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What Is Burnt Orange? Bridesmaid Dress Color Dictionary

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Similar to deep orange, the inspiration of burnt orange is also from spices like cinnamon, paprika, and turmeric. The elegant and warm hue makes burnt orange a popular color for weddings.

As an eye-catching color at parties, burnt orange has always been used on bridesmaid dresses to manifest individualities. However, many people have no idea how to match the burnt orange dresses. The choices for accessories can be challenging for some people. Don't worry, we are going to give you some practical advice.

Next, we will discuss more detailed information about burnt orange, including its alternative colors to help you have a colorful wedding.

What Is Burnt Orange?

Burnt orange belongs to warm colors. It is located between red and orange. Besides, burnt orange is always described as orange with a reddish undertone. The hex code of burnt orange is #CC5500. Interestingly, the undertone of burnt orange is still in argument today. Auburn University believes that the burnt orange has a blue undertone, while the University of Texas denies it.

What Does Burnt Orange Mean?

Burnt orange is an inclusive color with vigor. It is believed that burnt orange brings a feeling of warmth and sweetness because it is close to the color of fire and honey. In addition, burnt orange is also used in product designs to convey a sense of reliability and kindness.

In nature, burnt orange appears in the autumn, a season with fruitful harvests. So burnt orange symbolizes abundant harvest and celebrations. You can find lots of burnt orange decorations on Thanksgiving.

The Origin and History of Burnt Orange

Burnt orange had already existed and been used before it was officially named in 1915. Nowadays, the University of Texas is the most related to burnt orange. In 1885, white and orange were chosen to be representative colors by the University of Texas in its baseball match against Southwestern University. Later, the initial orange was found to fade easily so they turned to seek a more durable color, which is burnt orange.

It is difficult to determine the exact time when burnt orange is designed to make bridesmaid dresses. But the truth we cannot deny is that burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are sought after by more and more people. As the fashion and wedding industries develop, people have an increasing amount of choices for wedding attire. To be more personalized, they take more time to decide the color themes. During this process, burnt orange attracts a lot of attention. The elegance and vigor of burnt orange easily create a unique atmosphere and add charm, making it suitable for bridesmaid dresses.

How Is Burnt Orange Used For?

Burnt orange is one of the most important colors in the fashion design and art field. It can be used in retro design themes and perfectly combined with modern technological designs, which are deeply loved by people.


Burnt orange can be both the background color and decorative color. Because of its fashion and calmness, burnt orange appears in modern upholstery frequently.


The trendy colors in garments change overwhelmingly every year. But when you need a dynamic and vibrant color, orange will come to your mind quickly. As a member of the orange color family, burnt orange is also a synonym for vitality.

Architectural design

Applying burnt orange to architectural design is classical. The burnt orange walls and the blue sky form a beautiful landscape under the sunshine.

Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Burnt orange appears very frequently in clothing. Among them, the burnt orange bridesmaid dresses are the most eye-catching. If you have attended a friend’s wedding in the fall or winter before, you’ll be familiar with this color. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular burnt orange bridesmaid dresses!


 The burnt orange v-neck bridesmaid dress is famous for its elongating effect. "A V-neck dress is incredibly versatile and flattering. It elongates the neck and is suitable for both day and night events," said Victoria Beckham, fashion designer and style icon.

Cap Sleeves

Burnt orange adds a soft and feminine feel to the cap sleeve design. Christian Siriano, the fashion designer recognized for his inclusive designs commented, "Cap sleeves are a subtle way to add detail to a dress while keeping it versatile and modern. They can suit a variety of body types elegantly."


The burnt orange halter bridesmaid dress usually exposes the back and is seen as sexy and modern, suitable for summer weddings. Karl Lagerfeld, a late Chanel designer noted, "The halter neckline is both classic and commanding. It draws the eye in a very flattering way."


The burnt orange high-neck bridesmaid dress provides more coverage, perfect for cooler conditions or for those who want to keep their look conservative. Diane Keaton, renowned for her iconic fashion sense, praised high-neck dresses by saying, "High-neck dresses exude a sense of refinement and grace. They are ideal for making a chic statement on any occasion."


The velvet burnt orange bridesmaid dress with a jewel neckline is ideal for displaying jewelry and other accessories. "Jewel necklines are classic and understated, allowing accessories to shine. They are perfect for an effortlessly elegant look." Cate Blanchett, the Academy Award-winning actress with a timeless style appreciates.


The burnt orange off-shoulder bridesmaid dress can highlight the shoulder line. Tim Gunn, the fashion consultant and television personality commented, "It creates an elegant silhouette that works beautifully on virtually any figure."


The burnt orange one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses highlight the shoulder line. "I love how a deep one-shoulder design adds a touch of sophistication and boldness to any outfit." Gwyneth Paltrow, known for her elegant style, said.


The burnt orange dress with spaghetti neckline is simple yet stylish, suitable for young fashion lovers, and often used in summer wear. Michael Kors, an American fashion designer, commented, "A spaghetti neckline is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to achieve a chic and effortless look."


The burnt orange strapless bridesmaid dress shows off the full shoulders and neck, which is considered an elegant and noble choice. Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue once noted, "The strapless design makes a statement of refined elegance."


The burnt orange sweetheart dress is perfect for accentuating the neckline and shoulders. Zac Posen, a fashion designer known for his sophisticated evening wear said, "A sweetheart neckline adds a touch of romance to any gown. It’s perfect for showcasing jewelry and framing the face beautifully."

How To Choose a Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress?

Wedding Theme

Burnt orange is perfect for outdoor weddings. When surrounded by natural greenery, it's hard to ignore the striking yet calming burnt orange color in addition to a white wedding dress. Here are some theme weddings good to wear burnt orange bridesmaid dresses.

Boho Wedding Theme

Image source: Pinterest

Forest Wedding Theme

Image source: Pinterest

Country Wedding Theme

Image source: Pinterest

Vintage Wedding Theme

Image source: Pinterest

Skin Color

Burnt orange bridesmaid dresses bring different beauty to different skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone, burnt orange will enhance that contrast and make you look fairer. If you have a darker skin tone, wearing burnt orange will make you look more harmonious and beautiful.


When the leaves turn green to yellow and brown, it is the best time for burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. Burnt orange comes from nature. Nature is also the place where the beauty of burnt orange bridesmaid dresses is best showcased.



Satin has always been the first choice for formal occasions. The satin burnt orange bridesmaid dress has a beautiful shine and great drape, which can easily show off your body curves.


The burnt orange bridesmaid dress made of velvet is thick and elegant. It is warm to wear and good for weddings held in winter.


The burnt orange bridesmaid dress made of sequins is fashionable and shiny for scenes with good lighting.

How To Style a Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress?

What Are the Complementary Colors of Burnt Orange?

Burnt orange is a dark and warm color. According to the color wheel, the complementary colors are blue and green. So navy blue and emerald green are often recommended as match options.

How To Accessorize for a Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dress?

Hair Accessories

Bridesmaids usually choose to loose hair or make a simple bun to attend weddings. But sometimes the hair can be a little inconvenient especially when helping the brides. Try some hair accessories to help organize the hair.


Delicate earrings and necklaces make you look radiant. Choose some gold jewelry for your burnt orange bridesmaid dress. They are both members of the Warm Colors family and can be matched with each other with no pressure. In addition, sparkling diamond earrings and necklaces are also good choices. Pearl jewelry will make you look softer.


Choose flowers for your bridesmaid bouquets that echo burnt orange, such as sunflowers or orange ranunculus.


Orange or rose gold are suitable shoe colors for burnt orange bridesmaid dresses. If there are difficulties in finding shoes of these colors, then transparent lace-up shoes are also a good choice.

What Is the Alternative Color to Burnt Orange?

Many girls choose to buy different colors of bridesmaid dresses to make the wedding colorful. Here are some alternative colors to burnt orange you may need.


Burnt orange is a bold color. It is full of energy and enthusiasm, making it unforgettable for every design. At the same time, the warm tones add a friendly feel to the bridesmaids. Give burnt orange bridesmaid dresses a try, and they will give you a surprise!


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