishtail skirts and tight bridesmaid dresses.
  • Pear Body Shape: hips larger than chest, wider than shoulders, upper body slender, lower body plump, I recommend A-line and X-line bridesmaid dresses. The A-line dress can cover the buttocks and show off the slim figure of the upper body, while the X-line dress optimizes the volume of the upper body and highlights the waist.
  • Inverted Triangle Body Shape: The shoulders are visually wider than the chest, waist, and hips, and the legs are very thin. Mermaid dresses and A-line bridesmaid dresses can flatter this figure because they emphasize your lower body.
  • Apple Body Shape: The waist is more than 1 inch larger than the hips, with the largest measurement being your breasts. The upper body is fuller and the lower body is thinner. The overall style is recommended to be mainly A-line silhouette, which is simple and elegant. Avoid bridesmaid dresses that are too baggy, too slim, or have fussy designs.
  • Hourglass Body Shape: The bust and hips are about the same size, while the waist is significantly smaller than them. Mermaid dresses, A-line, X-line, bodycon bridesmaid dresses are all better for you as they accentuate the waist and hide the hips.

I recommend you read "How to Choose Ideal Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Body Shape". This article has a detailed introduction to dress styles for different body types, and also tells you how to measure.

 Accessories for Ivory Dress

The ivory dress itself is beautiful, and if you can choose the right accessories to match it, the "beauty"*2.

  • Jewelry: A statement necklace can attract more people’s attention, especially if you wear a strapless dress. If you also like pearl jewelry, I have to praise your good taste, because generally pearl color is close to white, with a little bit of pink mixed in, making people look delicate and elegant, and it perfectly matches the ivory color. I recommend you choose pearl earrings.
  • Hair Clips or Tiaras: You need to refer to the wedding theme. If the wedding is bohemian and the bridesmaids wear flower crowns like Disney princesses, all eyes will be on you. But since the protagonist of the day is the bride, I suggest you seal your charm a little and look at the bride’s tiara first when choosing a flower crown.
  • Shoes: Shoes in a complementary ivory color are also important, I recommend metallic or nude colors that will complete the outfit. Of course colorful shoes are great too, but it’s best to fit in with the wedding theme, otherwise the effect will “​boom”.


The practicality of ivory bridesmaid dresses is mainly comfort. Considering the wedding event, the practicality of different lengths of dresses is also different. If the wedding has some running items, a short dress will help you get high scores. Dresses should also be made of fabrics that match the season. I have already said this before, so I won’t go into details here.

Season, venue, dress style, body shape, accessories and usability are all practical considerations when choosing an ivory bridesmaid dress. But these are still some distance from actually buying the right bridesmaid dress. Read on for more tips on buying a well-fitting ivory bridesmaid dress.

Tips for Buying Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

There are many tips for buying ivory bridesmaid dresses. I have already mentioned the season, venue, fabric and style selection above, so next we will focus on analyzing the three aspects of budget, shopping choices and best practices for you. You will no longer spend extra money on bridesmaid dresses.


Considering all the costs of the dress, accessories and shoes, you need to specify a clear budget. The advantage of doing this is that it will help you narrow down your selection of ivory bridesmaid dresses and prevent you from blowing your budget.

Shopping Options

  • Boutique: If you have a good budget or are pressed for time, I recommend choosing a boutique. Not only can you enjoy personalized service, but you can also try on different styles of ivory bridesmaid dresses before the wedding, so you can know which style suits you.
  • Online Stores: Online stores have become more and more people’s first choice for shopping because of their many brands, styles and cheap prices. However, because some online stores do not provide free try-on opportunities, some people buy ivory bridesmaid dresses that do not fit. There are also quality issues, and rights protection is quite difficult. I recommend you to choose online stores such as Chicsew, ASOS, David's Bridal and Lulus.
  • Sample Sales: Buying samples of ivory bridesmaid dresses is also a good option. The prices are low, but because the quality varies, be sure to be careful when choosing a dress.
  • Rental Services: Rental services are great for weddings on a budget or if the bridesmaids won’t be wearing the dress again.

Best Practices

  • Prepare in Advance: Start picking out your bridesmaid dresses as early as possible so you have plenty of time to fix any problems you encounter, such as inaccurate sizing, poor fabric quality, and broken zippers.
  • Listen to Your Bridesmaids: It's important to listen to your bridesmaids and know their favorite styles, appropriate sizes and decorating ideas. I did this at my wedding once, and the bridesmaids had a great time and got to know a handsome guy throughout the wedding.
  • Dress Samples: If you choose to purchase bridesmaid dresses online, I recommend that you purchase fabric swatches first. This way you will know clearly whether the color and texture of the dress using modified fabrics is as expected.
  • Size and Fit: Different styles of bridesmaid dresses will cause size errors, so choose the corresponding size according to the store's requirements. If you still don't know how to measure, click to read "MEASURING GUIDE".
  • Edit: How should I do if my dress can't fit well? You need a skilled tailor to modify the clothes according to your size, and most stores will provide modification services.
  • Prepare a Few More Dresses: If your budget is sufficient, you can order or rent two or three more ivory bridesmaid dresses for special occasions.

As for my personal technique for buying bridesmaid clothes, I first go to an offline store to choose the style I like and try it on. If the price is right, I will buy it on the spot. Under normal circumstances, the prices in offline stores are beyond my budget, so I will use the styles and sizes I tried on offline to search online stores to ensure that I have a high probability of buying clothes that fit me.

10 Chicsew Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses Real Reviews

If you are about to buy an ivory bridesmaid dress, please take a look at our Chicsew brand first. Chicsew specializes in making satin bridesmaid dresses, and has been recognized by 30,000 bridesmaids for its fabric texture, color and quality. If there is a style you like, please contact customer service to receive a discount and place an order.

Ivory Sleeveless Satin Side Slit Off Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Sleeveless Satin Side Slit Off Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

The dress hits all of the right curves. i would describe my body as more of a stick, lol. i don’t have a lot curves from lack of hips, butt, and chest. but it does make you look more snatched at the waist from the design. Fabric is super comfy and stretchy too. lots of room if you need to eat something. Dress is super long for all of my shorties out there! i’m 5’2” and i’m wearing 6.5” heels and it fits perfectly.

Ivory Satin V-Neck Side Slit Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Satin V-Neck Side Slit Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

I absolutely loved this dress!!! Not only did it fit like a glove, but it gave the illusion of a nice body. I wore it to a friends wedding and people constantly came up to me and told me how beautiful the dress was. I paired it with some gold accessories and everything seemed to together.

Ivory Sleeveless One Shoulder Satin Side Slit Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Sleeveless One Shoulder Satin Side Slit Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

Overwhelming surprised at the quality and fit of the dress purchased for my friend. We measured her accordingly and matched her measurements to size chart. When we zipped the dress up I stood in Aww. Looks as bough it was custome made for her. Beautiful fit. The material and lining (completely lined) feels and looks very high quality. Would I suggest ordering YES!!

Ivory Satin Side Slit Maxi Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Satin Side Slit Maxi Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

You will probably need a really good strapless bra it was difficult to find something that lifted and didnt show but the dress is worth the money.

Ivory Satin Side Slit Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Satin Side Slit Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

The quality of the dress was better then expected. There was a little miscommunication over the size of the dress but the were quick to response and find a solution. I would buy from them again.

Ivory Backless Satin Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Backless Satin Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

Very cute dress and nice fabric. It is very nice and flows. It was a tiny bit smaller than I expected but still fit well. It also came very quickly with the expedited shipping option. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it.

Ivory Satin Spaghetti Straps V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Satin Spaghetti Straps V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

The dress is amazing quality! I got size 4 and I’m 5’5”, 125 lbs. My measurements are 34”, 25”, 38.5”. The waist was too big so I could have gotten a size 2 but the size 4 fit my hips perfectly. I had to take the dress to the tailor to bring in the waist, hem it (the dress is really long), and bring up the slit (too low because I’m 5’5”). Overall, beautiful dress, great thick fabric (not see through), and looks exactly like the picture! We ordered 7 dresses in total and took a little over 3 weeks for the dresses to arrive.

Ivory Satin Off Shoulder Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Satin Off Shoulder Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

This was the absolute best. I am 23 weeks preggo and wore this for my brother in laws wedding. I carry small but even if I was much bigger there would have been lots of room. I wanna use this for my maternity pics too! It's so beautiful and comfortable and stays up. It was alittle long but I don't mind at all since I wore heels.

Ivory Sweetheart Strapless Mermaid Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory Sweetheart Strapless Mermaid Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

Fits like a glove!! The color is beautiful and the fabric is so soft, stretchy and durable, I was comfortable in it all night and received so many complements.

Ivory V-Neck Mermaid Satin Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dresses

Ivory V-Neck Mermaid Satin Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

I ordered it as a bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding.The dress is beautiful and fits me perfectly, seller was amazing and emailed me about my measurements/ date I needed it by. The color was exactly what I was looking for. The dress arrived Very early I was pleasantly surprised.Everyone told me all day how much they loved it.

The above 10 styles of Chicsew ivory bridesmaid dresses are the most frequently inquired styles by users. We strive to solve users' problems in a timely manner and help users choose a suitable dress as quickly as possible.

Real Life Ivory Bridesmaid Bridesmaid Dress Examples

How beautiful is ivory? I have prepared real-life examples of wearing ivory dresses for you, enjoy them together:

Gwen Stefani in ivory silk wedding dress


Gwen Stefani stunned everyone in an ivory silk wedding dress at her 2002 wedding to musician Gavin Rossdale.

The one-shoulder design of this wedding dress perfectly shows off Gwen's sexy shoulders. The hem is made of pink gradient color, which is very beautiful. It reminds me of this year's hottest Barbie fan.

The Scream Queens star wore an ivory lace-trimmed bridesmaid dress

Image Source: Instagram

The Scream Queens star wore an ivory gown edged in lace to serve as one of the bridesmaids for designer pal Kara Smith.

How beautiful is she in this ivory dress!

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence wore an ivory J.Crew gown as a bridesmaid at her brother Brian's wedding in 2013

Image Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence wore an ivory J.Crew gown as a bridesmaid at her brother Brian's 2013 wedding. She is one of my favorite Hollywood actors.

I just watched her wearing an ivory dress and discovered that the beautiful colors of bridesmaid dresses are not only burgundy, gray, champagne, rose gold, etc., but the ivory color that is close to white is also very beautiful and exquisite.

Model Cara Delevingne wore a flowing ivory gown for her sister Poppy’s 2014 nuptials

Image Source: Harpersbazaar

Model Cara Delevingne wore a flowing ivory gown for her sister Poppy’s 2014 nuptials.

From the picture, it can be seen that this sleeveless bridesmaid dress is made of chiffon parent-child fabric, which has good breathability. Cara looks like a fairy in this dress.

Pippa Middleton wore a floor-length ivory gown as bridesmaid to her sister Kate and Prince William in 2021

Image Source: Getty Images

When her sister Kate married Prince William in a lavish royal ceremony in 2011, Pippa Middleton wore a floor-length ivory gown to fulfil her Maid of Honour duties.

I would like to say that delicate and elegant colors like ivory are really suitable for simple bridesmaid dresses.

Alternative Colors for Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

For brides who like to explore different styles for their wedding, I also have the following ivory bridesmaid dress alternatives for you:

  • Pink: The beauty of Gwen Stefani’s ivory and fan ombré wedding dress is enough to stun anyone. Pink is the hottest color in 2023, and I particularly recommend it as an alternative color. For brides who like exquisite and romantic weddings, pink can definitely satisfy your fantasies.
  • Deep Burgundy: The luxurious and elegant red wine color is also suitable for ivory-colored rural and urban weddings. The two colors can create a strong visual impact and are more luxurious than ivory.
  • Emerald Green: Emerald green is a rich and sophisticated color that, like ivory, is suitable for all skin tones and in all seasons, giving you a lot to consider when choosing. If you’re worried that emerald green might not fit the wedding theme, I think you’re over-worrying. Emerald green includes garden, vintage and romantic themes. It would also suit an Irish, Celtic or natural style wedding.
  • Royal Blue: Royal blue and ivory have many similarities. They are both elegant and classic colors that are suitable for all skin tones. But in terms of seasons, I personally think royal blue has more advantages than ivory in winter weddings. Because winter weddings are different from spring and summer weddings, the cold weather makes people’s visual perception decrease, and the requirements for color contrast are very high. Royal blue is really good at meeting this feature.
  • Champagne: Champagne and ivory are both neutral colors and have the same color properties. Unless you want to pursue contrasting colors, champagne is the best alternative to ivory.
  • Taupe: Taupe and ivory are both very tolerant colors and you don’t have to worry about skin tone or season. And gray is the most common bridesmaid dress color I see at weddings, and it appears in many wedding themes.

Different ivory bridesmaid dress alternative colors may be somewhat the same in many ways, but differ in the beauty they present, especially in some wedding decorations.

Keep reading for more wedding decor inspiration.

Ivory Wedding Decoration Ideas

Ivory wedding decorations can be seen everywhere in weddings, even if the wedding theme is different, it appears very frequently. Remember when I said ivory was the canvas for weddings? Here are some wedding decoration ideas:

  • Ivory Bouquet: If you want to take your wedding to the next level of elegance, ivory bouquet is undoubtedly a worry-free choice. It can complement other color dresses and play an embellishment role in weddings.
  • Ivory Accessories: Neutral ivory has inherent advantages over most colors in accessories, such as our common jewelry, hair accessories and shoes. If you want to avoid ivory in accessories, I don’t think you can do that.
  • Ivory Belt: Usually we see the belt and the dress are the same color, but using an ivory belt with dresses of different colors will also look good. I recommend pairing a dark gown with an ivory belt for a contrasting look.
  • Mixed Color Bridesmaid Dresses: I recommend you start by mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses in ombre colors. For example, going from light tones of ivory to burgundy creates a stunning effect. You can also have each of your bridesmaids wear ivory dresses in complementary colors to create a mix and match that will definitely catch the attention of all the guests.

Ivory wedding decorations are definitely the most relaxing of all colors. It won't make you feel anxious and everyone can handle it. I recommend brides who don't know how to decorate their weddings to use ivory wedding decorations.

Final Thoughts

In this article on the topic "Can you wear an ivory bridesmaid dress?", I will give you a detailed introduction to the popularity, symbolism, practicality, celebrity cases, dress style recommendations and selection tips of ivory, as well as ivory alternative colors and wedding ideas. Ivory bridesmaid dress, I would like to say that you felt it was a wise choice to wear ivory as your bridesmaid dress.

The sophistication and elegance of ivory will definitely reignite fashion trends. Use it as a canvas for wedding colors. Bridesmaids or brides can paint their own wedding colors on this canvas to remember for a lifetime.

FAQs about Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

Is There Much Difference between Ivory and White?

Ivory refers to a slightly off-white color that strays more toward a yellow or gray tint. White refers to crisp, pure whites that look like a fresh sheet of printing paper. When you think of ivory, you might be thinking of a lacy gown or a sleek silk dress. White is more commonly used for ball gown style dresses.

Does White Make Ivory Wedding Gown Look Dirty?

As are neons and other bright and luminous hues. It's also best to avoid white. This will clash with the subtle shades that sit within your ivory wedding gown. You might love your pure white stilettos, but they'll look too clean against your dress and might make the ivory look dirty.

What Colour Goes with Ivory Dress?

It goes well with just about any color, but few combinations are as beautiful as ivory and gold. The ivory keeps the gold grounded, while the gold elevates the ivory to another level. And this color scheme works with any tone of gold — yellow gold, white gold, and even rose gold.

Is Ivory Wedding Dress White?

This shade of white, sometimes known as "eggshell," has swiftly become the most preferred choice for contemporary brides. While still appearing white in photographs, the creamy tone lends a touch of elegance. Some ivory dresses don't just have a delicate white appearance.

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