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Lyaner Dresses Real Reviews

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I know you're having trouble buying quality clothes, I've been too. Now as someone who buys all kinds of clothes, I am confident that I can solve this problem for everyone. In this issue, I will introduce you to the LYANER dress in detail and restore the real review, which only takes five minutes.

Lyaner Dresses Brand Introduction

LYANER is a women's clothing brand that mainly sells dresses, shirts, pants and pajamas. It is currently mainly sold through platforms such as Amazon and klarna. The LYANER Amazon banner still displays the words 2022. Some of the best-selling dresses were released in 2021. This year’s new dresses have not been updated.

LYANER dress brand introduction

Lyaner Dresses Price

The price range of LYANER dresses ranges from $12.99 to $52.99, with an average price of about $35. Most people can afford it, which is one of the main reasons why many people buy LYANER dresses.

Lyaner Dresses Fabric

Other fabrics: Many LYANER dress descriptions only show "soft fabrics" and do not clearly tell consumers what fabric the dress is made of. It is recommended that you ask customer service before purchasing.

Satin (only some gown titles show fabric)

Satin has a luxurious and bright appearance, with a smooth, shiny surface that is soft and comfortable, plus it is durable and the fabric has stronger tensioning properties than many plain weaves.

Lyaner Dresses Styles

LYANER dresses have a variety of styles. From necklines, sleeves, decorations to back and other designs, LYANER dresses meet the needs of most people. Next, we introduce the style in detail.

  • Style: a-line, sheath, mermaid
  • Neckline: v-neck, spaghetti straps, off shoulder, one shoulder, halter neck, sweetheart
  • Sleeves: sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeves
  • Decoration: ruffle, split, belt, bow knot, side slit, high split
  • Back: backless, zipper side, zipper
  • Length: knee length, above knee length, floor-length

Lyaner Dresses User Reviews

We mainly check the user reviews of LYANER dresses from Amazon. The good reviews are always the same, but the bad reviews are diverse. You can doubt the authenticity of good reviews, but bad reviews will not lie to you.

LYANER dress user reviews

Good Reviews

The reviews of LYANER dresses are basically above three stars, and some of the dresses have received more than 1,000 reviews. The reviews are very authentic.

Good reviews

"I wore this dress for a wedding! It was super cute. It came slightly larger than I expected but it worked. I would size down a bit if u don't want it to over run. Also it was a super long dress! Definitely needs to be worn with heels.”

Good reviews

"Color was pretty. Size accurate. I knew the material would be thin but it's so thin it shows everything. It was hard to find something to prevent nipples from showing. If you have larger boobs like myself the seam from the shoulder piece goes across your chest and shows awkwardly through the thin material. It took a lot to get it not to show. Overall I love it.”

Good reviews

“The material of the dress is more like beachy material. Perhaps like a leggings material very stretchy. I ordered a large based on the reviews, but i wish i had ordered a M. I am 5.6” 156 lbs. Its very loose fitting. "

Bad Reviews

There are still many bad reviews on LYANER dresses, mainly related to issues such as fabric, size, color and tailoring. If you are going to buy it, be sure to check out the bad reviews first.

Bad reviews

"You get what you pay for I suppose (even though I have gotten better stuff for cheaper). This dress was so cheap-looking it seemed like it would fall apart just by looking at it. The cut didn't make any sense- - the leg slit was in the front rather than on the side, the seams were loose and coming out all over, and the bottom was uneven..."

Bad reviews

"I ordered the dress to my size, but the dress was super long! And the waist was to wide, it made me look pregnant. I did Not like it. "

Bad reviews

"I was really excited for this dress. I tried it on and it fit beautifully. Unfortunately, it was too thin and see-through. I had to return it."

Lyaner Dresses Recommendation

We recommend LYANER dresses to everyone based on the two dimensions of sales volume and positive reviews. The reason for the recommendation is real reviews from Amazon. Please pay attention before purchasing.

LYANER Women's Off Shoulder Wrap Ruffle Puff Short Sleeve Ruched Tie Back Dress

LYANER Women's Off Shoulder Wrap Ruffle Puff Short Sleeve Ruched Tie Back Dress

Reason for recommendation: This is a beautiful dress & was comfortable to wear. I'd say it runs true to size but a tad bit big in the chest area. It cuts a little low so I'm not sure you could wear a strapless bra if it's too high. Maybe try cover ups instead but other than that it's a great fit.

LYANER Women's Satin One Shoulder Shoulder Ruched Sleeveless Split Wrap Hem Self Belted Midi Dress

LYANER Women's Satin One Shoulder Shoulder Ruched Sleeveless Split Wrap Hem Self Belted Midi Dress

Reason for recommendation: This dress was everything and more. I absolutely loved it. It was VERY comfortable. It seems to be true to size. It is very silky. It's thin but not see through. If it is cold when you wear just have a cute cover up as it is thin. The slit is also a little high. 10/10 recommend!

LYANER Women's Satin Cowl Neck Straps Slip Sexy Cut Out Cocktail Midi Dress

LYANER Women's Satin Cowl Neck Straps Slip Sexy Cut Out Cocktail Midi Dress

Reason for recommendation: After searching and searching for a wedding guest dress and buying 2 other that disappointed me, I ended up buying this dress a day before the wedding, I got the dress the morning of the event once I opened and tried on the dress OMG , it fits and hugs your body in the right places, the fabric is thick and has a great stretch. I got a Large and it fit a bit loose and I did notice that the material stretches the more you are wearing the dress. I would size down.

LYANER Women's Satin Spaghetti Straps Cowl Neck Sexy Ruch Cocktail Midi Dresses

LYANER Women's Satin Spaghetti Straps Cowl Neck Sexy Ruch Cocktail Midi Dresses

Reason for recommendation: I purchased for a green themed bachelorette party and it was great! I love that the slit is adjustable because it was nice for choosing the length I wanted but also the scrunch helped the fabric lay nicely across my midsection. It does show a lot of cleavage which I didn't personally like but I was able to undrape the cleavage fabric instead of having it like the photo to make sort of a panel to cover myself a little more so you can slightly adapt the cleavage part as well which I loved!

LYANER Women's Satin Drape Cowl Neck Sleeveless Strappy Cami Split Slit Party Midi Dress

LYANER Women's Satin Drape Cowl Neck Sleeveless Strappy Cami Split Slit Party Midi Dress

Reason for recommendation: I can't talk about how much I love this dress. It's SO comfortable and flattering. I got so many compliments on it. I am quite busty (38 DDD) and have worn this with and without a bra with no problem . I just prefer a bra with it for the extra support haha. I have a bit of a belly and didn't feel like I had to wear shapewear with it to feel comfortable.

Lyaner Dresses vs. Chicsew Dresses

Features of Lyaner dresses: cheap price, rich styles, affordable by most people, but the shortcomings are also obvious, because the price is cheap, the fabric, size, color and tailoring process are prone to problems.

Features of Chisew dresses: The lowest price of the dress is about $99 (about $79 after discount), and the highest price is about $170. The price is generally high, but you can pay in installments. The styles are richer than LYANER, and the main selling items are satin dresses. The probability of problems with fabric, size and color is relatively small, and the after-sales service is better.

Everyone buys dresses based on their own needs and budget. No matter what brand you choose, please be sure to understand the brand services, real reviews, return and exchange terms, express delivery costs and time, etc. in advance.

FAQ about Lyaner Dresses

How Is the Quality of Lyaner Dress?

Based on my experience of purchasing LYANER Dresses for the first time, I found that the quality of the dresses is quite good. My daughter loves wearing it at parties.

Will the Color of Lyaner's Dress Be Different?

The color of the dress I purchased is correct, but because of the fabric, it wrinkles easily, which bothers me. However, the color of the LYANER Dress purchased by some people is different. If you also encounter it, you can apply for a return.


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