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Learn about Our Sustainable Business Practices - Our Package
Our main package is Compostable Bags, which are fully degradable environment friendly bags. We are working for a green earth. In addition, on this basis, there is additional gift box package. If you want to know more, please continue reading below:
First, Let’s Talk about Compostable Bags
Our package uses fully biodegradable zipper bags, originate from nature and return to nature. Our package is made of PLA+PBAT material, which takes 3 to 6 months to compost. In a nutshell: when these bags are exposed to certain environmental conditions (such as soil, and microorganisms in the compost environment), they break down.
The outer packaging is DHL or UPS. Due to its smaller size, the shipping cost is lower. The disadvantage is that this kind of packaging is relatively simple, but it will save you shipping costs.
Second, Gift Box Package
The second type of packaging is gift box style. There are still environment friendly compostable bags to wrap the clothes, but a pink gift box with a beautiful bow will be added to the outer layer. The outermost layer is packaged by DHL or UPS. Because of its large size and weight, the shipping fee is a bit high. But when you give this gift to someone else, the beautiful box will be very flattering.
In addition, our boxes can be used in multiple ways. At home, they can store various small items, such as crafts, sewing supplies, small toys, etc. They can also be used as packaging bags when traveling to carry personal belongings.
Package That Follows the Trend
After design by our professional team, we strive for packaging to keep up with fashion trends. The compostable bags use coral fonts and have a milky white translucent material overall. The pink gift box and the bold black font show cuteness and maturity. When you open the package, you are also looking for your surprise.
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