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Bridesmaids Dresses Go With Navy Suits

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Despite being widely used in weddings over the previous few years, navy blue will still be fashionable in 2023. Do you want the wedding party's colors to stand out while enhancing the navy blue suit? A rich, deep shade of blue, navy complements practically every color beautifully and is one of those fantastic hues that truly depends on personal preference. The hues that stand out the most are what we prefer, though. These traditional colors would work well when combined with burgundy, emerald, gold, or burnt orange to give the wedding party a more vibrant and enjoyable appearance. And softer hues like pink and champagne will bring out the grandeur and beauty of the navy blue without being too overwhelming. Instead, you may mix and combine multiple colors to achieve a more diverse effect.

Whichever the color you pick, your bridal party will look stunning against the navy suit—none of these colors will clash with the navy suit or detract from the overall image. So simply choose what you like!


burgundy-colored bridal party dress

Burgundy is as deep and rich as navy and is a great way to grab the attention of your bridal party.

Burgundy is a lovely hue for an autumn or winter wedding, and it will make a striking statement as your bridal party comes down the aisle. It's also appropriate for spring and summer weddings—a lovely tint that would look lovely against a summer sunset or springtime foliage. And whether your bridal taste is sophisticated or whimsical, there is a burgundy-colored bridal party dress that will match your appearance and look amazing on your besties. The indisputably opulent tone is especially gorgeous for black-tie events, instantly elevating the entire bridal party's look.


Pink is a popular, feminine color that is ideal for a spring or summer wedding. Soft pinks, such as blush or rose gold, look lovely with navy, producing a romantic and delicate aesthetic. Choose fuchsia or coral bridesmaid dresses for a more daring and dramatic look.


Blush is the best color if you're planning a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. It's a traditional hue that has a subtle femininity without being overbearing. For your wedding day, it provides an understated elegant mood. Also, blush is a stunning color that never goes out of style, so even decades after your wedding, your bridal party may still wear it. If you want your friends to be able to wear the dress again, choose timeless, traditional hues like pink.


This is one color we heartily suggest for ladies who are thinking about having a spring or summer wedding. Chicsews' coral bridesmaid dresses are ideal for a wedding that will take place outside and are also a beautiful hue for all of your bridesmaids.

This vibrant shade adds a bright and charming touch to any wedding. Living Coral bridesmaid gowns are not just appropriate for a beach wedding; they are also appropriate for a trendy metropolitan wedding or a natural garden celebration. Coral bridal party dresses are versatile and offer just the appropriate amount of color without being overpowering. Nonetheless, bridesmaids can definitely wear this trendy hue to other occasions. Coral bridal party dresses are versatile and offer just the appropriate amount of color without being overpowering.


Green is a natural and organic hue that goes well with blue, giving it a fresh and crisp appearance. Gentle greens, such as sage, will give a natural and pleasant effect. Choose a deeper emerald for a more striking appearance.

Emerald green, which represents richness, prosperity, and development, is one of those traditional wedding hues that feels ageless no matter the season. This rich jewel tone will provide a luxurious touch to your wedding party style and is typically reserved for fall and winter weddings (though it is completely suitable for any time of year). It also looks good on a wide range of complexion tones.


Yellow is a joyful and vibrant hue that is ideal for a sunny outdoor wedding. Light yellows, such as gold and champagne, will produce a fresh and happy atmosphere. Choose a burnt orange for a deep and dark hue effect.

The greatest method to guarantee that you shine the brightest is to surround yourself with a constellation of golden stars. You may be the center of attention on your wedding day, but don't forget about your bridesmaids. What better way to have your closest family members and friends sparkle than by clothing them in a prominent hue like gold?

When it comes to styling your bridal party, it turns out that all that glitters is gold. Dress your bridesmaids in gorgeous golden tones to compliment your own style while providing a bit of glitter to your big day. A gold gown is universally flattering on almost all skin tones and is sure to make a statement.

The champagne is sophisticated and neutral, representing sophistication, comfort, luxury, and excitement. It's beige with a festive twist! Champagne contains gold undertones, and its warmth evokes thoughts of fondness and love. When you clink a glass of champagne, you probably glint in your eye.

Because champagne is a neutral hue, it's simple to wear with many skin tones and looks great with a splash of color.

Burnt Orange

Navy blue and burnt orange are fantastic color combinations for your 2023 fall wedding.Burnt orange is a rich, deep, and warm color that is ideal for fall and winter weddings. Wedding bridesmaid gowns in burnt orange are a beautiful neutral that bridesmaids may mix with any other hue. They appear stunning, young, and elegant.

Calling all ballerinas, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are ideal for a day-to-night party. Of course, it's your day, so there are no rules… whatever you say goes.

The possibilities are limitless! Backless, halter, and mermaid dresses are all popular. V-neck midi dresses with crisscross straps, floor-length sleeveless sweetheart dresses...Chicsew has burnt orange bridesmaid dresses in every style and forms conceivable, whether short or long, modern or rustic.


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