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Toast to Love: Crafting the Perfect Maid of Honor Speeches

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Your best friend's wedding is approaching, and more than before, there are a thousand and one things to do for the perfect event. Amidst all the shopping for bridesmaid dresses and planning, there is another essential thing to do - the maid of honor's speech.

You'll need to talk about your friendship, the journey, and most importantly, wish the couple a happy married life. Now, incorporating all these activities into your daily schedule can be difficult, but it's about to get easy. In this article, I will share tips and samples of maid of honor speeches to guide and reduce the time the write-up will consume.

Ready for that? Let's go!

How to Write a Maid of Honor’s Speech

a beautiful bridesmaid is writing maid of honor speeches

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Where do you start writing? How do you make it perfect, yet funny and not boring? What should you focus on? You've got a lot to say about your bride. But you only have ample time to say it all, so there's a lot of summary and adjustments to be done. Here are some points to help you understand better.

How Long Should a Maid of Honor's Speech Be

How Long Should a Maid of Honor's Speech Be

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There is no specific rule about the standard length of a maid of honor's speech. It's a time to play around with words and reminisce about your relationship with your bride first before her partner comes into the picture. You want to capture each moment and show how much you have stood regardless of the hurdles.

While doing this, however, you want to stick to the time allotted to avoid rushing and disrupting the flow of the speech. Remember as well that others like the best man, parents, siblings, and well-wishers will have speeches too. So, it's best to keep your speeches short enough to fit into 2-4 minutes.

What Should a Maid of Honor Speech Say

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Basically, your speech as the maid of honor should be about the couple. It's their celebration time, so let it revolve around them. Again, there is no rule on how to structure your speech, do your thing. However, let it flow seamlessly.

You can come up with a theme for the speech. You can as well include pictures about your stories as you tell everyone. It's a fun and exciting way of keeping everyone's attention to the end.

Here's a guide for you.

Reflect on Your Relationship with the Couple

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First, you should begin with a little introduction about yourself and what relationship you have with the couple. This right here is very important because not everyone present knows who you are. If you've been the bride's friend from way back, here is the perfect spot to include that fact.

If you want to give more details about your relationship, do that in one sentence. It's all about the couple and not you, remember?

Start with the Bride and End with the Couple

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Not everyone gets an invite to celebrate two lovebirds. It's a privilege and this needs appreciation. So, include an appreciation to the couple for deeming you an important part of their day. Most especially, your bride, for making you her best girl for the day.

Now that the appreciation has been registered, you want to go into some stories about your girl. You could begin with a funny act you both performed while younger or share some stories about your hobbies. Walk everyone through how you both became friends and are now inseparable.

The story should be one that everyone can relate to; you don't want people to get bored while giving your speech. However, avoid stories that may trigger her emotions and ruin the day.

To wrap up, give some advice to the couple. They need all the support now, so promise to be there for them always. Don't restrict this speech to your friend alone, acknowledge her husband in every sentence. Let the emotions flow, but overall, show your excitement for the couple.

Avoid Taboo Topics

Bridesmaid Speeches, Avoid Taboo Topics

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Earlier, I mentioned a point about being sensitive to the bride's feelings. If you were wondering what that was about, I'll tell you some more in this section.

As the best friend or sister of the bride, you have a good knowledge about almost everything that has happened over the years, including failed relationships. Although there may be exciting stories to tell about these periods, leave them out of the speech. The past is over, the pain is gone, and a new phase is here. Don't open closed books.

Another taboo topic you shouldn't include is in-house jokes. If you've got a clique of friends with the bride, you definitely have some inside jokes that no one else can understand without explanation. You don't have all the time to do that, so leave them out as well.

Don't talk about your smoking, gambling, or drinking habits, too. Keep yourself and the bride in the good books. It helps avoid embarrassment too.

How to Get Started

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Are you ready to start your writing now? Yes? Well, that's good, and here's a step-by-step guide for you to follow as you write.

Start this process by writing down all the stories, thoughts, and emotions that capture yourself and the bride’s journey. Here are some questions to help you create your line of thought.

Are there any important experiences or other things the bridesmaid wants everyone to know?

If you were to write a book about the bride, what are the peaks of each chapter?

What words of advice do you have for them for this new stage?

What coping mechanisms have worked for you in difficult situations?

Toast or quote or general words to conclude the speech?

Maid of Honor Speech Examples to Make Your Own

Funny Maid of Honor Speech

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Example 1

Hello everyone, I'm X, the maid of honor and the bride's best friend. I'll begin my maid of honor speech by throwing it back to our teenage years when we all wanted to look our best on outings and tried to wear the best makeup (even though we never knew how to do it right). One of those days, we stepped out looking like clowns with our masks with different shades of colors.

It's been a hell of a ride with my girl, the good, the bad, and the ugly. But it's time to celebrate her love journey today. We have come a long way and are gradually getting to make the best decisions as we grow older. We weren't always cool friends. We fought, settled some, threw some under the pillow, and moved on regardless.

I'm happy to be a part of this journey today. I see how much she adores her husband and understands them better from the love they share. I wish you a successful married life ahead.

I'll always be here to hold your hands and support you whenever you want. Now, I can get my sleep and rest from a series of never-ending calls to tell me the most random things. I love you always. Let's raise a toast to the new couple.

Example 2

I met X while we were little kids in kindergarten and we sure had the most fun of our lives (the pictures can attest to this). I remember how we ran around the house then, making ourselves happy with the little things. Funny fact, we still do till date.

One experience I will never forget was back in Nursery when we covered our faces with chocolates and stocked so many in our mouths to keep them safe from others. Please don't call it selfishness! It's keeping your treasures safe from attacks.

Today, I look back and see how much we have grown. Soon, these tales will be told to our kids and grandkids. I have so much more to say about my best friend and her sweet soul, but I'll keep it short.

I wish you the best-married life ever. Cheers to planning many more celebrations with our families in the future.

Maid of Honor Speech for Best Friend

Bridesmaid Speeches, Moved to tears

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Example 1

As a little girl, I hoped to have a baby sister who would be my playmate. Although my wishes didn't come to reality, I got the best girl anyone could ever have. We haven't always been friends, I didn't like her for almost a year.

But fate brought us together and has kept us strong over the years. I remember the sleepless nights we had when studying for our exams and how much we wanted to enjoy afterwards.

I was excited when you got engaged. Now, I'm extremely glad you're getting to tie the knot with your love. I've watched how you both adore yourselves. You couldn't even wait for this day to come. It's here now, and beautiful is an understatement. You both look so happy and elegant. I've not seen any bride or groom look prettier. Your bouquet is the best, too.

May you enjoy this new phase with everything beautiful attached to it. Can we raise our glasses for a toast to the latest couple?

Example 2

An open letter to my best friend

Dear bestie,

Let me begin with an appreciation. Thank you for giving me the best friendship experience ever. I rarely say this to you, but I greatly value our relationship a lot and would go to any length to preserve it.

We met when I needed someone to hold my hands and show some care. You filled this gap and have been present ever since. You are one in a million and I'm glad you found your soulmate.

I pray that this love you both share does not end. Cheers to many more years of best friendship and sisterhood.

Maid of Honor Speech for Sister

Maid of Honor Speech for Sister

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Example 1

My sister, my first playmate, and love. The bond we share is so strong and many find it difficult to understand. Whenever I glance through our baby pictures, all I do is smile. I remember how you looked out for me all through our schooling days. Even till now, I'm still your little baby that needs your motherly attention. Who am I to say no?

When you assigned me the duty of being your maid of honor, I wondered what today would look like. I'm happy it's all glowing and elegant. You both look so beautiful, and this makes me so emotional.

I can't wait to have little nieces and nephews running around the house. I'm looking forward to seeing you both grow old in love. I wish you a happy life ahead.


Example 2

Hello everyone,

I'm X, the sister to the bride and today, I'm doubling as the maid of honor. My sister, you are a rare gem and I love you so much. From the day I opened my eyes and got to know you as my sibling, you have been an integral part of my life.

It's interesting how we never get tired of ourselves, the gifts, the laughs, the outings, the tears, and everything in between. Just like our parents, I have seen how much you adore your husband and couldn't wait any longer to be called his wife. May your love never diminish. Welcome to a new season of unending love

and happy life.


Maid of Honor Speech for Cousin

Maid of Honor Speech for Cousin

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Example 1

Hi everyone,

My name is X and I'm the bride’s cousin. I'm also the happiest person on earth because I'm witnessing the beginning of a new journey for you both.

Every year for over ten years, we have met for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. The bride has not changed a bit and still carries her sweetness everywhere.

It's been wonderful having you as a confidant. I wish you a life filled with laughter, love, and everything good.

Example 2

Hello Everyone,

I had written this speech down several months ago after X’s engagement. You’re not my cousin, but a friend, and sister to others. She's the very best among the rest. I have felt at peace during difficult situations because of your personal touch and contribution.

I have also been a good friend to the groom since high school. Though a junior, he would always reach out to show support especially during exams. You both are definitely amazing and the best family anyone could ever have.

The room is filled with love already, so let's make a toast to that.

Short Maid of Honor Speeches

Short Maid of Honor Speeches

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Example 1

Who can find a virtuous woman? You, here, are my virtuous bride. Beautiful, smart, caring and every other thing in-between.

I'm gonna keep my note short and save the rest for later. I celebrate this new journey you're beginning today. Cheers.

Example 2

Marriage is a beautiful thing, especially when you find the right partner. One of the things that makes me happy is that you found yours—someone who constantly sees your uniqueness and imperfections. Yet, he stays true to his word.

It's been a good journey with you, and I'm sure this new one shouldn't scare you because you will ace it.

I love you both and wish you the best in married life.

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

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Don't Procrastinate

You've got a lot of tasks to do for your girl. In fact, activities like a bachelorette party are solely on you, leaving you with ample time for personal stuff. So, don't procrastinate. So, get your jotter and write down your thoughts as they flow. You'll only need to make final adjustments when the day is near.

Add Stories, Not Adjectives

Talk about your girl using her stories and experiences. Let everyone know how much of an amazing person she is. All these captured will add some sentimental feel to your maid of honor speech.

Write It Down

It's better to write down all you want to say. It helps you avoid forgetting any part of the story or just talking randomly without a headway.

Keep It Positive

As much as you can, avoid any negative experiences that can trigger bad energy.

Also, carry everyone along, make them feel comfortable. Don't forget to focus on stories everyone can resonate with.

Express Emotions Sincerely

Don't be scared to express your emotions. Whatever way you feel, let it show in your speech. It's okay to be overwhelmed and find it difficult to process your thoughts while reading.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you're done with writing your speech, it's time to practice. You need to read and check for any adjustments. Rehearse the speech as many times as possible. You can as well record yourself while practicing, listen, and repeat the process. This helps you get familiar with the words before the day.

Stay Calm, Cool and Collected

There's no reason to be nervous, agitated, or shy. However to avoid having any of these feelings, you need to be calm, cool and collected all through the day. It's been a whole ride, yes, however you'll soon be in the spotlight and you don't want to fail at this point.

Don't Forget to Smile

A little smile on your face as you read your speech makes a huge difference. You want to continuously show your excitement while reading. Maintain eye contacts as well. All these make your speech memorable.

Toast to the Couple

The perfect way to end the speech is by making a toast to the couple. Wish them all the good things in life and a wonderful journey together.

Have a Backup Plan

You need to have a backup plan. Anything can happen along the line, so ensure you won't be left stranded.


Go, girl! You have all it takes to structure a perfect maid of honor speech. So, go ahead and rock that speech with your wit, charm, and heartfelt words. Remember, your bestie looks forward to the beautiful things you will say about her, so let the words flow freely from your heart.

You may be worried that you aren't a natural talker. Show some emotions while speaking- don't just read your write-up like a script. Rather than focusing on only the crowd, talk directly to the couple. Happy writing!


Does the Maid of Honor Speech Go First?

First is the father of the bride's speech, then the groom's speech, then the best man and maid of honor, and finally, any other speakers from the wedding party.

Who Speaks First Best Man or Maid of Honor?

If there is no request, the best man can speak first, followed by the bridesmaid.

How Do You Say a Wedding Speech without Crying?

Holding your breath for twenty seconds or so may be impossible if you are in the middle of a speech, but even one long controlled breath, in through the nose, hold for a moment, and out through the mouth, can help regain your equilibrium, because calming yourself is a big contribution to stopping the tears.


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