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38 Burnt Orange Wedding Decoration Ideas: Hot on Pinterest

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I say to anyone thinking of having a burnt orange wedding, this color is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. This fire-like color can bring a warm feeling to the soul of those present. But it is not easy to achieve this kind of wedding. You need to consider color matching, prop use, venue layout, etc. Isn’t it a headache?

Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up 38 burnt orange wedding ideas to get you noticed on Pinterest, so read on and get more inspiration.

38 Burnt Orange Wedding Decoration Ideas

As someone who has been in the wedding industry for many years, I am happy to share with you all the trendy decoration ideas for burnt orange weddings that I have come across and hope they will be helpful to you.

1. Wedding Invitations

 Wedding Invitations

Image Source: Pinterest

This is a wedding invitation from etsy. I like its color tone. It has a white background and a burnt orange rose printed on the upper left corner as an embellishment. It makes people feel that this invitation is neat and sophisticated. In addition, the slim font is also great.

2. Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

Friends who like retro weddings should not miss the burnt orange color. The wedding dress worn by the bride in the picture is inspired by the 1970s retro wedding. The bright burnt orange wedding dress and the black suit form a strong visual impact.

3. Groom’s Suit and Accessories

Groom’s Suit and Accessories

Image Source: Pinterest

As long as you are not having a vintage wedding, I would not recommend that your groom choose a burnt orange suit because it can highlight the classical beauty of the long years, so beautiful.

4. Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

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Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are a great choice to have on your wedding list. They are a level below wedding dresses and suits in terms of color weight, meaning burnt orange bridesmaid dresses can appear in a variety of wedding themes.

5. Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dress

Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dress

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If you are attending a boho and country wedding-themed wedding, be sure to choose burnt orange, terracotta red, and blue for your guest dresses. They are the basic colors of these wedding themes and set the mood of the wedding. 

Especially in autumn, if you wear a burnt orange guest dress and stand sideways under a big tree, with fallen leaves under your feet, the photos taken with a medium shot of the camera will go viral on Pinterest.

6. Bridal Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry

Image Source: Pinterest

Take the burnt orange earrings shown in the picture as an example. The shape of the water droplets is round and full. The center of the earrings uses cubic zirconia. The natural burnt orange has some champagne color, which is noble and elegant.

The gemstones are inlaid with crystals on both sides, sparkling under the spotlight. Enhance the bride's connotation and temperament. I love the design of these earrings so much.

7. Bridal Bouquet and Flower Crown

Bridal Bouquet and Flower Crown

Image Source: Pinterest

As shown in the picture, the flower crowns and bouquets are made of artificial flowers and preserved flowers, which are not affected by external emergencies and are cheap, suitable for weddings with a limited budget.

I would like to say one more thing, try to use real flowers, because only real flowers can show the aura and enthusiasm of burnt orange, such as Mathilin, chrysanthemums, roses, tulips and rose, etc.

8. Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement

Image Source: Pinterest

This cascading wedding bouquet of burnt orange South African Proteas, pink Vanbos, burgundy carnations and green eucalyptus leaves is sure to capture your heart. The burnt orange beauty was further enhanced by a variety of color combinations, and the bouquets were held up with wooden stands that were both pleasing to the eye and immersed in the scent of the flowers for guests.

9. Candles


Image Source: Pinterest

Place the burnt orange flowers in a clear glass filled with water to keep the flowers fresh, then place a small unscented eco-friendly candle on the water. At night, the water in the glass will reflect the burnt orange color of the flowers, which is very beautiful.

10. Burnt Orange Table Settings

Table Settings

Image Source: Pinterest

The burnt orange tablecloth should be kept simple because it is so bright! You can use a white tablecloth as the background, and then choose a burnt orange tablecloth that is one-sixth of the table area and runs the length of the table. If you don't like this approach, you can choose tablecloths, which are also very elegant and beautiful.

Please remember! Don’t let burnt orange cover the table, because scientific research shows that people will feel fatigued when facing bright colors for a long time, and it will also affect their vision.

11. Chair Decoration

Chair Decoration

Image Source: Pinterest

The chairs can be decorated with burnt orange chair covers, sashes, ribbons or flowers. You can refer to the decoration in the picture and copy it to your wedding while adding some personal style elements to create a sense of atmosphere and ensure the uniqueness of the wedding.

12. Wedding Backdrop

Wedding Backdrop

Image Source: Pinterest

The color of the wedding background cloth should be mainly burnt orange, with white text and patterns printed on it, with a ratio of 1:1. Various flowers can be placed above and on both sides of the background cloth to create a sense of atmosphere.

If the wedding is at night, you can also place chandeliers and candles to make the scene look more romantic. Remember not to use dark fonts on the background, as this will cause the background to look dirty and make it difficult for people far away to see the content.

13. Wedding Signage

Wedding Signage

Image Source: Pinterest

The signage design is the same as the background fabric, with welcome words, seating charts and directional signage printed in white fonts. To keep the sign from looking monotonous, I suggest you place plastic flowers next to it.

You ask me why I don’t put real flowers? Because some children at the scene were too naughty, I encountered many cases where the wedding flowers were taken away by children, and they had to be replaced in time, which increased the wedding budget.

14. Ceiling Decorations

Ceiling Decorations

Image Source: Pinterest

If you have enough budget for your wedding, then ceiling decorations must be added to your wedding list. If you picture a country-themed wedding, hang a lantern or chandelier in the dining room and decorate the sides with burnt orange flowers and foliage. Then wait for night to come and turn on the lights, and your guests will be amazed in an instant: It’s so beautiful!

15. Aisle Decoration

Aisle Decoration

Image Source: Pinterest

Save money and hassle by lining your aisles with burnt orange petals or cloth. If you want to make the decoration more beautiful, you can place burnt orange candles, flowers and dolls on both sides of the aisle, but not too high to avoid inconvenience to the bride and groom.

16. Cake Table Decoration

Cake Table Decoration

Image Source: Pinterest

Use burnt orange and white cream as the main colors to give layers of color. If you want your wedding to look more vintage, use more burnt orange buttercream and top the cake with dolls representing the bride and groom. Secondly, the cake table should also be decorated with tablecloths, flowers and candles to make them look very exquisite, which no one will dislike.

17. Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor

Image Source: Pinterest

Wrap the arbor with burnt orange and white chiffon fabric, place an irregular falling shape in the middle, and prepare some oak leaves and flowers to embellish it. Finally, place some candles on both sides of the arbor. To ensure safety, I recommend you use lanterns.

18. Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props

Image Source: Pinterest

You can set up a personalized photo booth, display some photos from your wedding, and handwrite some touching stories.

19. Gifts Boxes

Gifts Boxes

Image Source: Pinterest

Burnt orange wedding gift boxes are actually very easy to choose. Choose the shape of the gift box according to your preference and print simple fonts on the outside. Your guests can feel your passion through the color without opening the gift box, which I recommend you do.

20. Burnt Orange Ties

Burnt Orange Ties

Image Source: Pinterest

To make your wedding theme more colorful and cool, I would recommend that your groom wears a burnt orange tie. It could either be the regular long tie or a bowtie.

21. Bridesmaid Robe

Bridesmaid Robe

Image Source: Pinterest

Burnt orange bridesmaid robes are a good choice for your bridal shower party. To set the mood ahead of your wedding, your bridesmaids can wear different styles of burnt orange bridesmaid robes. As the bride, your white robe creates a warm atmosphere.

22. Burnt Orange Heels

Burnt Orange Heels

Image Source: Pinterest

You cannot go wrong in burnt orange heels, you either wear them as fancy shoes or sandals. You can complement your burnt orange heels with burnt orange earrings. For example, you can wear a side slit dress showing your heels and cute legs as you walk.

23. Burnt Orange Wedding Can Cooler

Burnt Orange Wedding Can Cooler

Image Source: Pinterest

For a touch of glamour in your wedding, place different shades of burnt orange wedding can coolers on the tables. For example, you can put three to four wedding can coolers in a saucer. As your guests are arriving, put the cold bottles of drinks inside the can cooler. It helps to keep your drinks cold for a while.

24. Burnt Orange Wedding Napkin

Burnt Orange Wedding Napkin

Image Source: Pinterest

Using a burnt orange satin napkin creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. To make it more stylish, you can neatly wrap the cutlery set inside the wedding napkin and place it beside each plate.

25. Burnt Orange Bar Menu

Burnt Orange Bar Menu

Image Source: Pinterest

You can hang your burnt orange Bar menu from a menu stand and place it on each table, making it both aesthetically pleasing and convenient for your guests to choose their favorite drinks.

26. Cake Topper Flowers

Cake Topper Flowers

Image Source: Pinterest

To make your wedding cake attractive and at the same time appetizing, decorate it with some cake accents. For example, you can add cake accents like topper flowers on only the right side of the cake. Gently add the topper flowers on all the cake tiers.

27. Seating Chart

Seating Chart

Image Source: Pinterest

You can hang burnt orange seating charts on a rope at the entrance of your wedding venue. This helps to create an organized seating arrangement during your wedding. The seating charts should consist of the table number and the names of those who are to sit at each table.

28. Burnt Orange Wedding Ring Box

Burnt Orange Wedding Ring Box

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the highlights of your wedding ceremony is the time to exchange wedding rings. For your wedding ring box, you can use any shade of burnt orange. As simple as this element is, it is a good way to incorporate burnt orange into your wedding theme.

29. Pashminas Shawls

Pashminas Shawls

Image Source: Pinterest

If you would be going for an outdoor wedding ceremony during fall or winter, you would need to keep your guests warm. Burnt orange pashminas shawls are a good choice to gift your guests. You can neatly wrap the pashminas in a burnt orange box and place it on each table.

30. Burnt Orange Balloons

Burnt Orange Balloons

Image Source: Pinterest

Put together different shades of balloons and blow them into different sizes. Arrange the balloons on an arch and use a burnt orange satin fabric background. To add a touch of earth to the balloon decors, you can fix dried leaves and artificial feathers around the balloons.

31. Candle Holders

Candle Holders

Image Source: Pinterest

For your wedding after-party, amber-colored lights and candle lights are a good choice of lighting. To avoid ruining your table decorations with candle waxes. Put your candles inside terracotta candle holders and place them on the tables. To create a romantic wedding atmosphere, add table centerpieces like candle holders. I recommend this element for every night wedding.

32. Artificial Flower Petals

Artificial Flower Petals

Image Source: Pinterest

To celebrate with the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle in the arms of each other. You can toss burnt orange artificial flower petals on the couple. This creates a dreamy effect and adds a dramatic feel to the wedding. This is very beautiful for an outdoor wedding such that the winds effortlessly carry the flower petals in the atmosphere.

33. Wedding Boutonnieres

Wedding Boutonnieres

Image Source: Pinterest

I'll keep saying this till eternity: boutonnieres are part of the men's accessories for weddings. There is this romantic vibe that adds to your wedding atmosphere. I would recommend that the boutonnieres are made with the same flowers as the wedding bouquet.

34. Wedding Arch Flowers with Burnt Orange Cloth

Wedding Arch Flowers with Burnt Orange Cloth

Image Source: Pinterest

How does it feel to walk down an aisle that has wedding arch flowers? It feels amazing, right? You can decorate your wedding venue by setting up two wedding arch flowers at the beginning and end of the aisle. For your boho-themed wedding, burnt orange flowers can be placed at different points on the arch.

35. Wedding Cakes and Desserts

Wedding Cakes and Desserts

Image Source: Pinterest

You can use different shades of orange for each cake tier to make your cake colorful and not only yummy! You don't want to keep your guests hungry before the main food courses arrive. You can whet their appetite with some orange-flavored desserts served in orange dishware.

36. Cocktails


Image Source: Pinterest

Another way to pop the color orange into your wedding is in the cocktails! I say this anywhere, one of the things most guests look forward to is the bar menu. During your night party cocktail hour, serve your guests some signature orange cocktails like Blood orange bellinis. You'll have them excited all night!

37. Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs

Image Source: Pinterest

You cannot run out of creativity for outdoor wedding decoration ideas. Smoke bomb is another element that you can add to your weddings. As the couple have their first kiss on the altar, gently hold out the bomb and release the color into the atmosphere. You must be careful while handling the smoke bomb not to stain your dress!

38. Flower Chandelier Hangings

Flower Chandelier Hangings

Image Source: Pinterest

Have you ever seen a flower chandelier before? It is very beautiful for both indoor and outdoor weddings. You can hang the flower chandelier on the ceilings close to a light to give a bright reflection. If you're on a simple wedding budget, you can try this out.


Some of the 38 burnt orange wedding ideas introduced above may not be what you need. Please rest assured that we will update interesting and fashionable ideas in the future. Whether you're a bride and groom-to-be or a wedding planner, we guarantee you'll be able to use them at any wedding.

Also, I highly recommend using burnt orange for your wedding. This bold color, especially suitable for boho weddings in autumn and winter, brings a beautiful meaning of warmth, comfort and unity. If you like this article, I hope you will forward it to more people and help make their weddings better.


What Colors Go with Burnt Orange for a Wedding?

Terracotta, white, teal, rust, black, grey-blue, copper, rust, tan, olive, green and burgundy, etc.

What Colors Go with Burnt Orange Flowers?

Blue is orange's complementary color, but in the garden that can be a bit of a challenge. There just aren't many flowers that are true blue in color. But colors that are adjacent to blue on the color wheel, including purple and violet, provide almost the same contrast.

What Color Jewelry Goes with Burnt Orange?

Gold jewelry paired with burnt orange will give your entire look a fresh look.


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