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30 Perfect Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dresses: Elegantly Embracing Wedding

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How would you describe a perfect wedding? Is it one with lots of entertainment and food? Or are there other important factors? Everyone has preferences, but I love bursts of colors that resonate with the occasion. The usual colors we see at weddings seem to be boring these days. So, let’s switch things up a bit. Shall we?

Just like bright red, burnt orange is a sweet color in wedding decorations, with the perfect blend of warmth and boldness. Whether as a bridesmaid dress or wedding guest dress, you'll take the best photos with this color and enjoy compliments from start to finish.

But it’s not just about the color. There are many other factors to consider before concluding your final outfit. Would it be a burnt orange satin or a burnt orange velvet dress? What sleeves would you prefer? Do you want a sassy or simple yet elegant look? What are the current styles that can inspire your choice of outfit? These are some of the questions running through your mind now.

If you're planning to wear a burnt orange dress to an upcoming wedding, I've got some inspiration for you!

Burnt Orange Charm

Sunny burnt orange rustic wedding decorations

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

Cooper, Spice, Sugar Almonds, and Dark nutmeg are other name replacements for burnt orange. The history of burnt orange color is so rich and dates back to the early times. It was common in the fashion and art industry, which stands to date. It's a perfect blend of red with a brown undertone and signifies warmth, calmness, etc.

10 Perfect Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dresses

Wearing a burnt orange dress at a wedding is a great choice. Here's a list of 20 burnt orange dresses you should look out for. The dresses are beautiful, and you will love them.

1. Lily


Shop Now: Lily

This dress is a show-stopper. It comes in a silky, smooth, and lush fabric that makes you comfortable all through the day. With a floor length and one strap shoulder sleeve, you look stunning and fashionable for the wedding. Shape is important, right? Lily's dress is designed as a mermaid dress with a high slit giving you that sexy, figure-8 look. Whether pregnant, plus size, slim, petite, or with a model shape, this dress will suit you perfectly. It’s definitely a 10/10 for a burnt orange satin dress.

2. Elaine


Shop Now: Elaine

Next up is the Elaine dress. If you prefer a little sleeve on each side, this Elaine dress is perfect. Of course, the dress comes in burnt orange with a unique soft satin fabric. It's also got a zipper up and is fully lined to provide extra warmth when the temperature reduces. The styling is super with pleats, which switches up the whole look from simple to extraordinary. Also, you get a mermaid fit with a high slit to show off some skin. It's super comfortable and unique as well.

3. Asaayaa


Shop Now: Asaaya

Want something hot and sexy? It's the Asaaya dress. This is the perfect definition of stylish, classy, and elegant. With a Halter neckline, side round pleats, and side slits, you get to show natural color to complement the warm burnt orange. It’s got no sleeves, so makes a perfect choice for an indoor wedding. It’s a floor-length dress that captures your beauty in one piece.

4. Carla


Shop Now: Carla

Carla is the definition of simple yet chic. It’s a one-shoulder neck dress with a full floor length made from soft satin fabric. Sleeveless, but with spaghetti straps for that perfect fit on your bust. Be ready to dance without wardrobe malfunction worries when wearing Carla because it is super comfortable. The split front design shows most of your laps and changes the outfit entirely. Nice shoes, and beautiful jewelry with the Carla dress and you’re good to go.

5. Melissa


Shop Now: Melissa

Everyone loves V-neck dresses and it has become a must-wear for many today. If you want a dress that captures the event, then this Melissa is for you. The color, the full length and the fabric choice all combine perfectly to make you an elegant wedding guest for the day. It's got a side slit and pleats, too, for the extra look.

6. Iona


Shop Now: Iona

Want something different, extra, and elegant? Here you have Iona - the perfect burnt orange wedding guest dress for you. Iona is a floor-length dress with beautiful upper and lower pleats. It is a one-shoulder dress with a side tail all covered beautifully. If you want to look classy without revealing too much, Iona is the dress for you.

7. Darlene


Shop Now: Darlene

Darlene is dramatic yet beautiful. Made with the best soft, shining satin fabric, the dress is beautifully designed with some extras on the sleeves. To one side of the dress is an off-shoulder pattern that highlights your neckline perfectly. It’s a super comfy dress with lower pleats properly lined with a side slit. Darlene is beautiful and classy, made just for you.

8. Winnie


Shop Now: Winnie

This dress is beautiful in every word. Winnie is a sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps, a split front, and lower pleats. Designed as an off-shoulder dress with full floor length, which matches any high-heeled shoe. The side slit shows your smooth skin. With Winnie, you can dance, jump, climb, and lots more during the party without feeling uncomfortable.

9. Rhoda


Shop Now: Rhoda

Want to wear one of the trending designs of today? Let’s talk about Rhoda's dress. This burnt orange satin dress comes with a perfectly designed corset that brings out the beauty in your shape. The side slit and off-shoulder adds a finishing touch to the look. Guess what? It’s affordable and comfortable as well.

10. Aryana


Shop Now: Aryana

If you want something simple, yet beautiful, get the Aryana dress. Comes in a square neckline that is suitable for everyone and floor-length as well. Aryana is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings. Makes you super comfortable everywhere you go.

11. Astrid

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Mermaid Long Wedding Dresses

Shop Now: Astrid

This dress is a show-stopper, ready to show your hourglass body. It is made from a lush and silky fabric, which makes you comfortable even when sweaty all day. This sleeveless, one-shoulder sleeve makes you look fashionable for your next wedding. Astrid is designed as a mermaid dress with a floor length and side slit, giving you that irresistible look. This dress will suit you perfectly, whether plus size, petite, slim, pregnant or smirk shape. It is a 10/10 for a burnt orange satin dress.

12. Ophelia

Sexy Spaghetti Straps Soft Satin Pleats Side Slit Mermaid Long Dresses

Shop Now: Ophelia

How do you love your straps? Tiny or big? The Ophelia dress comes with spaghetti straps, a perfect dress for a silky and soft body like yours. It's got his zipper up behind, and it is a unique soft satin fabric. The styling comes with a side slit, which gives you a stunning look. The style is comfortable and simple yet elegant. Whether you wear sandals or heels, this Ophelia burnt orange dress won't be a miss.

13. Phyllis

Elegant Soft Satin Off The Shoulder Floor Length Maxi Mermaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Phyllis

Next on the list is a Phyllis dress. its floor length and mermaid styling make it the perfect outfit for your next wedding. It comes with an off-the-shoulder neckline, not slit and a zipper up behind. This fabric is silky, soft and lush, which makes it comfortable for any weather. It comes fully lined, and is a perfect outfit for any woman: plus size, petite, model size or pregnant.

14. Acryris

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Long Dresses Online

Shop Now: Acryris

Want something hot and sexy? It's the Acryris dress. The dress is a perfect definition of elegance, beauty and classiness. With a side skit, one shoulder strap and floor-length sheath styling, it gives a unique fashion sense. Make an appearance with this beautiful burnt orange dress. Available for all sizes.

15. Felix

Asymmetric Neckline Mermaid Satin Side Slit Floor-Length Maxi Mermaid Dresses

Shop Now: Felix

Want something different, yet beautiful? The Felix burnt orange dress is the definition of hot, sexy and beautiful. It comes with pleats and a sweetheart neckline ready to reveal your classy necklace. To one side of the dress is a side slit, with an extra pleat and a tail end which gives it a dazzling style. Nothing beats this mermaid, sleeveless dress, it is just perfect for your next wedding. Comes fully lined to make you comfortable all through the day. Its floor length will showcase your fine toes.

16. Nicole

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit Straps Square Floor-Length Mermaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Nicole

Want something simple with a bit of drama? The Nicole gives that impression with its slit front and pleats. It is also unique because of its square neckline. This sleeveless burnt orange dress is suited for everyone, and its floor length makes you super comfortable. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor party, Nicole makes an appearance.

17. Chole

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Long Mermaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Chole

Chole comes with a touch of simplicity and elegance. The side slit and one-shoulder sleeveless mermaid style is the definition of elegance. The elaborate side slit shows off your soft and fine skin, while its floor length gives you a royal feeling. With Chole, dancing, singing and participating at a wedding is more fun. There is absolutely no miss with the Chole, it is a perfect dress for any size.

18. Giselle

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Long Mermaid Dresses

Shop Now: Giselle

Up next is the Giselle burnt orange dress. It comes fully lined for comfort and is a floor length. Giselle is a sleeveless, one-shoulder, zipper up dress with a lot of drama with it's strap. The Giselle split front design changes the outfit entirely. Giselle's burnt orange dress gives a radiant and alluring look for a wedding guest. With nice shoes, and a beautiful jewelry, the Giselle dress is good to go.

19. Dottie

Sexy Mermaid Soft Satin Spaghetti Straps Side Slit Dresses Online

Shop Now: Dottie

Talk about a graceful entrance. Dottie's burnt orange dress makes you look chic and elegant. Its spaghetti steps and beautiful neckline will show your exquisite necklace. Whether you want to make a stylish entrance or a simple yet graceful one, the Dottie gives you that. It got no sleeves, comes with a spaghetti strap so it makes it the perfect dress for an indoor event. It is fully lined, which makes you extra comfortable. It is perfect for every size: petite, plus size and pregnant.

20. Lareina

Sexy Soft Satin Off The Shoulder Side Slit Floor-Length Long Mermaid Dresses

Shop Now: Lareina

This Lareina is a beautiful stunning dress. It is radiant in every word. The stylish mermaid dress with a beautiful necklace is never a miss. Lareina is a sleeveless dress with a side slit and pleats. Its off-the-shoulder design makes the dress eye-catching, which makes it suitable for all skin colours. With Lareina, you can dance, sing and have lots of fun at a party without feeling uncomfortable.

21. Louise

Sexy Side Slit Soft Satin African Modern Long Mermaid Dresses

Shop Now: Louise

This Louise strapless mermaid dress is radiant and expressive in every way. First, it gives a stunning and royal feeling. Then it shows your collar bone, making it perfect for an expensive necklace. The side slits changes everything, you get to show off your beautiful skin. This burnt orange dress adds a bold and dazzling effect to your physical beauty.

22. Edna

Sexy Side Slit Soft Satin Spaghetti Straps Mermaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Edna

Edna is the actual definition of classiness, simplicity and elegance. It is a beautiful dress in Every way. At first glance, it gives a graceful appearance, but a closer look makes it charming and timeless. Edna comes with a spaghetti strap and zipper up, and its floor length makes it perfect for any type of shoes. Whether you are plus size, pregnant or petite, Edna is a perfect dress for you.

23. Britanny

Elegant Off The Shoulder Mermaid Side Slit Soft Satin Long African Dresses

Shop Now: Britanny

Britanny is all shade of charm and poise. This burnt orange dress comes with an elegant off-the-shoulder mermaid side slit which gives you a super hot look. The side slit also adds drama as it shows off your beautiful skin and toes. Designed with a soft and silky dress which makes it comfy during while partying. Britanny dress is a perfect dress for bridesmaids, wedding guests and any one who loves to look beautiful. Brittany is a 10/10 for any event.

24. Bonita

Convertiable Soft Satin A-Line Long Wedding Dresses Online

Shop Now: Bonita

If you want something simple, uet beautiful, get the Bonita dress. This burnt orange dress complements any skin color or shade. There is never a miss with the A-line, which makes it a perfect fit for your bust. Bonita is a stylish sleeveless dress with floor length. The dress is chic and makes a unique impression at a party. The dress gives a radiant and charming look, perfect for all sizes.

25. Melaine

Modern Soft Satin Off The Shoulder Floor Length Long Mermaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Melaine

Melanie is all shades of beauty. This modern soft satin dress comes with a flamboyant tail end giving it a grand and elaborate look. Talk of a timeless style, glamorous and charming dress, it is the Melanie burnt orange dress. The satin dress comes with off-shoulder sleeves, making it perfect for showing your expensive necklace. The dress is available for every woman; plus size, petite and pregnant.

26. Aileen

Sexy Mermaid Side Slit Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Soft Satin Long Dresses

Shop Now: Aileen

Aileen is a blend of poise, flamboyance and classiness. What’s more? The dress comes with a beautiful upper pleat, and an extra tail end which adds a bit of drama to the dress. This off-the-shoulder, long sleeves dress makes you beautiful in every way. It’s a floor length dress that captures your beauty and body size in one piece.

27. Christina

Sexy Side Slit Unique Off The Shoulder Mermaid Satin Long Dresses

Shop Now: Christina

Up next is the Christina burnt orange dress. Comes with a beautiful side slit to show off your amazing legs, and a beautiful pleats. The silky and soft satin fabric combines with this mermaid styling is a definition of a stunning dress. You want to make a unique statement with your wedding guest dress? This dress is the ideal dress for you.

28. Gabriela

Elegant Soft Satin V-Neck Long Unique Wedding Dresses Online

Shop Now: Gabriela

Want something simple, unique, without revealing? The Gabriela burnt orange dress is the perfect dress for you. It is a short sleeves dress with a beautiful upper pleats. The shining fabric and styling is a perfect choice to make you a stylish wedding guest.

29. Carol

Simple Strapless Sweetheart Soft Satin Mermaid Long Dresses

Shop Now: Carol

This burnt orange dress is made with the softest and most shining satin fabric. It is fully lined to make you comfortable all through the party. this dress is fully lined which makes it comfortable. It is a simple dress, yet it is beautiful. Sleeveless, no strap dress: if you want to look classy without revealing too much, Carol is the dress for you.

30. Cecily

Spaghetti Straps Cowl Neck Satin Mermaid Side Slit Maxi Dresses Online

Shop Now: Cecily

Do you want something simple and extra comfy? Get the Cecily dress. This beautiful dress makes dancing, and fun activities extremely comfrotable. Cecily is a beautiful dress. It comes with a spaghetti strap, pleats at the front and a side slit to reveal your hourglass skin. The dress comes with a neckline that is suitable for everyone and floor-length. The silky satin dress makes you super comfortable during that party.

Styling Advice

How do you style your burnt orange wedding guest dresses? What fabric should you select? Let’s talk about this here.

Dress Style

Garden wedding, two female guests wearing burnt orange dresses with their backs to the camera

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

The burnt orange wedding guest dress is suitable for all wedding styles. Indoor wedding, garden, ballroom, or any other outdoor wedding type. As a guest, you want to dress for the day and look radiant and stunning. However, depending on your choice, you should consider some factors.

The neckline, sleeve, season, comfort, and accessories are a few of the factors to keep in mind when searching for a dress.

Fabric Choice

a burnt orange velvet dress

Shop Now: Brenda

There are different fabrics you can select for your dress. But you need to give a burnt orange velvet dress a chance here. The soft, fury feel makes this a top choice for you for the wedding. On one side is the velvet dress and on the other is the satin dress.

Satin is a shining material that is comfortable, smooth and soft. It is also very durable and sits perfectly on the skin. Whichever type you decide to choose, it will be a perfect blend for the occasion and give you the needed comfort to enjoy the whole day.


Half-length shot of a Caucasian woman wearing a burnt orange dress and wedding accessories

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

When it comes to accessorizing, burnt orange dresses are perfect for all types of colors from black to classic white and everything in between. Teal, pink, gray, cream, silver, gold, etc are all perfect for this color. Your accessories can accompany your hair as well.

With your burnt orange dress, pop in some gold accessories for that shine. You can also play with colors.


A white woman wearing a burnt orange dress, with long hair half-curled, shot from the back

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

Hairstyle is another aspect of dressing for a wedding that you should pay attention to. For an all-burnt orange look, seal your outfit with a beautiful fascinator. Got some hair clips too? Secure your hairstyle with these and look ever-stunning all through the wedding.


A white woman wears a burnt orange dress and beige mid-heeled shoes

Image Source: Chicsew Mia

When choosing shoes for your burnt orange dress, you can never go wrong with a neutral color, nude or beige. But if you want to add more color pop without looking dramatic, cherry red or wine shoes are perfect.

Celebrities Wearing Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dresses


Image from: Popsugar

If you need some more evidence of how beautiful burnt orange is, here are some celebrities who have slayed this look perfectly.


Gemma is one of the best celebrities to ever showcase the beauty of burnt orange. It looked so good on her! Gemma was dressed in a beautiful ball gown for a wedding occasion.

Micheal Keegan

Another celebrity who has worn and rocked a beautiful burnt orange outfit is Micheal Keegan. The dress is a $24 cutout burnt orange wedding dress. Each piece she wore was stunning, beautiful, and elegant.

Several other celebrities have worn orange dresses as wedding guests. Both burnt orange satin and burnt orange velvet dresses. Are you ready to rock yours? I know you are.


A burnt orange dress is a perfect choice for any wedding guest. Especially if you want to make a statement and get heads to turn. It's a bright color that complements any skin tone, so you don't have to worry about looking awkward. When picking a style, consider the wedding's dress code and venue. Accessorize your dress with beautiful pieces and choose stunning make-up and hairstyle. No doubt, you're going to have fun looking your best for that wedding!


Can I Wear Burnt Orange to a Wedding?

You can wear a burnt orange wedding guest dress all year round to virtually any theme without the fear of not fitting in. This color really does check all the boxes.

How Do You Accessorize a Burnt Orange Dress for a Wedding?

Try adding some solids to your accessories like greens, reds and blues; these are all wonderful colours to feature against darker shades of orange.

What Color Jewelry Goes Best with the Burnt Orange Dress?

Silver looks great against orange fabric, and you will find that it reflects the colour of the dress beautifully. Step out with a chunky silver chain necklace, drop earrings and belcher bracelet to bring the whole look together.


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