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Chicsew vs Azazie, Which Brand of Bridesmaid Dresses Has Better Quality

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In the 20th century, bridesmaid dresses became a symbol of personal emotional expression and cultural identity. In the ever-changing landscape, high-quality bridesmaid dresses, which combine exquisite design, professional craftsmanship and durable and environmentally friendly fabrics, have become people's consensus. Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of high-quality bridesmaid dresses, which not only make the wedding beautiful, but also ensure the comfort of the bridesmaids, create a perfect wedding and leave lasting memories.

In this article I will compare two brands of bridesmaid dresses, Chicsew and Azazie, and reveal which one has better quality. We researched both brands in-depth as well as design, craftsmanship, fabrics, price, etc. to make sure you have a clear idea of the quality of their gowns.

What Is Chicsew?

Chicsew is a brand that specializes in the design and production of satin bridesmaid dresses. It was founded by Barry in 2012 and became a partner of the factory after receiving an invitation from the factory owner.


Previously, Barry worked as a salesperson in a clothing factory in 2008, producing wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, and providing customized back-to-school dress services for online market customers. This means that Barry clearly understands the needs of bridesmaids and the dress crafting process, so that he can produce high-quality bridesmaid dresses.

What Is Azazie?

Azazie is a US-based online bridal and bridesmaid dress retailer founded in 2014 by Jean Jiang and Kenneth Chan. Azazie is popular for its affordable and high-quality bridal and bridesmaid attire as well as its innovative approach to online bridal shopping.


image source: Azazie

According to Yahoo reports, Azazie released 30,000 consumer data in Q2, and 42% of the brides in the data would consider purchasing Azazie dresses due to environmental protection concepts.

What Is a High-Quality Bridesmaid Dress?

High quality bridesmaid dresses are those with impeccable fabrics, exquisite ergonomics and perfect fit. It should use luxurious, comfortable and environmentally friendly materials, have high-quality dressmaking technology, and control every detail of the stitching. The design should be coordinated with the wedding theme and enhance the beauty through simple or complex decorations. Comfort and durability are paramount, ensuring that bridesmaids can face any wedding event with ease. Also, high quality doesn't always mean high price.

Common Criteria for Evaluating Clothing Quality:

  1. Fabric quality
  2. Construction and stitching
  3. Design and aesthetics
  4. Fit and sizing
  5. Durability
  6. Price point

Which Bridesmaid Dress Fabric Is of Better Quality, Chicsew or Azazie

I will test the fabric quality of chicsew and Azazie bridesmaid dresses from five aspects: color, texture, weight, wrinkle resistance and odor.

Chicsew Fabric

  • Color: Uniform color with no noticeable color differences, fading, streaks or discoloration.
  • Texture: Smooth surface with no snags, pilling or rough spots.
  • Weight: The fabric is overall thick.
  • Wrinkle Resistance: Fabrics generally resist wrinkles and regain their shape.
  • Odor: Using environmentally friendly production technology, no odor.

 Azazie Fabric

  • Color: The color is uniform but there is obvious color difference from the picture, no signs of fading or discoloration.
  • Texture: Smooth and flat surface, no pilling.
  • Weight: lighter than chicsew fabric.
  • Anti-wrinkle: No wrinkles with normal rubbing.
  • Odor: It is also made of environmentally friendly fabrics and dyes, no odor.

By comparing the test results, we found that both brands use high-quality fabrics, but the Chicsew fabric is slightly better than Azazie in terms of color and weight.

Which bridesmaid dress craftsmanship is better, Chicsew or Azazie?

Both Chicsew and Azazie bridesmaid dresses have mature factories where skilled craftsmen cut, sew and assemble the dresses. Because Chicsew is a start-up brand, it relies more on manual sewing by workers to make dresses. This may cause two pieces of the same style to be different in some aspects. In essence, the yield rate is much lower than that of machinery, and the cost will be higher. For tailors The technical requirements for workers are very high.

Azazie's factory is many times larger than Chicsew's, and relies more on automatic mechanical production in the dress process. The cost is low and the yield rate is high. This results in the price of some Azazie bridesmaid dresses being cheaper than Chicsew's.

For bridesmaids who like handmade tailoring, Chicsew is more suitable for you. And if you just want to buy bridesmaid dresses with a higher yield, Azazie is a good choice. But this does not prove that the workmanship of dresses produced by machines is inferior to that of machines. Everything is based on the real user experience of the next two brands. Keep reading!

Which bridesmaid dress design is better, Chicsew or Azazie?

When it comes to bridesmaid dress design and aesthetics, Azazie is definitely way ahead of Chicsew. As a leader in the bridesmaid dress industry, Azazie has partnered with the Kendall + Kylie brand, which has been praised by Internet celebrity destinyyyyx3.

Azazie invited actress Katie Cassidy to wear their dress on the Fashion Media Awards carpet.


image source: fashionweekdaily

We can tell that Azazie puts a lot of passion into dress design, and you can find a variety of popular styles of bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, etc. on their website.

Chicsew bridesmaid dress design is also very fashionable, although it has not cooperated with any brand or participated in fashion shows. But founder Barry himself has a strong sense of fashion. He frequently checks various fashion news and absorbs some design elements for his own bridesmaid dresses. On the Chicsew website, we can see that dress styles are updated several times a year to ensure that more bridesmaids can choose the style they like.

Which Bridesmaid Dress Size Is More Suitable, Chicsew or Azazie

The Chicsew and Azazie websites show that gowns are available in standard sizes and custom sizes. Their standard sizes range from US0 to US30, and their standard size gowns all have certain fit issues. If you want a custom size, both brands offer free customization services, so does this mean you can get a custom-fitted dress? Let’s first look at their size customization requirements.

Chicsew Custom Dress Size

What's unique about custom sizing is that we make our dresses to your exact bust, waist, hips, height and hollow to floor measurements. This helps provide a closer fit than standard sizing, but since we can only accept 5 basic sizes, the dress may still need to be altered for a better fit.

Tip: If you feel your custom gown doesn’t fit you well and needs to be altered. Chicsew will provide compensation for modifications of up to $30.

Azazie Custom Dress Size

The overall fit and proportions of the dress will change based on your height and hollow to floor measurements. Therefore, the waistline, bustline, and hemline may end up higher or lower depending on the measurements.

Tip: If you feel that the dress does not fit you or is not long enough, you may add extra length at checkout for floor length styles under "Extra Length." Similarly, you can add extra room for comfort by adding an additional 0.25-0.5 inches to your bust, waist, and hips.

Both Chicsew and Azazie will make bridesmaid dresses that fit to your exact measurements. But in the secondary modification of the dress, Chicsew provided better services than Azazie. No one wants to see their custom-made dress modified. If you buy a chicsew dress, they will provide a $30 compensation, but Azazie does not subsidize it.

Which Bridesmaid Dress is More Durable, Chicsew or Azazie

Because chicsews specializes in the production of satin bridesmaid dresses, the maintenance requirements for the dress are more stringent. Especially since satin is a luxurious fabric, a little over-maintenance may reduce its durability. On the other hand, Azazie covers a wide range of dress fabrics, so you need to know how to maintain different fabrics. This means that you may remember the maintenance method incorrectly, causing damage to the dress.

Chicsews' factory is located in China due to labor costs, while Azazie's factory is manufactured in China, Cambodia and Vietnam. The quality of the same fabrics at the same price will be different. Basically, we have actually tested the durability issues of many brands of fabrics and found that the ones produced by Chinese factories The durability of dresses is much greater than that of Cambodia and Vietnam, but it does not mean that it will be the same in the future. Comparing the two brands of bridesmaid dresses, after using it for a period of time, Azazie bridesmaid dress had many problems, such as the dress was no longer smooth, the zipper was damaged, the seams were broken, and the surface of the fabric was wrinkled. Although the chicsews bridesmaid dress also had some problems, such as the zipper being difficult to pull up, the severity was less than that of Azazie.

Both chisew and Azazie bridesmaid dresses have great durability, the durability depends on how you care for them. According to the dress care instructions provided by the two brands are as follows:

  • Handle it gently: Avoid rough or excessive handling of the gown, which can cause the fabric to snag and wrinkle.
  • Local cleaning: If there are slight stains on the local area, use a soft damp cloth or a detergent corresponding to the fabric and wipe it gently.
  • Dry cleaning: When the entire bridesmaid dress needs to be cleaned, choose machine washing as a whole and do not put other clothes in it, huh? If wet cleaning, wash and dry the gown before vacuuming and hanging it for storage.
  • Storage: Vacuum and hang the bridesmaid dress, store it in a cool and dry place, wrap it with white valeric acid tissue paper or fine-grained cotton cloth and place it in a cardboard box, keep it away from direct sunlight, or store it in a different place. In a light-transmitting dust cover.
  • Hanging: Hang the inner hanging strap on a hanger. Do not use shoulder straps, because the weight of the skirt will pull the clothes, deform them or even tear them.
  • Ironing: Avoid direct contact with fabric. Conduct a thermal test before ironing to see if it will deform when exposed to heat. It is recommended to use a garment steamer to gently remove wrinkles.
  • Avoid perfume and makeup: Spray perfume and makeup before putting on your satin dress to avoid staining the fabric.

Which Bridesmaid Dress is More Cost-Effective, Chicsew or Azazie

The cost-effectiveness of a bridesmaid dress depends on the price and user experience. Low price does not mean high cost-effectiveness, and vice versa. We have compiled chicsew and Azazie bridesmaid dress prices.

Lowest price
Highest price
Average price

So, what is the average price of a bridesmaid dress? According to The Knot 2022 Real Weddings Study, which surveyed more than 12,000 couples getting married in 2022, the average cost of a bridesmaid dress in 2022 is $130 per person. The average price of bridesmaid dresses at Chicsew is $5.11 cheaper than the survey, and Azazie is close to theknot's survey at $129.

We also looked at 100 reviews of chicsew and Azazie bridesmaid dresses to summarize users’ real-life experiences:

  • Chicsew: The color of the bridesmaid's dress is the same as the picture on the website, so there is no color difference problem. There are less than 10 comments out of 100 that the floor length bridesmaid dress is a bit too big. The vast majority of users feel that the size fits well and the fabric is thick, comfortable and elastic. However, some users found damage when receiving the package. No one mentioned the odor issue.
  • Azazie: Thanks to the influence of Azazie as a big brand, 100 real reviews from the spot check said that the Azazie bridesmaid dress experience is great, especially the style. Among the 2266 reviews on AZAZIE BRIDAL PARTY SWATCHES, 259 reviews were lower than three stars. More people complained that the color difference of the bridesmaid dresses was greatly different from the pictures, and a few reviews reported that the sizes were incorrect.

Chicsew offers significantly better value for money than Azazie for bridesmaid dresses, which shows that you can get better dresses for the same money. But that doesn’t mean Azazie isn’t worth buying. As a major brand in the dress industry, Azazie has a significantly faster sense of fashion than Chicsew, especially colors and styles.

Third-Party Authoritative Platform Reviews Chicsew and Azazie

Although Azazie has nearly 100 more Trustpilot reviews than chicsew, its rating of 4.1 beats chicsew’s 3.1, which shows that more people recognize the quality of Azazie’s bridesmaid dresses.

Trustpilot reviews

image source: Trustpilot

Sitejabber shows that Azazie's average rating of 3.74 is greater than chicsew's 2.7 rating.


image source: Sitejabber

chicsew has a 3.7 rating on complaintsboard, beating Azazie's 1.9 rating, and Azazie has 7 user complaints that have not yet been resolved.


image source: Complaintsboard

From the above three platforms, we can see that Azazie’s praise is obviously more than chicsew. If you don’t know much about bridesmaid dresses, I suggest you buy bridesmaid dresses from Azazie first.


Here are my thoughts on which bridesmaid dress is of better quality, chicsew or Azazie:

  • Judging from the buyer’s experience, the quality of chicsew bridesmaid dresses is higher than that of Azazie. The chicsew fabric is highly durable, there is no obvious color deviation, and the size fits perfectly, ensuring that the bridesmaids will have better comfort wearing it.
  • Azazie bridesmaid dresses are industry leaders in design and craftsmanship. You can buy the current trend of bridesmaid dresses on Azazie and become a dazzling presence in the wedding.

Generally speaking, if you are not pursuing the latest styles of bridesmaid dresses, but just want to buy high-quality bridesmaid dresses that are comfortable and durable, I recommend you choose Chicsew.

FAQs about Chicsew and Azazie Bridesmaid Dresses

Is Azazie in China?

We are a US based company with our designs coming out of our LA office and our dresses and accessories made in China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

How Long Does Azazie Ship?

The carrier for an order is automatically selected based on the shipping address provided and cannot be changed. Processing time for each item is listed below and does not include shipping time, which can take 1-18 days depending on location including US Territories.

How Can I Choose a Suitable Size in Chicsew?

Please compare your measurements of bust, waist, hip(biggest part of hip including butt) and hollow to floor with shoes on with our standard sizes, please note only error is less than 1'' for all measurements, then dress can fit well otherwise it's better choose custom size, that's way we can make sure dress will fit you like gloves.

Where Do Chicsew Bridesmaid Dresses Come From?

Chicsew bridesmaid dresses are made in China, and founder Barry founded the clothing factory in China in 2012.


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