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How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dress: Colors and Styles

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The first question faced by new couples who want to make a good wedding is: what color to choose as the main color of the wedding? The bridesmaid, as a beautiful landscape in the wedding, has also become the key to choosing the main color. So choosing the right wedding color is the most important thing. Having bridesmaid dresses that fit in with the overall theme of your wedding is important. Except your personal preferences, bridesmaid dresses should be suitable for the wedding theme and complement the wedding dress to perfection. The perfect bridesmaid dress should set off the wedding dress, flowers and invitations—and help set the tone of your wedding. Here comes the question— how to choose the colors of bridesmaid dresses? What colors can become the fashion trend this year? This blog mainly starts with the color matching of bridesmaid dresses and discusses the selection of fabric and styles. We hope to inspire you.


Usually bridesmaid dresses are mainly elegant, decent, simple, natural and generous, and should not be too glamorous, otherwise it will have an overwhelming effect. And the overall feeling should not cover the beauty of the bride's clothing. The color should not be thick and bright, but simple and elegant. We have selected 66 most commonly used and most suitable wedding colors. These colors are not highly saturated. Do not overpower the bride in terms of visual effects. It is recommended to use light colors such as pink and dusty blue to set off the gentle atmosphere of the wedding. In addition, refreshing colors such as goose yellow and mint green can also be considered, which are more suitable for outdoor weddings, but the key point is to be unified with the main color of the wedding decoration.

Here are some recommended colors and styles of bridesmaid dresses. I believe this set of luxurious and unassuming bridesmaid dresses will definitely become the best choice for bridesmaid.

Mint-Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Mint-Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Green was undoubtedly the most popular last year. Mint green has also begun to become a new trend this year. Mint green has high brightness and moderate purity, which is why it gives people a refreshing feeling. Its bright color is especially eye-catching during weddings. The low-saturation mint green and the simple design bring a touch of sweetness and modernity, which is used in weddings to refresh the overall feeling and present a more avant-garde, more contemporary popular color.This color is more suitable for outdoor weddings.

Dusty-Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
Dusty-Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Dusty blue is an eternal color and a symbol of purity. The blue theme wedding, which represents pure love, is a perfect combination of exquisite, elegant, profound, noble and romantic atmosphere. Dusty blue can be said to be everyone's first choice in recent years. I personally love our chiffon fabric in the dusty blue tone, because it’s so airy and chic. However, a major perk of this color is that it will be gorgeous in other types of fabric as well. Dusty blue has a gentle and dreamy temperament. It has the tranquility of the sea and the deep sense of the sky. If it is used as the main color of the wedding, it will make people relaxed and comfortable. Dusty Blue is definitely an infallible choice. This color is suitable for outdoor and indoor wedding all.

Marigold Bridesmaid Dresses
Marigold Bridesmaid Dresses

If dusty blue isnt your thing, feel it too cold, then you can try this warmer color, marigold. Warmer colors is the perfect way to counter-balance the cooler color. The explanation for marigold color is that it is bathed in sunlight and has nostalgic tones, not as dazzling as golden yellow, but like golden ornaments on the Egyptian pharaoh, exuding a mature, noble and long-lasting temperament. The marigold color not only has a warm and cheerful side but has a mellow side in the setting sun. It is bright but not dazzling. The retro color creates a warm and stylish wedding effect. See more of the jumping lemon yellow and clear goose yellow, the marigold texture is more connotative. This color is more dignified and elegant that will suit to indoor wedding.

The style is simpler than that of the bride's wedding dress; the style is more simple and elegant, and can also set off the bride well. The styles of bridesmaid dresses are diverse in its collar and skirt designs. A closer look at our bridesmaid dresses reveals the difference in collar shapes and even the design of folds.

  • The Matching of Bridesmaid Dress Styles and Body Type

Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, finding a bridesmaid dress that will highlight the beauty of each body type. For the skinny person, the upper body of the bridesmaid dress can have wavy or fold design to make the upper body plump, and the lower body can choose the A-shaped version. If you want to show the slender legs, consider choosing a dress with a slit or rise no higher than the knee. You will achieve that slightly sexy look without making anyone uncomfortable. For the plump body, you can choose the cap sleeves or the big V-neck style, which can lengthen the neck and make the face and body look thinner. The lower body can choose mermaid dresses to highlight the figure, and the waist design can show the waist line more.

A-line Bridesmaid Dress
Short Bridesmaid Dress
Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress

Reflect your personal style


Chiffon bridesmaid dresses

An easy, breezy chiffon dress is a flattering choice for women of any size. Because it floats away from the body without adding too much volume, the style of this dress lengthens and slims.

 If you're not sure what color is going to work best for you, either you or the bride can order a swatch to test before you purchase. Our chiffon dresses are absolutely flying out right now, it’s so exciting to see and hear the positivity for the weddings. We’re with you! We’re dreaming again. If you like our blog, please share it with your friends. Maybe they will find it useful as well! We will highly appreciate your sharing.


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