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Complete Guide to Boho Wedding Accessories: from Headpieces to Shoes

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Boho style has been a dispensable character in the wedding since it was formed. It is often used for wedding themes or decors. By definition, “boho” is an acronym for bohemian, self-descriptive of the style. It represents freedom, elegance, individuality, romance, and so on. Sometimes we may not describe what boho fashion is accurately, but it will hit you once you see the bohemian elements. Meanwhile, you can’t help yelling “That’s it! I just know!”. Who would have predicted that the French romantic imagination of the Gypsy 100 years ago would become a romantic trigger today? Isn't this the ultimate romanticism?

Kate Moss's boho wedding

Image source: BuzzFeed

Promoter and former of the bohemian style, Kate Moss, and her boho wedding.

If you're still struggling with choosing boho wedding accessories, just give me 5 minutes and you'll get inspired in the following article. First of all, try to imagine those elements that trigger your feelings – That’s right, grab it! Then let’s deconstruct the boho-chic, summing up 4 spike points of bohemian wedding accessories from headpieces to shoes: emblematic belts, ethnic print patterns, layers of jewelry, and elements of outdoor comfort.

Part 1: Emblematic Belts & Sashes

Bohemian weddings often feature A-line, mermaid, and two-piece styles, all of which have clear waistlines. Then the belts & sashes as classic and iconic elements are added for accessories, elevating the bride’s elegance. You can choose the belts in a variety of material, which contains diamond, crystal, silk, cotton, and so on., depending on your wedding dress.

Diamond, Crystal Beaded Bride Sashes

Its combination of bohemian charm and crystal elegance creates a one-of-a-kind bridal experience. It's the perfect choice for brides who want to stand out and make a lasting impression on their wedding day. You can choose between silver or gold, both of which will make you look shining.

crystal beaded bride sashes

Whether you're envisioning a rustic boho wedding or a chic, glamorous affair, the bohemian diamond crystal beaded bride sash is a versatile and timeless accessory that can enhance any bridal style, making it a must-have for bridal looking to add a hash of sparkle and charm to yourself.

Flower Silk & Cotton Belts

While seeing them, you may have a deja vu of walking along the country forest path at dusk, soaking up the warm sunset.
These boho bridal belts and their soft fabrics make them extremely comfortable. The combination of soft silk and delicate florals evokes a sense of romance and whimsy, making them an excellent choice for brides who want to embrace a bohemian or garden-inspired wedding theme. Whether you're having an outdoor wedding, a rustic celebration, or simply want to add a unique and feminine touch to your bridal look, the boho-chic belts from natural materials are a delightful choice.

Flower silk & cotton belts

Image source: Etsy

Part 2: Ethnic Print Patterns

The ethnic print patterns are another classic element of the bohemian style. As we know, the boho-chic absorbed the national elements of Eastern Europe, gypsy, and Mexico, combined with the hippie culture, and interpreted a unique aesthetic style. The ethnic print as a representative of boho style is not only a regular in the fashion world but frequently used in weddings. Let’s take a gander at boho-chic wedding accessories including veils, shawls, sleeves, and gloves, where the print patterns are often used.

Veils & Shawls That Whisper Stories of the World

The boho wedding veils often feature ethereal, flowing fabrics like lace, chiffon, or tulle. The ethnic print can draw inspiration from cultures around the world, adding a sense of wanderlust and cultural richness to the bridal ensemble. Think intricate lace patterns reminiscent of Moroccan architecture, or delicate embroidery influenced by Indian or Native American designs. You may have decided where for honeymoon when you see the veils and shawls!

Boho wedding veils and shawls of different lengths have very different aesthetics and practical uses: long ones are elegant and dignified; Short ones are playful and easy to move, just choose according to your specific needs.

veils and shawls

Image source: Claire Pettibone

Butterfly Sleeves Indicate a Sense of Effortless Elegance

Butterfly sleeves provide a unique canvas for personalization. Adorned with intricate lacework, floral embroidery, or even subtle beading, they allow you to infuse your gown with your personality and style. Incorporate these detachable bohemian butterfly sleeves into your wedding dress, and let them become a symbol of your individuality, a manifestation of your free spirit, and a celebration of your love story. On your big day, spread your wings and soar, for you are the beautiful butterfly, and this day is your transformation.

butterfly sleeves

Image source: Pinterest

Versatile Gloves

Boho gloves for weddings are often 3-D printed, and pearl beaded ones are common, too. Crafted from lace or crochet, the boho-chic wedding gloves offer a unique, enchanting touch. Ethnic patterns grace their surface, from the intricate henna-inspired designs of a celebration in Jaipur to the geometric precision of ancient textiles. These gloves are versatile. They fix the wedding ring well and can also set off its brilliance, creating a hazy and ethereal beauty.


Part 3: Layers of Jewelry: Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets.

Layered bracelets, rings, and necklaces are synonymous with bohemian style, this exaggerated, rich, and personal style comes from gypsy girls, who always wear their favorite jewelry impressively. Most bohemian wedding ornaments are exaggerated and very extensive in material, including feathers, pearls, silver, gems, etc., and may be used by single and may be mixed, minimalist, or complicated. I can’t help introducing the iconic boho-chic wedding jewelry below!


Tassel Drop Earrings

The tassel element adds movement and drama to the bride's overall appearance. As the bride moves, dances, or walks down the aisle, the tassels sway and catch the light, creating a captivating visual effect. Boho tassel drop earrings exude a sense of bohemian elegance that can perfectly complement a relaxed, natural, or rustic-themed wedding. They will plus a hint of free-spirited charm to your wedding!

tassel drop earrings

Image source: Rock my wedding

Feather-Based Material Mixing Earrings

Feather-based earrings embody the boho-chic style, lending a sense of rustic elegance and glamor to the bridal outfit. They are perfect for weddings with a bohemian or nature-inspired theme. Besides, the light weight and soft feather makes flowy effects. When combined with other materials like beads or metals, they create a visually captivating mix of textures and add movement as the feathers gently sway.

feather earrings

Image source: Pinterest

Various Pearl Earring Styles

Pearls are also a common element of boho wedding earrings, crafted in a variety of patterns and shapes varying in vintage and modern styles. Boho-chic pearl earrings often feature creative and unique designs that set them apart from traditional pearl jewelry. They can incorporate elements like handcrafted metalwork, natural stones, or intricate beadwork for a distinctive look. From refined drop earrings to sleek and understated ear jackets, there are many types of them.

Wedding Earrings Vine

wedding earrings vine

Image source: Walmart

Vintage Pearl Earrings

 vintage pearl earrings

Image source: Emmaline Bride

Pearl Ear Jacket

pearl ear jacket

Image source: Amazon


Plant-Shape Beaded Necklaces

A boho plant-shape beaded necklace can act as a statement piece, and look stunning in wedding photos. Do you know that plant-inspired jewelry holds special meaning, symbolizing growth in some cultures? Incorporating such necklaces can be a way to honor cultural traditions and add depth to the wedding ceremony.

 Plant-shape beaded necklaces

Stacking & Layeredd Necklaces

The layers of necklaces can create a visually appealing effect. At the wedding, they are the ones who catch the eye, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the bridal portraits. Layered necklaces often come with adjustable lengths, allowing brides to customize the arrangement to best complement the neckline of their dress.

layererd necklaces

Image source: Pinterest

Bracelets & Bangles


Image source: ELLE

Look at the picture, And you will know how the bracelets matter for boho style. Let's look forward to the following two boho-chic wedding bracelets!

Silver Bracelets & Bangles

Unlike bracelets of other materials, silver ones are very textured and can create a formal style. As we know, silver is often associated with purity and protection in various cultures. Some boho silver bracelets can be customized and carved on them, which will give them a unique meaning.

silver bracelets

Image source: Aquila

Crystal Branch-Shaped Bracelets

This branch-like design is not only used for bracelets but also for other Bohemian wedding accessories. Simple lines paired with sparkling crystals are perfect for brides who prefer a minimalist but sophisticated wedding look.

crystal beaded bracelets

Image source: Awesome Stuff 365

Weaving Bracelets

If the wedding follows a bohemian or rustic theme, boho-weaving bracelets can be a perfect accessory choice that complements the overall ambiance of the event. Plus, Boho weaving bracelets are typically lightweight and comfortable, allowing brides to wear them throughout the wedding day and night without any discomfort.

weaving bracelets

Image source: BAGAZKY

Part 4: Other Natural Essence: Headgear and Shoes.

When it comes to achieving the perfect boho wedding look, attention to detail is key. Beyond the 3 above features, headgear and shoes play a pivotal role in encapsulating the bohemian spirit. In this section, we'll explore some captivating headgear and footwear options that will elevate your boho wedding ensemble.


Flower Crowns

At the heart of bohemian wedding fashion lies the iconic flower crown. Crafted from a selection of fresh wildflowers or everlasting silk blossoms, these ethereal headpieces evoke the natural world. They're a symbol of love, growth, and the ever-changing seasons, making them a perfect choice for boho brides looking to embrace the essence of the great outdoors. You can buy them online, but the most meaningful way is to make the flower crowns on your own, isn’t it?

flower crowns

Image source: Southbound Bride

Boho Wedding Hair Vine

Boho hair vines typically feature elements like flowers, leaves, and vines, adding an earthy and rustic charm to the bridal ensemble. Many boho hair vine designs are customizable. Brides can select the type of flowers, colors, and materials to match their wedding theme and personal style. For outdoor weddings, boho hair vines are an excellent choice. They harmonize with natural surroundings and won't easily get blown away by the wind or caught on branches, as larger headpieces might.

 hair vine

Earthy-Colored Hats

Boho hats instantly set you apart and make a unique style statement. They can be a conversation starter and are ideal for brides who want to showcase their individuality and love for non-traditional bridal fashion. Wide-brimmed hats, in particular, shield your face and neck from harsh sunlight, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout the outdoor ceremony and reception. In terms of reusability, unlike some bridal accessories that are meant for one-time use, boho hats can be reused for other occasions or even incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.

boho hats

Image source: green wedding shoes


Kendall Jenner's bohemian street shoot, wearing knee high sandals

Image source: Vogue

Kendall Jenner's bohemian street shoot.


For brides who truly want to connect with nature, barefoot sandals are the way to go. Composed of beads, shells, or lace, they evoke a beachy, carefree vibe and are a perfect choice for beach weddings or free-spirited ceremonies. Some even choose to go entirely barefoot, making a symbolic connection with the earth as they walk down the aisle. Unlike ordinary sandals, boho sandals have decorative straps, which may reach the length of the ankle or knee - very dramatic. The sandals can also blend pearl beading, weaving, and other elements, very rich in appearance.

beaded sandals

Image source: Weddings By Ardenian

Boho Boots

Outdoor and rustic-themed weddings call for a different kind of footwear. Boho-inspired boots in various styles, from ankle boots with fringe to knee-high lace-ups, add a touch of rustic charm. They're practical, comfortable, and stylish, ensuring you can dance the night away without missing a beat. By the way, the boho boots work well with boho hats. Can you imagine how cool the combination of cowboy hat and boots and wedding dress is? That is boho-chic!

boho boots 

Image source: Weddingomania

All in All

From headpieces to shoes, this article divides boho wedding accessories into 4 parts by 4 features of the bohemian style. I believe you have known not only boho wedding accessories but also what bohemian style is. Maybe the brides who adhere to bohemianism won't even finish reading it, which means they're very unruly. Well, it’s just a joke. I hope that you can get inspired from the article, and find your “doomed” boho wedding accessories. In addition, Do the measurement beforehand, and the size of your accessories is as important as the size of your wedding dress.


What Is the Most Boho Color?

Earthy hues paired with neutrals or warm colors combined with cool colors make for an interesting boho colour palette. Yellow, brown, white, green, blue, grey, and red are some of the most popular bohemian colors.

What Is the Difference between Bohemian and Boho-Chic?

Boho-chic is a more curated boho look. Pieces may be more closely fitted, more coordinated, and use more neutral colors than boho, but the style is still very self-expressive.

What Is the Difference between Rustic and Bohemian Weddings?

What is the difference between a boho and rustic wedding theme?
The simplest way to think of each of them is to remember that a rustic theme pertains to natural elements, lots of greenery, and an organic mindset. Boho, on the other hand, is more whimsical, romantic, and eclectic. While each is rooted in their distinct characteristics, they can crossover into the other territory. 


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