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6 Enchanting Palettes to Embrace Rustic Wedding Colors

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Rustic wedding colors, a perennial choice that transcends fleeting trends, offer an enduring allure rooted in their timelessness and versatility. We can find their shadow in almost all weddings, beach weddings, old West style, country weddings, garden weddings, etc., rustic wedding colors can always make your celebration elegant and timeless no matter what season.

They are all-inclusive, from neutral colors to luxurious metallic accents and jewel tones, your inspiration will definitely flow out again. Whether you prefer an understated way, or a free-spirited bohemian style, rugged Western wedding idea, you can whip up a rustic color palette to celebrate your love. If you’re excited about this, scroll down and get inspired!

What Are Rustic Wedding Colors

What Are Rustic Wedding Colors

As the name suggests, try to paint in your mind a picture that connects you to nature, and list their colors. There are light neutral colors such as champagne, ivory, blush pink, tan, taupe, beige, etc., as well as rich jewel tones and metal colors, gold, silver, regal sapphire, and burgundy. Combine these colors with outdoor garden weddings, sunset beach weddings, and country barn weddings, you will find that rustic elements are actually everywhere.

So how to create a rustic color palette for your special day? First, you need to determine your main color, such as green or champagne, and then choose appropriate accent colors according to your wedding style, which is to complement the theme color or serve as a contrast. Based on the rule for using accent colors, you can consider the 60/30/10 theory. The dominant color takes up to 60%, the main accent color takes up to 30% and the final 10% should be a secondary accent color. However, this is mainly suitable for weddings that have a specific space, such as indoor weddings. Outdoor weddings provide more creative space and you can feel free to play with the rations.

6 Rustic Color Palettes

Here are 6 common rustic color palettes you can learn. Let’s look at these weddings over and over and mentally arrange rustic wedding colors for your big day.

1. Terracotta Color Palette

1.Terracotta color palette

Image Source: Pinterest, Instagram, ChicSew

Terracotta colors are popular for fall and winter weddings, with the earthy palette bringing out the warmth of a sunset and infusing the venue with a cozy, intimate feel. The earth tones of terracotta give it the versatility to blend elegantly with ivory whites and beiges, with the passion of burnt orange, and with natural sage green to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

2. Go Out with Metal Colors

2.Go Out with Metal Colors

Image Source: Pinterest

What’s the key to a bride’s dazzling metallic shine? It's satin fabric. Surrounded by the copper bridesmaids, the bride wearing a satin fabric dress will undoubtedly get the spotlight of the outdoor wedding due to the gloss and high saturation of the satin. The textured brushed metal tableware and the exquisite-looking metal candle holder create an elegant and lasting atmosphere. This boho 2-tier wedding cake is a masterpiece in its own right, with splashes of gold on one side that reflect a fusion of opulence and rusticity. Rich Burgundy florals add a touch of depth and warmth to the metallic palette, creating a harmonious visual symphony that echoes the fusion of modern and rustic.

3. Light Neutral Wedding Colors

3.Light Neutral Wedding Colors

Image Source: Pinterest, Freepik, ChisSew

Light neutral wedding colors will definitely be loved by understated newlyweds. In addition, what cannot be ignored is the versatility of neutral rustic wedding colors, which can not only become accent colors of jewel tones but also complement the colorful soft palette. From indoors to outdoors, from summer to winter, the neutral color palette based on ivory, champagne, and taupe can always create a refined and earthy celebrating atmosphere. Imagine the setting as the sun sets, bathing the venue in the warm glow of twinkling lights, adding an enchanting allure to the party. Paired with taupe linens, champagne centerpieces, and a pink wedding cake, this light neutral palette invites guests into a timeless paradise where simplicity meets sophistication and rusticity dances with elegance.

4. Sage Green Wedding

4.Sage Green Wedding

Image Source: Freepik, Pinterest

When it comes to winter weddings, sage green must be a frequent star, because it can always create a warm atmosphere for your big day in a subtle way. With olive green and emerald green symbolizing nature and the outdoors, your wedding color palette will be more layered and create a deeper connection with nature. Eucalyptus provides a variety of options for wedding decorations, bouquets, table centerpieces, and aisle chair decorations, it is everywhere but just plays as a backdrop. Royal blue suits are a natural match for green colors, reflecting charming forest tones. Don’t forget the lovely flower girls, their smiles in green tulle dresses create everlasting memories for the simple wedding colors.

5. Soft Color Palette

5.Soft Color Palette

Image Source: Pinterest

Here comes summer weddings, and soft colors are the elements that will make your wedding full of energy and vibrancy. Available in blue, green, pink, ivory, and more, these hues create a vivid and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for an enchanting celebration. Beaches, gardens, and backyards are popular venues for summer outdoor weddings, and you can customize them according to your wedding destination. Design the wedding scene you want with primary colors. The lush green garden wedding complemented the light blue, the tan-toned beach provided a natural backdrop for the mint bridal squad, and the blue centerpiece in the backyard was the focus of the wedding ceremony.

6. Jewel Tone Wedding

6.Jewel Tone Wedding

Image Source: Pinterest

Jewel tones always bring opulence to rustic colors within a natural setting. Ruby reds, rich emeralds, regal sapphires, and gold intertwine seamlessly, turning the venue into a magical haven. Some brides may find terracotta colors tacky, but add them appropriately luxurious jewel-toned décor can avoid these, especially in the cold and dry seasons like autumn and winter. The gray suit is a smart move that effortlessly blends with highly saturated tones, balancing the rich and aristocratic temperament and returning to the rustic celebration theme.

To Conclude

In a nutshell, rustic wedding colors can be soft and elegant or luxe-like jewelry, depending on how you use and balance them.

If this article breaks your stereotype of rustic wedding colors and gets your creative juices flowing, I’d be grateful if you could share it.

FAQs about Rustic Wedding Colors

Why Are Rustic Wedding Colors So Popular?

Because there are so many of them and the combinations they produce! Compared with the monotonous traditional church wedding colors, rustic wedding colors are more casual and have more varied styles.

Are Rustic Wedding Colors Equal to Rustic Weddings?

Although generally soft and muted, rich and deep shades of color can be considered rustic as well. So long as you avoid bright, tropical, neon-like colors you can easily bring some rustic flavor, through the use of color, to any wedding.

Do You Have Any Rustic Wedding Color Inspiration Instead of Common Rustic Items Like Jars, Woodens?

I think a lot depends on the colors you favor. If you lean toward soft creamy pastels, there's lots of rustic there. But if you tweak your palate, it's easier to filter out all the wood and mason jars. For example, I prefer midnight blue with silver and white accents, so I went for a starry night-type theme.


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