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10 Chic Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas: Embrace Fashion

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Are you looking for bridesmaid dresses that have effortlessly chic shades? Champagne bridesmaid dresses, which are popular this year, will win your heart! You can consider choosing champagne bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids, as they are great for summer weddings and are suitable for a variety of destination weddings, whether indoor or outdoor. In addition, you should talk to your bridesmaids to find out their preferences before choosing bridesmaid dresses. Remember, almost no one dress can fit everyone because everyone's ideal style varies, so discussing it with them will allow the wedding to ensure a uniform style while highlighting the uniqueness and beauty of each bridesmaid.

While we offer both stylish and warm champagne tones, we also offer fabrics that showcase the full beauty of champagne, including soft satin, velvet, sequins, and chiffon, which is one of the most attractive and popular dress colors. Here, you can see a variety of champagne dresses in styles that match current trends. These different styles in the same color can help you create mix-and-match champagne bridesmaid dresses that are highly suitable for your wedding theme.

What Is Champagne Color?

Champagne is a mix of yellow and orange, similar to gold or beige but different from them. Beauty, elegance, dignity, formality, and sophistication are synonymous with champagne. From the last century to this century, champagne color has always occupied an important place in the field of weddings, whether it is for wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses. Fashionistas are very fond of this color. Brigitte Bardot, a French film actress, says, "Champagne is the one thing that gives me zest when I feel tired." In the future, the champagne color will continue to influence the field of bridesmaid dresses as well. So it is a reasonable decision to use champagne as the color of the bridesmaid dresses, and you will definitely not regret it. Why not give it a try?

Ideal Soft Satin Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

We suggest using soft satin as a vehicle to showcase the beauty of the champagne color. Soft satin is one of our representative fabrics, which naturally has the effect of elevating bridesmaid dresses. Thanks to its smooth luster, the champagne color will not only look very luxurious and elegant on this fabric but also give you a gentle and warm feeling. The good drape of it makes champagne bridesmaid dresses less prone to wrinkling. When your girls wear soft satin dresses at your wedding, their dynamic beauty will be fully reflected. While being lightweight and skin-friendly, champagne bridesmaid dresses are also opaque, so your bridesmaids can boldly show off their elegant bodies on your wedding day.

Asymmetric Neckline Mermaid Soft Satin Side Slit Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

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This type of bridesmaid dress is one of the most popular. They have no sleeves, but it is a long dress that is pulled to the ground with a high side slit. The asymmetrical neckline design adds intrigue to the dress and will make your girls stand out on your wedding day. They look perfect when viewed like this. The bright color of champagne shines in the sun, but even in an indoor wedding, it also looks perfect on a modern soft satin bridesmaid dress.

Sexy Soft Satin Unique V-Neck Side Slit Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

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The highlight of this type of champagne bridesmaid dress is the shoulder and pleated design. Farewell to the traditional off-shoulder, this dress is distinctive due to its design of clean lines, which creates an asymmetrical effect. The direction of the pleats on the hips echoes the line of the shoulder. A wide V-neck makes your bridesmaids more sexy and attractive. In addition, because of the high side slit design, this mermaid silhouette will not bind your besties’ legs, ensuring your bridesmaids can walk freely down the wedding aisle.

Sexy One Shoulder Soft Satin Spaghetti Strap Side Slit Mermaid Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Now: Carla

This champagne bridesmaid dress is one of our bestsellers. The unique one-shoulder design and elegant mermaid silhouette are loved by our customers. The high slit design meets your girls' need to show off their legs while also ensuring that they can walk easily. And the champagne color makes the dress more gentle. If one of your besties has glamorous curves, like an hourglass figure, then this dress cannot be missed.

Elegant Soft Satin Strapless Split Side Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Now: Cynthia

If your bridesmaids like distinctive necklines, then this dress is to their taste. The essence of it lies in the design of the upper half of the body, which is like a diamond-like shape and looks incredibly delicate and beautiful against the champagne color. The hemline follows the bridesmaids' curves naturally downward and ends up blooming like a flower, making the heart sing. Whether your besties want to wear accessories or not, this bridesmaid dress is enough to show their beauty.

Sexy Side Slit Soft Satin African Modern Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

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These champagne high side slit dresses are very pretty and formal. The top half is a unique scalloped design that attends to the layering of the dress while also adding to the sophistication that makes the mermaid silhouette. The high waist design can improve the proportion of the bridesmaid's body and visually create the illusion of making the legs appear longer. I think it can be worn by girls of almost any body type because of the style and fabric of these dresses. Champagne is a great color that will make the bridesmaid's complexion look beautiful and healthy, as well as add a luxurious and understated look to the tiki dress as a whole.

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit Off Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Now: Elaine

These champagne bridesmaid dresses are simple and generous in style but have exquisite details. Your bridesmaids' shoulders and necks will be exposed elegantly thanks to the off-shoulder design. With soft satin, these dresses allow your bridesmaids to be comfortable and cozy. The bold and loose pleat design at the hip can outline your besties’ hip lines as well as be the finishing touch to the dresses. They can wear necklaces made of pearls, diamonds, or silver around their necks to highlight the beauty of their collarbones.

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit One Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

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If you want your bridesmaids to look beautiful in your wedding photos and have a good experience on your wedding day, then this dress will win your heart. Borrowed from the modern Greek style, the pleated sloping shoulder design and applied in this dress. The pleats on the hips echo the pleats on the top half of the body, forming a natural curve and adding elegance and fashion to the dress as a whole. If one of your besties loves dresses with Greek elements, ask her to choose this dress!

Sexy Backless Mermaid Side Slit Soft Satin Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Now: Amy

The special feature of this dress is the waist design. Unlike the traditional waistline, two different pleated pieces intersect to form an asymmetrical V-shape. The thin straps and square neckline will allow your bridesmaids to show off their elegant shoulders and necklines. In addition, the A-shaped hemline makes the bridesmaid dresses more atmospheric. Combined with the champagne color, charm and beauty are reflected in your eyes.

Soft Satin Sexy Side Slit One Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Makayla

These one-shoulder champagne bridesmaid dresses have a regal vibe to them. At least it reminds me of this: They look very elegant and beautiful. These generous floor-length dresses have so much warmth and tenderness due to their delicate one-shoulder design and mermaid silhouette. I am sure you will really like it because when your girls wear these champagne bridesmaid dresses, they will look very sophisticated and also accentuate their own style. Your bridesmaids will be delighted with the dress and also with the color, so if you are still having trouble picking a bridesmaid dress, consider this option.

Sexy Simple V-Neck Mermaid Soft Satin Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Shop Now: Carmen

This is our last recommendation for the style of champagne bridesmaid dresses, but its importance is no less than those that preceded it. It is a perfect and classic dress for everyone who likes this plain style. Whether your bridesmaids are fat or thin, they will fit perfectly and be comfortable to wear. V-neck mermaid bridesmaid dresses can be a great way to flatter your bestie's figure and accentuate their curves. Besides wearing it to the wedding, this is also a dress that can be worn to some other events and celebrations later on, as our champagne mermaid dresses are suitable for most kinds of formal occasions.

How to Match With Other Colors

Champagne is a neutral tone, so it is a versatile color. The bridesmaid dresses we offer are generally a single champagne color, so you can match them with champagne bridesmaid dresses without accessories of different colors.

  • Complementary Color: According to the color wheel, it is known that the complementary color of champagne is a pale blue-purple tone. You can match champagne with pale blue, pale purple, or pale blue-purple color. But be careful because the bridesmaid dresses are champagne, so the proportion of these two colors should not be too large. Use smaller and more delicate accessories to match bridesmaid dresses.

  • Analogous Colors: It is also a good choice to match with similar colors. Pairing champagne with a similar color will give your bridesmaids an overall very natural coordination. From brown to beige, you can mix and match as much as you want because it will look good no matter how you match it. Your bridesmaids can match a brown hat or belt, a pair of beige heels, or a necklace, all of which will be very elegant and charming.
  • Neutral Colors: Pairing champagne bridesmaid dresses with other neutral-colored accessories, such as black and white, is a choice that can't go wrong. Pairing black accessories with champagne bridesmaid dresses can enhance the contrast between them, thus creating a visual impact and making your girls eye-catching at the wedding. And white and gray both have an air of elegance that matches the tone of champagne-colored bridesmaid dresses and accentuates the beauty of your girls.


Champagne is one of the great colors for weddings, and you can include it in your wedding color scheme. Choose this color for your bridesmaids, but the style can be based on their own preferences. Think of how glamorous and beautiful your besties will look.

Our champagne bridesmaid dresses come in a full range of sizes, from US 0-US 30, from which you can choose. Of course, we also support customized service, so you just need to provide your girl’s exact body data and say what their need for the style, and we will do it for you. This is a great opportunity to create a dream wedding, so feel free to shop for bridesmaid dresses suitable for them.


How to Pull off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses?

  1. same color with different styles
  2. same style with different colors
  3. different colors and styles

The first way is relatively easy because you can create a harmonious mismatch of bridesmaid dresses and choose the style according to your besties' body types and preferences. The second way is that you need to have some knowledge about color matching and combinations and know which style of dress can be adapted for all your bridesmaids. The third way is the most free because you can combine the styles and colors of the dresses according to your desired style, but it is also the most difficult.

When Can a Bridesmaid Say No to a Particular Dress?

When you feel that the bridesmaid's dresses picked by the bride don't fit or are of a style you don't like, you can give your opinion to the bride so that the wedding can go smoothly. Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, so communicate well with her and decide on the final bridesmaid dresses.

Can Bridesmaids Wear Champagne Dresses?

Absolutely! Champagne is a neutral shade, close to beige, friendly to women of all skin tones, and is one of the popular colors for bridesmaid dresses. If you are worried about clashing colors with the bride's wedding dress, then you don't have to worry. The bride's wedding dress is usually large and very ornate, and the style will be very different from the bridesmaids' dresses, so you won't be overshadowing the beauty of the bride.


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