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How to Measure for a Bridesmaid Dress

Before choosing a bridesmaid dress, do you want to know how to measure out the exact body data? The answer is here. This article will tell you how you can get the right measurements at home.

  • Necessary Measurements:
  • Basic Necessary Measurements: bust, waist, hips, hollow to floor(bare), height(bare), and height of high heels.
  • Additional Measurements for Plus-Sized People: belly (widest waist), butt, and hollow to belly.
  • Sleeve and Partially Sleeveless Measurements: arm length, armhole, biceps, and cuff.
  • Hollow to Hem: mini length, above-knee length, knee length, tea length, ankle length, and floor length.

Items Prepared Before Measuring

  1. A flexible, inelastic tape measure/tape measure with handle for measuring
  • Tips: It is best to have a friend help you with the measurement.
  1. High heels that you intend to wear on the wedding day
  2. A Pencil anda piece of paper for recording measurements
  3. A full-length mirror that can help you measure better (optional).

Necessary Measurements

Necessary Measurements

  • Basic Necessary Measurements(Red Lines)
  1. Bust: Wrap the tape measure horizontally around your largest bust, usually at the level line of the nipples, without any signs of compression.
  • If you plan to wear a bra/nubra at the wedding,then you should measure in a bra/nubra. If you don't plan to wear one at the wedding, then you should measure without it.Please don’t wear any clothes when you measure your bust if you don’t want to wear them on the wedding day.
  1. Waist: Wrap the tape measure horizontally aroundyour thinnest waist which is about 1 inch above the belly button and below your rib cage. Note that don’t have any signs of tightening your waist. And don't try to narrow your waist by taking deep breaths when measuring.
  • If you do not plan to wear a corsetat the wedding, then do not wear it when measuring; however, if you want to wear a corset for your bridesmaid dress at the wedding, then you can wear it to measure and tell us this this situation.
  1. Hips: Wrap the tape measure horizontally around the largest part of your hips without any signs of compression.
  2. Hollowto Floor (bare): It is from the hollow space between two collarbones to the floor. When measuring, stand straight with your feet together. Note that this measurement is usually more than 53 inches (plus shoes’ height).
  3. Height(bare): Stand naturally against the wall (without shoes). Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the top of your head to the floor.
  4. The Height of High Heels: Itrefers to the height of its heel, which is the distance from the bottom of the heel to the top of the heel. 
  • Additional Measurements for Plus-Sized Women (Blue Lines)
  1. Belly (BiggestWaist): Place your tape measure horizontally around your biggest waist without any signs of tightening it.
  2. Hollow to Belly: It is the distance from your hollow space between two collarbones to the belly(biggest waist).
  3. Butt: If your butt is bigger than your hips, then measuring your butt is necessary. First, keep your feet together and stand straight. Next, keep the tape measure horizontal and circle around the biggest part of your butt, usually at the bottom of your hips,neither too loose nor too tight.

Sleeve and Partially Sleeveless Measurements 

Sleeve and Partially Sleeveless Measurements

Sleeveless measurements include off the shoulder, one shoulder, and spaghetti straps.

  1. Arm length: Itis the length from the shoulder joint, through the elbow, and ending at the prominent outer wrist bone.
  2. Armhole: Itis a loop at the top of the arm where it joins the shoulder and armpit. 
  3. Biceps: Itis measured around the fullest part of your upper arm, which is usually at the peak of your biceps. Make sure your arm muscles are relaxed during the measurement.
  4. Cuff: It ismeasured at the fullest part of your wrist, which is usually around or above the prominent wrist bone.

Hollow to Hem

It is the distance from your hollow space between two collarbones to the hem of the dress.

Hollow to Hem

  • Types of Hollow-to-Hem Length

Types of Hollow-to-Hem Length

Tips: Mini hollow-to-hem length (with shoes) is usually more than 31 inches, and floor hollow-to-hem length (with shoes) is usually more than 53 inches.

Size Chart

US Size US0 US2 US4 US6 US8 US10 US12 US14 US16 US18 US20 US22 US24 US26 US28 US30
UK Size UK4 UK6 UK8 UK10 UK12 UK14 UK16 UK18 UK20 UK22 UK24 UK26 UK28 UK30 UK32 UK34
EU Size EU32 EU34 EU36 EU38 EU40 EU42 EU44 EU46 EU48 EU50 EU52 EU54 EU56 EU58 EU60 EU62
Bust (inch) 32 33 34 35 36 37 ½ 39 41 43 ¼ 45 ½ 47 ¾ 50 53 56 59 63
Waist (inch) 25 ½ 26 ½ 27 ½ 28 ½ 29 ½ 31 32 ½ 34 ¾ 37 ¼ 39 ¾ 42 ¼ 44 ¾ 48 51 ¼ 54 ½ 58 ¾
Hips (inch) 35 ½ 36 ½ 37 ½ 38 ½ 39 ½ 41 42 ½ 44 ½ 46 ¾ 49 51 ¼ 53 ½ 56 ½ 59 ½ 62 ½ 66 ½
Bust (cm) 81 84 86 89 91 95 99 104 110 116 121 127 135 142 150 160
Waist (cm) 65 67 70 72 75 79 83 88 95 101 107 114 122 130 138 149
Hips (cm) 90 93 95 98 100 104 108 113 119 124 130 136 144 151 159 169
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