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31 Radiant Sunflower Wedding Ideas to Illuminate Your Day

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There are a lot of wedding themes these days. But you cannot go wrong with the classic ones like sunflower weddings. Sunflower weddings are a trend that many couples are seeking because of its vibrant and joyous effect.

Sunflower wedding is nature meets love, and it adds to the vibe of the wedding. Imagine an outdoor wedding where the sun is shining, then you have a wedding that has the bright color of sunflowers. This will achieve the perfect backdrop that exudes romance and happiness. Sunflower weddings create an ambiance of positivity and a promise of a bright future. So here are 31 ideas on how you can incorporate sunflowers into your wedding.

1. Choose a Sunflower Plantation as Your Venue

Choose a Sunflower Plantation as Your Venue
Image source: Unsplash

Well, it is a sunflower wedding, and it makes sense to have it on a sunflower plantation where you can have the whole plantation as your backdrop. Choose a season where all the sunflowers are in bloom so the bright colors can elevate the mood.

2. Sunflower on Your Invitation

Sunflower on Your Invitation
Image source: Unsplash

Imagine putting a sunflower on your invitation. It is very rare to have a fresh flower on a wedding invitation. Especially now that everything is digital. To make your wedding more unique, try printing your invitation and giving them a fresh sunflower. Your guest will remember that immediately. Or, if you cannot have a fresh sunflower, try putting a plastic sunflower as part of your invitation.

3. Sunflower Arch

Sunflower Arch
Image source: Pinterest

Create a sunflower arch on your entry points that can be a photo place for guests. You can also create multiple arches and put them on different parts of the venue so you can have multiple photo opportunity points for the guests. Guests love a beautiful background for their pictures, and having an arch filled with bright flowers is one way to have a good backdrop.

4. Sunflowers as Your Aisle Marker

Sunflowers as Your Aisle Marker
Image source: Pinterest

Aside from the arch, you can incorporate sunflowers as your aisle marker, making your aisle bright-looking. The bright and sunshiny colors of sunflowers are very easy to look at, and putting them on your aisle can make your guests smile when walking on the aisle.

5. Sunflower in the Car

Sunflower in the Car
Image source: Unsplash

Because this is a sunflower wedding, maybe instead of using those traditional flowers for a bridal car, you can use a sunflower instead. It is unique and filled with positivity. It is a good pair with vintage cars too.

6. Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet
Image source: Unsplash

Sunflowers as your bridal bouquet will certainly bring a pop of color to your whole bridal ensemble. The contrast between the classic colors of the bridal gown and the colorful arrangement of the sunflower bouquet is such a good sight both in person and in photos.

7. Sunflower Boutonniere

Sunflower Boutonniere
Image source: Pinterest

As a pair with the bridal bouquet, there must be a boutonniere as well. Pair all the tuxedo with a good sunflower boutonniere to add to the sunshine feel of your sunflower wedding.

8. Wedding Photography of Bride and Groom

Wedding Photography of Bride and Groom
Image source: Unsplash

Utilize the good backdrop of sunflower fields. Do your photoshoot within the fields together with the bright sunflowers. Who doesn’t want to stand in between the tall flowers of sunflowers? Be the fun wedding couple in the middle of sunflower fields.

9. Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress
Image source: Pinterest

Match the yellow colors of sunflowers with your bridesmaids’ dresses. It will look good in the photos as it matches with the sunflower fields and the sun shining through. Complete with the bride team that has all smiles during your wedding day.

10. Sunflower Guest Dress

Sunflower Guest Dress
Image source: Unsplash

This can be added as part of your requests for the guest. To complete your sunflower wedding, you will request for them to wear something that has sunflower or sunflower colors in it.

11. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories
Image source: Unsplash

This will be perfect for your lady guests. Why not give them a sunflower as their hair accessory during your wedding? You can also give this to your entourage. This little detail will add to the whole vibe of your sunflower wedding.

12. Sunflower Wedding Signage

Sunflower Wedding Signage
Image source: Pinterest

Welcome your guests with a signage that has a painted sunflower. Sunflower paintings are such a hit and they can be an instant photo opportunity corner on your wedding venue.

13. Sunflower Hat

Sunflower Hat
Image source: Unsplash

If you are planning to do your wedding during midday, it may be good to distribute some sunflower hats for your guests. This is to protect them during the ceremony. Plus it is also a good additional detail for the whole wedding.

14. Sunflower Wreath

Sunflower Wreath
Image source: Pexels

A Sunflower wreath is also a good addition to the accessories that you can give to your entourage, especially to the ladies. It can also be as part of your decoration and can be a souvenir to your guests after the celebration.

15. Sunflower Decor Dining Table

Sunflower Decor Dining Table
Image source: Pexels

It won’t be a complete sunflower wedding if your dining tables are not decorated with sunflowers. Create a majestic centerpiece that your guests will love on your dining tables.

16. Sunflower Plates and Napkins

Sunflower Plates and Napkins
Image source: Pinterest

If you can have sunflower plates and napkins, put them on your dining table to complete the look during the reception part of your celebration. It is a good addition to the dining table as part of your decorations.

17. Sunflower Chair

Sunflower Chair
Image source: Pinterest

Decorate your chairs during reception and ceremonies with sunflowers. This is a good look especially if your wedding is outdoors. You can do a sunflower wedding even if it is not in a sunflower field. Just add sunflowers to your chairs and it will instantly lift the mood.

18. Sunflower Wedding Place Card

Sunflower Wedding Place Card

Image source: Pinterest

You already have the welcome signage with sunflowers, how about extending it to your guest cards? A guest card with a beautiful design of sunflowers can be a good addition to your dining table.

19. A Vase Filled with Small Sunflowers

A Vase Filled with Small Sunflowers
Image source: Unsplash

Give your guests a token of appreciation for taking the time to attend your celebration. Give them a vase that has a small sunflower in it. Sunflowers are such a mood lifter that guests would appreciate giving it to them.

20. Place Sunflowers in Several Cups

Place Sunflowers in Several Cups
Image source: Unsplash

If you can have a majestic sunflower arrangement on all of your dining tables, one good way to have a sunflower in it is to have several cups with sunflowers in it. Put some water and let the sunflower float on the cups.

21. A Bucket Filled with Large Sunflowers

A Bucket Filled with Large Sunflowers
Image source: Unsplash

Welcome your guests with a bucket filled with large sunflowers. This can be placed near the welcome signage. Guests can pick them up after the ceremony if they want to have it.

22. Sunflower Decorated Bag

Sunflower Decorated Bag
Image source: Pexels

Give your entourage a special token. Give them a bag that is decorated with sunflowers. The bag can be painted with sunflowers or you can add a fresh sunflower to the bag that you are giving. This is a good way to remember your sunflower wedding.

23. Guest Photo Booth

Guest Photo Booth

Image source: Unsplash

Tell your supplier to have a sunflower background during the photo booth. Or if you are planning to have a wedding on a sunflower field, have them set up their photo booth where you can see the fields of sunflowers.

24. Ring Hanging on Sunflower

Ring Hanging on Sunflower
Image source: Unsplash

This can be a good shot for your wedding photographer. Have a wedding ring picture together with the sunflower. You can also explore making the sunflower as your ring carrier.

25. Sunflower Decor Cake

Sunflower Decor Cake
Image source: Unsplash

Of course, you must have a sunflower-decorated cake during your sunflower wedding. It is a good way to showcase the colors of sunflowers that have been incorporated into your wedding. Cakes these days have evolved to something rustic and flowers have been used to decorate the cakes, so why not use sunflowers as your wedding cake decor?

26. Yellow Cocktail

Image source: Unsplash

Have your bartender mix a drink with the colors of sunflowers. This drink can be exclusively for your wedding only. Additional fun is thinking of a name for this drink. It can be named after the name of the couple.

27. Sunflower Cupcakes

Sunflower Cupcakes
Image source: Unsplash

Add another dessert to your dessert table and put some sunflower-decorated cupcakes in it. It is a good pair with the sunflower cake that you have as your wedding cake.

28. Sunflower Light

Sunflower Light
Image source: Pinterest

Sunflower light is a good centerpiece if you cannot have a sunflower arrangement on your dining table. Put in some candles and decorate it with sunflowers, and you can easily have a masterpiece on your table. It will lift the vibe and will provide additional romantic lighting to your sunflower wedding.

29. DIY Sunflower Bouquets with Guests

DIY Sunflower Bouquets with Guests

Image source: Pexels

Entertain your guests by putting up a DIY sunflower bouquet station at your reception. This can be a good way for your guests to interact with each other.

30. Place a Sunflower Bouquet on the Guests’ Chairs

Place a Sunflower Bouquet on the Guests’ Chairs
Image source: Pexels

Who doesn’t want to receive flowers? Give your guests a bouquet of sunflowers to lift their mood during the wedding ceremony.

31. Give Your Guests Some Sunflower Seeds

Give Your Guests Some Sunflower Seeds
Image source: Pexels

Sunflower seeds can be a good token to give to your guests after the wedding. Wrap it in nice boxes so they can take it at home as souvenirs.


Sunflower weddings are trending these days and it is a good way to celebrate your wedding day. Sunflowers are bright and shiny flowers. It projects positivity and happiness. A vibe that you should have at a wedding. One tip when planning a sunflower wedding, don’t overdo it. Sunflower itself attracts attention already because of its bright colors. When you overdo it, it tends to look cheap rather than elegant. Choose points where you want to highlight the sunflowers. Plan a theme around its colors.


What do sunflowers mean for a wedding?

Sunflowers are radiant symbols of joy, optimism, and unwavering love, making them a fantastic choice for weddings. Their tall stalks and long-blooming period symbolize lasting happiness and loyalty in marriage.

What colors go with sunflowers?

Purple (lavender, plum) creates a bold and vibrant contrast, ideal for dramatic or modern weddings. Orange, peach, and coral offer a harmonious, warm palette, perfect for summer or rustic weddings. White, green, and cream provide a fresh and elegant contrast, allowing the sunflowers to shine without clashing.

What flowers go with sunflowers for a wedding?

Roses, hydrangeas, and peonies add softness and elegance. Baby's breath, wildflowers, and lavender create a natural, understated look. Daisy, gerbera daisies, and zinnias bring extra cheerfulness and brightness.

Do brides really need a bouquet?

No,  if it doesn't resonate with the bride's personality or vision. Alternatives include a corsage or wristlet, greenery, or foliage bouquet.


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