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12 Best Popular Green Bridesmaid Dresses for Every Style

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Are you looking for a green dress but you are not sure which dress would suit you best or perhaps which color is the best to match your complexion and catch your eyes? Green dresses are very simple when you know how to put them together, but they can also be very complicated. Green colors are very beautiful and they belong to earth colors because grass colors are very popular now on the internet.

Are you looking for a green dress? They are very popular this season, and in this post, I bring you as many as 12 models of green dresses that you will adore this season. Some of the models are emerald green, clover satin, dark green and moss green satin bridesmaid dresses. Each model is special in its own way, 12 models of dresses and each dress is a story for itself, models that you will adore because every colors is as special as the dresses that are made.

12 Best Popular Green Bridesmaid dresses

Some of the models are emerald green, clover satin, dark green and moss green satin bridesmaid dresses. Each model is special in its own way, 12 models of dresses and each dress is a story for itself, models that you will adore because every colors is as special as the dresses that are made.

1. Sage Deep V-Neck Halter Mermaid Long Dress

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The first model is a light green color, a long dress with a neckline that is not on the shoulders but around the neck. If you are going to have a seaside wedding, then this dress will be your best choice. The halterneck neckline adds a casual vibe, and the wrap around the waist will elevate the waistline and show off your figure perfectly. The trailing skirt will help you move freely and easily, and the length of the dress will keep you out of the cold. They are unique, beautiful and perfect for a casual wedding. 

2. Dusty Sage Mermaid Spaghetti Straps V-Neck Sexy Dress

Shop Now: Zoe

The second is a soft satin dress, so it gives a shimmery feel, plus the sage green color—a fresh, natural green reminiscent of spring budding plants. This is a beautiful dress that will take everyone's breath in the room. Of course, you will love this dress too. Only needs simple accessories and simple makeup to accentuate the dress's beauty while also show your beauty.

3. Lime-Green Sexy Soft Satin Cap Sleeves Long Dress

Shop Now: Adrienne

The next model is neon green, I don't think there's a stronger green than this, it's definitely an outfit to keep in mind. The belts are thin, they fall gracefully on the shoulders, the wrinkles at the waist trim the waist well and add a sense of layering, and the skirt opens from the knees down like a blooming flower, which complements the curve of the waist better and looks great.

4. Clover V-Neck Mermaid Side Slit Soft Satin Long Dress

Shop Now: Audrey

The fourth is a very dark green color, like the swamp color, this dress looks great on dark skinned girls as this model is wearing, this dress looks great. The model of the dress accentuates her slender figure but also looks incredibly hot and ultra sexy.

5. Moss Side Slit Unique Off Shoudler Mermaid Dress

Shop Now: Christina

The next model is on the line, another dress with a strong green color, a very decent dress that can be a wedding dress but also for big graduations. A dress with shoulders, with a narrow waist, looks perfect, with a cut it looks even more beautiful and elegant.

6. Green Satin Spaghetti Straps Tea Length Dress

Shop Now: Rosalie

The sixth model of the green dress that I want to show you is a short dress, below the knee. It's a dark green color, which suits girls of any skin tone. With thin shoulders and a narrow waist, it looks gorgeous and I think it will look beautiful and fantastic on girls of any age. And the dress is made of satin like all the previous ones, ideal for weddings.

7. Emerald elegant A-Line Sleeveless Chiffon Dress

Shop Now: Shea

The next model is an interesting dress, which takes your breath away, in which you want to feel great and elegant because the dress itself is like that. One strong green color, long dress, with shoulders, and be made from chiffon, this dress is raised at the waist to elevate your figure and give you the perfect look. A long, ball gown that is perfect for bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are important at a wedding, so maybe this is the right dress for your green wedding.

8. Dark-Green Sequin V-Neck Sparkly Mermaid Dress

Shop Now: Lilianna

It's the eighth dress, dark green but with sequins, girls love sequins, they love decorations and details, this dress is perfect. The dark green dress with sequins is luxury, it looks so good, with thicker straps but a fantastic cut.

9. Peacock Spaghetti Strap Sequins Floor-Length Dress

Shop Now: Irene

The ninth dress that I want to show you from the category of green dresses is exactly this one. Green dress with sequins this is a real dress that glows in the dark. With thin arms, a narrow waist, you will shine in the night. Glitter—it's every girl's dream.

10. Jade A-Line Sleeveless High Neck Floor-Length Dress

Shop Now: Valerie

Next is number 10. A dress that is turquoise, mixed with blue and green, the resulting turquoise color. Simple, girly and looks youthful, you can complement it with good shoes and a bag.

11. Turquoise A-Line Chiffon Sleeveless Elegant Long Dress

Shop Now: Sloane

The dress number 11 is a green long dress, which has details around the neck, the arms are completely exposed, widening from the waist down, very luxurious and very easy to combine. Green color sometimes seems difficult, but in essence it is very beautiful, subtle and the best for weddings.

12. Mint-green Simple Satin One Shoulder Mermaid Dress

Shop Now: Celestine

And finally, the last but not the least important dress is a beautiful green and blue satin dress, it is made of the most beautiful satin. This is a one shoulder dress with a spaghetti strap, which accentuates the waist and looks divine. In this dress you will feel beautiful, sexy and very seductive. The length is long enough, just long enough to reveal a little of the shoes.


Each of these models are unique, they have something different, the colors are different above all, each color is the best for itself. If you are someone who likes sequins, zircons, satin, then these are the dresses for you. Green dresses are a special kind of love, they can be easily combined, but they can also give you headaches. The best of all is that you can wear these dresses to a wedding, big graduation or any event important to you. Bridesmaids have their hands full when it comes to dresses because there is a large selection and it is difficult to decide. If you can’t decide on one style or color of bridesmaid dress, why not let your girls choose their own dress? Mix and match bridesmaid dresses are a popular trend for 2022, and it’s a great way to let each of your bridesmaids show their personality.

When it comes to decoration, if you have decided on a green wedding, it will be much easier than you think. Green color is available all around us, you can use green colors of leaves, flowers, green grass to decorate the room, decorate the tables and everything you wanted for your big day. I am sure that you will know and feel how to complete your big and important day.

Let us know, which model do you like best? Do you like green colored dresses? In which dress would you get married?


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