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80 Funny Shoe Game Wedding Questions You Need to Ask

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One of the raving games today is the shoe game. This is one that everyone loves to play and watch at an event. Do you know why? The shoe game is a test of your knowledge of one another. The list of questions is endless and you get loads of fun.

10 Funny Shoe Game Wedding Questions:

  1. Who’s more jealous?
  2. Who is always hungry?
  3. Who misbehaves more when drunk?
  4. Who has the best friends?
  5. Who has the best family?
  6. Who is the better cook?
  7. Who has more embarrassing moments?
  8. Who has the best baby pictures?
  9. Who shares more memes?
  10. Whose feet smell most?

Want to know the remaining 70 shoe game wedding questions that will make your guests laugh? continue reading!

What Is Shoe Game Questions for Wedding

what is shoe game questions for wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

Wedding shoe games are a fun activity for entertaining guests and newlyweds. Usually, the bride and groom sit back to back on chairs, take off their shoes, and then exchange one shoe. The host or guests ask questions, and the bride and groom hold the corresponding shoes to answer. You can tell how well the couple knows each other.

80 Funny Shoe Game Wedding Questions

80 Funny Shoe Game Wedding Questions

Image Source: 48studio

If you’re finding it difficult to select the shoe game questions for a wedding, here are some below for you. To make it easier, they are in categories. Follow these as a guide and feel free to copy them into your game book.

Funny Wedding Shoe Game Questions

1.Who snores more?

2.Who is more funny?

3.Who is the foodie?

4.Who grabs all the cover at night?

5.Who says the f* word more?

6.Who is more grumpy in the morning?

7.Who snoozes the alarm always?

8.Who hates taking a bath and skips it most?

9.Who reveals secrets always?

10.Who gets lost easily?

11.Who’s more jealous?

12.Who is always hungry?

13.Who misbehaves more when drunk?

14.Who has the best friends?

15.Who has the best family?

16.Who is the better cook?

17.Who has more embarrassing moments?

18.Who has the best baby pictures?

19.Who shares more memes?

20.Whose feet smell most?

21.Who lies more?

22.Who falls asleep first?

23.Who is the terrible dancer?

24.Who has a sweet tooth?

25.Who is the terrible swimmer?

26.Who’s messier?

27.Who has the craziest friends?

Personality-Revealing Wedding Shoe Game Question

28.Who is more religious?

29.Who sings in the shower?

30.Who is the bigger baby when ill?

31.Who’s the daddy’s baby?

32.Who has the best singing voice?

33.Who is more likely to get drunk at a party?

34.Who always claims to be right?

35.Who is more emotional?

36.Who is more likely to get into a fight?

37.Who can easily find their way out of any situation?

38.Who gives the best gifts?

39.Who gets to every event late?

40.Who loves to travel more?

41.Who has the best vacation sites?

42.Who loves being outdoors?

43.Who’s the best dresser?

44.Who picks the best outfits?

45.Who has the best color?

46.Who’s more organized?

47.Who throws stuff everywhere?

48.Who loves rom-coms?

49.Who watches more animations?

50.Who loves shopping more?

Interesting Shoe Game Questions for Wedding

51.Who procrastinates more?

52.Who is more likely to grab a phone to record an event?

53.Who loves to cook more?

54.Who loves to clean more?

55.Who always picks up the dishes?

56.Who is more helpful in doing house chores?

57.Who is the busy one?

58.Who is more romantic?

59.Who gives the best hugs and cuddles?

60.Who is the bookworm?

Unique Shoe Game Wedding Questions

61.Who makes the best plans?

62.Who will survive more in a jungle?

63.Who gets frustrated easily?

64.Who talks the most?

65.Who gives the best gifts?

66.Who is more likely to win a race?

67.Who loves pets?

68.Who will be the best parents to the kids?

69.Who forgets celebratory dates always?

70.Who gives the best apologies?

Romantic Shoe Game Questions for Wedding

71.Who loves getting all the attention?

72.Who is the best kisser?

73.Who flirts more?

74.Who has a beautiful smile?

75.Who sleeps with the light on always?

76.Who has the nastiest ideas always?

77.Who has had the most relationships in the past?

78.Who is more likely to date their ex?

79.Who is more likely to send nudes?

80.Who will most likely agree to a threesome?

How to Set up the Wedding Shoe Game Questions

How to Set up the Wedding Shoe Game Questions

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Description of the Setup

You only need two chairs. There’s just one couple, no other party joins in the game session, so get two chairs ready. Talking about chairs, a last-minute check needs to be done to ensure they are safe to sit on and strong enough to withstand any sudden movements when playing the game.

Instructions for the Guests

Moving on, you have to keep your audience in mind and get them fully aware of this game, or else they will be lost.

First rule - no one gives hints about what each partner has selected. That’s where the fun is, trying to guess your partner’s response by looking at the guests’ gestures.

Role of the Emcee or Facilitator

You’re not going to be the moderator for the game. You’re the celebrant and your place is with your partner. So, there has to be a facilitator or the role automatically becomes that of the emcee. You can assign your friend, bridesmaid, or best man to moderate this game as well. Whoever will be doing this, need to bring the fun into the questions. 

So what’s their role, you may ask? The facilitator reads out each question and may decide to time each answer to spice the game up a little. The facilitator generally ensures everyone has a nice time during the game and gets everyone to participate till the end.

Implementing the Questions

You may have some questions written down for the facilitator, but there’s more fun in what I’m about to tell you. One way to ensure your guests have as much fun as you both is by getting them to ask their shoe game wedding questions too.

Don’t worry, they’re not too personal questions, it could even be something to tease you both. But, it will be maximum fun. 

Rotating between the Couple’s Shoes for Each Question

The shoes reveal what each partner thinks should be the answer. A lot of times, there may be a raise of the shoe first, then it changes to the heels. This show of indecisiveness makes it more fun. But, have your shoes in each hand for easy rotation as many times as possible.

What Are the Rules for the Shoe Game

What Are the Rules for the Shoe Game

Image Source: Pinterest

Without rules, there won’t be a wrong person, so the saying goes. But, setting the rules and getting everyone to understand before the start of the wedding shoe game is very important as it makes everything orderly. So, let’s talk about the rules.

  • Only the couple can participate in raising the shoes
  • There has to be a pair of shoes each; one for the bride and the other for the groom
  • The couple needs to sit back with each other
  • No cheating is allowed
  • All questions should begin with “who” and be targeted at the couple's personalities or future tendencies
  • Set a time for each partner to raise the shoe.

No one has the standard rules for this game. You can add, tweak or remove any rules as well. It's all about ensuring everyone gets the best time when the game is on, so do your thing!

What Are Some Wedding Shoe Game Tips

What Are Some Wedding Shoe Game Tips

Image Source: Pinterest

First, embrace the moment with the mindset of having maximum fun. No wedding shoe game questions should be too embarrassing for you. It’s all fun and a way to lighten the moment. So, place yourself in that space, ready to have fun.

Also, you need to be comfortable. Get chairs that will make your sitting comfortable for as long as the questioning session lasts. You get to remove your shoes as well for the game, so, prepare to do this ahead.

Get your friends around to hype you both. Fatigue is something that can ruin the fun even when a fun game like this is on. But with the right set of friends around you, all will remain blooming. Your facilitator should be fun too.

Lastly, get as many questions as you want. It’s your day and you should enjoy it to the fullest.


A lot has been said, but let’s make a quick recap here and end the piece after. The wedding shoe game is quite popular today in different weddings and a fun way for couples to reveal their personalities to their guests more. Everyone is here to celebrate you and to achieve this aim, incorporating wedding games like this to your wedding activities is quite important.

There are tons of shoe game questions for weddings you can come up with. There are also a lot above. So, get your creative pen out, and enjoy the process of writing your questions.

The goal is to enjoy yourselves, so get every other thing out of your mind and enjoy your day to the maximum.


How Many Wedding Shoe Games Should I Ask?

To control the wedding shoe game time and prevent couples from feeling too much pressure, you only need to prepare 10 to 15 questions.

How Long Should the Shoe Game Take?

The game generally takes fifteen minutes or less and is lighthearted and fun for everyone.

How Do I Stop My Wedding Guests from Getting Bored?

  1. Make introductions at the rehearsal.
  2. Stick to the schedule
  3. Don't let guests go hungry
  4. Plan an exit strategy
  5. Consider your venue
  6. Work your seating chart
  7. Put a time limit on toasts
  8. Bring in the entertainment
  9. Hire an Alpaca Petting Farm
  10. Get Fire Performers
  11. Have Circus Entertainers
  12. Use a Glitter Bar
  13. Have Retro Wedding Games
  14. Hire Casino Games
  15. Hire a Mini-Golf Course

When Should We Play the Shoe Game at a Wedding?

Think about playing this reception game during dinner—after toasts have been completed—or in between courses. You can also play between dinner and dancing if you have some downtime or the band needs a moment to set up.


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