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10 Popular Purple Color Bridesmaid Dresses

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Purple bridesmaid dresses are popular dresses in our area, if you are looking for a bridesmaid dress you are in the right place. Purple color is gentle and soothing, weddings in this color are large and unique. The purple shades they own are: lavender, lilac, vintage mauve, dusk, wisteria, Tahiti, orchid, grape, plum and regency. The color shades of the dresses are made to suit every skin and hair type. The dress model is made to fit girls of various body models. Whether you have a narrow or wide waist, we have dresses for you, available in a variety of sizes. Purple shades are popular on the market all over the world, people love them because they are something different to wear, something new and elegant. Bridesmaids are a real treasure, dresses according to their wishes are an excellent choice, there are various models that you can choose and enjoy in them. I have chosen the models that are popular and that sell the most on our official website. Check out the 10 most popular models in purple below.

1. Lavender Bridesmaid dresses

Sexy Lavender Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

The lavender dress is the first of the purple dresses I recommend for you, the dress is on one shoulder and the satin pleats at the waist not only add detail to the waist but also add character to the dress. And it drags on the floor, the length is great with high sandals. Maybe you’re searching for something that feels a little more glamorous and glossy for your autumn / winter wedding? Satin bridal party dresses should definitely be on your radar. Plus, satin looks good in practically every color and it can actually be a truly forgiving fabric that lends to many silhouettes and body types. The color lavender is a specific color, a pastel color that is perfect for bridesmaids, it fits with various models of jewelry, with various models and body shapes, it suits absolutely everyone, you will enjoy this timeless model.

2. Lilac Bridesmaid dresses

Sexy Lilac One Shoulder Soft Satin Spaghetti Strap Side Slit Mermaid Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Lilac is another color in purple-hued bridesmaid dresses. A dress with thin straps that go over one shoulder, a simple dress that has a length and a slit on the leg to reveal the thigh. Just like the model shows, you will be very sexy wearing it, like a flirtatious and beautiful purple flower. If you are going to have a floral themed wedding, then this lilac dress will be the best choice for your dress.

3. Vintage Mauve Bridesmaid dresses

Sexy Vintage Mauve Soft Satin Side Slit Off Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Mauve is a slightly softer variant of purple, more towards pink. With dropped shoulders, with a neckline, the length of the dress is excellent, as well as that detail on the waist that makes this dress different from other dresses. Vintage Mauve is a color that is very wearable, you can combine it with different colors of shoes, as well as different models of jewelry.

4. Dusk Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Dusk Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Mermaid Floor Length Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Dusk is the next color shade, this shade is special, dull pink and grey, some combination. Formal dress that has a good length, drags on the floor, has a slit on the thigh to make everything seem more elegant. A narrow bodice and an exposed neckline, they were worn on one shoulder. The dress is excellently made, and if you are struggling with your dress choice because of your bust and waist issues, this dress will help you out.

5. Wisteria Bridesmaid Dresses

Simple Wisteria Soft Satin One Shoulder Side Slit Mermaid Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Wisteria is a soft pink color mixed with purple, but it still falls into the purple category. With a thin strap and a simple cut, this dress looks luxurious. With this dress, you only need simple makeup and jewelry matching to get the beautiful and elegant effect you want.

6. Tahiti Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Tahiti Soft Satin Side Slit Spaghetti Straps V-Neck Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Tahiti is a true purple color, an incredibly beautiful color that is very noticeable in the room. With thin straps, exposed neckline, narrow waist and bare thigh, perfect bridesmaid dresses. This color could also be called an earth color, a dull purple that looks like a top model.

7.Orchid Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Orchid Soft Satin Side Slit Straps Square Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Orchid is a pink dress that has an undertone of purple in it. With slightly thicker straps, a slit on the leg that reveals the thigh, the ideal length for high heels or sandals. The narrow waist and the color are very well combined. With this dress, you can combine some jewelry and beautiful make-up.

8.Grape Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Grape Soft Satin Unique V-Neck Side Slit Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Grape is a darker shade of pink mixed with purple, when you look at this dress you see the color of a rotten cherry. It is a color that reflects the trend, combines with lounges and looks perfect in combination. Grape is a color that is rarely worn today and is very demanding, that's why this is the color for brave girls.

9. Plum Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Plum Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Plum is a true purple color. This is a purple shade that looks great first of all, the shade is great for weddings, to be worn by bridesmaids, if you plan to decorate the theme of the wedding in purple, this is a great dress for such a celebration. Girls who like purple dresses, this is the right shade for you, it emphasizes the color of your eyes, your curves and now is very popular.

10. Regency Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant Regency Soft Satin Strapless Split Side Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Regency is finally the strongest purple color, a strong satin dress, strapless, with a slit on the leg, a narrow waist and an exemplary length. It is popular because the special design of the neckline, but also because of its strong purple color, an ideal dress for bridesmaids.

When you want to make a wedding, you first start from the wedding date, rent the space, the wedding dress and the dresses for the bridesmaids. You cannot get married without bridesmaids because they are very special, your best friends who will be there for your whole life. Along with the bridesmaids and the choice of wedding theme, there is also the decoration. Table decoration, Biedermeier, space decoration, everything is important and should be organized. I mentioned the decoration, the purple color is very demanding, but there is a solution for that too. You can find creativity and ideas on the Internet, first find out what kind of wedding you want, in what style you want to get married, and based on that, determine the theme of the wedding. Bridesmaids in purple dresses are a real hit, so if you decide on them, you won't go wrong. Of course, first decide and make an agreement, models and dresses are constantly available on the Chicsew website, it is constantly being updated and supplemented with new dresses, I am sure that you will find the ideal model for you.

Which is your favorite dress? Which one would you like to wear at your upcoming fall and winter wedding?

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