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What To Wear: Perfect Bridal Shower Guest Outfit in 2024

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Perfect Bridal Shower Guest Outfit in 2024

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Wedding parties are beautiful! You have to believe me when I say so. From the engagement party to the exchange of vows and then the reception, weddings are glamorous. Then, there is the bridal shower!

Bridal showers are pretty sentimental to brides. This is an intimate event where the bride gets to relieve beautiful moments in her singlehood, and it's also a fun moment to help get the bride-to-be excited ahead of her big day. Most times, the brides only get to invite their close girlfriends to spend quality time with them. And that’s why you need to look your best to the event. Deciding on what outfit to wear to a bridal shower can sometimes be pretty difficult. Because, you don’t want to upstage the bride, but you still have to look as pretty as ever.

So you’ve been invited to a bridal shower and now you’re wondering “What's the perfect outfit?” As a guest, wearing shades of white is an absolute NO! But there are endless options to choose from, which makes it even more confusing. Sometimes, the bride may specify the dress code, other times they may not. So, it's left for you to select the perfect outfit.

Hang in there, and let me share with you some expert bridal shower fashion and styling tips for the next bridal shower you’re invited to attend.

Dressing Rules For Bridal Shower Styling

Dressing Rules For Bridal Shower Styling

Image Source: Unsplash

When it comes to dressing up for a bridal shower as a guest, there are some bridal shower dressing etiquette to follow. According to Fashion and Beauty blogger, Tracy from Girl Share Tips, “the truth is that the dress code for this type of event can vary depending on the style of the celebration”, and so your outfit depends on the theme the bride chooses to go. Aside from that, these are some of the general thumb rules to guide you while selecting an outfit:

Opt For Pastel Shades

You don’t want to show up looking overboard with your choice of outfit, so the color of the dress you choose matters. When selecting an outfit, go for something in the pastel color palette- shades like powder blue or peach- stick with a warm rather than bright color. Also, make sure your outfit isn’t brighter than the bride’s, it’s her day and only she should be the center of attention. “If it's going to distract away from the bride-to-be- no beuno” says popular Philadelphia lifestyle Blogger, Erica.

Stick with Simple Jewelry Pieces

For your accessories, avoid going for anything extravagant. The bridal shower is not the day to don yourself with your expensive pearl or diamond jewelry. Keep it simple! You wear elegant earrings and a dainty necklace but don’t overdo it. Your nails are also a very essential part of your style. Spice up your overall look with a perfect set of nails.

Go for Less Dressy Footwear

For your shoes, you have to consider the venue of the event and the role you have to play in the bridal shower. You can opt for a classy wedge or block shoes. Avoid anything too formal. You can even go for a fancy boot or comfortable sneakers.

How to Choose a Bridal Shower Guest Outfit

Bridal Shower Guest Outfit

Image Source: Unsplash

In choosing the perfect bridal shower guest outfit there are several factors you want to take into consideration, like the dress code, weather, venue etc. Each of these elements will help you figure out what to wear and how to look fashionable and flawless for this event.

Check Out What the Dress Code Is

The bride-to-be may indicate what the dress code for her event is on the invitation, but that’s not always the case. For instances where the bride specifically indicates a dress code, be sure to stick with her preference. Don’t try to steal the limelight by opting for something outside of the dress code.

In other cases, where the bride-to-be doesn’t specify what dress code to follow, go for clothes that you would usually wear to a social event or a brunch date with the girls. But, make sure to avoid showing up in white, ivory or cream. As Erica puts it “If you show up wearing white and you’re not the bride, you need to leave and go to the nearest department store to get yourself a new dress, cause honey’ that’s a capital offence.”

Choose Comfort Over Style

Yes, I know it's important to you to look your best- showing up looking absolutely dashing and mind-blowing. But please girl, prioritize comfort over style! Pick an outfit that allows you to move freely.

Also, don’t forget that in the bridal shower you would most likely have to get involved in the fun activities the bride has planned out. “I try not to wear something too tight or short to bridal showers especially if I know I’ll be helping the bride-to-be while she”s opening her gifts” says New York-based stylist Jackie Giardinar.

Consider the Venue and Location

It’s very important to be sure of what venue the bridal shower is going to be held in before choosing your outfit. Is it an outdoor or indoor venue? For an outdoor venue, select an outfit that will be easy for you to sit in and also move around in. If it's an indoor event, you can lean towards a formal style.

Your footwear choice is also something worth considering. Your high heels may not be the best option for a garden party. Let the venue help you decide on your shoe choice too!

Pay Attention to the Weather and Season

The weather and season should also be put into consideration while selecting an outfit. If the bridal shower is in spring or summer you choose light fabrics like chiffon and floral patterned styles. In winter and autumn, you can wear darker hues and warm fabrics like silk or wool.

Bridal Shower Party Themes and Different Outfit Ideas

Bridal Shower Party Themes

Image Source: Unsplash

Here are some bridal shower party themes and the appropriate dress code options to go with them:

Chilled Home Celebration

This is a more casual event and the bride would want you to show up looking all cozy yet stylish for her celebration.

Here are styles that fit perfectly:

  1. A simple sundress or shirt dress with comfy flats or loafers.
  2. A stylish blouse and skirt or jeans
  3. For winter, wear a stylish pant-length jumpsuit or a cozy sweater

Dreamy Backyard Party

Backyard bridal showers are extremely casual. For this event, you can let your hair down while still looking trendy.

Here are the styling options you want to go for:

  1. Simple skinny jeans with a dressy blouse
  2. Silk or light cotton dress with a pair of flat sandals
  3. Floral print dress in a pastel shade color to pair with wedge shoes
  4. A casual jumpsuit with a pair of dangling earrings and a simple necklace

Boho - Chic Party

For the bohemian vibe go for an easy yet romantic style. Nothing too over the top or uncomfortable. Wear anything that makes you look chic and pretty.

  1. Don yourself is a Casual Maxi dress ( a crocheted dress)
  2. Lace short dresses and colorful dresses, and add some flower crown

Fancy Tea Party

This is a more joyful and light occasion and your outfit should be classy yet simple. Choose fun colors, floral patterns, bright and airy fabrics for party.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. A pretty cocktail dress
  2. Casual maxi or midi dress paired with block heels
  3. A tailored dress pants or stylish jumpsuit
  4. A sweet floral midi dress to show off your curves


Bridal showers are not like the wedding day where the bridesmaids are specifically asked to wear a certain kind of outfit. Here, you have the opportunity to showcase and flaunt your style. Except the bride tells you to wear a specific kind of outfit, you are allowed to wear whatever style you choose. All you just need to do is to make sure your outfit is compliant with the above fashion and styling tips. Remember, the goal isn't to do too much, but rather to show up looking your absolute best ready to celebrate with the bride-to-be.

To avoid any confusion if you receive an invitation without a specific dress code, you can call the bride to be sure of what her preferences would be.


Is It Okay to Wear Black to a Bridal Shower?

No matter what, don’t wear black to a bridal shower. Instead, opt for floral patterns or prints. You can also wear pastel colors- like baby blue or lavender- aim to radiate a pleasant glow for your baby girl.

Should I Bring a Gift for the Shower?

Yes. No rule says you can’t give your friend a gift at her bridal shower. But also remember that it’s not compulsory, it’s totally fine if you can’t afford to part with a gift.

Can I Wear a Pair of White Jeans or Jeans in General to a Bridal Shower?

Generally, avoid putting on anything white to a bridal shower unless the bride requests it. Also, it’s totally fine to show up in jeans, but be sure to pair it with a very nice blouse and look pretty in it.

Is a Bridal Shower a Formal or a Casual Event?

Depending on the bride, a bridal shower can either be a casual or formal event. So, the bride gets to decide on what type of event she wants.

Can I Wear a Cream or an All-white Outfit to a Bridal Shower?

No. Except you are planning to steal the show, let the bride wear white. Also, try to steer clear of ivory and cream, instead go for colorful prints or pastels.


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