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5 Shades of Red Bridesmaid Dresses That Are Popular at Chicsew

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Red dresses have been popular since our distant history, women adored them, they were very happy to combine them with shoes and handbags. Since the Middle Ages, the red color signifies victory. The belief from the past that the color red brings love and peace still lives among us. It is still believed that the color red brings love but also elegance. Incredibly elegant and above all comfortable. When a woman wears a red dress, she will surely be noticed in society. The color red will do its job. And if you want, win over a man, because according to research, the color red makes women attractive. Red color, the color of love, is the most temperamental color and evokes very intense feelings, this color is bold, warm, fiery, often dramatic, sometimes intriguing and almost always causes reactions. The red color is immediately noticeable, it also symbolizes energy, wealth, excitement, speed, danger, love.  

When it comes to red wedding decorations, there is as much as your heart desires. There are so many beautiful things that you simply won't know where to start. Red roses, red napkins, red and white cakes, there is so much you can decorate. Painting board, tables, hall where you will get married, everything you want to paint red. Red flowers are beautiful for painting, decoration from balloons to everything is also beautiful. Everything is beautiful about the color red, you can achieve anything you imagine. Red roses are the most beautiful thing in the world, I think there is no greater sign of love than flowers. Anyone who wanted to please and surprise their better half bought red roses because they are the most beautiful.

Plus, red bridesmaid dresses add the perfect touch of romance to your big day and can work for any season. So in the post these are 5 shades of red that we are going to recommend to you the 5 most popular shades of red from the official website of chicsew. Shades are: Watermelon, Red, Burgundy, Cabernet and Mulberry. Let's get started.

Watermelon is the first color of the dress we're talking about, a very beautiful dress with accessories over the neck, a thick frill falls on one shoulder. Ideal details that make a long dress attractive and ambitious. Silver or gold shoes with high heels will be an additional plus because high heels go with long dresses.

Red is a color that is an original shade of red, a very feminine, very beautiful dress that anyone can wear, of course it all depends on your skin tone, as for everything. And for shades of red, it's best to choose a shade of red that suits you. The dress is long and reaches all the way to the ground, but it doesn't interfere with travel. The material comes down from the waist, which is a very interesting addition, and the dress is on one shoulder, which increases the popularity of this dress.

Burgundy, a rich hue that has a way of capturing our attention. One of the biggest reasons we love burgundy is that iburgundy bridesmaid dresses are flattering on every skin tone. From the fairest to the darkest skin tones, burgundy is one of the few colors that looks great on everybody! This dress has thin straps, a narrow waist and an open slit to reveal the thigh, this is simple yet sexy, so enjoy wearing it and dance as much as you like on a party.

Cabernet is a rotten cherry color, beautiful if you ask me, I immediately fell in love with this color. Ideal for autumn, but also for all the festive occasions you have scheduled. Bridesmaids would love this dress, a simple, one shoulder dress, like a fairy tale beauty. If you're getting married, and you're probably getting here, this is the perfect bridesmaid dress, your gals will love this.

Mulberry is a dress that shines like satin, this is a satin dress and we know that it is the best quality from which a dress can be made. The length is excellent, they don't drag on the ground. You can also wear normal sandals with this dress and it will be great. The upper part is like a corset, so it reveals your cleavage, you can wear a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, a little make-up on your face. Make-up is very important, like everything else, that's why you try to put on natural make-up, so that your cheekbones and cheeks are expressive, nice lipstick on your lips and you look healthy and fresh. Today, we all want to look healthy and fresh, we are looking for light formulas so that they do not clog our pores, so with a minimum of pain and effort you can achieve the look you want.

Sometimes it's enough just to bring your smile with you and to be the hottest and the best dressed in the room, because the way you radiate, the more you attract, and it's like that for the rest of your life. Smile, radiate positivity and everything will be fine, everything will come, you will attract everything into your life because you deserve it. Like these dresses, the prices are symbolic, very realistic for today's time, someone had to create and then sell them in order for this price to be normal. That's why you appreciate everyone's effort and invest when you see that someone has made an effort.


Now it's popular to make presentations with pictures of the newlyweds, from when they met until today, I think it's really beautiful. As much emotion as you can cause in the people in the room, I believe that you will make many cry. The first dance, the joint dance, a wedding can't go without it, it's a really nice tradition that has been going on for years. When the bridesmaids choose their dresses, you have already done half the work, because there are so many dresses that you can choose from various sizes, but because there are many models, the choice to choose is difficult. Don't worry, we're here for it.

Mismatching, matching, coordinating…there are many options when it comes to the bridesmaid dresses for your girls. Today, brides are mixing things up with mismatched bridesmaid dresses, creating a truly unique ensembles featuring gorgeous dresses with different styles and colors. Your bridal party is a unique group of people, let your gals select their own style for a look that’s as unique as they are.

As presented above, which dress do you like best? Which shade of red is your favorite?

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