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Ivory vs. White Wedding Dresses: 3 Steps to Find out Your Dress for Winter 2023

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White wedding dresses have been cherished for centuries, symbolizing purity, new beginnings, and hope. They carry deep cultural significance in many parts of the world and are a cherished tradition at weddings.

Nicole Kidman, wearing an ivory wedding dress.

Image Source: ENEWS

One of Hollywood's most prolific fashion icons, Nicole Kidman, wearing an ivory wedding dress.

White is not a set color, which has ten thousands of shades. So choosing a white wedding dress is an overwhelmingly hard item. And different brands under the same name have different visual effects on white. However, based on a large amount of information inquiry and consumer evaluation data, we have summarized the differences between ivory, natural white, and shark white. Scroll on and get your right white color!

Exploring Different Shades of White

Some designers and brands use other words to describe white for allure, which makes you even more confused about white wedding dress color. Don’t worry, you will achieve an ultimate awareness of the differences between ivory, natural white and bright white in this issue. I will list their other common names, the colors you see directly, as well as the wedding themes and what bridal looks they suit. Which white is suitable for you? Just read on.


Ivory backless lace wedding dress

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Ivory is often likened to a creamy or slightly off-white shade, also called “eggshell,” “cream,” “off-white,” or “ecru.” Ivory wedding dresses have a soft, warm, and slightly yellowish or beige undertone, however, they are very likely that it's not as yellowish as you think. The actual hue of ivory is close to natural white to the naked eye, also in the camera.

Ivory is the most popular color for wedding dresses currently. It is a versatile color that works well with all complexions and a variety of wedding themes, from vintage to modern. Such as retro-chic, bohemian and rustic, traditional and classic, fairytale and garden themes, etc.

For a winter wedding, if you choose an ivory wedding dress that goes well with other colors, you can realize your whimsical creativity. There is only one thing to note, keep warm. Choose fabrics that keep you warm, or opt for a thick coat that goes with the wedding theme.

Natural White

Natural white spaghetti straps Mermaid

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Like ivory, natural white is sometimes referred to as “off-white”, as it is not a bright, bright white. “Soft White,” “diamond white” or “silk white,” are commonly used alternative terms for natural white.

Natural white is the whitest shade you can get from natural fibers, which looks a bit cooler than ivory but warmer than bright white. Although not as popular as ivory, natural white wedding dresses will also add a natural, healthy glow to the brides and are also suitable for a wide range of skin tones and undertones.

Because of the natural warmth hue, natural white can also be matched with various wedding themes like ivory.

Bright White

Pure white sweetheart long sleeves long mermaid

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Also called “pure white” or “stark white.” Known for its pure and unadulterated white appearance, bright white as the whitest shade features a crisp, clean white color, often with no undertones of other colors.

Taking inspiration from models in magazines, bright white is perfect for dark skin tones and bold brides and will create a glittering look. But, fair skin in pure white may look washed out. In addition, pure white will appear blue in the photo, and if it is a satin fabric, the blueish will be more obvious.

Winter is the best for bright white wedding dresses. A winter wonderland wedding, a pure white wedding dress, and you’ll be the princess. Besides, pure white is a classic choice for traditional, formal ceremonies, and is ideal for modern and edgy weddings.

3 Steps to Find out Your Wedding Dress

Can you now differentiate between the three white colors of wedding dresses? It doesn’t matter. Next comes the practical part. Even if you still have difficulty distinguishing, you can still find the white wedding dress you want through the following 3 steps.

Beware of Your Undertone and Skin Tone

Beware of your undertone and skin tone.

Image Source: Milk Makeup

Before choosing a white wedding dress, consider your undertone and skin tone. The general technique is, olive and yellow undertones or darker skin tones prefer brighter white shades, ivory dresses work well on fair or pale skin.

Try on the Wedding Dresses under Natural Light

Try on the wedding dresses under natural light.

Image Source: Ruffled

With the natural light coming through the large windows of the bridal boutique and the mirrors they provide, you can see the look that is closest to yours on your big day. Don’t forget to bring your family and your friends, who will provide a third perspective and constructive advice!

Take a Photo

Take a photo.

Image Source: Maggie Sottero

A picture can help you make the final decision. When trying on wedding dresses, take photos and videos from different angles. Later, review these photos to see how each dress complements your appearance. You can imagine how you look in photos of getting ready, portraits, ceremony, and will get the answer soon.


We all know how hard it can be to pick out a white wedding dress! Although you can identify the white shades above, the same color (such as ivory) can even appear in different shades as the light and fabric change. Put aside the traditional culture, you can try to step out of the comfort zone of white wedding dresses, and you will find a wider world.

FAQs about Ivory and White Wedding Dresses

I Want to Try on More White Shade Wedding Dresses, but I Don’t Have Time. Can I Do It with Sample Fabrics?

Better not. Because most wedding dresses are made of tulle fabric, there is a color difference between the sample fabric and its stack. The best solution is to try on wedding dresses offline.

Can Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses and Guest Dresses Be White?

Of course! As long as you like it and agree with the bride. We have a client who has had a beach wedding where all the bridesmaids and guests wore white and had their photos taken, and they all cherish the memory. If you still have concerns about this, just look at Beyoncé and her bridal squad!

I’m Olive Skin Toned, Which Should I Choose, Ivory or Stark White?

Stark white can bring out your beauty better visually, but ivory is more natural and pastel in photos.


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