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Hunter Green vs. Emerald Green: What's the Difference?

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The green shades vary from light to dark, hunter green and emerald green always have a place in the dark green bridesmaid dress group, evoking natural serenity. So what is their difference?

The answer is easy.

I drafted a drawing. You can easily tell the difference between the two greens by comparing them side by side. The biggest difference is that hunter green is more yellowish, and emerald green is bluish.

There are subtle differences in the emerald green bridesmaid dresses defined by each brand. It's hard to say that dresses are all made according to a certain color standard such as Pantone. But what we can ensure is that the judgment or direction of the industry is consistent. It is difficult to find two emerald dresses stemming from separate brands with huge color differences, right? Okay, congratulations to you who are struggling to find the preferred green for reading this, you will quickly point to in your bridesmaid dress green shade.

Dictionary Says It All

Hunter green: As the name implies, it was originally created by hunters to blend in with the green nature, so it expresses the earthy undertones of leaves.

Emerald green: It comes from nature’s emerald stone, which is a bluish green.

So how did they evolve into a favorite pigment for bridesmaid dresses? Because it looks good, of course! More on that just below.

History and Symbolising

Definitions from the dictionary are often right on the money, but that's not enough. To look like a professional editor, I had to add a little extra history or cultural knowledge. Since wedding customs vary from region to region and ethic to ethic, it is necessary to understand the origin of the hunter green and emerald green and their symbolism.

Hunter Green: Roller Coaster Life

The name hunter green originated in the 19th century in England, when the hunters took pros of the similar-to-forest color to get invisible while hunting. But in fact, it has appeared in ancient Egypt, symbolizing resurrection and rebirth. In ancient Rome, hunter green was a symbol of fertility. It’s easy to understand. Green, as the main color of human ancestors’ living environment, has always symbolized vitality.

However, olive green replaced hunter green as the dominant color of camouflage clothing during World War II. But after the war it was back in vogue, being used in interior designs, attires, and so on.

Until now, you can see hunter green color code in many bridesmaid dresses brands, which once used for utilitarian camouflage has successfully transformed into a fashionable color that showcases the allure of nature.

Emerald Green: Constant Favorite

Nowadays we can get the charm of emerald green without the toxicity. It's a jewel tone favored for weddings with lavish and affluent themes, infusing from wedding invitations to wedding arrangements and attires with its tranquil but eye-catching dark green shade.

The real protagonist of the drama is here! Emerald green has been controversial ever since it was artificially created by chemists in Schweinfurt, Germany in 1814, as its attractive blue-green color contained toxicity that killed many people. But this in any case can not stop through all walks of life this pigment love, from paintings to home decor to clothing, people will emerald green as a symbol of wealth. At that time, people loved it no less than moths to a flame.

How to Choose Your Green

So there's not much difference between them in terms of how they're used for a wedding theme, i.e., which one you value more is more flattered. The thumb-selecting rule is that warm suits warm, cool flatters cool. The hunter green bridesmaid dresses can be the very preference for warm and medium to dark skin tones, which will accentuate the glow and richness of your skin. Cool skin tones, and fair to medium skin tones will be eye-catching when you are in bluish emerald green.

Of course, back to where we started, distinguish dark green bridesmaid dresses from different brands. It is recommended that you buy sample fabrics from different stores to nail your girls’ look before making a decision. Among ChiSew’s bridesmaid dress collections, darker green is similar to hunter green from other brands, which can be used as a reference for your selection.
If you plan to mix and match the bridesmaid dresses, here are some practical color combinations for you.

The colors complement emerald green: The darker shades of hunter green tend to work better with earth tones like shades of brown and yellow, but it also goes with neutral tones like white, gray, cream, brown, and beige.

The colors complement hunter green: Emerald green looks great with colors like peach, lavender, aubergine, rose, ruby red, and other jewel tones.

Why Choose ChicSew Satin Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses?

You may be tired of hardcore theories, although I think my expression is humorous enough. Let’s take a glance at ChiSew satin emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Why satin? Because its satin and emerald green combo is one of a kind, selected and designed over a long period of time. You won't find the exact same one in other brands.

Come and see where my confidence comes from.

Midi Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses

This midi length is very lightweight and much less prone to wrinkles than maxi dresses, less fabric means more lightweight, allowing you to dance the night away at the after-party.

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses with Long Sleeves

The classic smooth long sleeves give an elegant look. Also to neutralize its dullness, we added a slide slit design that echoes the exposed shoulders as well as the neck. Worried about strangling your arms? We support free customization service and always guarantee that the sleeves are looser than your arms to comfortably celebrate and enjoy the meaningful day.

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses With Sleeves

Yes, this off-the-shoulder dress with cap sleeves is a different kind of elegance, with a crossing neckline and a mermaid silhouette that enhances a woman's naturally beautiful curves. Don't be afraid to fall, we've left plenty of room at the hem to provide stability and support as you walk down to the aisle!

Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses Plus Size

This bridesmaid dress is from the new plus-size collection, which helps you lock in your size faster and save time when shopping. The multiway emerald green bridesmaid dress creates more interesting options for your dressing, from halting the neck as above to asymmetrical one-shoulder styles, you just have to follow your creative juices!

Before You Go…

Have you figured out the difference between hunter green and emerald green? Hunter green is darker, emerald green is brighter and cooler. The depth between them as well as the amount of earthiness determine that they have different suitability for the wedding themes along with the skin tones of the bridesmaids. If you have more insight or other ideas, feel free to leave a comment below!


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