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Why Choose Black Bridesmaid Dresses?

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Honestly speaking, emerald green, burnt orange, and white colored dresses immediately come to our minds whenever we think about bridesmaid dresses. However, stylish black colors are always the last that come on our list when we order bridesmaid dresses. But, this is the royal color that fits any skin type and works as a symbol of beauty.

So…next time whenever any question arises about a wedding dress code, try black as a bridesmaid dress and you will see the difference. Here, I'm going to conclude a few reasons why I choose stylish black bridesmaid dresses.


Black color is commonly known as a versatile color and it's obviously true because you can dress it easily, either up or down, depending on your venue or wedding party. In addition to that, your black bridesmaid dress is not going to be a one-time dress because you can use it in other events, parties, and occasions.

  • Moreover, black dresses are best for formal parties and black tie weddings are the best examples. You can even wear your black dress at any casual party without feeling over.
  • You are not limited to matching accessories and shoes. You can match anything, from jewelry to makeup and from shoes to purses, to your black bridesmaid dress.
  • Black bridesmaid dresses go with various wedding themes without much worrying about clashing with the theme. I always say confidently that black is a chameleon color that blends in with any style or decor. Your stylish black bridesmaid dress will impress anyone no matter if you are attending a formal gala or a casual gathering (and even job interviews if you want to make a stylish impression on your boss). And seriously, it is also a great color to hide any post-wedding party food stains.

Timeless Look

Black color has a better reputation than other colors in terms of classical touch and timeless look. This shows that it gives a classical look that does not fade away or get out of style in any case.

Plus, black is a classic choice for formal events and occasions. However, remember that they might feel a bit expected if you want a bit of a twist in the party, gala, or wedding. You can also explore other dark colors like deep emerald or rich plum. They would still be formal but add a touch of personality for your bridesmaids.

Flattering for All

There are certain colors that fit very uniquely and beautifully on specific skin tones. But that is not the case with black bridesmaid dresses. This is because black is a universal color that suits all skin tones. It means no one is going to feel any skin complexion due to wearing black color as a bridesmaid.

It will not make fair complexions look washed out nor will it clash with deeper skin tones (unlike other colors). This means all your bridesmaids will look absolutely radiant in their black dresses and it will give them a confident and stylish look. So, if you are constantly struggling to find a bridesmaid dress color that flatters everyone then black is the right answer.

Modern and Unconventional

Trust me, stylish black bridesmaid dresses are perfect for all-black weddings to create the most stunning and eye-catching looks. And there are versatile styles (like Maxi or black Midi dresses) of black bridesmaid dresses that give you a modern and unconventional look. Moreover, they create an ethereal and romantic look. Plus, they offer both things to the bridesmaids in black tie weddings - modern style and practicality.

Strapless dresses, A-line dresses, and many other modern styles can bring innovation to the bridal shower or any other formal wedding. Their modern features are perfect for your bridesmaids who want to dance at the party or move on the dance floor. So, these dresses are comfortable and modern for them because they can move freely without tripping over a long hem.


Black is the best color because it brings up cohesiveness in wedding photos and sets you off from the bride (if the bride is wearing any other color). More specifically, black bridesmaid dresses embed stunning contrast with white or light-colored wedding dresses. So, this makes them click beautiful photos and reflect a striking visual impact.

Whether it is indoor lighting or outdoor sunlight, black bridesmaid dresses can show a different glamor under the camera. One of the styling tips: Don't take photos in the direct midday sun or it will lead to overexposure.

Here are some faqs of black bridesmaid dress etiquette.

Can you wear black to a wedding if bridesmaids are?

Yes, you can wear black to a wedding if you are a bridesmaid. However, keep in mind that you are not going for a particular formal wedding and your stylish black dress is not upstaging the wedding couples and party. Otherwise, it will make you feel awkward and overdone which is not safe for a particular formal wedding.

Is black a good bridesmaid color?

Yes, black is a good bridesmaid color because it is classic and stylish. You can easily fit in with the wedding or party if you are wearing a black bridesmaid dress code. Moreover, these all-black dresses can easily match any accessory like shoes, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup trends, and much more. I would suggest you wear classic nude or metallic heels if you are feeling bold.

Can I have black bridesmaid dresses in summer?

You can wear black bridesmaid dresses in summer. This is because black color dresses are adorable and contemporary to all of the seasons, including summer. There are many modern styles that you can style to match any season in any classic and modern wedding.


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