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14 Top Bridesmaid Dress Colors for 2024 Summer Weddings

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It is summer that shows the richest colors among the seasons. If you are planning a summer wedding these days, then you should take some time to decide the color for your bridesmaid dresses.

However, when opening the color palette for bridesmaid dresses, hundreds of colors always dazzle you. Now you can get rid of this trouble! According to the search data, we have concluded the 14 most popular color trends for bridesmaids in 2024 summer weddings. Whether you want to hold a forest wedding surrounded by green plants or a beach wedding surrounded by blue ocean, these colors will suit your needs!

The color trend for the 2024 summer is to embrace nature and express individuality. It is worth noting that the classic colors are not the opposite of the fashion pursuit of the young generation. There are still lots of classic colors showing the beauty at weddings. Next, let's start exploring the popular colors of bridesmaid dresses in the 2024 summer!

1. Sage Green


Green is one of the most connected colors to nature, in which sage green is the most popular one. Sage green is soft in the green color family. The gray undertone makes it look calm and suitable for all seasons. Satin sage green bridesmaid dress is an elegant choice for every bridesmaid.

2. Emerald Green


Emerald green is the most classic color. It is from the rare gem emerald and is named after it. The stunning color attracts people of all ages. Today, in museums around the world, you can easily find emerald dresses from the Victoria Age, which hold their colors as bright as ever. Hundreds of years later, emerald is still sought in fashion designs, which can prove how classic it is.

3. Champagne


Champagne is one of the most popular colors in 2024! Since spring, champagne bridesmaid dresses have attracted the attention of many bridesmaids. Just like champagne is an indispensable drink at a party, champagne bridesmaid dresses always have a place in bridesmaid dresses.

It is suitable for all themes of weddings and looks elegant and fashionable at any time. In particular, champagne satin bridesmaid dresses are particularly suitable for luxurious weddings. Under the light, the dress is as shining and charming as champagne in a goblet.

4. Black


Black bridesmaid dresses are the favorite of the younger generation. In the past, when people chose black bridesmaid dresses, their relatives and friends would always persuade them to choose other colors, saying that black is too dull and depressing and does not match the festive wedding.

Now this situation is becoming less and less common. The younger generation pursues individuality and breaks the stereotype of black clothing. In fact, black is a very inclusive color that is friendly to all body shapes and skin colors. I recommend everyone to try black satin bridesmaid dresses with diamond earrings or necklaces, which will definitely surprise you!

5. Burnt Orange


Burnt orange is a vibrant and enthusiastic color that evokes positive emotions and makes people feel excited and happy. It is also a very individual color and is loved by the younger generation. If you want your bridesmaids to stand out at the wedding without upstaging the bride, then burnt orange would be one of the most suitable choices.

6. Sky Blue


Are you going to have a beach wedding? Then you must consider sky blue! This low-saturation and clean color is like a gentle sea breeze, making everyone who sees it feel relaxed. Sky blue can be perfectly matched with all light colors.

Choosing sky blue bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids. They can not only show the beauty of the bridesmaids but also make the white wedding dress more stand out.

7. Dusty Blue


Compared to sky blue, dusty blue has a more gray undertone and is easier to match. Dusty blue is a dreamy color and is often used in whimsical wedding themes. People think that dusty blue represents secrets, like the deep sea or the far-reaching sky. If you want to add a touch of fantastic feelings to your wedding, then dusty blue is the color you can't miss.

8. Blush


Blush is a sweet color. Blush bridesmaid dresses are like pink bubbles that people see in their imagination when they feel happy. This lovely color easily wins the favor of girls. It makes people think of love and the feeling of slightly hot cheeks when they first see a crush. Blush symbolizes the purest love. When your bridesmaids wear blush bridesmaid dresses, the whole wedding will be like being surrounded by lovely pink bubbles.

9. Flamingo


Obviously, the flamingo bridesmaid dresses are inspired by the beautiful bird flamingo. "Flamingos are the most beautiful birds in Africa - pink and bright red, like a bunch of flying oleander." Female writer Karen Blixen wrote.

Compared to flamingos, which need to rely on specific food to obtain astaxanthin to have feathers of this color, it is very easy for humans to have this color. Just wear a flamingo-colored bridesmaid dress and you can have the same elegance as flamingos from nature!

10. Lilac


Lilac is a fresh and elegant color. This light purple color comes from the lilac flower. Lilac has a magical power that can calm everyone who sees it. Similar to dark blue, lilac also represents fantasy and mystery. It strikes a perfect balance between youthfulness and sexiness, making lilac bridesmaid dresses suitable for women of all ages.

11. Rust


Rust bridesmaid dresses are perfect for bridesmaids with darker skin tones. Rust is a warm and deep hue that combines red and brown, giving off a friendly and reliable vibe. Rust is popular for vintage, country and bohemian-themed weddings. This elegant neutral hue can be effortlessly paired with other colors.

12. Gold


Gold is a bright color. The beauty of gold lies in its luxury. This color can create an elegant and noble temperament. Gold is easily associated with sunshine, especially the first ray of sunshine shining on the world when the sun just rises in the morning.

This bright color wakes people up from their dreams and symbolizes a good start and infinite hope. Gold bridesmaid dresses are similar to champagne bridesmaid dresses. Under the lights of a luxurious wedding, they can easily catch people's attention.

13. Rose Gold


Rose gold is a soft metallic hue that is synonymous with elegance and beauty. Compared to gold, rose gold is more low-key, which means that rose gold has a wider audience. Rose gold has both the elegance of a rose and the luxury of gold, so it keeps being a timeless color in the luxury industry. In addition, rose gold is considered a feminine color, making it perfect for bridesmaid dresses.

14. Terracotta


Terracotta is known for its natural and rustic look. Terracotta comes from fired clay and is a bold yet elegant color. It is a calming neutral color that can be paired with any color you like. Terracotta, burnt orange, and rust are all alternative colors to each other. Sometimes brides buy all three colors of bridesmaid dresses for their bridesmaids to create a harmonious and unique bridesmaid team.


For a perfect wedding, everyone should be dressed beautifully and appropriately. After determining the wedding theme, it takes time to choose the right color bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids. As your best friend or family member, every bridesmaid hopes to leave beautiful photos with the newlyweds at the wedding, so please keep communicating with them to ensure that each bridesmaid can wear the right dress.


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