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22 Splendid Platform Wedding Shoes for Winter Brides

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Y2K fashion comes back, with platform shoes being one of the favorites among celebrities, fashionistas, bloggers, and style icons. Stylish brides naturally seize on this trend, and platform shoes also have a place in weddings.

Lady Gaga

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Let’s grasp the essence of choosing platform wedding shoes for winter! Next, we will introduce the categories of shoes from the aspects of shoe material, heel height, color, etc. No interest? Just skip directly to view picks, because looking at beautiful things is a form of spiritual healing.

How to Choose Your Favorite Platform Wedding Shoes in Winter

Why would you want to wear platform shoes to your wedding? Just like their name, platform shoes have thick soles and sturdy heels, allowing you to stay upright in the face of winter rain and snow! And it’s so comfortable, it feels like walking on flat ground! Additionally, platform sneakers that have no slope hug your feet like a sleeping bag, bringing you absolute warmth and comfort. Choosing thick-soled wedding shoes that you’ll be happy with doesn’t have to be difficult because shoes are what clothes your feet!

Height: Rock Any Height You Want

A platform is definitely a great tool for showing off your curves at your winter wedding! Why say that? The platform has a thick sole, allowing you to be as stable as a mountain on ice. Common chunky heels bring you double the safety and comfort compared to ordinary thin roots. Here are some tips on heel height:

  • Be sure to wear your wedding dress and try on your wedding shoes, and walk back and forth pretending to be the wedding scene for at least 5 minutes, so that you can find the platform that suits you.
  • Some brides mind that wearing shoes will make them taller than the groom at the wedding, so don’t forget to bring your fiance when trying on shoes!
  • The dress can be cut, but the heels cannot. So the best way is to choose your shoes and then cut the dress to fit your wedding platform.

quote from Reddit and Youtube

Image source: Reddit, Youtube

Style: Platform Means “All-Purpose”

No cheating on you. Platform shoes go well with any dress. Any silhouette: a-line, mermaid, any length: floor length, knee length, tea length, etc. From this, I conclude that the universe cannot exist without a platform. The only thing you have to consider is that the dress and shoes should complement each other. If the dress is very simple, it will work well with a pair of glimmering shoes, and vice versa.

Color: Harmonious or Disharmonious?

Do you prefer harmony or color collision for your wedding? I've been waiting to know if you thought the same thing as me.
If you want harmonious tones, there is a formula that mainly uses light and earth tones. This method is very popular with me, a lazy person and a minimalist because it is convenient and safe.
If you are an eclectic bride and want to show vitality in the cold winter, you can definitely use a pair of bright platforms such as pink and light green. Brides who are good at creating "conflict" tend to have unforgettable weddings.

Material: Ultimate Warmth and Ultimate Curves

If you choose to wear the platform at a winter wedding, you will not only get a stunning look but also a pair of comfortable and warm feet. Brides looking for the ultimate in warmth: You can opt for platform sneakers lined with fur, which may even make your feet sweat. Leather, velvet, satin, and other comfortable and warm fabrics can be your choice. Indoor wedding brides who don't care about keeping warm at all can also wear lace-up platforms to show off your leg lines to the greatest extent.


Everyone wants to buy the best product at the ideal price, right? So, we need to set a budget for the platform wedding shoes. Determine how much you're willing to spend on your wedding shoes. Keep in mind that investing in high-quality, comfortable shoes is worth it for your big day.

Tip: Consider the reusability of the shoes. If you choose a versatile pair, you may be able to wear them for other occasions beyond your wedding, making the price more justifiable.

We selected 22 various styles of platform wedding shoes at different prices, scroll to find your favorite!

Splendid Choices for Splendid Brides

Let’s begin our spiritual healing! In order to better match your budget, we have arranged the prices of the picks from low to high. To better match your budget, we have arranged the prices of the picks from lowest to highest. And if you click to buy the shoes we recommend, we will not get any compensation, so please feel free to buy!

1. Betsey Johnson Sparkly Crystal Platform Sneaker

BETSEY JOHNSON Sparkly Crystal Platform Sneaker

Shop at David’s Bridal

If you don’t like to wear stilettos at the wedding, there are sneakers. Appliqued with sparkly crystals, Even if you hold your wedding in winter in Finland, you will still shine like diamonds!

Real-time price: $45
Height: 0.75"
Materials: Satin, crystal, rubber, plastic.
Size: 1Y-4Y, 13Y

2. MissHeel Lace Up Platform

2.MissHeel Lace Up Platform

Shop at Amazon

I would call them “Cinderella” wedding shoes! Feather pluses transparent platforms and heels create a very simple effect, which is perfect for the winter wedding party to dance with your groom. The feathers will sway with your steps, but it is not recommended to wear them outdoors in rain or snow, because the feathers will freeze your feet if they get wet. However, the shoe is narrow and may not be friendly to wide feet.

Real-time price: $49.99|Shop at Amazon
Height: 5.7” heel, 1.77” platform
Materials: Artificial feathers.
Size: US5-15

3. Ivyan Silver Glitter Platform Ankle Strap Pumps

3.Ivyan Silver Glitter Platform Ankle Strap Pumps

Shop at Lulus

The classic Mary Jane-inspired silhouette makes it easy for you to rock various gowns. The width of the heel the wedge and the slope of the shoe make it all very comfortable. I can stand and walk in these for long periods. They are lovely without light on them but when the sun or light hits, that sparkle is gorgeous! There are also light nude and white colors to choose from, but silver best reflects the beauty of a winter wedding!

Real-time price: $50
Height: 3.75" wrapped block heel
Materials: Faux leather
Size: US5.5-11

4. Wetkiss Platform Chunky Heel Pumps

4.Wetkiss Platform Chunky Heel Pumps

Shop at Amazon

The pumps with simple and classic designs go well with wedding dresses, mini skirts, or jeans. They are friendly to flat wide feet, and the accent jewel on the ankle strap is gorgeous.

Real-time price: $53.99
Height: 10cm/3.93"
Materials: Faux suede upper, rubber sole.
Size: US6-11

5. Danni Platform Pumps

5.Danni Platform Pumps

Shop at Nordstrom

They are retro-chic. Square-toed design and chunky block heels are nice for weddings. The silver sparkly upper sets off winter beauty.

Real-time price: $69.95
Height: 5 1/4" heel; 1 1/2" platform (size 8.5)
Materials: Synthetic upper and lining/rubber sole
Size: US5-11

6. ALDO Cassey Mule Platform

6.ALDO Cassey Mule Platform

Shop at Zappos

Mule cannot be absent from this list, especially a pair of classic-style mules. If you are a free and bold bride, this pair of shoes may be to your liking. But if it’s an outdoor wedding, the frigid temperature might make your heels feel cold! Although it is just a joke, it is not recommended to wear mules at outdoor weddings in winter. Without ties, it is easy to fall off and is very dangerous.

Real-Time Price: $98.96
Height: 4.75” heel, 1.5” platform
Material: Leather upper, polyester and polyurethane lining
Size: US6-11, 8 is unavailable

7. Bella Bella Cream Platform Booties

7.Bella Bella Cream Platform Booties

Shop at Bella Bella

How can we live without boots in winter? A pair of short boots provides you with comfort and warmth. Unlike long boots, which are boring, short boots make you look more energetic and match well with your wedding dress. In addition, the synthetic upper is smooth and blocks dirt well.

Real-time price: $100
Materials: Synthetic
Size: US5.5-10

8. Blindin' Pixie Queen Lace Up Heels

8.Blindin' Pixie Queen Lace Up Heels

Shop at Dolls Kill

Platform heels with straps not only decorate your feet but also make your calf lines smoother and lengthen your legs. The silver, rhinestone, and butterfly design throughout the shoes will make you the center of attention whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding in winter.

Tip: Be careful of tying up since the butterflies are fragile.

Real-time price: $103.6
Height: 5.75" heel, 2.75" platform
Materials: Synthetic upper rubber sole, rhinestones
Size: US5-15

9. Tulle Pearl Thin Heel Platform

9.Tulle Pearl Thin Heel Platform

Shop at Etsy

Some people would say, another dense decoration? No, pearls are not the same as rhinestones and crystals. The pearls are relatively matte, and although they are densely adhered to the surface of the shoes, they are still not too fancy. This is perfect for a low-key bride who wants to look elegant.

Real-time price: $125
Height: 2.55” , 4.33”, 5.9” heel
Materials: Crystal stones, Pearls.
Size: US4.5-10.5

10. NINA Sassie Block Heel Platform Evening Sandal

10.NINA Sassie Block Heel Platform Evening Sandal

Shop at Macy’s

Calling brides who are not afraid of the cold. The tan suede platform has criss-cross straps to better secure your foot and prevent you from falling. This one comes in three colors: Alamo tan, silver, and black. You can choose up to your preference.

Real-Time Price: $129
Height: 4.13" heel, 0.5" platform
Material: Manmade upper and lining, composition leather sole
Size: US5-10

11. REVOLVE Pink Metallic Presecco Sandal

11.REVOLVE Pink Metallic Presecco Sandal


Where are Barbie brides? Despite facing the wintry upset, as the powerful Barbie girls, you can still show your strength and slay for your own. By the way, pink is so bright that it can break the dullness and catch the spotlights.

Real-time price: $130
Height: 4.25" heel, 0.75" platform
Materials: Metallic faux leather upper with manmade sole
Size: US6, 7, 7.5, 9, 9,5, 10

12. MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Laci Embellished Metallic High Heel Platform Sandals

12.MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Laci Embellished Metallic High Heel Platform Sandals

Shop at Bloomingdale’s

Another silver platform! The snowy day or shining party is calling it. There is a golden pair available, but the silver one is more harmonious overall.

Real-time price: $155
Height: 4.5"heel, 1.5" platform, feels like 3" heel
Materials: Specchio leather and fabric upper, polyurethane and fabric upper, synthetic sole
Size: US5-10.

13. Sam EdelmanKori Crushed Velvet Ankle Strap Platform

13.Sam EdelmanKori Crushed Velvet Ankle Strap Platform

Shop at Dillard’s

Real-time price: $159.9
Height: 5.5"heel, 1.7" platform.
Material: Crushed velvet upper, rubber outsole
Size: US4-13

14. Karl Lagerfeld Paris Jala Embellished AnklE-strap Platform Sandals

14.KARL LAGERFELD PARIS Jala Embellished Ankle-Strap Platform Sandals

Shop at Macy’s

Laser gloss is also one of Y2K’s classic elements. The toe of this platform is still not completely square, making it more retro! Coupled with the decoration of various jewelry such as pearls and crystals, don't you think it looks cheap? Just be cheap, this is the essence of Y2K. If you're a Taylor Swift fan, you'll definitely understand me. But the platform can easily cause you to slip, especially if it gets wet or your feet are sweaty, so please be careful.

Real-Time Price: $169
Height: 4-1/2" block heel, 1" platform
Material: Rubber, crystal, pearl
Size: US5-11

15. Badgley Mischka Eliana Pointed Platform

15.Badgley Mischka Eliana Pointed Platform

Shop at Badgley Mischka

After seeing this pair of shoes, I realized that details determine everything. If you are like me and don't like large-scale decoration, then you will definitely like the beaded designs on the sides and straps of this platform. When you walk on the aisle to exchange vows, the guests are pierced by the dazzling light, but They can’t find where the light is coming from!

Real-Time Price: $245
Height: 3.35” heel
Material: Silk satin, leather bottom
Size: US5-11

16. Forever Soles Bloom Platform

16.Forever Soles Bloom Platform

Shop at Forever Soles

How to create warmth in the cold? The answer is to create contrast and add warm elements that are not originally winter, such as blooming flowers. Beaded pearl flowers are added to the surface of this platform. Wear it at a winter wedding and it will immediately transport you to spring! The style of these shoes is very inclusive, you can wear them to your wedding, or wear them to your hen night, bridal shower, and after party to maximize their footprint.

Real-Time Price: $270
Material: Leather
Height: 9.5cm / 3.74" heel, 3cm / 1.18" platform
Size: US5-11

17. Maize Platform Gold Sandal

17.Maize Platform Gold Sandal

Shop at Reformation

It’s this mix of gold and silver that makes this platform look so stylish. This shine is maximized by pleated details on the surface of the shoe, like a two-dimensional version of crinkled tinfoil. If you're at a wedding, the light will be reflected even brighter by the platform at your feet!

Real-Time Price: $278
Height: 2.95” heel, 0.59” platform
Material: Soft foil metallic leather
Size: US5-11

18. HillHouse Home The Party Platform

18.HillHouse Home The Party Platform

Shop at HillHouse Home

Do you want a winter wonderland wedding and you are so eclectic and unconventional? Try the party platform on. The design and rhinestone details are exquisite, which bring brilliant glamour to your look. The shoes are handcrafted by artisans in a family-owned factory in Italy, so you still feel comfortable even if you stand with the platform all day.

Real-time price: $378
Height: 5.5" heel, 1.5" platform
Materials: Linen, rhinestones.
Size: US5-7, US11

19. Custommade Arlina Crystal Platform Heels

19.Custommade Arlina Crystal Platform Heels

Shop at Anthropologie

Real-Time Price: $471
Height: 3.5" heel
Material: Leather, crystal, plastic
Size: US6-10

20. Ivory Satin Platform with Crystals and Rhinestones

20.Ivory Satin Platform with Crystals and Rhinestones

Shop at Etsy

Behold the epitome of bridal elegance! These exquisite wedding shoes, crafted in luxurious ivory satin, combine a timeless platform design with a touch of modern glamour. Adorned with a delicate bow and sparkling crystals rhinestones, they are the perfect choice for the bride who seeks both style and comfort on your special day. But this platform’s stock is not many, but I was impressed by its beauty and sent it out to share with you.

Real-time price: $582.93
Heel: 12 cm Slim, 2 cm external platform
Materials: Satin, crystals, hard leather.
Size: US5.5-11

21. MACH & MACH Triple Heart crystal-embellished satin platform pumps

 21.MACH & MACH Triple Heart crystal-embellished satin platform pumps

Shop at Net-a-Porter

This platform conveys infinite love from the shape of the shoes to the hearts stacked on the toes. Is there any girl who doesn’t like hearts? The sole and flared heel are both thick, making it hard to fall. This one comes in two colors, pink and white, white is classic, and pink is bolder, both suitable for winter, as long as you are confident enough.

Real-Time Price: $1,140 | Shop at Net-a-Porter
Height: 4.5” heel, 1.5” platform
Material: Leather upper, polyester and polyurethane lining.
Size: US6-11, 8 is unavailable

22. Rose Cannelle Tan-Go Platform Sandal 155mm


Shop at Valentino Garavani

Found the super height you want? The heel height of this platform is a full 6.1 inches, allowing you to achieve a taller experience at your wedding. The rose gold patent leather material is very elegant and low-key, suitable for rustic weddings but also very modern. There are also black and ivory colors for you to choose from. But be careful when wearing it, even if you are a heel master!

Real-Time Price: $1,400
Height: 6.1” heel, 2.2” platform
Material: Leather.
Size: US5-12, 5.5 is unavailable


Is it true that brides in winter have few wedding shoe choices? After looking at 22 splendid platforms with different styles, colors, materials, and heights, you already have the answer in your mind. Did this article help you? If so, please leave a message and let me know. You decide the life and death of the wedding platform series.

FAQs about Platform Shoes

What Is Something That Is Easily Ignored about Wedding Platform Shoes?

Tulle is particularly fussy.
One thing I wish I knew before I bought my wedding shoes was to consider that embellishments on my shoes can get caught up with the tulle inside my gown. It made walking down the aisle a bit more difficult than I expected.

If I Change My Shoes from Platform Heels to Flats for the Reception, Doesn’t My Dress Become Too Long?

Yes, but photos are over and it doesn’t really matter too much, the train is what most people step on which you can hook up to the back of your dress usually.

I Want to Wear High Heels Platform at My Wedding despite My Fiance’s Short, What Should I Do?

First off, if you and your fiancé are about the same height, there are men's dress shoes with built-in discreet platforms for just this sort of situation.
Secondly, this is a wedding for you couple, and you can rock any height platforms as long as you don't care.

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