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Hunter Green: The idea Color for Your Winter Bridesmaid Dresses 2023

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In winter weddings, green is undoubtedly one of the most difficult colors to choose for bridesmaid dresses. You who are browsing the blog at this time may have the same feeling. Green alone is subdivided into more than 20 colors, among which common ones include sage, emerald green, dark green, olive, forest, etc. The most popular color is hunter green.

According to Google Trends, the popularity of hunter green bridesmaid dresses has increased by 400%, and more and more people are paying attention to this popular color in winter. If you’re still wondering about choosing a green bridesmaid dress for your wedding, I can tell you for sure: hunter green is undoubtedly the best color for you.

I guess you will definitely question what I said, so why not spend a few more minutes and let me answer it from multiple angles.

What Is Hunter Green?

What is hunter green

Hunter green originates from the color used by British hunters to camouflage themselves when going hunting in the 19th century. It is made of equal amounts of cyan, yellow and black. Now it is often used in interior decoration, fashion and art.

Tip: If you want to know more about the history and meaning of Hunter Green, I recommend that you check out "Hunter Green Color – What Color is Hunter Green" published by the Acrylgiessen website in 2022.

Why Choose Hunter Green Dress for Wedding?

hunter green bridesmaids dress

Hunter green is a relaxing color that represents life growth, rebirth, renewal and health. It well reflects the state of life from winter to spring, and the same goes for weddings. The bridesmaids in hunter green dresses surrounded the newlyweds. Witnessed by relatives and friends, a new family was born in the cold season, bursting with vitality.

At the same time, hunter green bridesmaid dresses can easily react well with other colors, such as burgundy, dark gray, ocher and white, etc. This saves you a lot of time in wedding color matching.

What Color Goes with Hunter Green Dress for Wedding?

Hunter green bridesmaid dresses are a rich and elegant option that comes in a variety of colors to complement at a winter wedding. Read below for more inspiration.

Hunter Green and Black

Hunter Green and Black

Hunter green and black are timeless classic colors. As early as the birth of hunter green, it was often surrounded by black trees. Substituting these two colors into weddings creates an irresistible elegance.

Tip: Consider pairing a black groomsman suit with hunter green bridesmaid dresses.

Hunter Green and Ivory or Cream

hunter green and ivory wedding

Neutral ivory or cream tones tend to be soft and gentle, and paired with hunter green dresses, the bridesmaids will look even more lovely.

Tip: Ivory bouquets or tablecloths are recommended.

Hunter Green and Blush or Dusty Rose

Hunter Green and Blush

Does the wedding look more romantic when the bridesmaids wear hunter green dresses and hold blush or dusty rose flowers?

Tip: Blush or dusty rose color bridesmaid bouquets or flower arrangements.

Hunter Green and Navy Blue

Hunter Green and Navy Blue

Navy blue and hunter green are a very classic combination with a strong visual impact, making the wedding look high-end and luxurious.

Tip: Choose a navy blue suit or accessories for your groomsmen’s attire.

Hunter Green and Metallic (Silver or Rose Gold)

Hunter Green and Silver wedding

Satin hunter green Bridesmaid dresses are easier to match, and the metallic color is easier to reflect on the smooth satin surface, adding a touch of glamor to your wedding color palette.

Tip: Metallic tones are recommended for decorations, table settings or bridesmaid accessories.

Hunter Green and Burgundy or Marsala

Hunter Green and Burgundy wedding

In the 19th century, burgundy was already the best combination with hunter green. The two colors have a strong visual contrast and are suitable for matching in magnificent places.

Tip: These colors can be used on flowers, table decorations, and even the groomsmen’s ties.

Hunter Green and Mustard Yellow

Hunter Green and Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow and hunter green are a bold and unexpected combination that can easily create a warm and tranquil atmosphere for a wedding, adding a pop of color and energy.

Tip: Use mustard yellow tablecloths and fresh flowers.

Hunter Green and Gray

Hunter Green and Gray

Cool gray is a neutral color, which can bring out the beauty of hunter green dress for wedding and the strong meaning of color.

Tip: The groomsmen’s gray suits or gray tablecloths will work well with the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses Collections:you’ll love

For weddings in winter, we first ensure that the bridesmaids are warm and comfortable in their dresses. We have collected some popular styles of plus size hunter green bridesmaid dresses from the Internet, some from big brands and some from small brands. Choose the right dress based on your preferences.

Plus Size A-Line Maxi Bridesmaid Dress In Hunter Green

Plus Size A-Line Maxi Bridesmaid Dress In Hunter Green

Image Source: dessy

This sweet and simple cowl-neck plus size hunter green bridesmaid dress is made from satin for soft comfort and has adjustable straps for a touch of naughtiness. The slit a line design makes the bridesmaids look more elegant.

Elbow Sleeves V-Neck Velvet Stretto Bridesmaid Dress

Elbow Sleeves V-Neck Velvet Stretto Bridesmaid Dress

Image Source: aw bridal

This Stretto hunter green gown is crafted from soft velvet for warmth and comfort. The cascading elbow sleeves creatively shape the V-neck wrap into a simple and classic style, perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings in spring or winter.

Sheath Floor Length Luxe Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Sheath Floor Length Luxe Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Image Source: cocomelody

This one-shoulder hunter green dress is made of luxurious satin fabric, with appliqués and slits and design. It is elegant and elegant. You are fully capable of attracting everyone's attention in this plus-size dress, and you don't have to worry about being too cold in winter. Thick Satin has a higher ability to keep out the cold.

Eliza Stretch Satin V-Neck A-Line Bridesmaid Dress Hunter

Eliza Stretch Satin V-Neck A-Line Bridesmaid Dress Hunter

Image Source: billlevkoff

Not everyone likes to wear plus-size dresses in the winter, but this midi-length hunter green bridesmaid dress from billlevkoff might just hit your mark. It features asymmetrical pleats and a V-shape at the front and back for a sexy and elegant look. Off-center pleats accent the diagonal hem skirt, allowing you to move effortlessly to wedding events.

V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Bridesmaid Dress Hunter Green

V-Neck Spaghetti Strap Bridesmaid Dress Hunter Green

Image Source: park & fifth

The sexy V-neck design can perfectly show off your chest line, and the spaghetti straps bring out the beauty of the shoulders. However, because this Park & Fifth hunter green bridesmaid dress is made of crepe and is relatively thin, it is recommended for indoor weddings in autumn or winter.

Choose Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dress Fabric According to Season

When choosing hunter green bridesmaid dress fabric for your wedding, the first things to consider are the season, event, and comfort so that your bridesmaids feel at ease and happy during your wedding. Here are some fabric recommendations that pair well with hunter green:

Winter and Autumn Weddings

Hunter green itself is great for winter and fall weddings, but choosing the right fabric is important for bridesmaids. Not only will it make your bridesmaids look beautiful, but it will also keep them warm and comfortable during the cold weather.

  • Velvet: This is a plush and luxurious fabric, and hunter green velvet gowns look even more beautiful in the winter. You don’t have to worry about the bridesmaids catching a cold because they don’t wear enough. It’s quite excellent in terms of insulation and comfort.
  • Satin: I highly recommend plus size hunter green bridesmaid dresses, which are suitable for wearing all year round because they are somewhat thick and have high warmth retention in winter. Moreover, the satin surface is smooth and soft, which not only magnifies the advantages of hunter green color, but also provides higher comfort and elasticity.
  • Damask: Also a heavy, textured fabric that can be painted with intricate patterns. The hunter green dress made of brocade is more gorgeous, which not only increases the attractiveness of the bridesmaid, but also has a certain protective effect against the cold.
  • Taffeta: Taffeta is a crisp and slightly stiff fabric that helps bridesmaid dresses hold their shape. The comfort is not as good as the above fabrics. But its surface has a high gloss, making it a good choice for winter weddings.
  • Knitted Fabric: If your wedding has activities that require a lot of movement, knitted fabric is a great choice. It also has better warmth retention.

Spring and Summer Weddings

Weddings are held in the spring and summer, so we recommend you choose light and breathable fabrics, unless the temperature suddenly drops that day, you may consider heavy fabrics.

Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics

  • Chiffon: Because of its lightness, breathability and elegance, chiffon has become the first choice for bridesmaid dresses for many people in spring and summer weddings. Because the density of chiffon is lower than that of satin, the hunter green chiffon dress does not look too rich in color and has a fairy-like feel.
  • Tulle: Tulle is another light and flowy fabric option that can add a romantic and whimsical feel to your hunter green bridesmaid dress.
  • Lace: This fabric can add some dreamy design elements to the dress. If you want to add romance to your wedding, choosing lace for the hunter green bridesmaid dress is a good choice.
  • Crepe: Crepe is a lightweight fabric that is comfortable and drape well with a slight texture. You can create a modern yet sophisticated look with a hunter green dress, perfect for spring and summer weddings.
  • Satin: Satin is very suitable for large occasions such as weddings. You can choose a lightweight satin style so that the bridesmaids will not feel hot and heavy wearing a hunter green satin dress.

Hunter green dress is more suitable for autumn and winter weddings. Although it can be worn in spring and summer, I suggest you consider a more suitable color. For details, refer to:

Popular Ideas for Winter Green Themed Weddings

Winter green themed weddings are a popular choice for couples who want to embrace the beauty and charm of winter while incorporating lush greenery into their wedding décor and color palette. Here are some popular ideas and elements you can incorporate into your winter green-themed wedding:

Evergreen Leaves

Evergreen Leaves wedding

Incorporate evergreen foliage like pine, cedar, and fir into your decor to bring a natural, wintery feel to your wedding.

Pinecone Decoration

Pinecone Decoration wedding

You can use them as table centerpieces, place card holders, or even in bouquet arrangements.

Artificial Snow

Artificial Snow

Use artificial snow or snowflakes to create a winter wedding wonderland.

Green Aisle

Green Aisle

Wouldn’t it be romantic to line your ceremony aisle with lush greenery and garlands?

Fur Accessories

Fur Accessories

Get a faux fur stole, scarf or shawl for you and your bridesmaids to keep everyone warm.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Winter Wedding Flowers

Choose winter flowers such as white roses, amaryllis, anemones or ranunculus.

Rustic Wooden Elements

Rustic Wooden Elements

Use some wooden decorations combined with green to make the wedding venue look more vibrant.

Winter Style Invitations

Winter Style Invitations

Design your wedding invitations with winter greenery patterns or hunter green accents.

Frosted Wedding Cake

Frosted Wedding Cake

Choose a frosted wedding cake with green accents, or consider a naked cake decorated with fresh greenery.

Green Bridesmaid Dress

Green Bridesmaid Dress

Dress your bridesmaids in green dresses that look especially beautiful against the winter backdrop.



Give your friends and family some green, winter-themed gifts, such as evergreen saplings.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most popular colors for winter weddings, hunter green bridesmaid dresses can make the bridesmaids and the wedding more perfect in terms of color meaning, dress style, color matching and wedding decoration, etc.

Hunter green has the potential to be the best bridesmaid dress color for your friend’s winter wedding!

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FAQs Hunter Green Bridesmaid Dresses

What Color Dress Goes with Hunter Green?

Darker green colors such as Hunter Green often work well with other earthy shades such as browns, dark yellows or rust colors, and grays.

What Jewelry to Wear with Hunter Green Dress?

Darker greens such as teal, emerald or hunter have a deep blue undertone to them, so cool toned jewelry such as silver, white gold, blues and lilacs are recommended here to complete the outfit nicely. Gold plated products like a playboy necklace also bring an interesting vibe.

What Lipstick Goes with Hunter Green Dress?

The hunter green goes well with shades of lighter pink. A nice clear red would look beautiful. A lot depends on your skin tone, but any color in the deep red to red-orange are great contrast colors with hunter green. 


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