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67 Wedding Bouquets Ideas: Simple and Practical

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There are tips for choosing wedding bouquets. Many brides and grooms I meet often don’t know this. Not only do they not know the meaning of these flowers, they don’t even know the names of the flowers. This leads to the fact that they always encounter mismatched bouquets at weddings, which are not only not beautiful enough, but also look out of place.

For some couples who pursue wedding details, the wedding bouquet is essential and carries a lot of meaning. Today I share with you 67 wedding bouquet inspirations, including four types: traditional, modern, seasonal and unique. These bouquets are gorgeous, simple, environmentally friendly, have high ornamental and collection value, are enough to solve your troubles, and are perfect to match your dress.

Traditional Wedding Bouquets Ideas

Common traditional wedding bouquets include roses, lilies, carnations, lisianthus, etc. Classic and elegant, these flowers represent love, purity, beauty and blessings at weddings.

1. Cascading Wedding Bouquets

Cascading Wedding Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

I love cascading wedding bouquets because they are arranged in a cascading manner, resembling a waterfall, with a variety of flowers. Such as common calla lilies, tulips, hawthorns, gardenias, peonies, roses and eucalyptus bouquets. The top of the bouquet is usually made up of smaller flowers, while the bottom is made up of larger flowers and leaves to give a flowing feel. You can also add gypsophila, which will reveal exquisite visual effects in the spectacular scene. It’s so shocking! Too boho is very common in weddings.

2. Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Orchid Wedding Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Orchid is a noble, elegant and romantic flower, which is very suitable as a wedding bouquet. It can match a variety of styles of weddings, such as simple, retro, gorgeous and natural styles, creating a fresh and elegant atmosphere for the wedding. Orchids can not only be used as bridal bouquets, but can also be used as flower arrangements on dining tables, doorways and stage lights, so you no longer have to worry about finding suitable flower arrangements.

3. Classic White Rose Bouquets

Classic White Rose Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

A bouquet of white roses and stephanotis is perfect for a wedding! Symbolizing purity, true love and respect, white roses are a commonly used bouquet at weddings, with a classic and timeless beauty. The flower language of Stephanotis is "marriage happiness". Its flowers are pure and flawless, implying pure love, which is in line with the purity and sacred theme of the wedding. The bouquet composed of two of them reflects the respect and inheritance of tradition in design and matching and has become the first choice for celebrations, anniversaries, weddings and other occasions.

4. Red Rose Bouquets with Greenery

Red Rose Bouquets with Greenery

Image Source: Pinterest

No one will not be attracted by the red rose bouquet, which symbolizes passion and waste of love. How conspicuous it is! If you think the red is too strong, you can choose a little elegant and beautiful white calla lilies to embellish it. It also symbolizes loyal and eternal love, and means that the newlyweds' love will be pure, flawless and unswerving. There are few flowers more suitable for wedding bouquets.

5. Peony and Lily Bouquets

Peony and Lily Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

The bouquet is composed of light pink peonies, white roses, ivory calla lilies and lilies of the valley. It is especially suitable for gorgeous weddings, showing a noble and elegant style. Peonies symbolize wealth, prosperity and elegance. The rose represents love, romance and beauty, and the white calla lily represents loyal love. The combination of the three flowers means that the bride and groom’s love will last forever. How romantic!

6. Mixed Wildflower Bouquets

Mixed Wildflower Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

If you ask me which wedding bouquet has the most variety and color, my answer is of course wildflower wedding bouquets. The bouquets are composed of blue violets, yellow dandelions, red poppies and white chrysanthemums. They are fresh and diverse, showing the beauty of nature, and are especially suitable for outdoor or country boho weddings.

7. Boho Wedding Bouquets

Boho Wedding Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

The colors of Boho wedding bouquet are relatively soft, which is one of the reasons why I like it, so if you use this kind of bouquet, I recommend that you mainly use white, pink, beige and other light-toned flowers, but you can also use bright colors to embellish it. , such as orange, yellow, etc., create a warm and bright feeling. The types of flowers can be considered wildflowers, cream gypsophila, baby's breath, non-fading leaves, dried flowers, dried plants, nicoli leaves, dried daisies, eucalyptus and everlasting roses, etc. You can also add some handmade elements, such as Hand-woven ribbons, feathers, etc. add texture and layering to the bouquet.

8. Lavender and Wildflower Mix

Lavender and Wildflower Mix

Image Source: Pinterest

A rustic bouquet combining lavender with assorted wildflowers for a countryside feel is a suitable choice for your country boho or outdoor weddings. The wildflower mix consisted of different colors showing the beauty of nature in a piece.

9. Garden Rose and Dahlia Combo

Garden Rose and Dahlia Combo

Image Source: Pinterest

The peach hues of the garden roses and dahlias in bright colors make a gorgeous wedding bouquet. Holding a brightly colored garden rose and dahlia wedding bouquet against your white wedding dress makes you a gorgeous bride.

10. Vintage Lily of the Valley

Vintage Lily of the Valley

Image Source: Pinterest

The lily of the valley flower is delicate and fragrant making it ideal for a vintage-themed wedding. You can choose to use only the lily of the valley flower for your wedding bouquet or pair it with other blooms.

11. Hydrangea Heaven

Hydrangea Heaven

Image Source: Pinterest

To add more volume to your wedding bouquet as a bride, Hydrangeas are the best choice of flowers to use. For a much more dreamy look use fluffy hydrangeas in blues, purples, or pinks.

12. Romantic Ranunculus

Romantic Ranunculus

Image Source: Pinterest

This soft and round ranunculus flower, often used for a whimsical touch because of its romantic characteristics gives a boho feel to your wedding bouquet. If you are a lover of desert weddings, the ranunculus wedding bouquet is the best choice.

13. Sweet Pea Simplicity

Sweet Pea Simplicity

Image Source: Pinterest

Using fragrant sweet peas for a delicate and charming wedding bouquet is a good way for you to ensure that your wedding design is connected to your celebration.

14. Anemone Charm

Anemone Charm

Image Source: Pinterest

Anemones are striking and delicate in texture, most often, it has a dark center, adding dramatic contrast to the anemone flower bouquet. If your dream wedding is a garden wedding, a gorgeous anemone charm bouquet is a perfect choice.

15. Magnolia Magic

Magnolia Magic

Image Source: Pinterest

Magnolias are plants with white blooms that are symbolic of purity, nobility, and stability. To celebrate your Southern or vintage-themed wedding, you can use a magnolia magic wedding bouquet.

16. Chrysanthemum Burst

Chrysanthemum Burst

Image Source: Pinterest

The chrysanthemum flower is lush and full which offers a touch of cheerfulness to your wedding bouquet. The stunning look of the Chrysanthemum burst flowers has made it a popular choice for bride-to-be.

17. Freesia Fragrance

Freesia Fragrance

Image Source: Pinterest

The freesia flower is a sweet-smelling flower that has various colors, symbolizing innocence, friendship, and thoughtfulness. Using a freesia wedding bouquet, especially during the spring gives a lovely fragrance.

18. Gardenia Glamour

Gardenia Glamour

Image Source: Pinterest

The luxurious gardenias have such a lovely texture and shape and are known for their stunning beauty and scent. The gardenia blooms are beautiful alone as a wedding bouquet and can be mixed with white roses to give another look.

Modern Wedding Bouquets Ideas

Modern wedding bouquets are more novel, personalized and creative than traditional wedding bouquets. Flower materials and design styles are also diverse, such as flowers, green plants, fruits, feathers, ribbons, beads, etc., which can be combined to create unique wedding bouquets.

19. Dried Wedding Bouquets

Dried Wedding Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

If you want to keep your wedding bouquet as a keepsake but don't want to spend time removing the moisture from the flowers, then a dried wedding bouquet is perfect for you. The bouquets are dried in advance to prevent rot while maintaining the shape, color, texture and beauty of the flowers. In weddings, whether it is used as a bouquet held by the bride or a flower arrangement on the spot, it is unique and low-cost.

20. Succulent Bouquets

Succulent Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Using succulents as wedding bouquets is cool. Succulent bouquets of various shapes, such as cacti, echeveria and monstera, are brightly colored and can create rich and diverse visual effects, making them very popular. Succulents have more advantages than flowers. It is durable, does not wilt easily, can maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time, and is cost-effective, making it perfect for low-budget weddings.

21. Protea Bouquets

Protea Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Protea is a plant from South Africa popular for its unique form and gorgeous appearance. Using large and bright Protea as a wedding bouquet will definitely spark a lively discussion at the venue. You don’ t have to worry about it being too monotonous. Protea comes in a variety of colors, including red, pink, orange and yellow, which are suitable for various wedding color schemes. In bouquet matching, you can consider using anthurium, ranunculus, platycodon flowers and beech leaves to increase the layering and richness of Protea. It is particularly grand and luxurious and suitable for large weddings or formal occasions.

22. Tropical Leaf Bouquets

Tropical Leaf Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Want to make your wedding more passionate? Then use tropical leaf wedding bouquet! Use large, broad palm leaves, monstera leaves, bird's nest fern leaves, etc. to form a bouquet, with rich green tones and natural textures, which can add a fresh and natural feeling to the wedding.

23. Anemone Bouquets

Anemone Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Anemone has a delicate texture and light posture, elegant and romantic. Use it with toffee roses, anemones and thistles to form anemone wedding bouquet, which is romantic and feminine. It is especially suitable for outdoor weddings, garden weddings and other occasions. It should be noted that Anemone is relatively delicate and needs to be handled and stored properly to ensure its beauty and durability.

24. Eucalyptus Bouquets

Eucalyptus Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Eucalyptus leaves are the most common plant in wedding bouquets, but there are very few bouquets made mainly of eucalyptus leaves. Because the color is single and the beauty is not enough, you need to choose other flowers to embellish it. Such as white or pink roses, lisianthus, baby's breath, etc., to add layering and richness to the bouquet. The overall tone is usually light and fresh to create a natural and romantic atmosphere, which is suitable for outdoor weddings, garden weddings and other occasions.

25. Pampas Grass Bouquets

Pampas Grass Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

The pampas grass bouquet has a beautiful shape and is usually light yellow or light brown in color, adding a warm and natural charm to the wedding. Paired with white baby's breath and platycodon, the wedding bouquet is fresh, natural and atmospheric, suitable for outdoor weddings, seaside weddings and other occasions. But because of the tall rhizomes of pampas grass, you also need to pay attention to the size and weight of the bouquet to ensure it is easy to carry and display.

26. Exotic Calla Lily Bouquets

Exotic Calla Lily Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Different from traditional calla lilies, exotic calla lilies usually have colorful colors and unique shapes, making Exotic calla lily more prominent in visual effect and personality as a wedding bouque. Because it is produced abroad, the price is relatively high and it is often used as a high-end wedding bouquet. This makes it one of the wedding bouquets coveted by many brides due to its uniqueness and preciousness.

27. Monstera Leaf Bouquets

Monstera Leaf Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

If your outdoor wedding style is natural, casual, and located in the tropics, I highly recommend using monstera leaf as your wedding bouquet. Its leaves are unique in shape, oval or heart-shaped, with obvious cracks and holes on the surface. When paired with green anthurium, the natural beauty is particularly strong!

28. All-White Orchid Bouquet

All-White Orchid Bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest

Orchids are sleek and elegant making them the most suitable choice for a modern wedding. Orchids are also noble and elegant and can serve as wedding bouquets for any wedding style from simple to sophisticated.

29. Bright Tropical Mix

Bright Tropical Mix

Image Source: Pinterest

A colorful mix of tropical flowers like birds of paradise and hibiscus makes a natural wedding bouquet. For your bright tropical mix wedding bouquet, broad palm tree branches, fern leaves, hibiscus flowers, and monsters.

30. Monochrome Anemones

Monochrome Anemones

Image Source: Pinterest

Anemones are elegant and very delicate flowers that symbolize femininity and romance. Chic black and white anemones accented with dark foliage can be used to design an anemone wedding bouquet.

31. Geometric Wedding Bouquets

Geometric Wedding Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

To spice up your wedding from the regular look, you can incorporate air plants for a unique, sculptural design. Instead of using traditional bouquets, you can opt for a bouquet with modern geometric decorations.

32. Minimalist Lily Bouquet

Minimalist Lily Bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest

A simple yet striking arrangement of calla lilies will make a beautiful wedding bouquet. Calla lilies consist of bright colors and distinct shapes making them look radiant I'm visual effect. The uniqueness and expression of the calla lilies make it a beautiful wedding bouquet option.

33. Wildflower and Herb Mix

Wildflower and Herb Mix

Image Source: Pinterest

A playful combination of wildflowers and aromatic herbs makes a brightly colored wildflower wedding bouquet. The different colors of wildflowers such as white chrysanthemum and blue violets alongside the sweet-smelling herb mix give your wedding bouquet a nice aroma and colorful look.

34. Cotton and Lavender Bouquet

Cotton and Lavender Bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest

Lavenders have a characteristic sweet smell Rustic cotton stems paired with fragrant lavender. For a romantic wedding atmosphere as a bride, use a cotton and lavender bouquet.

35. Metallic Leaf Bouquet

Metallic Leaf Bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest

Shimmering metallic leaves interspersed with white roses are a good choice for a wedding bouquet for any season. Depending on your choice of color, you can spray the metallic leaves.

36. Paper Flower Creation

Paper Flower Creation

Image Source: Pinterest

If you're a lover of nature and environmental protection, artistically crafted paper flowers consisting of different shapes in a chosen color palette are a good wedding bouquet choice.

37. Asymmetrical Orchid Cascade

Asymmetrical Orchid Cascade

Image Source: Pinterest

An asymmetrical design featuring cascading orchids looking like a Victoria waterfall with several blends of flowers makes a beautiful wedding bouquet. Smaller orchids are placed at the tip of the flowers while the larger orchids form the middle and the base of the bouquet to give a flowing river feel.

38. Edible Artichoke Ensemble

Edible Artichoke Ensemble

Image Source: Pinterest

To make your wedding day feel special and unique, you can use your artichokes and greenery such as ferns and eucalyptus leaves to make your wedding bouquet.

39. Vivid Ombre Roses

Vivid Ombre Roses

Image Source: Pinterest

A stunning gradient of varying colors of roses from light to dark gives an exquisite wedding bouquet. You can decide on the type of rose flowers to use from red roses to different shades of pink, depending on your choice.

40. Textured Thistle and Rose Mix

Textured Thistle and Rose Mix

Image Source: Pinterest

You can make your wedding bouquet pop out and blend your white dress perfectly, combining contrasting textures of thistle like a blue thistle and soft roses. A combination of blue thistle, red, white, and pink roses gives a colorful wedding bouquet.

41. Bamboo and Green Orchid Fusion

Bamboo and Green Orchid Fusion

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

Green orchids are the best choice for a wedding bouquet anytime although, you can easily find more during summer. For an elegant look on your wedding day, carry a minimalist bamboo stick with overflowing green orchids.

Seasonal Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Seasonal wedding bouquets reflect the natural beauty and colors of a specific season without the hassle. You can buy fresh and cheap flowers locally.

42. Spring Tulip Bouquets

Spring Tulip Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Which flowers can be the first choice for wedding bouquets in spring, I think tulips are one of them. Not only does it have various colors and round shapes, it symbolizes love and romance. Use tulips and green plants mixed together to bring a sense of love and freshness to the wedding.

43. Spring Daffodil Bouquets

Spring Daffodil Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Daffodils are a spring-blooming flower bulb that are perfect for a spring garden wedding bouquet. The bright yellow color and graceful form are as warm as the spring sunshine. Paired with the gray-blue leaves, cream and blush daffodils, and the light purple tones of Spanish bluebells, it’s so romantic!

44. Spring Cherry Blossom Charm

Spring Cherry Blossom Charm

Image Source: Pinterest

The delicate cherry blossoms mixed with lush peonies are perfect for a springtime wedding bouquet. A combination of lush peonies which is symbolic of new beginnings with cherry blossoms gives a spring feel to your wedding.

45. Spring Tulip and Lilac Fusion

Spring Tulip and Lilac Fusion

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

A vibrant combination of colorful tulips and fragrant lilacs. Colorful tulips are the best choice of flowers for your bouquet during spring. Aside from tulips being colorful with varying shapes, it is a symbol of romance and love. Using this bouquet brings freshness to your wedding.

46. Spring Pastel Peony Bouquet

Spring Pastel Peony Bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest

Spring peony bouquet has soft pastel peonies mixed with sweet peas and greenery which makes it a beautiful perfect bouquet for a spring wedding.

47. Summer Sunflower Bouquets

Summer Sunflower Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

The flower language of sunflowers is hope and loyalty, just like the meaning of weddings. As a flower that blooms in summer, it has colors and shapes like the sun, full of energy and enthusiasm. It is really great to choose it as your summer wedding bouquet!

48. Summer Daisy Bouquets

Summer Daisy Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are worried about it being too hot outdoors in summer and choose a cool indoor wedding, then choosing daisies as a wedding bouquet is a pretty good choice. It comes in a variety of colors and shapes, which means you can combine bouquets of different colors according to your own preferences. For example, choose pale pink roses, mint green leaves and daisies to form a romantic and soft bouquet, and the flower language of daisies is purity, innocence and peace. , very suitable for weddings.

49. Summer Bright Zinnia Bouquet

Summer Bright Zinnia Bouquet

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

The collection of yellow, orange, red, and pink zinnias makes a bright and colorful zinnia bouquet. To give your wedding bouquet a bold statement you can combine it with greenery like ferns and fresh foliage.

50. Summer Garden Rose Romance

Summer Garden Rose Romance

Image Source: Pinterest

To make your summer wedding colorful, a combination of garden roses will make your wedding bouquet lovely and colorful. Depending on your taste in colors, you can mix the garden roses in various shades of pink and coral.

51. Summer Tropical Hibiscus Array

Summer Tropical Hibiscus Array

Image Source: Pinterest

If you love outdoor weddings, a summer beach wedding for example, to complement the summer season, exotic hibiscus flowers with lush greenery like ferns are the best choice for a wedding bouquet.

52. Fall Rustic Sunflower Bouquets

Fall Rustic Sunflower Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

If you like sunflowers but think they are too big, are there any suitable alternatives? rustic sunflower fits your needs just fine. Rustic sunflower is an autumn country wedding bouquet. Its color and shape always remind people of summer, giving people a feeling of warmth and harvest. It is paired with autumn leaves, wheat, pine cones, etc. to form a bouquet full of layers and texture.

53. Fall Wheat Bouquets

Fall Wheat Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Wheat wedding bouquet is a very special existence. As a harvest crop in autumn, it symbolizes fertility, harvest and blessings, and is very suitable for weddings. From the appearance of wheat, the shape is natural and the lines are smooth, giving people a simple but not simple feeling. It is also cost-effective and can be DIYed by yourself, saving costs.

54. Fall Autumnal Leaves and Berries

Fall Autumnal Leaves and Berries

Image Source: Pinterest

If you love outdoor weddings, a summer beach wedding for example, to complement the summer season, exotic hibiscus flowers with lush greenery like ferns are the best choice for a wedding bouquet.

55. Fall Rustic Sunflower and Dahlia

Fall Rustic Sunflower and Dahlia

Image Source: Pinterest

Rustic sunflowers and dahlias with accents of dried wheat or grasses are a fall wedding bouquet. The shape and colors of the flowers give a reminder of summer and harvest. The combination of these two flowers makes a perfect bouquet.

57. Fall Pumpkin Orange and Burgundy

Fall Pumpkin Orange and Burgundy

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

If you love big and bold colors for your wedding bouquet, choosing a wedding bouquet made with bold orange and burgundy flowers, like marigolds and chrysanthemums is the perfect match for a fall wedding.

58. Winter Pinecone Bouquets

Winter Pinecone Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Pine cones are one of the symbols of winter, making them perfect for wedding bouquets. Pine cone bouquets have a rounded natural beauty, and are paired with pine branches, holly, silver leaves, etc. to create a warm and romantic atmosphere for a winter wedding.

59. Winter Evergreen Bouquets

Winter Evergreen Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

Evergreen plants are a very popular bouquet in winter weddings. There are many types, such as pine branches, cypress branches, eucalyptus leaves, etc., paired with white tulips, snowdrops, and red hollies, giving people a fresh and elegant feeling.

60. Winter Frosted Eucalyptus and White Roses

Winter Frosted Eucalyptus and White Roses

Image Source: Pinterest

You can rarely find a wedding bouquet without eucalyptus leaves. Frosted Eucalyptus leaves are fine flowers for wedding bouquets but because of their single color, they can be paired with white roses to bring out their beauty.

61. Winter Berry and Anemone

Winter Berry and Anemone

Image Source: Pinterest

Red berries and white anemones are perfect for a classic winter wedding bouquet. To pop up your winter wedding as a bride, embrace the winter's best color 'red' by blending red berries with white anemones to give a beautiful wedding bouquet.

62. Winter Snowdrop and Silver Brunia

Winter Snowdrop and Silver Brunia

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

Snowdrop plants are commonly used during winter weddings. A wedding bouquet made from a bunch of delicate snowdrops with silver brunia balls and greenery like eucalyptus leaves gives a fresh feeling to people.

Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

I love unique wedding bouquets because weddings are one of the few special happy days in life. Personalized and creative bouquet designs make weddings more memorable.

63. Brooch Bouquets with Vintage Pins

Brooch Bouquets with Vintage Pins

Image Source: Pinterest

The brooch bouquet of old-fashioned pins is really unique. It always makes me feel a retro gorgeous gothic style, which is very suitable for retro-themed weddings. Based on your country, ethnic and family history, stories and patterns, a variety of very personalized bouquets can be made, which are well worth collecting after the wedding.

64. Paper Flower Bouquets

Paper Flower Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

If your wedding advocates green environmental protection, then choosing paper flower bouquet is perfect. You can use colored paper to create various realistic flowers and leaves by cutting and folding them, which are unique and elegant.

65. Silk Flower Cascade Bouquets

Silk Flower Cascade Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

The wedding bouquet made of silk was so gorgeous, I don’t know how to describe it. Because the texture of silk flowers is soft and silky, they look very realistic, and the colors are bright and not easy to fade. Under the illumination of light, the surface of silk can reflect a little light, which is particularly dazzling! Its disadvantage is that it is too expensive.

66. Feather and Crystal Bouquets

Feather and Crystal Bouquets

Image Source: Pinterest

I usually see feathers used as wedding bouquets at ethnic weddings, which are very eye-catching and full of personality. The feathers come in many colors, sizes and shapes, and paired with a bouquet of burgundy dried flowers, orange dried flowers, preserved eucalyptus and pampas grass, they are very beautiful and will stun everyone. It is perfect for a boho theme wedding.

67. Non-floral Bouquet Alternatives

Non-floral Bouquet Alternatives

Image Source: Pinterest

I Personally Recommend Non-floral Bouquet Alternatives. on the One Hand, They Are Green and Environmentally Friendly, and on the Other Hand, They Are Personalized. Because the Vast Majority of Wedding Bouquets Are Fresh Flowers, Which Are Boring to See Too Many Times, and Many People Also Want Their Weddings to Be More Personal, so Non-floral Bouquet Is Really Suitable. Such as Ribbon Bouquets, Feather Bouquets, Handmade Paper Flower Bouquets and Fabric Bouquets, Etc.


When choosing wedding bouquets, you must decide according to the wedding style, so that the matching effect will be better. Weddings with sufficient budgets can choose more expensive imported flowers, such as peonies, gardenias and hydrangeas, especially for large weddings. Weddings on a tight budget can choose cheap flowers including freesias, baby's breath, roses, daisies and carnations. They come in many different colors and can meet various wedding bouquet needs.

Finally, I especially encourage everyone to use non-traditional wedding bouquets. They are as beautiful and beautiful as traditional flowers. There are many types, colors and textures. You can give full play to your creativity. They are handmade and can be said to be zero cost. They have high ornamental and collection value and a long shelf life. The key is that they are green and environmentally friendly and conform to the current environmental theme.


Who Should Pay for the Brides Bouquets?

The groom's family not only pays for the bride's bouquet, but also purchases reception flowers and makes corsages and mini bouquets for the mothers and grandmothers.

Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquets?

If you are able to create your own wedding arrangements, you will certainly be able to save quite a bit of your floral budget.

How Many Flowers Do I Need for the Bridal Bouquet?

For flowers that are between 2.5”- 3.5” in diameter, like roses, dahlias, or peonies, we recommend using at least 25 stems for a 9” bouquet and at least 35 stems for an 11” bouquet and add some greenery leaves.

Who Wears Boutonnieres at a Wedding?

The people who traditionally wear a boutonniere include the groom, groomsmen, the bride's dad, the groom's dad, any ring bearers, ushers, all grandfathers, any male readers and you can even have one for your male officiant if you have one.


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