2023 Bridesmaid Dress Recommendations - With Chicsew You No Longer Hav

2023 Bridesmaid Dress Recommendations - With Chicsew You No Longer Have To Worry About Choosing Your Bridesmaids or Wedding Dress Online

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Common Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Questions

1. Is the size standard?

Bridesmaid dress sizes differ depending on the brand that manufactures them and therefore it is important to check the size chart on any dress that you are ordering to make sure you find the size that is right for your measurements. Additionally, here at Chicsew, we also offer a custom sizing option at no extra cost to ensure that the dress you select fits your shape well. While any dress that you order may need some minor alterations, it is important to follow the size and measurement guides correctly to get the dress as close to your unique shape as possible.

2. Is the skirt the same as the picture?

The dresses in our photos are the designs that we sell to clients all around the world. The positive reviews on each of our dresses speak for themselves and each of our dresses is quality checked before being sent out to you to ensure that what you see in the images on our website is what you get. The shades in the pictures on our website may vary slightly depending on the fabric you have chosen, and therefore, we always recommend ordering swatches in the correct material and shade to make sure you are happy with this before ordering your dresses.

3. What fabric is the skirt?

Chicsew offers a range of dresses in a number of different fabrics – from smooth satin, to light chiffon, to voluminous tulle to delicate lace. Each dress is uniquely designed and may also include a second material to line the dress and ensure its structure. Therefore, it is important to look at each bridesmaids dress listing carefully for a full description of the fabric. You will find the material information in the details section of each listing. Alternatively, if you are looking for dresses made from a specific material, you can use the filter option on the website to filter by fabric.

4. Is the fabric of the skirt stretchy?

This answer depends on the material of the bridesmaid dress that you have chosen. The majority of the bridesmaid dresses on Chicsew are made from a satin material, meaning that while not overly stretchy, they do have some flexibility in them due to the high volume of fibres in the material. This makes it comfortable for your bridesmaids to move in their dresses but doesn’t mean that the fabric will stretch out of shape to become unwearable. We do recommend using custom sizing to tailor the bridesmaid dresses to your specific size so that you would not need to stretch the fabric too far when putting the dress on or taking it off.

5. How long will it take to receive the skirt?

You have a choice between two shipping options when ordering bridesmaid gowns online through the Chicsew website, depending on the timeline you need and when your special day is. Once you've decided on the gowns you want, it takes some time for them to be created, especially if you chose the custom sizing option as this is made to the exact measurements that you submit. Before being dispatched, most gowns are typically manufactured in 1-3 weeks. A rush order option is available if you need your order right away and can expedite the process for an additional $30 per dress.

When ordering through Chicsew, our delivery time(production time+shipping time) for normal orders is around 30 days and the rush order is within 20 days, which depends on if you order during the rush period. However, rush orders can be sent in 20 days for those needing their order earlier. What you will find is that these shipping speeds are impressive when compared to other online stores, especially for custom sizing. It is highly unlikely that you would receive the items in a shorter time frame even if you ordered dresses from conventional, in-person bridal boutiques.

In addition, Chicsew offers a delivery promise, which stipulates that if the dress is delayed, you may either keep it and receive 20% of your money back or return the dress for a full refund if it is no longer needed. This is rare when compared to other online bridesmaid dress stores. In order to assure on-time delivery and account for any modifications you might require, we advise ordering your bridesmaid dresses well in advance, as with any other dress.

Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

1. What should you pay attention to when buying multiple bridesmaid dresses?

When you are buying dresses for multiple bridesmaids in your wedding party, there are a number of things that you have to consider. Firstly, you need to make the decision on what dresses you are looking for – do you want your bridesmaids all wearing the same dress in the same shade, or are you looking to mix and match your bridesmaid dress colors or styles?

Secondly, when choosing bridesmaid dress styles, it is important to think about the body shapes of your bridesmaids and what style of dresses may suit them. For example, if your bridesmaids have fuller busts you may be looking for dresses that are more supportive in the chest area, or if your bridesmaids are self-conscious about their stomach, dresses with ruching in this area can make them feel more comfortable and confident on your big day.

Finally, it is important to think about your total budget, as buying dresses for multiple bridesmaids can be costly. Decide on a budget for each dress and stick to it, even if this means finding an offer or discount code to help you reach this target.

2. What do you do when you don’t know what color you want?

It can be difficult choosing the shade that you want your bridesmaids to wear for your special day, but it is an important decision as these dresses will be in your photos and memories for years to come. There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when trying to pick your bridesmaid dress shades.  Firstly, try and narrow down your color search by looking at wedding and bridesmaid inspiration on social media.

There are plenty of sources of inspiration online if you're looking for suggestions for the different colors to utilise on your wedding day. Since your bridesmaids' dresses will have a big impact on your color scheme, the first step is to investigate your color scheme as a whole. Consult bridal magazines, idea websites like Pinterest, and social media platforms like Tik Tok or Instagram to gain inspiration for your color scheme and the style of bridesmaid dresses you want to wear. While you aren't required to pick a certain color at this point, you could at least narrow down your selections.

Additionally, look at who your bridesmaids are going to be and take note of their skin tone as you can then use color theory to find out what shades will make them look their best. Every skin tone has a natural warmth or coolness to it, therefore it only makes sense that these various undertones would fit various apparel colors. The principle also holds true for bridesmaids' skin tones. Blues, lavenders, cold greys, or rose pinks go well with complexion tones that are cooler. Warmer skin tones, on the other hand, go well with more natural, fall colors like golds, browns, reds, and oranges. Rose Gold dresses are an excellent option if your bridesmaids have undertones that differ from one another because this metallic tint can go with both undertones.

Furthermore, think about the time of year when you are getting married, as certain shades match certain seasons. If you're having a spring wedding, think about pastel colors that mirror the shades of the flowers in bloom at this time. For summer weddings with lots of colors, brighter tones are great. Rust, burnt orange and other warmer or more sombre hues fit well with autumnal weddings, while winter weddings usually feature festive reds, cool-toned greens, blues, and silvers to represent the chilly season. Despite the fact that you shouldn't let the seasons totally dictate your taste in colors, they may provide you with some insight into what might look great at a particular time of year.

Finally, consider choosing more than one bridesmaid dress color, drawing inspiration from the mix-and-match wedding trend that has recently taken over. This growingly popular trend gives you the option to select several complementary colors, such as warm tones or pastel hues like lilacs and pale pinks. Another popular option is to pick one color, like green, but have your bridesmaids wear several hues of it. Each of your bridesmaids can wear the dress style that best suits them and makes them feel beautiful and supported if your bridesmaids are different shapes. If your bridesmaids are different body types, but the same color, you can choose different bridesmaid dress designs.

3. What should I do when I'm not sure what size to reorder?

If you’re unsure of what size of bridesmaid dress to order it is important to look at the size chart on the Chicsew website. This is especially important because sizing differs between retailers and therefore the size you are in one shop may not be the size you require for your dresses. If you’re still unsure of what size to order or would like a dress that fits your shape perfectly, we recommend that you choose the custom sizing option. This comes at no extra cost but ensures the dress is made to your unique measurements.

Custom sizing is a great alternative for those who often fit between sizes, or are shorter or taller than the average bridesmaid, as it means the dress is made specifically for them. It is important to note, however, that while the dress is made to your five key measurements, it may still need some slight adjustments in other areas when it arrives with you.

4. How to save money by buying multiple bridesmaid dresses?

As an online bridesmaid dress stockist, Chicsew can offer stunning bridesmaid dresses at a lower price point as they do not have the costs associated with physical shops. This means that they can focus on high-quality dresses at a lower price point. The website also allows you to filter the dresses by your intended budget, only giving you options that you can afford. On top of this, the brand also gives you the opportunity to add other discounts to your shopping cart that allow you to buy multiple bridesmaid dresses at a lower cost. Often, they run coupons that are widely advertised on their website such as ‘buy one dress, get one free’, which can save you significant amounts of money when buying many bridesmaid dresses at once. On top of this, when you first enter the site you have a spin the wheel option where you can find even more discounts – making it one of the most affordable ways to buy many dresses at once.

High-Quality Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Frequently Recommended

1. Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most popular bridesmaid dress designs is the Chicsew Giselle. This dress is truly unique with its very pretty and unusual design. Although the dress has a trendy one-shoulder style, the two-strap design is sure to make your bridesmaids stand out from the crowd and feel like a million bucks. Because of the ruched material around the stomach and hips, it looks great on a wide range of body types, making your bridesmaids feel confident on the big day. The back zip makes it easier for your bridesmaids to put on and take off their dresses while still giving them a snug, figure-hugging look, and the smooth back of the dress presents a classy yet sexy profile. Available in over 70 different shades.

2. Soft Satin Side Slit Off Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

The Elaine dress by Chicsew is one of our favourite dresses that looks perfect in every shade. This statement-making, structured, off-the-shoulder style is a regular top seller on our website. The bodice has a sweetheart neckline that enhances the cleavage and the fitting shape helps to cinch you in at the waist. The leg split adds a glamorous aspect to the design while the off-the-shoulder style is sophisticated but makes a big statement. The ruching over the hips and stomach is flattering for a number of different body shapes. This dress fits like a glove and maintains its structure all day and night thanks to the design's zip-up back. Pair this dress with some glamourous heels that will peak out through the side slit, while the bust style would suit a delicate necklace to accentuate the area.

3. Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Online

One of the most ethereal bridesmaid dress designs in our collection is the Chicsew Iona dress. This beautiful floor-length, one-shoulder, hourglass satin design truly is a showstopper. The defining feature of this gown is the beautiful ruching which crosses over the bust and hips, accentuating curves in all the right places and skimming over any body parts that your bridesmaids may feel insecure about. The ruching forms beautiful pleats that fall from the hip to the ground like a stunning waterfall, while the sweetheart neckline is a timeless piece. The thicker one shoulder strap offers extra support while the satin material makes this material shine beautifully in the light – perfect for photos on your special day.

4. Elegant One Shoulder Soft Satin Pleats Mermaid Long Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Another timeless design that has sustained its popularity and will never go out of fashion is the Chicsew Chole dress. This thick strapped, one-shoulder bridesmaid dress is made of silky smooth satin and creates a gorgeous silhouette. The thicker strap offers more support around the bust, while the fabric ruching over the hip area is flattering for all shapes and sizes of bridesmaids. The thigh-high split adds a sexy element to the design without being too much, while the mermaid skirt flows beautifully down to the ground in an elegant fashion.

5. Soft Satin Side Slit Spaghetti Straps V-Neck Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

The Melissa Dress is among our favorite two-strap bridesmaid dress options. Two thin spaghetti straps that eventually join to form a cross v-neck design support the dress, with them reaching around to the back neatly. For the summer, this dress is ideal as it keeps bridesmaids cool without looking too much. For a classic look, add a thin choker to delicately draw attention, or some statement earrings for that added look of glamour.

6. Simple Soft Satin One Shoulder Side Slit Mermaid Long Bridesmaid Dresses

The Nicole dress is a dress that, in our opinion, looks amazing in every single color. This dress could be for you if you're seeking two straps that are a little thicker for a bit of extra support or coverage. With a classic sweetheart neckline and delicate ruching over the hips, this exquisite design will withstand the test of time, making it a truly timeless piece. The dress has a structured appearance thanks to the satin fabric, which is of high quality. Pair with a simple, classic heel to let the dress do the talking, and consider having your hair in an up-do, to highlight the top of the dress as this is the real showstopping part of the gown.

7. Soft Satin Side Slit Straps Square Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

The Celestine dress is one of the satin floor-length gowns on our website that sells the best. The dress is made from high-quality fabric, with clean lines and perfect stitching, and the satin fabric beautifully reflects the light. This dress' waist ruching is especially noteworthy since it defines the waist just enough without hugging it. The mermaid-style skirt accentuates the body's curves by tightening at the hips and flowing out elegantly to the floor. The one-shoulder strap design curves effortlessly into the neckline for a smooth and sleek design. A genuinely timeless style for a truly magical look.

8. Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Mermaid Floor Length Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

The Chicsew Astrid is one of our favorite red carpet style bridesmaid gowns. No matter what season it is, this dress is one of our top choices for bridesmaid clothing due to its glamorous, the high leg split and gorgeous one-shoulder design of this exquisite satin dress will let your bridesmaids seem like they belong on the red carpet. Your bridesmaids' curves will be highlighted in all the right places thanks to the design's ruching around the waist and hips.

9. One Shoulder Soft Satin Spaghetti Strap Side Slit Mermaid Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

The Carla dress is a distinctive style that stands out beautifully in any shade. On your big day, this dress will definitely turn heads while still appearing beautiful and sophisticated. This dress, which is made of premium, completely lined smooth satin, shines beautifully when the light hits it and will appear gorgeous in photographs. Your bridesmaid may move more freely in this fitting dress because of the high leg split, which also looks dazzling. Your bridesmaids will feel supported and confident since the design will fit precisely against their contours, while the smooth back and mermaid design are flattering on many different body shapes. The two-strap, one-shoulder design that is linked to the conventional sweetheart neckline is the design's true show-stopper, though. This design is unique, yet timeless and will continue to be trendy for many years to come.

10. Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Last but certainly not least on our list is the Lily dress – and this one just might be our favorite. The thigh-high leg split provides a dazzling element to the dress without overpowering its genuinely classic and lovely hourglass design that fits over a woman’s curves beautifully. The dress's material is the beautiful satin that is ruched over the tummy and around the hips, giving it a form that works for women of all sizes and shapes. The one-shoulder design is distinctive in that the fabric flows down the bodice to meet the waist, and the dress has a discreet but functional back zipper that makes it simpler to put on and take off the dress. Avoid wearing a necklace with this dress since it might detract from the neckline, which is the main attraction. Instead, think about wearing it with a stylish set of earrings for some extra glitter.

Popular Bridesmaid Dress Categories Worth Considering

At Chicsew, we have thousands of different bridesmaid dress designs in over 79 various color options. This gives you more choice than most other bridesmaid dress retailers on the market. We have a number of popular bridesmaid dress categories. Let’s take a look at some of our most popular:

1. Bridesmaid dresses under $100

One of the most popular categories on our webpage is our bridesmaid dresses under $100. This allows you to stick to a small budget if you are trying to keep your wedding costs down while still offering you high-quality dresses. Many of these bridesmaid dress designs are short and flirty or made from lighter materials such as chiffon so perfect for spring or summer weddings. The most affordable dresses in this category start at around $89.99 before any discounts are applied, making them great value for money.

2. Bridesmaid dresses $100 - $110

Next up are the bridesmaid dresses between $100 - $110 bridesmaid dresses category. Many of the dresses on this list are longer gowns and most of the dresses in this category are made from lighter materials such as chiffon to ensure that costs are kept down. Compared to many other bridesmaid dress companies, Chicsew still manages to design stunning ethereal chiffon gowns at low prices.

3. Bridesmaid dresses $110 - $120

The dresses in the $110-120 category are chiffon dresses with added details such as floating sleeves or intricate embellishments, or some mid-length dresses in satin fabric. Additionally, many of these dresses include added lace embellishments for a feminine look.

4. Bridesmaid dresses over $120

Finally, the final popular bridesmaid dress category on our website is the list of bridesmaid dresses over $120. These are the dresses that may have the most glamorous designs or intricate details meaning that they require a little more craftsmanship. Most of the satin bridesmaid gowns appear in this category. At Chicsew, we do still like to keep our dresses as affordable as possible, and this means that our most expensive dress in this category retails for only $169.99 before discounts are applied – without compromising on quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bridesmaid Dresses

1) Is there a color difference between the different dress fabrics?

There may be, as different fabrics react to dye in different ways.

Before choosing a color or fabric for your bridesmaid dresses, obtaining samples will allow you to physically inspect each fabric's genuine color quality. There are several color choices even for hues with the same name. If you're not prepared, it could throw off your color scheme since various textiles can absorb the same dye in very different ways and the texture can also alter how it looks. You can choose your fabric and shade swatches here for a low cost, and have them sent out to your home to view in person in no time.

When you receive your swatches, you may want to look at them under different lighting – for example, in daylight, and in candlelight to see how the shades will look throughout your special day. Additionally, different camera settings will make the colors show up differently in photos, so test this too in order to identify any color differences. This is especially important in bridesmaid dresses if you are choosing a mix-and-match style wedding, as the multiple shades that you choose need to blend together seamlessly in different lights.

2) How can I choose a suitable size?

It is important to check the measurements on the Chicsew website, as sizing differs on every bridesmaid dress website. Our size chart should allow you to see which conventional size you would fall under. Alternatively, if you are looking for the dress that is the best fit for your body, consider buying a custom size – this option can fit your unique shape better.

Customers buying wedding, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and junior gowns have a choice between two sizing options: custom sizing and standard sizing. However, bear in mind that it is nonreturnable for any reason, including wedding cancellations or alterations. It is a perfect alternative for clients who are unsure of their size or discover that they are a little too tall for our usual measurements, or who fit between sizes. Making the dresses to your precise bust, waist, hip, height, butt, heel height and hollow to floor proportions gives custom sizing its distinctive quality. This makes it possible to get a dress that fits more closely than a conventional size, but as we can only accept seven basic measurements, the dress will probably still need to be altered for an even better fit.

3) Should I choose standard size or custom size?

The best option is to order the custom sizing as then it is more tailored to your measurements. We never advise purchasing a custom size using the specifications of a normal size dress since we are manufacturing the garment to your measurements and it is not returnable.

As custom sizing does not cost extra money if you order via Chicsew, there is no downside to ordering a custom size, even if your measurements are close to a standard size, and this will ensure that you get a dress that is made for your measurements.

4) How to buy bridesmaid dresses at a better price?

From about $89.99 to $169.99, Chicsew provides bridesmaid gowns in a range of pricing points. You may select gowns on the webpage by price to fit your budget, and this filter option is great for narrowing down your options. On top of this, if you are looking to test out fabrics and shades in person, Chicsew offers material swatches for the low price of $1, meaning that you can order a number of different shades and fabrics to find the perfect option, without blowing your budget.

If you are looking to reduce your costs even further for a particularly tight budget, you are likely to save even more money when purchasing your gowns because here at Chicsew, we frequently provide sales promotions and promo codes. Our website frequently greets you with a "spin the wheel"-style pop-up that gives you the option of receiving discount codes for money off, a free gift, or free swatches when you first visit. On top of this, if you are looking to test out fabrics and shades in person, Chicsew offers material swatches for the low price of $1, meaning that you can order a number of different shades and fabrics to find the perfect option, without blowing your budget.

If you are looking to reduce your costs even further for a particularly tight budget, you are likely to save even more money when purchasing your gowns because here at Chicsew, we frequently provide a variety of specials and promo codes. Our website frequently greets you with a "spin the wheel"-style pop-up that gives you the option of receiving discount codes for money off, a free gift, or free swatches when you first visit. On top of this, we are always looking to ensure you get the most out of our service, by consistently running some sort of promotional coupon or other deals. For instance, at the time of writing this, our website is promoting a coupon at the time this piece is being written for three free samples of your choice or one for "Buy One Dress, Get One Free Gift."

Here at Chicsew, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent – and tell you the codes you can access clearly on our website, instead of letting you spend hours hunting on the internet to find them. We let our customers know how to get the best deal so that they are left feeling one hundred percent satisfied with our service. We understand that weddings can be expensive, and want to do as much as we can to make things more affordable for you while keeping our quality high. 

5) What kind of dress material is more skin-friendly?

Smoother dress materials are more skin friendly, as they are less likely to brush against and agitate sensitive skin with rough fabric. One of the best materials for skin-friendly bridesmaid dresses is satin. Satin is a blend of fibres that produces a shiny smooth coating that is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin.

On top of this, satin is a fabric that has a slight elasticity to it due to its high concentration of fibres. This means that the fabric is not only more durable, but also more flexible meaning that it moves well on the skin, and is less likely to catch on the skin and irritate it.

6) Can the custom-made dress be resized?

Custom sizing on Chicsew takes a total of 7 different measurements to ensure that the dress fits you better than the standard sizing. However, as only 7 measurements are taken, this is not enough information for it to perfectly fit all bridesmaids and your dresses may require some additional alterations depending on your proportions or body shape. While the main measurements are taken into consideration there are other areas of the dress that you may wish to alter. For example, the strap length of our spaghetti strap styles is standard on all our custom dresses, so we tend to keep these long so that they fit many different body types – on shorter bridesmaids these may need to be shortened slightly.

If you have ordered a custom dress and find that you need to make some alterations, we do offer some reimbursement in order to contribute to the cost of this. While this may not cover all the alteration costs, it will cover a percentage of them. Please remember that our custom sizing option is free so you will not be paying extra for this service in the first place, unlike with many other bridal boutiques.

If you are looking for some alteration reimbursement, you need to request this by email within 7 days of receiving your dresses. It couldn’t be easier to apply for this reimbursement – simply send a photo of your alteration receipt from a tailor to our customer service email address and we will sort out the payment for you. The amount of money that you will get back will depend on how much your dress originally cost, the revision fee and so on.

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