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Rust vs. Burnt Orange: Bridesmaid Dress Color Comparison

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Do you feel panic to find the perfect shade for the bridesmaid dress?

According to the recent trends on Pinterest, orange is the color of the season. Its most trending shades are Rust and Burnt orange. Some people think they are the same and this mistake cost their special day.

Both shades are good however, they have different vibes and settings. Burnt Orange gives a vibrant hue and adds joy and energy. On the other hand, rust is perfect for vintage-themed weddings or outdoor settings.

So, you may wonder…

How to decide between these two and what's the difference? In this article, we will guide you by providing different ideas. Let’s help you decide!

To choose the right shade of orange can be a tough decision. The color of bridesmaid dress plays a huge role to the overall vibe and perfection of the bride's looks. If you're torn between something traditional and something vibrant, rust and burnt orange are two options that can be considerable.

What Is Rust?

Rust is a deep red with earthy tones. It suggests a mature, and subdued elegance. According to the globally recognized color expert, Pantone color institute, rust blends beautifully with autumnal Palette. This color coordinates well with natural, autumnal backdrops.

"Rust is like the cozy warmth of a fireplace in the chilly fall."

The Origin of Rust

Rust color comes from iron oxide, and usually appears on the surface of iron products after being eroded by water. You can easily find it on aging iron railings and iron gates. Rust color brings a unique sense of story, and often appears in country and bohemian themes to add a vibe to the weddings.

What Is Burnt Orange?

To understand Burnt orange shade: "Imagine the glowing embers of a bonfire—that's burnt orange."

Burnt orange is a darker shade of orange color. In other words, one that incorporates more red and a touch of brown. It is bright and bold. This shade works well across a variety of settings and seasons. According to Pantone color institute, the burnt orange is suitable for summer weddings. Its is famous due to energetic and lively touch in different settings.

The Origin of Burnt Orange

In 1915, a reddish orange color was named burnt orange. Since then, the color has appeared in various places, such as being voted as the representative color of the University of Texas. From the time it was named to the present day, or even earlier, it is a color that has always been popular in the design industry.

What Is the Difference Between Rust and Burnt Orange?

According to the and Pantone Institue, here is the table to differentiate between Rust and Burnt Orange;

Note: RGB and Hex values may vary slightly depending on the material and light conditions.

Color speak their own language. This language resonates with people's emotions and feelings. As Mark Jacob once said:

"Color is the power which directly influences the soul."

As you decide your color, you should also understand the emotional undertone your selected color. It can help you to capture the vibe of your special day.

What Does Rust Symbolize?

When you think of rust, think of a deep, calm red. Its feels like a warm hug. Rust is a color that brings a feeling of comfort and warmth. It's perfect if you want your wedding like a quiet evening by the fire with close friends. Rust is simple yet powerful.

This color suits for classic theme. This color is great for anyone who loves a touch of old-fashioned charm and wants their wedding to feel like a gathering of loved ones.

What Does Burnt Orange Symbolize?

Now, let’s talk about burnt orange. This color is lively and full of energy. Burnt orange is vibrant and fun, perfect for a wedding that’s all about celebrating and having a good time.

The burnt orange for bridesmaid means you’re ready to make a big and joyful celebration. It’s the kind of color that can make everyone feel welcome and ready to party.

A renowned color consultant, Faber Birren, says colors opposite each other on the color wheel, known as complementary colors. Here are some combinations you should try with Rust and Burnt Orange.

What Color Goes Best with Rust?

Some combinations can add glamour to your looks. It all depends on the wedding theme and surrounding environment. So, if you want to wear rust color as your bridesmaid dress you should choose these complementary colors:

Creamy Whites: Soft, creamy whites bring a gentle contrast to the intensity of rust. This combination can lighten the overall feel of your decor. This combination provides a balanced visual appeal. This color can be used in floral arrangements, table linens, and bridesmaid accessories.

Deep Greens: Incorporating deep greens will give prominence to the natural vibe of rust. This color pairing is effective for outdoor weddings where the natural surroundings serve as a complementary backdrop.

Midnight Blue: You should pair rust with midnight blue for a dramatic and sophisticated look. This deep, rich blue can act as a powerful counterbalance to the warmth of rust. It adds a layer of depth and elegance. Consider midnight blue for groomsmen suits, table settings, or accent decor pieces like cushions or drapes.

Burgundy: This combination works well in the cooler months and can create an intimate atmosphere. Use burgundy in your floral arrangements or as an accent color for candles and table runners.

What Color Goes Best with Burnt Orange?

The burnt orange shade pairs wonderfully with various colors. It brings a more subdued elegance to it. Here are some effective pairings:

Navy Blue: Navy blue and burnt orange are a classic combination. This pairing is visually striking and can be used in everything from bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen’s ties to table decor and invitations.

Soft Gray: For a modern and chic look, pair burnt orange with soft gray. It is less traditional and gives off a contemporary vibe. It is perfect for urban chic or minimalist themed weddings. Utilize soft gray in larger decor elements like tablecloths and seating, with burnt orange as the accent in floral arrangements and lighting.

Teal: Teal offers a cool counterpoint to the warmth of burnt orange. This vibrant, refreshing shade adds a pop of color that is both unexpected and pleasing, creating a lively palette that’s sure to be remembered by your guests.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Bridesmaid Dress

Rust and burnt orange provide a high contrast and high impact visual experience. This is why they often capture attention and create moods. The same concept for events like weddings where the visual impact can significantly affect the atmosphere.

Here are some considerations to harmonize these shades with your skin tone, accessories and also combination of colors.

Skin Tone Considerations

Rust: Best suitable for yellow, golden and peach undertones. This color gives warm vibes.

Burnt Orange: People with darker skin tone can choose this shade. It will brighten up their looks. Moreover, this color also suits people with lighter skin tone with right accessories.

Accessory Pairings

Rust: For rust, gold jewelry enhances the warmth of rust with its shiny finish. Wooden or leather accents complement the earthy, rustic vibe of rust. Emerald or sapphire accents provide a rich contrast and can be incorporated in jewelry or headpieces.

Burnt Orange: For burnt orange, silver or white gold jewelry offers a crisp contrast to the warmth of burnt orange. Coral or turquoise accents brighten the overall look and add an eclectic, fun vibe to the decor.


Rust: Nude or beige heels won't overpower the rust color and will make your legs look longer. Brown or tan sandals are great for rustic or outdoor weddings, matching well with the earthy tones of rust. Gold or metallic shoes add glamour and enhance the warm tones of the rust dress. Burgundy heels match the earthy tones and add an elegant touch. Olive green shoes give a natural look, perfect for outdoor settings.

Burnt Orange: Wearing tan heels can elegantly enhance the burnt orange shade without overpowering it. Opting for navy or dark shoes can create a contrast lending a touch of sophistication. Silver or metallic shoes bring a stylish vibe for an evening event or beach wedding. White heels provide a crisp contrast that accentuates the richness of burnt orange. Teal or turquoise shoes offer a lively contrast injecting a burst of color into the ensemble.

Handbags and Clutches

Rust: When wearing a rust-colored dress, you can choose beige or tan clutches. Moreover, Gold or bronze clutches can bring a touch. Pair them nicely with gold accessories. Burgundy clutches can also enhance the dress tones.

Burnt Orange: For burnt orange dresses, nude or beige clutches offer a complementary appearance. Silver or metallic clutches introduce a chic element, to the ensemble. You can also consider teal or turquoise clutches for a contrasting pop of color.

Scarves and Shawls

Rust: When pairing rust-colored dresses consider using cream or off-white scarves to brighten the outfit and bring a feel. Opt for shawls to enhance the earthy natural look. For a touch of warmth and harmony mustard yellow scarves work as a contrast.

Burnt Orange: If you're wearing burnt orange, try adding shawls for a contemporary and stylish touch. Navy blue scarves can create a sophisticated contrast. To inject some liveliness and playfulness into your ensemble consider pink shawls.

Hair Accessories

Rust: Rust colored dresses look great with gold hairpins or headbands to complement the tones. Floral crowns, in autumn hues are ideal for rustic weddings. Adding green hair clips can give a contrasting touch.

Burnt Orange: If you're wearing burnt orange dresses, consider hair accessories for an contemporary look. Vibrant floral crowns, with colors can add a touch. For a colorful contrast try turquoise hairpins.

What Are the Alternative Colors to Rust and Burnt Orange?

As you can see, rust and burnt orange can be considered alternatives to each other. Besides, Terracotta, Copper, and Burgundy can also be considered alternatives to these two colors. These alternatives offer a fresh perspective. They adapt beautifully to the different wedding themes and seasons.

Terracotta gives a romantic feel. It is also good for autumnal weddings with rust. This color balances earthy tones.

Copper is a warm color. This color can be suitable for outdoor, rustic and garden theme weddings. It complements both rust and burnt orange with its elegance.

Burgundy is a deep luxurious shade that can add sophistication and mystery. It is suitable for the cooler season. This color can be contrasted with a lighter shade like burnt orange.

How to Choose between Rust and Burnt Orange for Your Bridesmaid Dresses

The right theme for the bridesmaid dress is more than just picking shades that look nice. It is more about creating an atmosphere that reflects both your personality and the setting of your big day.

Rust: A Timeless Choice for Autumn and Vintage Weddings

The rust bridesmaid dress is a perfect match for a fall wedding. Its deep, warm hues are reminiscent of autumn leaves and rich earth. But its appeal doesn't stop there. Rust is also ideal for vintage-themed weddings for its classic feel. For those planning a rustic wedding, rust offers a natural affinity with outdoor, woodsy environments.

Burnt Orange: Vibrant and Versatile for Lively Celebrations

On the other hand, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses capture the spirit of summer and early fall. Its vivid, sunny tones make it an excellent choice for weddings during these seasons.

Burnt orange is particularly suited to beach weddings. It's also a stellar choice for bohemian-themed weddings. This color encourages creativity and fun, setting a lively mood that's infectious.


The decision between color is not tough if you consider all the factors wisely.

Choosing between rust and burnt orange for your bridesmaid dresses isn't just a matter of color. It's about setting the tone for one of the most memorable days of your life. Both colors offer a unique atmosphere.

Rust color is good for the autumn season and symbolizes sophistication and warmth. Burnt orange, bursting with vibrancy and energy, is ideal for celebrating in sun-drenched locales. It’s a color that encourages fun and festivity.

So, whether you're leaning towards rust or burnt orange fulfill your wish with confidence with right colour with the right shade and of course right weather and wedding theme. Happy planning!


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