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The 10 Best Gothic Wedding Venues in America

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After saying "Yes, I will marry you" to the love of your life, the next item on the list is deciding on a dream destination for the wedding. Choosing a gothic wedding venue for your wedding is a good decision because the venue has its significance either to the nation or a revered personality giving a sense of uniqueness. Sometimes, the venue is ready-made and has a long list of all that you need for the wedding except for a few things you might want to add.

It is not a rare sight nowadays to see couples tying the knot in gothic and vintage wedding venues. The convenience, comfort, and affordability that comes with using a gothic wedding venue cannot be overemphasized. Not to forget the beautiful scenery and cool aura that the venue gives.

To kick off your search for such delectable wedding venues, we have put together a list of the best ten gothic wedding venues in America. You can take a cursory look at the Valentine in Los Angeles, California, St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon, Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina, and among others.

The Charm of Gothic Wedding Venues

Wedding Ancient Arches

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The work of architecture in gothic wedding venues such as the archways, the floor designs, the stones and bricks on the wall, the gift of nature on the outside, the ancient works of art, and the greenhouse roofs among others. This gives the intending couple a romantic feel and the guests, a welcoming atmosphere.

Also, getting married for example, in a building established in the early 20th century gives a sense of connection to the environment and the heavens as well. Tying the knot in gothic wedding venues also portrays the essence of eternal love as intending couples say their vows in a "silent" atmosphere.

Aside from the fact that choosing a gothic venue can be less expensive compared to modern venues, it adds an extra touch of love, innocence, purity, romance, and drama to weddings, especially all-black themed ones. Walking down the aisle on a stone-paved floor or wooden floor with your shoes making an effervescent sound to the floor as the music plays softly is refreshing to the soul. Exchanging vows with the love of your life under a natural breeze and surrounded by lush green plants with different species of flowers giving their scents and colors adds a touch of romance to the wedding venue.

Venue Selection Criteria

Atmospheric, Charming and Rustic Wedding Venue

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According to Amy Nichols, a California-based wedding planner, "Picking a cheap wedding venue helps you to spend a larger chunk of your budget on other aspects of the wedding like wedding dresses, photography, decors, and food and drinks". That the wedding venue is cheap doesn't in any way affect the atmosphere of the wedding environment because there are various beautiful wedding destinations that are less expensive.

In choosing such types of gothic venues, the budget for the entire wedding, the guests list, the affordability of the venue, the accessibility to the venue, and the rules guiding the use of the venue should be taken into consideration. One essence of considering these factors is to ensure that the venue would be available for use for the wedding especially, during weekends.

Top 10 Gothic Wedding Venues in America

1. Valentine in Los Angeles, California

Valentine in Los Angeles, California

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"Valentine" is a romantic word that is symbolic of love and holding a wedding in Valentine, LA, California is just a dream destination wedding to celebrate love. The Valentine was built in the early 20th century but has been transformed over the years to look like a modern building. From the beautiful greenhouse roof to the decorative floor tiles, the lush greenery, and the spacious area for hosting over 100 guests. Accessibility and versatility are very important when considering a venue which Valentine has.

2. St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon

St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon

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Exchanging vows under Portland's famous bridge, St. John's Bridge in Portland, Oregon is a perfect small wedding venue for an outdoor ceremony. The bridge's architectural designs, the archways, the pine trees around the bridge, and the cathedral park at the center of the bridge give a beautiful and romantic view. According to a couple that exchanged their vows at the cathedral park, "it was 100% worth it".

3. Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina

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The Biltmore Estate which consists of 250 rooms was built by George George Washington Vanderbilt III in the 19th century. Ever since then, the integrity of the estate and its landscape has been preserved making it a dream destination venue. Biltmore estate has vast spaces to host both outdoor and indoor wedding parties from the lush outdoor gardens to the different ballrooms. This property is wide enough to accommodate over 400 guests so it can handle the size of your guest list as well!

4. The Bell Tower, Nashville, Tennessee

The Bell Tower, Nashville, Tennessee

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One of the first set of churches to be built in Nashville, Tennessee is this building which has now been transformed into a modern venue popularly known as the Bell Tower. The Bell Tower has lots of natural lights hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier and a wooden floor giving a dramatic wedding atmosphere. There is also the tasting room within the building where you can host your wedding reception and serve your guests.

5. Ebell of Long Beach, California

Ebell of Long Beach, California

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If you're looking for a historic wedding venue to celebrate with your loved ones, the 17,200-square-foot Ebell of Long Beach in California is a perfect destination. The well-detailed archways, fountains, floor decorations, hanging chandeliers, a large fireplace, and a covered courtyard are the outstanding gothic elements of this venue.

6. Race and Religious in New Orleans, Los Angeles

Race and Religious in New Orleans, Los Angeles

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The Race and Religious is a perfect destination in New Orleans for a gothic wedding venue. This destination is a historical compound with a unique space for both outdoor and indoor wedding ceremonies. The mansory homes within the compound give a New Orleans charm creating a romantic atmosphere for the couple and the guests present. One beautiful feature of this venue is that it can host up to 300 wedding guests so you don't have to worry about your long guest list.

7. Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii

Haiku Mill in Maui, Hawaii

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Haiku Mill in Hawaii is an ancient sugar plantation that was transformed by Sylvia Hamilton-Kerr into a dream destination wedding. The Haiku Mill is stuffed with treasures from across the world, different chandeliers, and surrounded by gardenia blossoms. Within the Mill is the beautiful courtyard that reveals the beautiful Hawaiian sky and reminds guests of the Hawaiian island.

8. Basilica Hudson in Hudson, New York

Basilica Hudson in Hudson, New York

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Basilica Hudson located in Hudson, New York City has the shape of a church building although it was a 19th-century factory. The building has a stone-bricked wall with cemented floors and iron roofing sheets without ceilings. If you want your venue to have the church feeling, this venue the perfect choice. Although the building might look old it sure does have breathtaking views for wedding portraits.

9. Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

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Speak of an elegant greenhouse wedding with a slight feel of European giving a Victorian wedding venue vibes. The Planterra Conservatory has a ravishing glass ceiling which appears more beautiful on starry nights, stone floors, and lush trusses with gorgeous foliage.

10. The Jewel Box Garden Center, St. Louis

The Jewel Box Garden Center, St. Louis

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For a vintage wedding venue, a garden party wedding held in the Jewel Box Garden Center in St. Louis is the best choice. From the sidewalks paved with bricks to the wide array of magnificent flowers, and the big glass windows everything speaks of a simple and classy wedding.

Planning Your Gothic Wedding

Planning Your Gothic Wedding

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Choosing the right wedding venue as a couple gives your celebration the feel it deserves and to achieve this, you need to plan properly to avert wedding disasters. In planning for your gothic wedding, you must consider the gothic venue if it aligns with your color for the day. The decorations of the venue should also be considered if there is a need to add more flowery decors.

Another thing while planning gothic venues is the season of the year because some venues are inaccessible during certain seasons of the year due to weather conditions. Finally, in planning your gothic wedding venue ensure that you stick to your budget in booking a venue. Make sure to check the venue to know if the pricing includes the rentals and catering to avoid double stress on your big day.

Vendor Coordination for a Gothic Theme

Vendor Coordination for a Gothic Theme

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It is not enough to choose a gothic wedding venue for your big day but also choose the right vendors. This is to avoid glitches on the wedding day and ensure that you enjoy your day to the fullest. Get good event decorators to beautify and design your gothic wedding venue to suit your taste.

Hire a good photographer to capture your wedding moments such that you can always look back at the pictures years later and beam with smiles.

Also, hire good caterers to treat your guests with delicious food and drinks. Hiring the services of good wedding vendors can be quite a hassle however, you can check online or scroll through social media platforms for wedding vendor suggestions within your country.

Unique Aspects of Gothic Weddings

Unique Aspects of Gothic Weddings

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In celebrating gothic weddings, your wedding dress as a couple and the choice of your bouquet as a bride should perfectly blend with the background of the venue. Some other elements to add include antique decors, a touch of candles and dramatic hues, deep colors, big chandeliers, and colorful flowers. This gives the wedding venue a gothic and romantic vibe.

If the venue looks too historic and ancient, placing some designer bulbs at strategic points will give it a different lighting. Also, placing a mixture of flowers at the altar and the aisle gives it a modern wedding feel.


Your dream destination wedding venue is a place where sweet memories are built and vows are exchanged so you should make it personal and special. You can start by choosing any of the gothic venues listed above but ensure it is within your budget and accessible for your guests as well.

The venue doesn't have to be too expensive but rather pick an affordable venue. Go for one that fits your budget, you don’t have to break the bank. Ensure to set money aside for other essentials of the wedding, especially your honeymoon!


What Defines a Venue as Suitable for a Gothic Wedding?

Historic mansions, castles, churches, and nighttime forests or gardens are all popular venues for Gothic weddings.

How Can I Decorate a Venue to Fit a Gothic Wedding Theme?

  1. A color palette of black, crimson, deep purple and navy blue and metallic colors adds a touch of luxury.
  2. Use soft ambient lighting. A chandelier with candles or soft bulbs can create a moody atmosphere.
  3. Choose flowers in deep red, purple or even black. Consider flowers like black dahlias, crimson roses or burgundy calla lilies.
  4. Look for Gothic, Victorian or Baroque style furniture. Think high-backed chairs, wrought-iron tables, or velvet curtains.
  5. Consider black or deep red plates, intricately designed silverware, and crystal glassware.
  6. Use heavy fabrics like velvet or brocade for curtains, tablecloths and decorations. The black lace is particularly eye-catching and fits the theme.

What Are the Best Seasons to Book a Gothic Wedding Venue?

Autumn and winter are the best times for gothic weddings, as gloomy weather can enhance the mysterious and dramatic atmosphere of a gothic wedding. You can consider these two seasons to book your wedding venue.

How Far in Advance Should I Book a Wedding Venue?

During peak wedding season, it's best to book your venue 12 to 18 months in advance, with some couples booking up to two years in advance for highly sought-after venues. For off-season weddings, booking 6 to 12 months in advance is usually enough.


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