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How to Choose Your Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics

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Emerald green bridesmaid dresses are timeless choices for bringing elegance and sophistication to any wedding palette. Whether you're mixing and matching or going all for one style, you can find your place in emerald green. However choosing fabrics is a daunting task for brides who want to be creative and detail-oriented, as emerald green will reflect different shades on various fabrics. Which fabric is best? There is no exact answer to this. If you ask how to choose the right fabric for your emerald green bridesmaid dresses, then we can say that we have them covered.
This article will show you the emerald green presented by different fabrics, break down the various problems you face, and then solve them one by one.

Align with the Wedding Theme and Season

What wedding style do you prefer, rustic, modern, or vintage? For a minimalist modern wedding, sleek and luminous satin bridesmaid dresses can hold up a contemporary silhouette. Vintage and rustic brides may prefer chiffon, lace, and cotton blends, whose emerald green flow speaks of cozy, light naturalism.

Also seasons. Chiffon is known for its lightness and is a constant trend for summer weddings. Velvet is suitable for fall and winter weddings, its matte texture provides elegance and keeps you warm. While fabrics like sequin and soft satin are not bound by the season thanks to their moderate thickness, brides who choose them are more in pursuit of the visual effect presented by saturated emerald green.

Consider Your Bridesmaids’ Styles

Some of your bridesmaids like Kendall Jenner, and some like Blackpink, they all have their favorite styles. If you have decided on emerald green as the color, then you can start discussing the details of the bridesmaid dress fabrics with your girls. Do they prefer sexy fit and flare jersey dresses, or do they like those draped satin fabrics, or loose and flowy chiffon and lace? Moreover, let your bridesmaids choose their favorite styles, discussing with friends is a fun part of wedding planning.

6 Common Fabrics for Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses




Soft Satin

luxurious, drapes well, photogenic

prone to wrinkling


luxurious, breathable

expensive, delicate, strain prone


airy, good for layering

fragile, difficult maintenance


comfortable, figure-flattering

it can be heavy, may seem casual


keep you warm, reflect the depth of emerald green

heavy, careful maintenance required


sparkly, photogenic, versatile

itchy if not lined, heavy, prone to snagging


Soft Satin

Soft satin has a glossy surface that resembles perfectly with emerald green color and gives bridesmaids the look that they desire. Bridesmaids in soft satin emerald green dresses capture the wedding moments and remain in word of mouth among the people for a few days.

Its silky texture adds a luxury touch to any wedding theme. Smooth and soft surfaces of satin make the bridesmaids photogenic and help the cameraman generate stunning visuals from different angles. This fabric is comfortable to wear; it does not irritate your skin and moves along the body with the wearer's movement. Pair soft satin with emerald green to bring unique bridesmaid dresses for your wedding day.


Unlike soft satin, silk has both side smooth finishes and comes from natural raw materials, so its price is higher. You can often see silk in luxury lingerie and underwear shows, because its excellent breathability and skin-friendly feel, and it can also be used in various It exhibits a gorgeous luster under light conditions. Silk emerald green bridesmaid dresses will keep you dry and comfortable on hot summer weddings, but watch out for drips on your dress while enjoying your food and champagne, silk cleaning is complicated.


Chiffon is popular in the fashion industry for presenting romantic and dreamy aesthetics to female dresses. For bridesmaid dresses, chiffon fabric gives a soft and flowing silhouette and is often made into an A-line that is less constricting. Not only is the airy nature of chiffon the secret to a bridesmaid's ability to dance in the summer heat, but it also minimizes the jarring effect of pairing it with different styles of bridesmaid dresses, creating a diverse bridal squad. Chiffon's lightness also makes it fragile and prone to stretching, so be careful to avoid creases when wearing and cleaning it.


Jersey is an everyday fashion, letting everyone's hair down. It has a soft and stretchy texture that makes this fabric the perfect choice for emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Those who like jersey bridesmaid dresses feel that they can show off their curves, while those who don't may feel that they completely revert to the body's original look and are heavier, making them a hindrance to dancing to the floor at an after-party.


Velvet has a long-standing history in clothing fashion. Due to its silky texture and higher cost, the use of velvet fabric was first limited to royal people. With the development, the formation of velvet fabric including many other fabrics like cotton, rayon, and synthetic materials, velvet bridesmaid dresses became a commodity for the masses. The short plush appearance not only allows emerald green bridesmaid dresses to show off a variety of dazzling shimmers in different lights, but also provides warmth during fall and winter weddings.


Sequin fabric is made from small and shiny disks from plastic, metal and other materials to give it a sparkling look.

Since emerald green is a versatile color and flatters with any skin tone and fabric, it enhances the value of sequin fabric when both mix with each other. This fabric is comfortable to wear, doesn't irritate the skin, and gives a festive cheer and a glamorous look. Unlike bridesmaid dresses, sequin fabric dresses can also be worn on occasions like formal galas, New Year's Eve, and parties where the atmosphere is luxurious and you need to adhere to the surroundings. 

Tips for Styling Your Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Go For Neutral Makeup

Neutral makeup uses a neutral tone of makeup and gives a flawless look. Neutral makeup compliments emerald green bridesmaid dresses. For perfect neutral makeup with emerald green dresses, opt for neutral eyeshadow shades. Use only thin black and brown eyeliner. And on your natural lashes put mascara. For a long-lasting appearance in neutral makeup, use only waterproof makeup products.

Incorporate Pearl Accents

Bridal accessories in pearl accents give a timeless elegance to the emerald green bridesmaid dresses. It presents a classic beauty to the bridesmaids when all the accessories like hair, jewelry, and bouquets are in pearl accents.

Use pearl earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for a look that everyone desires; for hair accessories, use pearl hair pins, combs, and clips. Incorporating a pearl accent in the wedding theme will enhance the bridesmaids' look in emerald green dresses.

Mix and Match Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Emerald green color complements all types of fabrics, skin tones, and colors, which apply to mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

For example, you can pair emerald green dresses with dresses in other jewel tones like ruby red and sapphire blue. Use the other shades of green color with emerald green dresses. Or use sage, forest, and mint shades of green to mix and match with emerald bridesmaid dresses. If you prefer a twist, choose blush and rose shades of pink with emerald green dresses for bridesmaids.

Before You Go...

Emerald green bridesmaid dresses in different fabrics are stunning and add elegance to the wedding party. Emerald green has a rich and saturated hue that suits different themes and seasons when tried with different fabrics. You can explore many more blogs on weddings. Read our other popular and trending blog on how to choose the perfect shade of emerald green for your bridesmaids.


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