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Lilac vs. Lavender: Bridesmaid Dress Color Comparison

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Colors, colors, colors… Is your mind spinning dizzy with all these wedding colors? Even more so with the colors that everyone insists are different, but you just can’t see it that way?!

Lilac and lavender are treated as sister colors by millions of people around the world. But for a trained eye, they’re quite different. And as your big day comes closer, you must know the differences so you can pick the perfect bridesmaid dress color for your crew.

So in this blog, let’s discuss the main differences between lilac and lavender. We’ll go through how they are visually different and things to consider before making your final pick. Ready to differentiate these two colors? Read on!

Are Lilac and Lavender the Same Color? 

At first glance, lavender and lilac might look like the same color. But don’t be fooled by first impressions just yet! Lilac and lavender are not the same color even though they’re both from the purple family. Let’s look at them side by side to see the visual difference:

What Is Lilac?

Lilac is a delicate and light shade of purple, hitting that sweet spot between purple and pink. The color features pink and warm undertones and was named after the lilac flowers. But don’t be fooled and take it for a shade of pink because what it really is a purple.

Is Lilac More Pink or Purple?

While lilac and lavender are both pale shades of purple, lilac leans more toward a pinkish version of purple. With a warmer and pinker undertone, lilac can look like the perfect mix of purple and pink.

What Does Lilac Symbolize?

According to color psychology, the color lilac is associated with first love, emotional expression, innocence, and youthfulness. It’s one of the top color choices for weddings as it brings up an aura of blossoming romance and purity. Who doesn’t want that for their special day?

What Is Lavender?

The color lavender is a pale shade of purple and got its name from the flower with the same name. The muted hint of purple can perhaps be described as a grayish purple with cool tones or even a blueish purple, making it much more different than lilac!

Is Lavender a Romantic Color?

Absolutely! Lavender is the epitome of romance. Its cool tones stitch calmness with grace to create a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for a wedding event. If you don’t believe it, imagine your bridesmaids floating down the aisle in lavender. Isn’t it the most magical thought?

What Does Lavender Symbolize?

Lavender is a famous color to represent ideas like love, innocence, and healing. It’s also often used as a symbol for protection against bad energies and aura, an important aspect to consider on your big day. The color lavender also represents devotion and adds a touch of grace to your bridal party’s look.

Differences between Lilac vs Lavender

Despite being from the same color family, there are a few technical differences that separate lilac from lavender. After all, there must be a reason why these are named as two separate colors!


Lilac has a more pinkish undertone, giving it a warm and inviting appearance. In contrast, lavender has cooler undertones, often appearing as a bluish or grayish purple.

These undertones are extremely important to be ignored, especially for a wedding because they determine how the color looks in your wedding setting, against your bridesmaid’s skin color and so much more (more on this later).

Shade and Hue

Lilac culminates in a rich hue that pink tones are known for. This vibrant color adds warmth to your wedding color palette and can create an inviting and floral attraction for the wedding.

But because lavender sports a cooler undertone, it leans more towards blue and grays. This cooler hue is also the reason why lavender pairs incredibly well with gray suits at the wedding, creating a more mature and sophisticated color palette.


From light and airy tones to more saturated colors that pop out, both lilac and lavender offer a range of variations. Lilac can range from very pale hues to deeper, more intense purples with a pinkish tint.

Lavender also spans a spectrum, from soft, pale tones to richer, more vibrant shades with blue or gray undertones. These variations can help you create the perfect wedding color palette!

How Do You Choose the Right Color for Your Bridesmaid Dress?

Now, let’s get practical about picking the perfect color for your bridesmaid dress. When colors are as resembling as lilac and lavender, there are 3 things to consider before you make your pick:

1. Analyze your skin tone

Color theory is your BFF when it comes to picking the perfect bridesmaid dress color. And the best bridesmaid dress color is one that goes best with your crew’s overall skin tone.

A pinkish tone like lilac can bring out a radiant glow from girls with a warmer or olive undertone. It’s also an excellent pair for darker skin tones as well as for those who are temporarily tanned. On the other hand, the cool undertones of lavender can be a perfect match for fairer skin tones.

2. Know the season

Just as nature changes with the seasons, so should your color palette. In fact, letting the season guide your color palette— especially your bridesmaid dress colors— can be your best bet.

Lilac is ideal for spring and summer weddings because it evokes blooming flowers' freshness and vibrancy. On the other hand, muted, sophisticated colors like lavender are great for fall and winter weddings, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to cooler seasons.

3. Keep your overall style in mind

The overall theme and style aesthetic of your wedding counts when it comes to picking a bridesmaid color. And no, these dresses don’t have to be the determining factor of the rest of your wedding theme! Here are three aspects of your wedding style to focus on:

Groomsmen's suits

Your bridesmaids will be paired up with groomsmen and so, their colors must come together in the perfect sense of harmony. Lilac and lavender are both the best bridesmaid dress colors to match gray suits. Besides, khaki suits are the best pairing to a lavender bridesmaid dress as the neutral tones of gray elegantly complement the muted lavender tones.

On the other hand, lilac bridesmaid dresses pair well with darker shades like charcoal or navy. These deeper tones allow the warmth of lilac to surface without clashing with any other element in your wedding.


Accessories are important factors to consider when you’re finding out the ideal bridesmaid dress color for your gals. Rose gold is out of the question when it comes to lilac or lavender because it creates an unpleasant contrast against the purple tones of both colors.

For lavender bridesmaid dresses, silver jewelry is the best choice. The cool tones of silver enhance the soft purple of lavender, creating a cohesive and elegant look. On the other hand, gold jewelry pairs beautifully with lilac dresses. The warm hues of gold complement the slightly deeper tone of lilac without clashing with it.

Floral arrangements

For weddings featuring lavender bridesmaid dresses, consider incorporating flowers like white roses, lavender sprigs, and greenery. These combinations highlight the lavender dresses and create a serene, romantic atmosphere.

In the case of lilac bridesmaid dresses, opt for floral arrangements that include lilac blooms, deep purple flowers, and rich greenery. These choices will complement the lilac dresses and add depth and texture to your decor.

Additionally, incorporating white flowers, such as peonies or hydrangeas, can create a fresh and timeless look.

Should you pick a lavender bridesmaid dress…

You should pick lavender bridesmaid dresses if:

  • Your bridesmaids have fair skin with cool undertones,
  • You’re getting married in a cooler weather,
  • You’re planning on wearing silver jewelry and accessories, and
  • Your floral arrangements are a combination of white flowers and lighter greenery.

… Or is a lilac bridesmaid dress the best?

Lilac bridesmaid dresses are for you if:

  • Your bridesmaids have a warmer skin tone,
  • You’re getting married in spring or summer,
  • Your accessories are golden, and
  • Your floral arrangements feature deep purple tones and rich greenery.

What Is the Alternative Color to Lilac and Lavender?

Are lilac and lavender both not speaking out to you in terms of your bridesmaid dress colors? That’s perfectly fine! If these two colors aren’t settling down in your color palette like you’d like to, there are numerous alternative colors that you can switch it up with.

Here are some of the top colors you can use instead of lilac and lavender:

Mauve — A soft and muted purple with grayish undertones

Wisteria — A light blueish purple with floral vibes

Vintage Mauve — A color similar to Mauve with vintage vibes

Dusk — A lighter gray color with a subtle hint of purple undertones

Of course, the colors of bridesmaid dresses don’t have to be completely uniform. If you want a more colorful bridesmaid crew, the colors above can also be combined with lilac and lavender to form the most fashionable mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! With our comprehensive guide on differentiating lilac and lavender, you now know all the important deets of these two colors. Remember, the perfect bridesmaid color is one that brings out the best in all your bridesmaids and makes your special day extra special.

At Chicsew, we make sure that every bridesmaid dress is crafted to become your bridesmaids’ dream dresses. If you’ve already made your pick of color, come check out our bridesmaid dress collection here!


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