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What Is Velvet? Bridesmaid Dress Fabric Dictionary

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The color changes! Yes, you will always notice this change when you touch velvet fabric by hand! Velvet is a soft and shiny fabric. Its beautiful appearance makes it shine both on the catwalk and in the wardrobe of ordinary people. If you are hesitating about which fabric to choose for your bridesmaid dresses, why not consider velvet?

In the article below, we’ll lead you to the world of velvet. Of course, some useful tips are also included.

What Is Velvet?

Velvet is a fabric with a sheen and weight, especially when you compare it with chiffon. It has a dense and upright pile on its surface that gives it a luxurious feel. It is also praised for breathability and glossiness. The elegant appearance of velvet wins it a place in the fashion industry and makes velvet bridesmaid dress a timeless classic.

The Origin of Velvet

So, where does velvet originate from? The fabric is thought to have come from East Asia. Then it was traded to Europe. The high cost of raw materials made velvet a scarce fabric. Despite its luxurious beauty, it was not available to everyone.

When would People Wear Velvet Most?

Yes, you probably already knew it! Autumn and winter bring the peak of velvet clothes. The pile on the velvet makes a great contribution to keeping warm. Thus, you can keep elegant without being hurt by the cold air.

The History of Velvet as Bridesmaid Dress Fabric

Velvet used to be popular with rich people in the past because it was expensive and luxurious. Nowadays, it’s become a hit with bridesmaids who want to look the part at their loved one’s wedding!

If you’re on the fence about choosing velvet, don’t be. You'll feel the gorgeous feel and look of this material. Even Hollywood stars from the 20th century loved it, so you can look glamorous and elegant just like them if you choose this fabric for your dress.

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid at a winter wedding, this is a fab choice because it’s so rich and warm!

What Does Velvet Feel Like?

Run your hands over velvet, and you’ll notice its gorgeous luxurious feel straight away. It’s really soft to touch, which you’ll love! Bear in mind it can feel heavier than other fabrics, but there are different types of velvet. This affects how heavy or lightweight it feels.

What Is Velvet Made Of?

The raw materials for velvet fabric are very rich and are still increasing:

Silk: This is the most traditional and expensive raw material. It is a luxurious choice, and friendly to the nature.

Cotton: Sometimes velvet can also be woven from cotton thread, but this is rare.

Flax: Flax comes from natural plants. It adds a rough touch and good breathability to the velvet.

Wool: Velvet made from wool is good to against the cold and suitable for autumn and winter.

Mohair: This is a kind of hair from Angora goats. It has the similar warmth as wool and is a smooth high-end textile fiber.

Silk-cotton blend: It reduces costs and retains a certain sense of luxury

Polyester fiber: The most common velvet on the market is made of polyester fiber. This material is cheap, but the breathability is usually poor.

Rayon: It is a material that imitates silk, with good gloss and drape.

Nylon: It has strong durability, and velvet made of nylon has good wear resistance.

Where Is Velvet Fabric Produced?

Due to the cost of labors and raw materials, the majority of textiles are produced in Asian countries. Velvet is no exception. Now the world's biggest velvet fabric production countries are China, India and Turkey.

How Much does Velvet Fabric Cost?

The synthetic materials greatly increased the production of velvet, making it affordable to the public. You can buy quality velvet fabric easily anywhere. However, velvet made of natural fibers like silk though more friendly to the environment, is still expensive.

What Are the Different Types of Velvet?

You’ll find plenty of different types of velvet fabric these days:

Chiffon Velvet: A perfect choice for evening wear and formal outfits! This fabric is light and sheer, so you can rock the elegant look, no problem!

Crushed Velvet: Feel this velvet, and you’ll notice its unique texture, which comes from twisting or pressing the fabric while it’s wet.

Embossed Velvet: Marvel at the feel and look of the patterns or words that are embossed onto this fabric. You can notice the pile is shorter on these sections compared to the rest of the fabric.

Hammered Velvet: If you’re like many other people, you’ll love the dappled effect of this velvet. This comes from pressing or smashing the fabric.

Lyons Velvet: Don’t worry if you think this velvet is too dense and stiff. It is usually used for outer garments, such as hats and coats.

Panne Velvet: You’ll be amazed at the unique bunched appearance of this velvet.

Utrecht Velvet: When you see this material, you’ll see it has a crimped effect. It used to be popular for eveningwear and dresses, but not a lot of people wear it these days.

Voided Velvet: This material has areas with and without pile. When you touch it, you’ll see that it feels a lot like embossed velvet.

Ring Velvet: A funny story about this velvet - the material once had to be drawn through a wedding ring to be classed as ring velvet! It’s very fine and light, a bit like chiffon.

What Is Velvet Used For?

Everyone loves a bit of versatility, and velvet has a bucketload of it! It can be used in many ways, such as:


· Dresses

· Skirts

· Blazers and jackets

· Pants and trousers

· Evening gowns

· Suits

Home Décor:

· Upholstery

· Curtains and drapes

· Throw pillows

· Bedding

· Tablecloths and table runners


· Handbags

· Shoes

· Hats and caps

· Gloves

· Scarves and shawls

Why Choose Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses?

Lots of bridesmaids want velvet dresses – why is this? Let’s take a look:

Timeless Elegance: You can rock the elegant look and show off your timeless style with a velvet bridesmaid dress.

Luxurious Appearance: Make people jealous by looking like you’re rich and glamorous! Velvet is a luxury material and looks and feels lovely!

Vintage Vibes: Do you love the fashion and style from the past? You’ll love the old-fashioned but glam look of velvet.

What Fabric Is Similar to Velvet?

You’ll find lots of other fabrics that are very much like velvet. Some of these are:


If money’s tight but you are desperate for a velvet dress, this is a great choice. It’s a soft-knit fabric with a short pile like velvet. A lot of people see it as a more affordable version.


You’ll love the soft and fuzzy feel of this fabric. The raised piles on the surface are created by using chenille yarns.


Run your hands over this material, and you’ll notice a ribbed feel. You might think it’s not as soft as velvet, but fine-ribbed corduroy can feel similar.

Velvet Bridesmaid Dress Trends

You’ll feel a million dollars in your plush velvet bridesmaid dress. Check out popular styles and trends like:

Side Slit Velvet Bridesmaid Dress With Spaghetti Straps

These will make your body look great with a fitted bodice and a flowing skirt. You’ll feel more comfortable at the wedding, as they can be adjusted easily.

Strapless Floral Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

If it’s romance and sophistication that you’re after, these are great. You can show off your neckline and shoulders beautifully.

Mermaid Scoop Velvet Bridesmaid Dress

Be a stunning beauty with these styles, which are fitted at the bodice and hips and flared at the knee.

V-Neck Velvet Criss Cross Bridesmaid Dress

Show off the fashionista in you with these modern, sleek dresses. They have a higher neckline that looks great because of the softness of the velvet.

How to Make A Velvet Bridesmaid Dress?

Want to make your own velvet bridesmaid dress? Follow these simple steps:

Choose a Pattern: Find a pattern for your dress either online or in fabric stores.

Select Fabric and Supplies: Don’t skimp on the fabric – go for quality and choose the color you want. Don’t forget matching thread and other accessories you’re thinking of adding!

Prepare the Fabric: Don’t forget to read the care instructions before washing and ironing the fabric, else it might shrink!

Cut the Pattern: Put the pattern pieces on the fabric and pin securely. Then, carefully cut out each piece but use sharp scissors to stop fraying.

Sew the Dress: Check out the pattern instructions so you can sew the dress. This fabric can be tricky to sew because of the direction of the fibers. So, go slow and steady, using pins or clips to keep the fabric in place.

Finish and Fit: The moment of truth – time to try on your dress! Take a look, and you can work out whether you need to make any adjustments.

Final Touches: So, time to add the finishing touches to your beautiful dress! All you need to do is hem it and add any final additions based on your design.

Pressing and Presentation: Press your cuddly soft dress carefully on a low heat setting. Finish off by steaming it to get rid of wrinkles and make the velvet look even more fabulous.

Where to Buy Velvet Fabric?

You’ll have no problem getting your hands on velvet for your dress! Head to a haberdashery stall or specialist fabric shop. If you’re feeling lazy, you can just take a look online and get it without moving from your chair!

How to Wash Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses?

You’ll need to wash your velvet bridesmaid dress carefully so that you don’t spoil the texture and color. Check out the care label to find out how to do it.

If it can be machine washed, make sure you use a gentle cycle with cold water and a mild detergent. You don’t want to ruin the lovely look of the velvet, so turn the dress inside out first. Don’t use bleach or fabric softeners, as you might spoil the fabric.

Once you’re done with the washing, gently squeeze out the excess water. Put your dress flat on a towel to air dry and reshape it as you like. But don’t leave it lying around in direct sunlight or near heat sources, else you could end up with a shrunken or faded dress!

Sustainability and Ethical Considerations

Yes, this material can affect the environment! A lot of people fret about this because of the impact of fabric production and dyeing processes. Don’t panic – you can do your bit for the green cause! Think about choosing eco-friendly velvet made from sustainable materials or go for a second-hand dress.


Velvet is fab if you want a luxury, elegant, and glam bridesmaid dress. You’ll also love it if you’re a bridesmaid at a fall or winter wedding.

Make sure you research the different types of velvet, as you can then choose the right one for your bridesmaid dress.



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