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24 Western Wedding Ideas to Pull off an Edgy and Creative Nuptial

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Country rocker Marcus King marries Briley Hussey in Nashville Ceremony: 'I Fell in Love, Hard!'

Country rocker Marcus King marries Briley Hussey

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Western weddings are often accompanied by countryside, rustic, bohemian styles, and so on, as they all connect nature with a strong vitality. The fascinating theme or element (if you just want it to be embellishments), whisky, horses, deserts... ranging from outdoors to indoors nuptials, there are plenty of rugged elements to apply for your special day. If you are the couple that pursue the power of nature, these western wedding ideas will be attractive and inspired to you.

How to Pull Off a Western Theme Wedding

Throwing a romantic and trendy western-themed wedding may take a little work, but along the way you'll find the surprise that cowboy wedding traditions have morphed into fun wedding games. Another important aspect is wedding decoration, yes, you can draw wild inspiration from the Old West. As long as you know enough, you will be confident about your Western wedding.

Know the traditions of western weddings

If you are the couples that intrigues the Old West or even if have seen a few western movies, you would be more or less familiar with western culture. The proximity of borders and the scarcity of resources have led to close ties between people. This is also reflected in cowboy weddings, which are often celebrated as community revelry and include famous customs such as wedding night hazing: ‘shivaree’, or ‘charivari.’ 

kidnap brides

Image Source: Butter Love and Cowboys

On the wedding night, raucous crowds burst into the couple's home and kidnap them and cause mischief (sprinkling salt on the floor, tying the cowbell to the bed). It has now evolved into a gentler game: The bride will be kidnapped and held for ransom (usually a few important items for the wedding night) at weddings, and the groom have to rescue the bride by completing the contents of the ransom note. Of course, fittingly, the abduction usually takes place after the wedding ceremony, during lunch after the couple has finished their meal, so everyone can enjoy that playful tradition in peace.

Grab the characteristics of western weddings

Think back to the western movies you have watched, where the scenes are usually very rough and wild: deserts, pastures, cows, horses, cowboys...those are the inspiration and materials for western wedding decoration. If you try to break them down into four parts, it will be very easy to grasp their essential characteristics: 

  • County charm venues: Barn or ranch weddings, mountains, outdoor entertainment.
  • Cowboy inspired attire: Boots, hats, rings, belts, etc.
  • Western-themed decor: Rustic decor, horseshoes, denim fabrics, cacti, whisky...
  • Western specialties: Western weddings typically feature hearty comfort food like barbecue, chili, cornbread, and cowboy beans. 

Have you outlined the portrait of a western themed wedding? Next, let’s look at 24 western wedding ideas with pictures and make your thoughts concrete!

24 Western Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

From wedding venues to favors, Western elements can be everywhere you want them to be. Just scroll and enjoy to get inspiration for your wedding.

1. Rustic Barn Wedding

Rustic Barn Wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

If you prefer country vibe, the barn would be lying in your venue list. The earthy tones and muted colors are commonly used to complement the rustic theme, which also adds warmth in the wintertime. And one of the western specialties is that you can set up a grilling station outside near the barn, making guests feel right at home.

2. Romantic Boho-Chic Forest Wedding

Romantic Boho-Chic Forest Wedding

Image Source: Meredith Washburn

An outdoor forest wedding is a great opportunity to embrace the beauty of nature, and the tranquil environment is also attractive. The eucalyptus forest in autumn and winter is the perfect occasion for a western-themed wedding. Set up wooden pile seats with local materials, lay out a bohemian rug, and exchange vows under a simple stick arch...if you are eager enough for this , then you should already be exchanging rings with your groom in your imagination.

3. Ranch Wedding Photos

Ranch Wedding Photos

Image Source: Freepik

If you want to make your western style last forever after the wedding, you can try ranch wedding photography. With horses and cows in the vast ranch, the background is large and vivid. Bold newlyweds who know how to ride a horse can also complete a group of photos on horseback. Plus, the ranch is also a great option for elopement.

4. Cowboy Hats and Boots

Cowboy Hats and Boots

Image Source: Freepik

Boots and hats are a signature look of the cowboy, and of course they can be used at weddings as well, with the bride and groom even wearing couples' styles. Does this remind you of a boho wedding? Because they are all very ethnic. If you don’t plan to dress up completely like a cowboy or cowgirl, a pair of boots or a hat can really highlight your free and uninhibited personality. In addition, boots are very convenient for outdoor weddings.

5. Bohemian Leather Outsole Heels

Bohemian Leather Outsole Heels

Image Source: Instagram

Partial leather prints can add an ethnic touch to your bridal look. Paired with an ivory chiffon A-line wedding dress and a leather belt with a similar pattern, this is a simple Western bridal outfit. You can also add feathers and turquoise earrings to your look letting your whimsical creativity.

6. Bold Bridal Cowgirl Look

Bold Bridal Cowgirl Look

Image Source: Freepik

If you want to look crisp and sharp, a cowgirl bridal look will help you make it. Add a simple denim jacket to boots, a hat, add cowboy elements where you want to change it up, and you'll be there. Plus, you can try bold shooting methods for your wedding photos because of your style.

7. Colorful Cowboy Getting Ready Pajamas

Colorful Cowboy Getting Ready Pajamas

Image Source: Pinterest

Mismatching has become a trend not only in bridesmaid dresses, but also in getting ready outfits to highlight each person's personality.If you have a bridal party, colorful patterned pajamas can create a cohesive and visually appealing look in pre-wedding photos.

8. Rugged Cowboy Groomsmen

Rugged Cowboy Groomsmen

Image Source: Instagram

Rugged cowboy groomsmen are a classic representative of the Old West style, which is often found in western-themed weddings. If the groomsmen want to go full suit, but still want to kick up the style, here’s the tip: pair a complementary jacket with jeans.

9. Greenery Succulent Boutonniere

Greenery Succulent Boutonniere

Image Source: Pinterest

Choose a lovely succulent boutonniere for the groom. Full greenery is popular for weddings no matter what season. You can match it with seasonal colorful flowers to make the color palette more harmonious.

10. Wooden Triangle Arch

Wooden Triangle Arch

Image Source: A Rustic Affair

The characteristic of Western wedding decoration is that sometimes it is simple but powerful, just like this wooden triangular arch. When you are saying ‘I do’, the triangle arch is your frame, and the blessings of this moment are captured by the camera and become permanent.

11. Cute Cartoon Western Wedding Invitations

Cute Cartoon Western Wedding Invitations

Image Source: Freepik

The cartoon invitations are a start of the western-themed wedding. You can add any playful elements you adore, the font is also chosen in a cartoon style. I believe the invitees will raise their lips as soon as they see the invitation.

12. Cactus Hanging Installation

Cactus Hanging Installation

Image Source: Instagram

The iconic cactus hanging installation infuses creativity and energy into the wedding. Obviously, the designer used dried cactus. The dried flowers add to the western charm, which is also wise from a safety perspective.

13. Elegant Cacti Candles Stick

Elegant Cacti Candles Stick

Image Source: Instagram

The miniature potted cactus candle holder truly restores western life to the greatest extent, which is undoubtedly a good idea for brides and grooms who pursue naturalism. For safety reasons, you can glue the bottom of the potted plant to secure it.

14. Playful Horseshoes Escort Cards

Playful Horseshoes Escort Cards

Image Source: Pinterest

When it comes to Western wedding decorations, you can’t avoid horseshoes. Horseshoes escort cards add layered texture to wedding decor along with a linen tablecloth set. You can also arrange them creatively, with pentagrams, circles, or shapes and letters that are meaningful to you.

15. Chic Horse Place Cards

Chic Horse Place Cards

Image Source: Pinterest

It's hard not to feel affection for horse place cards with names written on them. The all-black pony fits perfectly into the white and sage green tablescape. You can also use this as an angle to cut into various Western creative ideas. Horses, cows, goats, and all animals related to the Western region can be integrated into various wedding decorations.

16. Low Budget Rustic Wedding Decor DIY Lantern

Low Budget Rustic Wedding Decor DIY Lantern

Image Source: Splash of Something

Planning to add DIY decor to your wedding? This low budget rustic DIY lantern may catch your eye. It is very simple to make and only requires a few sticks, glue, and bulbs or string lights. Western wedding decor doesn't have to be all brown, so you can definitely choose colored lights to match your wedding theme and style.

17. Creative Whisky Centerpieces

Creative Whisky Centerpieces

Image Source: Pinterest

Want your western wedding decor to be unique yet eco-friendly? DIY whiskey centerpieces will do it. Not only that, you can also hang an escort or place cards on the bottles, which will be attractive to your guests.

18. Traditional Western BBQ Catering

Traditional Western BBQ Catering

Image Source: Rocking P BBQ

When it comes to wedding catering, buffet barbecue must be a great option. Both newlyweds and guests can chat and laugh over the barbecue, and relax while eating. Prepare for some Western specialties: smoked steak, smoked shrimp, grilled corn and more.

19. Wagon Wheel Wedding Bar

Wagon Wheel Wedding Bar

Image Source: Pinterest

The carriage theme gives the bar a flowing look and the wooden materials complement the surrounding countryside, but that doesn’t mean the wagon wheel bar is inappropriate for an indoor wedding. A blanket was spread next to the carriage, and the guests could sit down and have a talk.

20. Casual Barrel S’mores Station

Casual Barrel S’mores Station

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are planning an outdoor wedding on a budget, using a barrel properly will maximize your savings. The wooden barrel s’mores station creates a leisurely ambiance, which is also the charm of Western style.

21. Desert Decorative Dessert Table

Desert Decorative Dessert Table

Image Source: Instagram

The arid desert grows lovely cacti and succulents, which are gifts from nature. It is an exciting idea to make combinations of them for a dessert table. The designer put real plant pots and cactus-style cake decorations together, which is a cute and adventurous idea.

22. Folk Country Wedding Band


Image Source: YouTube

A wedding can’t be without music, and a western wedding can’t be without country music. Whether the guests are chatting or sitting alone enjoying the tranquility at the wedding, country music is the best background music, which can make people relax quickly. The outdoor country band played like a small concert, everyone danced gently to the music and brushed away their worries. That was an eternal wedding scene.

23. Relaxing Line Dance

Relaxing Line Dance

Image Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Line dance is an easy way to get guests out of their seats. Just relax and move your body to the melody, there is no such thing as a wrong beat here. Remember, pick some catchy and upbeat songs so everyone can join in and have a really happy wedding day.

24. Colorful Cow Keychain Favors

Colorful Cow Keychain Favors

Image Source: Instagram

Check out these colorful candy-like cow pendants that spice up a modest wedding palette (if you're going to go all out with the theme). If you prefer eco-friendly wedding decorations, they'll be great because they're subtle enough that you don't need extra boxes or ribbons for packaging.

All in All

Western theme weddings are representative of rugged romance. When choosing western wedding decor, sometimes going for the rustic descends into tacky, which is why we are here. 

Western wedding style has many similarities with country and bohemian styles, that is, rustic decor. So you can saddle up your western-themed wedding by using low-budget DIY decor.

If the issue is helpful to you, please share it and I'd be grateful.

FAQs about Western Wedding Ideas

What Is the Dress Code for a Western Theme Wedding?

Leave behind the ball gown, traditional suit and tie, and even your fancy ballroom shoes. Instead, think of more casual but fancy and fun attire you might wear to a garden party or an outdoor themed fall photoshoot.

How to Have a Cowboy Wedding?

Finish off your tablescapes with horseshoe-shaped table numbers and old lanterns to give your reception a truly western vibe. Adding leather and suede details can also make your wedding feel more cowboy-esque.

What Are Rustic Wedding Colors?

Rustic weddings are known for wood and metallic accents: Terracotta, sapphire blue, weathered oak, and silver.


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