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A Step-by-Step Guide: The Ultimate Best Man Speech Template

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Public speaking is one of the top concerns for more than 75% of people. Fortunately, everyone can learn how to be the best man. Among the wedding guests, a well-crafted event toast can transform the proceedings. It gives you a sense of celebrity status.

It is a privilege and a responsibility to be the best man. The groom values you and your friendship so much that it is clear from the title alone. Making the best man speech template at the reception is one job responsibility. This speech is an exciting, if nerve-wracking, chance to express your love and excitement for the groom, his wife, and their future together.

Nothing at all; no pressure! We're here to help you ace your big moment with all the best man speeches. We will share examples, tips, and FAQs you could need in this guide. Now, let's get started!

Best Man Speech Template Guide

Best Man Speech Template Guide
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This succinct toast template is an excellent way to compose a best-man speech quickly. Aim for a toast time of three to five minutes. You can list the salient points of each section on numbered index cards. Then, in the days preceding the event, practice in front of the mirror a few times.

The most straightforward speech plan consists of 9 primary parts:

1. Start By Introducing Yourself

Good day, everyone. You can all agree that this has been a fantastic wedding celebration.

However, every rainbow always has a cloud, so you must now listen to me. I should give a decent introduction. As John's closest friend and best man today, I'm Jim. I feel so happy to be selected as the best man.

2. Greeting The Guest

Greeting The Guest
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You'll feel more at ease and able to get into your rhythm when you've finished the first sentence. Welcoming the audience is the most crucial thing you should make sure you do at the beginning of the speech. On behalf of the bride and groom, this can be a brief statement welcoming them and expressing gratitude for attending the ceremony.

It might also be an excellent opportunity to express your gratitude to the bride and her bridesmaids and to say how honored you are to be the best man.

You may even joke that you could be better at public speaking and that this part of the speech would be brief. It will not prevent the other guests from anticipating a long meal or wedding cake.

3. Express Gratitude To The Other Presenters

Give the prior speaker props once you've addressed the audience to ease into your speech. It is your moment to alert your listeners to the speech's silly sentiment if you know it. For example to say: Let's thank the beautiful lady of honor for her amazing speech. Prepare your tissues for this if you found her speech as thoughtful and lovely as mine.

4. Tell About Yourself And How You Got To Know The Groom

The following items on the schedule should tell the audience how you met the groom and give a more thorough introduction. Ascertain that the guests know your name and your relationship with the groom.

Now is the time to share any amusing tale you may have about how you two met. Discuss your first impressions of the groom and whether you clicked immediately.

5. A Brief Statement About The Bride

The Best Man Speech Template mentions more than just the groom. I will add a few remarks regarding the bride. It is rare for the best man and the bride to be close friends. Like this: Don't worry, John—it's not that close. Kamelia is one of the kindest and most pleasant people ever. She also has a slight control problem. Fortunately, John is incredibly lazy, so they make the ideal pair!

6. Give the Happy Couple Your congratulations

Give the Happy Couple Your congratulations
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You'll undoubtedly be eager to finish your speech and get back in your chair by the time you've cracked a few jokes (is anyone else experiencing severe dry mouth?).

Keeping that in mind, this is the ideal time to wish the groom and his new spouse luck in their future together and to congratulate them on their happiness. It is that simple!

For example:

The ladies and gentlemen in this room wish you all the happiness you so richly deserve. This day serves as a reminder that the best is still yet to come, and we are so happy that you have discovered each other. To the joyous couple!

After eight years of knowing John and Kamelia, I can genuinely state that they are meant to be together. They were both fantastic when they first met, and now that John and Kamelia are a team, it will be even more impressive as they set out on their new journey as husband and wife. I raise a glass to John and Kamelia and wish you both happiness, health, and serenity.

Kamelia: John spent much time composing this speech for me, so I know how much he loves you. Best wishes to the two of you!

7. On The Day Of The Wedding

When your jokes and stories about the groom run out, it's time to offer a few praises. You may begin by discussing the wedding day itself, mentioning how amazing it has been thus far and how much work has gone into the day.

8. Thank The Couple’s Parents

After that, thank the couple's parents. Express gratitude to the couple's parents for producing exceptional individuals and throwing such a fantastic celebration if they contributed to the wedding expenses.

As an illustration, consider this say: Let me start by sincerely thanking the couple's parents for creating two incredible individuals who I am lucky enough to call my closest friends. Additionally, I want to thank their parents for organizing such a fantastic event that we can all enjoy this evening.

9. Concluding Remarks And Congrats

It would help if you asked the audience to join you in toasting the bride and groom after you've concluded the story and expressed gratitude to the bridal party. Act as though you are speaking for them, and congratulate the newlyweds for a pleased ending.

You ought to conclude your speech with a sincere toast to the newlyweds. Invite the guests to stand and join you in toasting to the happy couple after you've said a few well wishes and hopes for them.

Best Man Speech Template Examples

Funny Example Of The Best Man Speech Template

Funny Example Of The Best Man Speech Template
Image Source: Unsplash

We love funny best-man speeches the most. You get to greet the happy couple with love and congratulations while showcasing your comic talents.

Hi there! In case you're unfamiliar, my name is [Your Name], and I'm the best man. I've known [Groom's Name] since middle school, which would have been before we realized that neither of us looked well in mullets.

I've been advised by [Groom's Name] and [Spouse's Name] to steer clear of certain subjects in my speech; thus, [after perusing the cue cards, shake your head and toss all save one to the ground in a dramatic manner.]

[Taking a reading from the last cue card] I've never had a better friend than [Groom's Name]. There are too many amazing things that he has accomplished to list them all. Hello, [Name of Groomsman], I'm having trouble reading your handwriting!

But it's all true. I'm proud to be standing with this person today; he's a fantastic friend and the finest I have.

[Name of Spouse], I failed to be the most attractive person in the room today. You are stunning and vibrant. I couldn't be happier for the two of you.

May you always be happy with the simple things in life, such as Star Wars and your Xbox. Oh, wait, that's my objective. You should be happy with each other and work hard to ensure you are happy for the rest of your lives. Swearing in the newlyweds!

A Short Best Man Speech Template

A Short Best Man Speech Template
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Will you kindly give me your attention, ladies and gentlemen? I'm here as the best man to share a few words about the fantastic love story of my fantastic friend [the groom's name] and his stunning bride [the bride's name]. We've been through thick and thin together, and I've had the honor of seeing [Groom's name] develop as a person.

However, I didn't notice a shift in him that I can only characterize as transformative until [Bride's name] entered his life. Through life's ups and downs, their love is a beacon for them. Let's celebrate the newlyweds—a pair who have discovered genuine fellowship in addition to love. I hope your journey is complete with love, passion, and friendship.

Best Man Speech For A Brother

Best Man Speech For A Brother
Image Source: Pexels

Have examples of the best man speech template for your brother? Give your elder or younger sibling a heartfelt message using our speech below as a model.

My parents bought me a brother for my fourth birthday. My wish was a puppy.

But really, [Groom's Name] aspired to achieve whatever I did when they were younger. He was often following me around. I used to let him play with my Matchbox cars as he crept into my room. Our parents may force me to eat my broccoli to persuade him to eat his.

He started following his path after I left for college. He got involved in volunteer activities. Of course, he found [Spouse's Name] and a job he likes. He also found a reasonably fantastic apartment.

My brother is fortunate to have someone like you in his life. You are the kindest person I have ever encountered, [Spouse's Name]. Thank you for being here for him.

It is a great pleasure seeing you find each other, especially since I expect a sister today. Oh, and I would like to correct the information. Thank goodness I wasn't given a puppy that day. Little brother, you are loved.

To the two of you, congratulations. As a married couple, I hope you have much love, laughter, and happiness. To the newlyweds, cheers!

Tips For The Best Man Speech Template

Tips For The Best Man Speech Template
Image Source: Pexels

Best Man Speech Time

Usually, the meal at the wedding reception is when wedding speeches are given. According to Croce, the best time to start the remarks is roughly three-quarters of the way through dinner, while everyone is still sitting and completing their food.

Duration Of The Speech

Try to keep it between two and three or at least five minutes. The best man, family, and other wedding party members frequently make remarks so the maid of honor speeches won't have to occupy the entire time. Keep it brief and sweet!

Write Your Best Man Speech In Advance

A written best man speech template or bullet points to keep them on track will boost confidence in even the most eloquent speakers. Anxiety can cause memory problems, so don't feel like a failure if you have to carry notes.

Other Tips You Must Know

  • Play as much as you can with your relationship! Are the two of you brothers? Do you have the finest friendship possible? No matter how well you know the man, incorporate stories about your relationship wherever you can into the speech.
  • Talk slowly, pausing sometimes to laugh. Always.
  • If you're a little apprehensive, rehearse often and use cue cards.
  • Read any messages someone has sent if they cannot attend on the day.
  • Steer clear of making too many inane jokes your visitors won't get; it will confuse them.
  • Keep it civil. Serving as best man may let you poke fun at the groom, but go only a little. His parents are paying attention.
  • Use your Dutch courage sensibly. Save the pictures for after you've finished speaking.

Things You Should Avoid At Best Man Template

  • Don't go beyond the allotted 2–5 minutes.
  • Don't let it be about you.
  • Steer clear of crude humor.
  • Don't disregard the bride. Tell her how pleased you are that she will spend her final years with your friend.
  • Steer clear of insulting comments. Even for a single day, maintain your civility.
  • Fears that the Groom Has
  • Made significant errors in the past, incredibly humiliating tales, insults directed against the Bride or other wedding attendees.


The groom will never forget the best man's speech, which also serves as a means of strengthening your bond. We're sure you'll ace your speech if you prepare it in advance and are considerate. Luckily, our best man speech template and advice will make you feel more prepared. Remember to practice in front of others as well! It's essential to see how others respond, evaluate your level of anxiety, and estimate the time it will take you to repeat.


What Topics Are Off-Limits During The Best Man Speech?

  • Don't Ask the Bride to Marry You
  • Steer clear of drunken conversation.
  • Don't Bring Up Sexual Topics with the Bridesmaids
  • Don't Angry the Elderly
  • Prevent Zinging the Bride Prevent Burning the Groom

In His Speech, The Best Man Thanks What?

3 Best Man, On behalf of the wedding party, thank the groom for his gifts and remarks. Toasts - To the happy couple, Mr and Mrs... Extras: The best man will read well wishes and notes from guests who could not attend, as well as deliver any messages on behalf of the couple, the venue, and the wedding coordinator.

Does Your Best Man Speech Have To Be Funny?

Your best man's speech has to be funny. We recommend including one or two anecdotes, such as your most treasured moments with the groom (and their spouse, if desired). Selecting a story should be brief and cheerful; avoid picking one that goes on and on without a touching or humorous conclusion.

At A Wedding, Who Speaks First—The Maid Of Honor Or The Best Man?

The groom, the best man, the maid of honor, and any additional wedding party speakers take turns speaking after the bride's father.

What Is The Best Man's Rule?

The groom's right-hand man at the wedding is known as the best man. This individual, typically a close friend or relative, is requested to encourage and help the groom in whatever way they can, both before and during the wedding.

How Should A Wedding Speech Be Concluded?

As with any other section of your wedding speech, close on a happy note. It might be a farewell hug, a final blessing, or even a final thank-you. Now that you've completed the problematic portion of the speech, all that's left is to add more love and warmth.


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