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15 Ideal Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Gray Suits

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The choice of dress is a very important part of the wedding. Whether it is the attire of the bride, bridesmaids, or groomsmen, they all need to coordinate with each other to make the wedding look more exquisite.

Gray suit is one of the most popular dress colors for groomsmen. Choosing it shows that you have good taste. Gray is a popular color because it is a versatile shade that suits any skin tone and hair color. But the gray groomsmen suit is only the first step to a successful wedding. It must be matched with the bridesmaid dresses of the corresponding color. I think this question is difficult for many people.

If you’re just randomly picking out dresses for your bridesmaids, give up reading this article, then I’m really sorry that you missed an opportunity to make your wedding more elegant.

15 Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses to Match Your Gray Suit

The 15 bridesmaid dress colors come from our professional dress designers and carefully recommended by people on major forums,such as Quora, Weddingbee and Weddingwire, etc. They perfectly match the gray suit, so you don’t have to worry at all. Ready for some inspiration?

Navy Blue

navy blue bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Navy blue bridesmaid dresses pair perfectly with gray groomsmen suits, a classic yet sophisticated color that's perfect for a winter wedding.

Blush Pink

Blush Pink bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

If you want to make your groomsmen and bridesmaids even cuter, blush pink bridesmaid dresses are a great choice. The blush pink and gray suit combination is easily reminiscent of spring and summer, romantic and elegant.

Sage Green

Sage Green bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Sage green and gray are both soft and soothing tones that are easy to match to create a fresh and natural aesthetic. Our guys will be in gray as well, but the girls are wearing sage green and carrying pink/purple flowers. If you like this color, it is recommended to read "18 Hot selling Sage Green Satin Bridesmaid Dresses" and choose your favorite style.


Silver bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Silver is one of the colors most frequently used with gray suits. Cool metallic silver bridesmaid dresses are elegant and sophisticated, suitable for low-key retro wedding themes.

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Dusty rose dresses and gray suits are also popular choices for weddings, creating a lovely contrast and balance between warm and cool tones, perfect for a country wedding.


Burgundy bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Rich burgundy bridesmaid dresses are elegant and deep, contrasting with cold gray suits, making the wedding look luxurious and sophisticated, perfect for winter castle and country wedding themes.


Lavender bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

A romantic, soft lavender gown paired with a gray groomsmen suit creates an ethereal and summery feel, perfect for a spring or summer wedding.


Lilac bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

At my colleague's wedding, the bridesmaids wore lilac dresses and the groomsmen wore gray suits. I asked her why she matched it like this? Her answer was that these two colors could give people a charming and romantic feel, and the wedding was taking place in the summer. I loved her answer, she felt right.


Gold bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Gold represents wealth and gray represents calmness. The combination of the two can make the wedding look luxurious and sophisticated, especially suitable for formal or evening weddings.


Champagne bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Soft and elegant champagne groomsmen dresses are all about elegance and pair perfectly with gray bridesmaid suits to create a timeless and sophisticated look for your wedding.


Gold bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Coral is a warm and cheerful color. Who wouldn’t want a groomsman in a gray suit to stand next to a bridesmaid who is as lively and cheerful as a flower?


Peach bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

If your wedding is held in the spring, I recommend that your bridesmaids wear peach dresses and gray groomsmen suits to make the wedding look soft and romantic.


Teal bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Teal will look great, a teal dress will contrast with a gray suit, vibrant and eye-catching, perfect for a beach or tropical themed wedding.


Turquoise bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

Turquoise is a fresh and lively color, and you don’t have to worry about a gray suit making your wedding look dull. Because when the bridesmaids wear dresses of this color, the wedding looks brighter from that moment on.


Black bridesmaid dresses with grey suits

If you're looking for a timeless and elegant wedding look, black is a flattering color you can't miss, and it's a classic combination with gray.

My Ideal Color to Perfectly Match a Gray Groomsmen Suit

I think some people think like me that when it comes to choosing a wedding dress color, it's easy to go wrong, it's easy to match, and it's easy to go wrong. Silver, sage green, champagne and navy all suit my needs. Among them, only navy blue and gray bridesmaid dresses should pay attention to the season. The other three can be worn in any season’s wedding theme.

15 ideal bridesmaid dress colors for gray suits are enough to solve your choice anxiety. You can choose navy blue, sage green, burgundy, etc. in autumn and winter, and blush, lavender, peach, etc. in spring and summer.

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In the remaining time, we have also prepared for you the FAQs you may encounter about gray groomsmen suits, please read them patiently.

FAQs About Gray Suits

What to Wear with a Grey Suit to a Wedding?

  1. Top Tips For Wearing a Grey Suit.
  2. For formal events, wear a grey suit with a white, blue or pink 
  3. Patterned shirts can work with a grey suit to add extra interest.
  4. Wear black, brown or burgundy shoes with a grey suit.
  5. Add colour to your suit with accessories such as a pocket square or tie.

What Shirt and Tie Goes Best with Grey Suit?

The favourite and essential shirt colours every man must have in his wardrobe are white and light blue. These are both safe options for a grey suit, and enable you to create an array of classic options. Generally, a grey suit always looks good with a crisp white shirt and a black tie.

What Color Shoes Goes Best with Gray Suit?

A crisp charcoal suit and black shoes will always radiate power and elegance. So, make this your go-to for business professional attire and highly formal events. Light gray suits also work with black shoes, although the results can be a little drab. Typically, lighter grays work better with the brown spectrum.

Can You Wear Black Shirt with a Grey Suit?

Can you wear black shirt with grey suit? Yes, you can wear a black shirt with a grey suit, creating a bold and stylish contrast between the two colors.


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