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18 Whimsical Purple and Blue Wedding Ideas: Celebrating Love in Harmony Hues

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Purple and blue are originally from the same family. Purple comes from the mixture of blue and red, which is one of the three primary colors of light. This also explains why they often go so well together, like blue and green, red and orange. Different shades of purple and blue bring a dreamy and romantic atmosphere to wedding colors, but at the same time, the rich creative space makes it difficult to start. First of all, you need to confirm your wedding theme and style, whether it is a subtle light tone, a rich dark tone, or a bold mixed style. Secondly, list the clothing and decorations that you need to add blue and purple elements. Here are the requirements You understand color combinations and how they suit your skin tone. You can browse purple and blue wedding-related images by asking a wedding planner, or come here, yes you are already here, and we have them covered.

Inspiration can be stimulated and accumulated. If you are pursuing more uniqueness and beauty in your specific purple and blue wedding planning, scroll on to read, and get your creativity flow.

1. Blue & Purple Lilac Watercolor Invitation

1.Blue & Purple Lilac Watercolor Invitation

Image Source: Pinterest

Watercolor elements can always bring the hazy beauty you want at any time. The blue and purple of this invitation are perfectly integrated. There is no clear boundary, but the logic is clear and the priorities are different. The white part in the middle highlights the key content: the newlywed’s names, which is both simple and practical.

2. Galaxy Gold Wedding Invitation

2.Galaxy Gold Wedding Invitation

Image Source: Pinterest

Want your invitations to look high-end and gorgeous? Consider dark purple and blue, paired with gold design fonts. The shiny metallic wedding invitations reflect the depth of the starry sky, full of richness. This kind of gloss makes them look more textured, everyone who received them will feel valued.

3. Purple Candy Favors

3.Purple Candy Favors

Image Source: Pinterest

Ball-shaped purple candies and flat blues combine to make a great addition to your wedding. The crisp sound of crispy candies colliding with glass jars is part of the wedding symphony and your beloved shares the joy and sweetness of love with you on this special day.

4. Blue-Packed Lavender

4.Blue-Packed Lavender

Image Source: Pinterest

Who can resist the scent of lavender? The exquisite blue patterned woven bag continues the mystery of lavender, while the yellow drawstring neutralizes the loneliness of cold colors. Plus, this wedding favor is also portable, you can take it with you or hang it in the space you want to be filled with lavender fragrance.

5. Floral Table Centrepiece

5.Floral Table Centrepiece

Image Source: Pinterest

Bring the garden to your table! The premise is that you have to use some soft tablecloths and tableware, such as pink and white, so that it will look like flowers growing naturally from the pink tabletop! With purple and blue petals at the visual center, your guests will be mesmerized as they chat and enjoy their meal, and will be impressed by your meticulous attention to detail.

6. Whimsical Lavender and Navy Blue

6.Whimsical Lavender and Navy Blue

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are interested in dark colors, the combination of lavender napkins and royal blue table linen will definitely make your eyes shine. Vintage china and candlesticks create a chic retro feel, and it will definitely be an elegant purple and blue wedding.

7. Vibrant Hydrangea Arch

7.Vibrant Hydrangea Arch

Image Source: Pinterest

Exchanging vows under the lush hydrangea arch symbolizes the eternity and abundance of your future life. If you don’t want the tone to be too dark, add some white hydrangea and champagne roses to make your garden wedding feel more like a fairyland.

8. Tiny Macaron Tower

8.Tiny Macaron Tower

Image Source: Reddit

Macaron’s sophisticated look always brings impeccable elegance to your wedding. The simple combination of blue and purple is really the focus of the dessert table, and guests will not be able to resist tasting them first.

9. Wedding Cake With Purple and Ombré Blue

9. Wedding Cake With Purple and Ombré Blue

Image Source: theKnot

Behold the pièce de résistance of your purple and blue wedding--the ombré floral cake. As you and your loved one slice into this enchanting creation, from rich berry purple to delicate blue hues, every bite is a celebration, sweetly reminding each guest that today is a day worth remembering forever.

10. Dessert and Fruit Buffet

10. Dessert and Fruit Buffet

Image Source: Freepik

Blueberries, grapes, prunes...the natural colors of fruits add color to a wedding. Just watch your guests enjoying them and smiling.

11. Organic Blue Pea Flower Tea

11.Organic Blue Pea Flower Tea

Image Source: Freepik

Please share this healthy drink with non-alcoholic people. It’s so beautiful. When Phalaenopsis meets lemon juice, the color transforms into a vibrant and beautiful magenta. This psychedelic look is perfect for a purple and blue wedding!

12. Baby Blue Bridal Robes

12.Baby Blue Bridal Robes

Image Source: Pinterest

Baby blue silk robes are perfect for summer and spring weddings and will keep you and your bridal squad looking vibrant. The pastel shades of light blue create a peaceful atmosphere that contrasts with the excitement and joy that fills the air. The comfortable robes and your friends’ smiles will forever be captured in the getting-ready photos!

13. Beach Mermaid Wedding Dress With Purple Train

13. Beach Mermaid Wedding Dress With Purple Train

Image Source: Pinterest

You can become a mermaid, just add some purple to the train of your mermaid dress. At your beach wedding, you make your love commitments by the ocean, with the water caressing your feet and your dress becoming a seamless part of the natural beauty that surrounds you. The chiffon and tulle fabrics keep you elegant at all times, allowing you to leave everlasting memories on your big day.

14. Black Tuxedo With Blue Orchid Boutonniere

14.Black Tuxedo With Blue Orchid Boutonniere

Image Source: Pinterest

You can always trust the surprise that orchids will bring to your wedding, especially when combined with peacock feathers, it is an exotic beauty. While the black suit lapel becomes a canvas, the purple orchid corsage becomes a small but impactful detail that enhances the groom's personality.

15. Dreamy Bouquet

15.Dreamy Bouquet

Image Source: Pinterest

What do you think of a dreamy bouquet? Believe me, as soon as the purple tone appears, you will immediately know the meaning of the word dream. As you walk down the aisle with this exquisite bouquet, set against a purple and blue wedding theme, everyone will be immersed in this lavender haze-enveloped dream.

16. Satin Bridesmaid Dresses in Pink Way

16.Satin Bridesmaid Dresses in Pink Way

The bridal team, which mainly uses pink tones, is especially suitable for summer outdoor weddings. The satin bridesmaid dress will not stick to your body even if you sweat, and it will still drape well. The addition of pink makes your purple and blue color palette look more vibrant, infusing your wedding with a fairytale dream.

17. Spotlight Tie

17.Spotlight Tie

Image Source: Pinterest

Wear a gray tuxedo but a grape purple tie and purple can easily become the center of attention. Color matching is logical, the key lies in what effect you are pursuing. Whether it's rich or soft, if you want a low-key look, this kind of purple to embellish a large area of white and gray may be what you want.

18. Blue Bridesmaid and Purple Groomsmen

18.Blue Bridesmaid and Purple Groomsmen

Image Source: Dressy

Here comes the effortless purple and blue fusion! The groomsmen speech  wear blue and the bridesmaids wear purple. The neat color combination will be very pleasing to the eye, especially in wedding photos. At the same time, the couple is very smart. The bouquets and posy bouquets are all uniform green leaves and white flowers, forming a harmonious picture.

All in All

From wedding decorations to attire, you can capture your imagination in every aspect for your purple and blue wedding. If this issue makes your inspiration flow like spring water, then please share it and help more people!

FAQs about Purple and Blue Wedding Ideas

What Does Purple and Blue Represent?

Blue: Calm, Responsible, Sadness. Purple: Creativity, Royalty, Wealth.

Do Royal Blue and Purple Go Together?

Emerald, garnet and amethyst purple are jewel-tone colors that go well with royal blue because they are equally sumptuous.

Are Purple and Blue Complementary Colors?

In the traditional red, yellow, blue color wheel, the complementary color combinations are as follows: red and green. yellow and purple. blue and orange.

What Colors Do Not Go with Purple?

Bright orange and red are two examples of colors that can clash with purple and create a jarring and overwhelming space. Additionally, it's best to avoid pairing purple with too many other bold colors, as it can make the space feel overwhelming.


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