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36 Bridesmaid Dress Colors to Paint the Perfect Picture of a Spring Wedding 2024

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Are you searching for the hottest bridesmaid dress color trends in 2024? Are you finding it difficult to choose bridesmaid dresses? The greatest inspiration and ideas for bridesmaid gowns can be found here, so look no further.

The season of spring officially starts at the end of March. Spring is an ideal season for a wedding. It will be magnificent when you decorate your wedding in 2024 with lovely spring flowers and the aroma of the season. We've compiled a list of the most popular 2024 spring bridesmaid dress color trends.

The Perfect Colors for a 2024 Spring Bridesmaids Dress

For your 2024 spring wedding, the ideal option is to go for warm, cool, and neutral colors that sparkle and dazzle with the theme of your wedding.

1. Champagne

Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Now: Elaine

This elegant neutral hue is appropriate for all four seasons, especially spring. Champagne is the color of joy and celebration, making it an excellent choice for weddings of various themes and styles, from elegant to boho to minimalist. Depending on the general aesthetic of your event, it may be dressed up or down. The champagne satin bridesmaid gown above exudes the elegance and charm that every bridesmaid deserves. Besides, if you change the fabric, even in the same style, different fabrics will bring different feelings.  For example, a champagne chiffon bridesmaid dress will make the bridesmaid look more flowy.

2. Burgundy


Shop Now: Priti

Looking for something daring and lovely? Burgundy is an excellent choice. These burgundy bridesmaid gowns are one of our most popular styles! Why? Because it flatters everyone and is really adaptable.

This deep, rich color is ideal for an outdoor wedding. It's also an excellent option if you want your bridesmaids to stand out. If the bridesmaids pick these rich hues for the important day, they will undoubtedly look stunning. For an exquisite look, try minimal jewelry with this dress hue.

3. Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Shop Now: Lily

Rose gold is life, as we've said before and will say again. It goes well with so many different hues.

There's no doubt that dusty rose hues are a popular choice for spring weddings. Rose gold is a neutral hue that is both warm and cool, so it complements practically any skin tone. You may select a rose gold dress for your wedding party since it allows them to find the appropriate shape and style for them while being cohesive. It not only allows women to discover a dress that they are completely comfortable in but it's also more likely to wear the dress again after their wedding.

4. Blush

Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Now: Celestine

The warm, pleasant mood of blush wedding colors makes them ideal for a wedding. They are visually beautiful and characterize femininity. Delicate pinks are ideal for spring, and blush pink bridesmaid gowns are a bright and trendy option. This color has a certain beauty that you cannot overlook. Also, it looks great on all skin tones.

Since Chicsew has over 500 blush bridesmaid gowns for your ladies to choose from, your bridesmaids will have no trouble finding their favorite pink style.

5. Sage


Shop Now: Carla

This gentle, earthy color is suitable for a spring wedding and goes well with outfits with a rustic or bohemian feel. sage green is a stunning wedding color if you want a classic appearance. It gives off a rich atmosphere that matches the season. This hue works well with white to create a luminous and clear palette. Consider mixing with additional colors if you have any other ideas.

Not only is sage green a popular theme color for weddings, but it also works well in a daily wardrobe that can be used from season to season.

6. Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Shop Now: Astrid

This deep, jewel-toned hue is ideal for a chic and elegant wedding. There's no denying that emerald is all over the internet right now. The hue is utilized in all aspects of life, including fashion, home design, and engagement jewelry. It's a fairly traditional hue historically. It stands for prosperity, regal power, harmony, and balance. It also adds a feeling of distinction and elegance. That seems like the ideal hue to include in a wedding palette, doesn't it? Put on our emerald bridesmaid gowns, then!

7. Black


Shop Now: Darlene

Black bridesmaid gowns are frequently avoided by brides, but don't! Black is a daring color option for your wedding, but it's also quite adaptable and classy. And this traditional shade is always trendy and refined. Depending on the general theme of the event, it can be utilized for formal or informal weddings.

Black bridesmaid gowns are fashionable and ideal for a traditional, classy wedding. Almost any silhouette, any season, and a variety of themes may be used to design it. Your bridesmaids will feel gorgeous and confident on the big day since this color is universally appealing, flattering, and flattering on all body types.

8. Dusty Blue

Dusty Blue

Shop Now: Nicole

This bright, breezy color is ideal for a spring wedding. It's also an excellent option if you want the bridesmaids to appear and feel cool and comfy on your wedding day. Blue tones are both traditional and timeless. It may be used to every facet of your wedding. Bridesmaid gowns are our favorite way to use it at receptions!

9. Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange

Shop Now: Melissa

Nothing quite shouts "bridesmaids" like an eye-catching orange color. If you want to stand out from the crowd and are looking for a rich, colorful, and slightly unusual color palette, you can't go wrong with this color. Contrary to popular belief, there is an orange tint for everyone (we promise it!). When used properly, it may be subtle, romantic, or energetic; orange is a wonderfully flexible color.

Are you still not convinced? We've selected a gorgeous selection of burnt orange bridesmaid gowns as proof!

10. Rust


Shop Now: Beth

Imagine a lovely rustic atmosphere. Earth-toned bridesmaid gowns are required for a rural or rustic wedding. Pair one of these gowns with some cowboy boots from the countryside or another component of rustic elegance for the wedding to complete the look. Metallic hues with a modern boho feel, like Golden, Tawny, Copper, and Cinnamon, are perfect for a rustic chic wedding. The late spring is the ideal time for a rust bridesmaid dress.

11. Blushing Pink

Blushing Pink

Shop Now: Cynthia

Blush pink is one of the perfect warm tones for an ideal bridesmaid dress. The colors contain a soft, feminine touch that fits any skin tone. It’s an exquisite and elegant color that fits a gorgeous bridesmaid dress. There are different colors that go with blush pink, such as teal, burgundy, etc.

12. Mint Green

Mint Green

Shop Now: Iona

Mint Green is an earthy, tranquil, and crisp color that harmonizes with the beauty of nature, mint green is the best color for you. A neutral combination of blue, green, and white, mint green is one that is dashing and beautiful for your bridesmaids to rock, as it is a trendy shade that never grows old.

13. Lavender


Shop Now: Chole

Want an alluring and down-to-earth color to rock with your squad on your big day? Lavender is the perfect fit! Lavender comes in an elegant shade of purple that would make your bridal dress look elegant and classy. You can never go wrong with this perfect shade.

14. Coral


Shop Now: Penelope

Coral comes in a baby peach color that is exquisite and very unique as a bridesmaid dress. Its harmonious shade makes it stunning and lively for your spring wedding, as it blends naturally with the scenery. The combination of its pink and orange shades makes it an ideal color for your bridesmaid dress, making your crew look as pretty as a summer flower.

15. Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Shop Now: Giselle

Thinking of a fresh and clean color for your bridal train that matches your romantic wedding? Then, choose sky-blue. Sky-Blue has a soft and blooming touch that adds elegance and sophistication to any dress it is sewn with. With its intricate yet dazzling color, it’s the perfect shade for any skin tone.

16. Peach


Shop Now: Caitlin

The peach color is as comforting as its name. It gives a flawless yet jaw-dropping look for your wedding day. Your girls would be sure to give the perfect wedding entrance with this color. This summer color would add a stunning and vibrant touch to the look of your bridesmaids for the occasion.

17. Butter Yellow

Butter Yellow

Shop Now: Eliya

Butter yellow is a radiant and inviting color that gives off a soft and feminine aura. If you are looking for a warm and welcoming tone for your girls, butter yellow is just the color for you. It is the ideal color that adds a cute effect to any bridal dress it is worn with.

18. Teal


Shop Now: Aif

Sharp and mesmerizing, teal is one color that makes a statement on any occasion. Its earthly and rustic look is a perfect shade that echoes “radiant” when made as a bridesmaid dress. Your bridal train would be sure to give an electrifying and dazzling show on your perfect day.

19. Soft Silver

Soft Silver

Shop Now: Felix

Sparkly and shiny, soft silver is one that dazzles like a disco ball on any occasion. This color is quite flashy and radiant with its metallic look. It’s cool and polished undertone makes it the perfect color for your crew to rock. Looking for a brilliant color for your girls? Choose soft silver!

20. Pale Lilac

Pale Lilac

Shop Now: Alvina

Pale lilac is almost the same shade as lavender but lighter. Imagine a combination of warm red and cool blue on a summer day. That sounds inviting, right? Pale lilac is a charming and feminine color that blends well in a spring setting. If you want a beautiful and alluring color for your bridesmaid dress, choose pale lilac, as it’s a dreamy and perfect color on any given day.

21. Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose

Shop Now: Cici

Want a chic and classy color for your train? Dusty Rose is the right match for you. Its ethereal and elegant shade makes it the perfect hue to blend with your spring wedding. Dusty rose has a catchy and soft look that would make your bride's maid look elegant and stunning.

22. Seafoam Green

Seafoam Green

Shop Now: Winnie

Seafoam green is a color as beautiful and serene as an ocean wave. It is a simple yet distinct shade that blends well in a spring garden setting. Seafoam green is a unique bridal color that makes a stunning bridesmaid dress. Searching for the perfect soft bridesmaid dress with an ethereal hue, seafoam green is your color.

23. Berry Pink

Berry Pink

Shop Now: Makayla

Berry pink is a deep shade of pink that is lustrous and very gorgeous. The color has a timeless beauty that would give your bridesmaid an outstanding look on your wedding day. It adds a graceful and refined touch to any spring wedding. Berry pink is a complementary color if you are going for a simple yet mesmerizing theme.

24. Periwinkle

Periwinkle Blue

Shop Now: Carmen

Periwinkle is a serene and harmonious color that makes the perfect match for a bridesmaid dress. It has an underground, dusty blue color that serves as an ideal bridesmaid dress for your girls on your big day. Periwinkle has a neutral and inviting feel that makes any bridal train stand out.

25. Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue

Shop Now: Edna

Tiffany blue is almost the same as turquoise but with a more lighthearted feel. It's warm and charming look is ideal for a vibrant bridal train look. Tiffany blue has an earthy feel that blends with a spring wedding because of its sophistication and elegance. If you are looking for a refreshing yet alluring color for your bridesmaid, then you should go for a Tiffany blue color.

26. Cream


Shop Now: Janelle

Need a polished off-white color for your bridesmaid? Then, you should go for a cream color. Cream is a contemporary color that blends adequately at any spring wedding. Its neutral yet laid-back color adds a modern but dashing feel to your wedding. It’s a classic and unique show-stopper for your girls on your big day.

27. Orchid


Shop Now: Audrey

If you are searching for an arresting and exotic color for your bridesmaid, orchid is the right option. It’s a radiant shade of purple that adds a bold and romantic touch to your spring wedding. Orchid has a refined and alluring charm that is very vibrant and feminine, which speaks volume for any wedding entrance.

28. Lemon


Shop Now: Verena

Lemon is a simple and zesty color that symbolizes harmony and peace between friends. Bright and beautiful, it is the perfect color for a close-knit train. Lemon adds a lively and soft glow to any skin tone; its makeup is dashing as a bridesmaid dress and harmonizes well with your spring wedding.

29. Mauve


Shop Now: Jolin

Sophisticated and classy, Mauve gives off a youthful and relaxing vibe at any special occasion. Mauve adequately complements the beauty of your bridesmaid with its underneath hue of light purple. Its feminine look adds a majestic aura that blends with the crowd on any given day. Simple yet dashing, mauve is an amazing color for spring.

30. Aqua


Shop Now: Aileen

Aqua is a crystal-clear and lustrous color that is perfect for a beach setting. Its earthy and natural feel adds a soft glow that would make your bridesmaid look translucent. Aqua gives off a sparky and refreshing vibe, like a cold drink on a hot day. With this color, your girls would look like angels here on earth.

31. Cantaloupe


Shop Now: Bonny

Cantaloupe is such a playful yet cute color. With a shade almost the same as baby pink, cantaloupe is refreshing and blooms like a bouquet of flowers. The color is dynamic and delicate, which evokes a stunning and dashing view. So, if you want a color that has an enchanting effect, opt for cantaloupe.

32. Pistachio


Shop Now: Tess

Pistachio is a color that naturally blends with nature. Its soft and green-like features would make your bridesmaid look very stunning and elegant. Pistachio is a lustrous color that would dazzle the crowd and give your girls a youthful elegance when making an entrance.

33. Plum


Shop Now: Renata

If you are aiming for a royal and elegant touch, plum is the best option. Its deep and mysterious shade is dark yet breathtaking. Plum is the perfect color to make a statement at a spring wedding because of its enchanting and distinct nature. Imagine a train trooping in with a color of elegance and sophistication; now that is the ripple effect of a plum color.

34. Ivory


Shop Now: Bridget

Ivory is a beautiful and stunning color. Imagine the perfect underground tone of champagne mixed with a creamy backdrop; that is exactly how dazzling an ivory color looks. Ivory has a warm and ethereal feel that almost makes it look unreal. It’s dashing and splendid color will turn all the attention of the crowd to your girls on your special day.

35. Fuchsia


Shop Now: Monica

This color comes in a deep yet astonishing pink shade that will take your breath away. Its quintessential look is intricate with any bridesmaid dress that it is made with. Fuchsia is the perfect color for the ideal spring wedding bridesmaid dress.

36. Marigold


Shop Now: Bid

Marigold is a bright and vibrant yellow color that is ideal for a spring wedding. Its deep chocolate brown colors add an elegant and graceful feel that is suitable for any skin tone. If you want a rich, velvety color for your bridal train, marigold is the perfect choice for you.


With all the wedding planning made, another crucial detail you shouldn’t miss is the color that you want to select for your bridesmaid dress. It is one that will remain as a timeless, precious memory on the minds of your crew for days. Now, all that is left for you and your girls is to come together in glee and excitement to choose the perfect color that will make you stand out and leave the crowd speechless on your big day!

Spring is a great time to be married, especially with all of the flowers in bloom. has beautiful spring bridesmaid dresses!

There are over 70 colors and 500+ styles of bridesmaid gowns available, all of which are custom-made to flatter your form. will never disappoint you with its low prices (usually around $140), quality workmanship, and competent customer service.


Is Spring a Good Time for a Wedding?

Spring is a great season for weddings. The pleasant weather in spring and the revival of all things add many romantic and beautiful elements to the wedding.

What Is the Best Color for April Wedding?

Color combinations like dusty rose and champagne or periwinkle and peach are perfect for April weddings. Another stunning palette is a mix of mint green, soft yellow, and pearl white, which gives an elegant edge to your spring event.

What Is the Romantic Color Palette for Spring?

For example, a palette of shades inspired by the beach, such as soft blues, sandy tans, and pale coral, can create a romantic and laid-back feel. Alternatively, a palette of shades inspired by a garden, such as soft pinks, purples, and greens, can create a romantic and feminine vibe.

What Do You Wear to a Spring Wedding?

Floral dresses and accessories: Spring weddings present the perfect opportunity to break out your florals. Go bold with a dress featuring vibrant, oversized blooms, or subtle with micro-prints on your tie or pocket square.


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