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26 Fantastic Cheesecake Wedding Cake Ideas to Get You Inspired

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Some couples prefer not to have a wedding cake. Instead, they would prepare brownies, cookies, donuts, and pies on their dessert tables. But one type of wedding cake is getting popular these days, particularly for those who do not have a sweet tooth introducing the cheesecake wedding cakes.

It is not just an ordinary cheesecake. The best way to incorporate the traditional stacked cake is by preparing tiered cakes made from wheels of cheese. It could be a simple 2-tiered cake or a grand 4-tier wedding cake. Imagine tasting wedding cake and discovering a creamy cheesecake layer in every bite, surprising your guests.

Whether rustic, opulent, or extravagant, cheesecake wedding cakes are unique ways to complete various wedding themes.

Rustic Terracotta Cheesecake Wedding Cake

The rustic terracotta cake is definitely a one-of-a-kind option for your wedding day. It has a warm, earthy charm with layers of rich, creamy cheesecake surrounded by a smooth, terracotta-colored filling. Below are four rustic terracotta cheesecake wedding cakes you can consider for your terracotta-themed wedding:

1. Boho Terracotta & Blush Styled Cheesecake Wedding Cake

1.Boho Terracotta & Blush Styled Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This two-tiered Boho terracotta and blush styled cheesecake becomes a centerpiece. It exudes rustic charm with its naked layers edged in gold. The group of roses in shades of blush, crimson, and cream are amazing add on which makes it look elegant. The added stalks provide a touch of whimsy, which makes this dessert not just to satisfy your sweet tooth, but a statement of beauty.

2. Terracotta 2 Tiered Cake

2.Terracotta 2 Tiered Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

The top tier of this two-tiered terracotta cake is frosted in a soft, creamy color, while the bottom level is frosted in a bright terracotta color. It has a stylish, bohemian look thanks to the peach, dusty rose flowers, and wisps of pampas grass that decorate it. This beautiful centerpiece for a contemporary and elegant wedding has deep colors and clean lines.

3. Inspired Country Cheesecake Wedding Cake

3.Inspired Country Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This inspired county cheesecake wedding cake uses a semi-naked frosting to provide a rustic charm. It makes the cake look casual and, at the same time, classy. This three-tiered cheesecake is decorated with dried orange slices, sprigs of grass, and lovely pink berries. Cheesecake with fluffy pampas grass is a good choice if you want an alternative to the usual wedding cake. It is a combination of nature and a sweet celebration of love.

4. 3 Tier Cake for Backyard Wedding

4.3 Tier Cake for Backyard Wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

Modern, abstract terracotta and white color blocks make this 3-tier cake great for a patio wedding. The terracotta pieces' coppery tones add warmth and naturalism, while the white gives it a clean finish. A wildflower and greenery sprig adds rustic beauty to the top. A stylish yet easygoing cake design is suitable for an intimate outdoor party.

Gothic Cheesecake Wedding Cake

A gothic wedding cake has a deep color with antique décor and has a mysterious feel. Although it was known as an unconventional cake, it is getting popular with many couples. Here are five Gothic wedding cakes you can consider for your wedding:

5. Red and Black Wedding Cake

5.Red and Black Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This magnificent crimson and black Gothic wedding cake honors love's dark side. Red roses and dark fondant accents make it charming and mysterious. The bright red and soft cream flowers that fall down the tiers of this beautiful wedding cake make the black base stand out in a dramatic way. The pampas grass and dark leaves give it texture and a modern look.

6. Halloween Wedding Cakes

6.Halloween Wedding Cakes

Image Source: Pinterest

With a ghostly white skull and bright flowers, like deep reds and delicate ivories, sitting on top of black fondant layers, it looks beautiful. It looks great at a wedding with a Halloween theme that's both creepy and magical.

7. Sunflowers on Wedding Cakes

7.Sunflowers on Wedding Cakes

Image Source: Pinterest

Putting sunflowers on your gothic wedding cake makes the whole event more joyful and colorful. The happy flowers, whose bright yellow petals and dark centers stand for love and life, sit on top of the cake tiers. They take a simple wedding cake and turn it into a happy beacon.

8. Gothic Wedding Cakes With Blue

8.Gothic Wedding Cakes With Blue

Image Source: Pinterest

The dramatic design of gothic wedding cakes with blue includes a bright splash of color. Shades of deep blue run through layers of black fondant, making it look like the sky at midnight. Silver accents, magical symbols, or delicate lacework can be used as decorations to create an ethereal and strong statement.

9. Deep Purple Cheesecake Wedding Cake

9. Deep Purple Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

The deep purple marble look is reminiscent of royal velvet and speaks of a sense of nostalgia. It echoes the vintage candlestick behind it and is the unique focus of the wedding banquet. The cheesecake is decorated with edible flowers around it, and the mix of purple and champagne adds a touch of natural beauty and romance.

Burnt Orange Cheesecake Wedding Cake

This burnt orange cheesecake wedding cake is a modern take on an old favorite. Its deep, warm colors make you think of the beauty of fall. It's a luxurious option for couples who want to add some holiday charm to their big day.

10. Custom Monogrammed Wedding Cake

9.Custom Monogrammed Wedding Cake

Image Source: HeyWeddingLady

On top of this traditional wedding cake is a beautiful golden monogram "J" and a bouquet of happy yellow and peach flowers. The textured white icing gives it a classy look, and the flowers and plants around it match its natural, romantic style, making it a unique centerpiece for the couple's big day. This cake is more than just a treat; it's a unique symbol of the couple's shared identity and deep love for each other.

11. Fabulous Burnt Orange Cake with Marigolds

10.Fabulous Burnt Orange Cake with Marigolds

Image Source: Pinterest

The fabulous burnt orange cake with marigolds is a beautiful fall treat. Its bright, burnt orange frosting reminds you of the warmth of fall, and the happy marigolds on top represent creativity and fire. This cake is a beautiful and delicious ode to your wedding.

12. Trendy Omb Styled 3-Tier Wedding Cakes

11.Trendy Ombre Styled 3-Tier Wedding Cakes

Image Source: Pinterest

This modern three-tiered wedding cake is a work of art with its trendy ombre style, which goes from a deep terracotta base to a soft peach middle and then to a sleek charcoal top. It has a sophisticated mix of color and elegance, with small sugar flowers in similar colors and small gold leaf accents.

13. Burnt Orange Gluten-Free Wedding Cake

12.Burnt Orange Gluten-Free Wedding Cake

Image Source: GreenWeddingShoes

This bright wedding cake has a burnt orange design and an abstract white and orange pattern that looks like flames. The cheesecake is gluten-free, so it can be eaten by people with dietary needs without losing flavor. With its unique succulents and bright yellow flowers on top, it sits on a terracotta stand that fits the theme of being bold and fiery. It's both beautiful and healthy, making it perfect for a couple who wants to add a unique twist to the traditional wedding cake.

Simple Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Simple wedding cakes impress in a refreshing way. A solid-color cheesecake with no decoration or subtle decoration may be the favorite of minimalist brides, and it can also allow guests to focus more on the richness of the cheese itself. A few wildflowers from the garden, a few pearls, or a special striped design add a unique sense of design and romantic atmosphere against the cake canvas.

14. Simple Exquisite Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Simple Exquisite Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This cheesecake exudes vintage glamour with subtle floral decorations. The overall appearance of the cake is like the yellowish wallpaper from the 1990s, which is reminiscent of an afternoon sitting alone at home and feeling the breeze. It is a perfect choice for a garden wedding.

15. Incorporating sage Green Accents

Incorporating sage Green Accents

Image Source: Pinterest

Sage green is a magic color which is fits every seasons and most weddings. This 2 tired cheesecake with only the ivory ranunculus and sage leaves is the showstopper on the wedding cake table. Don't forget to put the fondants as the topper to create a cohesive look.

16. Vintage Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Vintage Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This retro-chic heart-shaped cheesecake wedding cake is perfect for a romantic elopement. The overall simplicity is very suitable for beach venues, allowing you to carry romance and run on the beach with your lover. Celebrate this unforgettable day under white waves and blue skies.

17. Small Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Small Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

Maybe you and your close circle can't finish such a huge cake and just need a smaller one to complete this ceremony. The appearance of imitating Roman columns makes this cheesecake itself full of nostalgia. No need to worry about the wedding cake not being big enough, you can make your wedding dessert table colorful.

18. Small Cheesecake with Flower Topper

Small Cheesecake with Flower Topper

Image Source: Pinterest

Look at this delicate peony flower, lying on the cheesecake as if growing from below, perfect for rustic weddings. There is no frosting added to the main body of the cake as decoration, making the taste more pure and rich.

19. Mojito Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Mojito Cheesecake Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

Try setting a high-gloss centerpiece for your wedding palette. This mojito wedding cake calls for life and makes you feel like a spring breeze. Add a layer of lemon jam on top of the New York cheesecake to balance the sweetness and sourness, pair it with a green apple martini, and enjoy your wedding reception with your guests!

Other Stylish Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

Moving into the world of cheesecake wedding cakes opens up a world of stylish choices that can fit any couple's tastes. These cakes are works of culinary artistry. They range from simple designs with clean lines to complex works with lots of small details. Each one is charmingly different and has a creamy texture and delicious flavor. They are sure to be a memorable part of any wedding event. Let's look at some more stylish cheesecake wedding cakes that are sure to inspire.

20. Timeless Pearl Wedding Cake

13.Timeless Pearl Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

The timeless pearl wedding cake is a classic way to show how classy and elegant you are. Its design has a soft sheen and beauty because it is decorated with small, edible pearls. It's a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding that honors lasting love because each tier is carefully made to offer a perfect mix of custom and luxury.

21. Taylor Swift-Inspired Wedding Cake

14.Taylor Swift-Inspired Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This wedding cake is a dreamy creation with soft gray-blue fondant. It was inspired by Taylor Swift's ethereal style. A cute sugar branch winds up the tiers, with soft silver leaves and buttery yellow flowers that remind me of the beautiful pictures from Swift's "folklore" record era. It's the center of romance and stories, so it's great for a fairy tale wedding. It's perfect for a couple whose love story is just as magical as her music.

22. Fruity Cheesecake Wedding Cake Tower

Fruity Cheesecake Wedding Cake Tower

Image Source: Pinterest

Want a saturated country wedding? Plenty of cheesecakes garnished with berries look more appealing when stacked, even on an old wooden table without gorgeous lines. The versatile dessert tower is easy to grab and lets your guests pick up dessert forks and enjoy!

23. Pink Wedding Cake

15.Pink Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

With its cascading white sugar flowers that look like cherry blossoms, this beautiful pink wedding cake is a picture of romantic serenity. It creates a magical and peaceful focal point for a dreamy wedding reception. This pink cake is both whimsical and classy, and it's the perfect centerpiece for a love-filled party.

24. Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

16.Wedding Cake Topper with Dog

Image Source: Pinterest

This country wedding cake has a cute forest feel to it, and the dog cake topper makes it totally adorable. The topper is special because it shows how much the pair loves their pets. The cake's naturalistic design, which includes a garland of lush grass and delicate white flowers, goes well with a forest-themed wedding.

25. White and Gold Wedding Cake

17.White and Gold Wedding Cake

Image Source: Pinterest

This cake exudes elegance and style in any wedding theme. The cake tier was carefully complemented by luxurious gold accents, giving it a timeless and sophisticated look. Because of the cake's luxury and grace, it is an excellent centerpiece for a wedding that celebrates the purest love.

26. Funny Wedding Cakes

18.Funny Wedding Cakes

Image Source: Instagram

In this whimsically funny wedding cake, a bride figure throws her groom down the tiers as a joke. The cake is a classic white color with beautiful details and is decorated with soft pink roses and pearls that fall from the top. The cake topper shows a happy and silly moment, giving the happy couple's party a special and one-of-a-kind touch. It usually has fun, silly designs, like funny figurines or cheeky messages showing how happy the pair is.

All in All

Cheesecake wedding cakes are fun for couples who want a non-traditional but memorable wedding treat. They look and taste different from other cakes, which makes them stand out. There are a lot of different styles of these cakes, like terracotta cheesecakes, gothic, and burnt orange. Each slice is a celebration of love and individuality.

FAQs about Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

Can You Have Cheesecake as a Wedding Cake?

Yes, you can. If you have no sweet tooth at all, enter cheesecake wedding cakes.

How Do You Cut a Cheese Wedding Cake?

A cheese wedding cake can actually be cut in a similar way to how you'd cut a traditional wedding cake due to their tiered display. This means that you can easily cut the cake into slices for guests to take away.

How Do You Stack a Cheese Wedding Cake?

Aim to create a balanced cheeseboard, including at least one hard, one soft and one blue cheese. The cheeses must each be structurally suitable for stacking, i.e. no squishy, melty cheeses that will collapse under weight of upper layers.

Is Cream Cheese Icing Good for a Wedding Cake?

The insanely tasty flavor. If you're a couple that loves a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, for example, this option is a no-brainer.


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