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How to Style Your Black Bridesmaid Dresses

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Black has always been on the bridesmaid dress trend, and unlike burnt orange and emerald green, it's elegant and understated. I've never seen black on a bridesmaid dress color of the year list, but every year a lot of brides and their girls have been focusing on how to “create” in their black bridesmaid dresses. In fact, black bridesmaid dresses are like a decent canvas for an interpretation of a classic look along with matching jewelry, up-do's, and beautiful shoes.

So…it means you can create a unique bridesmaid group no matter if you are going all out for an all-black squad or just want it to be part of the color palette. It's time to scroll down this guide and carefully check it out to get your styling inspirations now!

Bridal Squad Style That Aligns with the Wedding Theme

There are a variety of dress styles that have the tendency to confuse you. So, the only solution for you is to narrow down varied options based on your wedding theme and the level of formality of that event. Moreover, there are some girls who like mermaid dresses with side slits and some just want elegant A-line silhouettes. Similarly, some other women are always in favor of fabulous detailed dresses strapless or not. It means all of these preferences have the power to make up your decision. You need to understand that it's a fun time for girls to talk and decide.

Next, we are going to talk about black bridesmaid dress embellishments and super-important accessories.

So, here we go!

Embellishments on Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Try to add a few beautiful embellishments to your bridesmaid dresses. Furthermore, there is no one girl, at least in my circle, who is unhappy about adding personal touches and customization to her black bridesmaid dress.

According to my personal experience, it's better to start with subtle details to get comfortable and stylish cohesion. Some of the ideas include neckline detailing, ruching at the bust and waist, and slits or side splits.

Plus, don't forget that prints on parts or the whole and embroidery and rhinestones at the waist or shoulders can easily enhance the original elegance of a black bridesmaid dress.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses Accessories

These metallic and crystalline elements given in the photo above are the right accessories to add shine from jewelry to footwear. They are perfect to add cohesion to the bridal party.

A possible solution is that you should go for metallic or nude colors if you intend to keep it simple with footwear. Moreover, this ideal accessorizing option will elongate your legs and also add a sense of sophistication.

Makeups and Hairstyles to Style Bridesmaid Dresses

There are no clear-cut rules for implementing the bridesmaids' hairstyles (unlike the bridesmaid dresses). This is because these friendly girls just need to happily stand beside the bride and they can do whatever they need to do for the bride. Generally speaking, the bride will happily allow the bridesmaids to pick their favorite hairstyles and ponytails that are comfortable for them to carry during the entire time.

More importantly, the hairstyle definitely reflects the style of the wedding to some extent in the sense of ambiance created. You can pick any hairstyle no matter if it is a bohemian or vibrant tropical theme. Just choose naturally straight or curly hair for your bride's important day.

Addition of Colors and Personality along with Bouquets

According to trends and fashion artists, vibrant bouquets have the power to offer a striking contrast against the backdrop of black dresses. Moreover, they infuse the scene with a number of lively colors. So…it is essential to pick your bouquets according to your style, setting, and mood.

You can also consider sleek types of bouquets for modern weddings. They are best to feature monochromatic blooms in bold shades like crimson, royal blue, emerald, and sage green.

In addition to that, bohemian weddings can easily call for wildflower arrangements in warm and earthy tones. These tones may include mustard yellow, terracotta, and deep burgundy. Plus, these tones can evoke a free-spirited and organic feel. Furthermore, romantic bouquets can complement vintage weddings with pastel-colored flowers like blush pink, lavender, and peach. They are arranged in a loose and cascading style reminiscent of bygone eras.

Black Bridesmaid Dresses Charm Through Lighting

You know that many black-tie wedding venues always feature a combination of sunlight, warm light, and cool light (or any one of them). In this way, you ought to understand how these three types of lighting can directly affect the visual appearance of black bridesmaid dresses. These lighting effects can make your wedding photos more beautiful and enthusiastic.

  • Sunlight: We all know that natural sunlight is very bright and rich in hues of color. These lights can beautifully brighten up black bridesmaid dresses. Also, these lights can highlight their textures and micro details. However, you need to focus on strong midday light can overexpose black. In this case, we suggest that the prime time to shoot is shortly after sunrise or just before sunset. At that time, you will 100% marvel at this stunning moment.
  • Warm Light: Second on this list is the warm light that appears perfectly when you create a romantic atmosphere with the help of strings of lights and candles. So, what's its relevance with the black bridesmaid dresses? I think your black bridesmaid dresses will weaken the seriousness of the black color under the warm light and look more intimate and elegant. Obviously!
  • Cold Light: The third in our list is the cold light. It usually comes in blue or white colors. Interestingly, the cold light makes black bridesmaid dresses look sleek and modern. These lights can add a sense of sharpness and authenticity.

Matching Groomsmen Attire

Black bridesmaid dresses are gaining a reputation because they provide a beautiful matching canvas for the groomsmen's attires. So, all of the bridesmaids should settle on the groom's tuxedo color first and match the rest to the wedding style.

  • Black: Fortunately, Black along with another black can create a non-traditional all black wedding. Moreover, they are surely suitable to become the preference of some daring couples.
  • White and gray: I think white and gray is known as a subtle contrast with the bridesmaid's dresses. More specifically, these colors get mixed very well for a warm outdoor wedding. Subsequently, there are many other lighter colors (like tan, beige, etc.) that will definitely compliment your black bridesmaid dresses.
  • Navy blue, burgundy, and mauve: So, these are the jewel tones that are never going to be out of style at formal events. And black tie weddings are the best example of a formal wedding/attire.

Wrapping Up

That's all I have in my guide about styling and inspiring black bridesmaid dresses. I hope that making, matching, and accessorizing a black bridesmaid dress will work now for your big day. I'm sure it will be easy peasy for all the bridesmaids.

Also, I would like to encourage all the kind and beautiful brides to feel confident about the versatility of this universally adored color. It is the perfect color for any wedding theme from bohemian to modern or vintage. You will be able to navigate the intricacies of styling black dresses effortlessly with my expert pointers.


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