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Embrace Your Pear Shape: Ultimate Guides to 2023 Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

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Finding the right bridesmaid dresses for pear-shaped women has always been a challenge, which makes an ultimate guide to bridesmaid dresses for summer weddings very important. I'm sure you have the difficulty of either having the right waist but not the right hips or the right hips but not the right waist, let alone finding a dress that fits your aesthetic and style on top of that. Bridesmaid dresses that achieve the right waist and hip fit seem to be few and far between. So you may feel inferior and distressed about your figure.

Pear Shape

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Stop body shaming! As Rihanna says, "You have to just accept your body. You may not love it all the way, but you just have to be comfortable with it, comfortable with knowing that that's your body." You have to feel confident and proud of your body because a pear-shaped body has attractive curves and nice buttocks.

Different types of pear-shaped bodies all have the same characteristic: the upper body and lower body are unbalanced. Therefore, for a pear-shaped body, creating balance in the body, such as pursuing the right waist-to-hip ratio, is the key to obtaining the best bridesmaid dresses.

However, many people make the mistake of thinking they have a pear shape, and there is some difference between a pear shape and an hourglass or apple shape. Our article will show you how to identify if you have a pear shape and give you the ultimate guide to picking the best bridesmaid dresses.

What Is a Pear Body Shape

Pear Body Shape Definition

Pear-shaped bodies, also known as gynecological obesity, have narrow shoulders and tend to store fat around the hips and thighs. This type of fat is known as "passive" fat. It is considered to have a healthier waist-to-hip ratio as it has a smaller waist and less fat accumulation. The secret to determining whether you have a pear-shaped body is the shoulder-to-hip width ratio and waist-to-hip girth ratio.

Pear Body Shape Characteristics

What is a Pear Body Shape

Image Source: Vogue, Luxor and finch, Pinterest

Celebrities with pear-shaped body are common, such as Kimberly Noel Kardashian, Alicia Augello Cook, Rihanna, Ashley Graham, and Beyoncé. We can summarize some typical characteristics of a pear-shaped body from their figures, combined with some information. This will initially help you understand the pear-shaped body and determine whether you have a pear-shaped body.

  1. Overall: less fat in the upper body, more fat in the lower body, like "A".
  2. Shoulder width is visually smaller than hip width: hip width > shoulder width.
  3. Bust width is visually smaller than hip width: bust girth < hip.
  4. The waist-hip difference is big: hip girth - waist girth > 8 inches.

The Difference from an Hourglass or Apple Body Shape

1. An Hourglass Body Shape

The difference between pear shaped and hourglass shaped figures

Image Source: The Concept Wardrobe

The overall shape of the body is similar to an "X" shape, with a balanced upper and lower body. It has the same pronounced curves as a pear-shaped body, but there is a difference in the shoulder-to-hip width ratio. The hourglass figure has almost the same shoulder width and hip width and has a proportional distribution of fat in the legs. 

However, there are many similarities between the bottom hourglass body shape and the pear body shape. The difference between these two is the difference in size of their upper bodies. The standard for the bottom hourglass shape is a fairly large ratio of bust to waist and hips to waist, with the hips measuring slightly larger than the bust, while the pear shape is a little more pronounced with the hips larger than the bust and its upper body significantly smaller.

 2. An Apple Body Shape

The difference between pear shaped and apple shaped figures

Image Source: The Concept Wardrobe

Unlike a pear-shaped body, it is closer to an "O" shape. The key to determining whether you have an apple-shaped body is the shoulder width, which is usually smaller than the waist width, and the waist-to-hip girth ratio, which usually exceeds 0.8. The fat in the upper body will accumulate more, especially in the abdomen, resulting in an upper body curve that is not obvious while the limbs are slim.

Different Pear Body Shapes

The above basic pear-shaped body indicators alone cannot discern your final body shape. The shape of the pears we eat in our daily lives is very diverse, not to mention the pear-shaped people. If you belong to the pear-shaped body type, you need to further confirm what kind of pear shape you belong to. Of course, you may also be a mixture of several body shapes. We will take a more three-dimensional perspective in order to confirm which type of pear shape you are. The above introduction of the pear shape can help you judge the frontal shape of your body, so next we will look deeper into your body shape from your side shape, shoulder shape, and height.

Give the pear shape a representative letter, "A", to more simply describe your body shape.

Side Shapes of Pear-Shaped Bodies

The side shapes of the body can be summarized in these letters: "B", "P", "b", "P", "I ", "d", "S/dP", "db" and "dB". It is often still difficult to find the right summer bridesmaid dresses based solely on a generalized summary of pear-shaped body features, as each person's body is unique. Everyone's side curves are different, which can lead to different side shapes. You can take photos of your front and your side to get a more visual view of your fat distribution and to make the bridesmaid dress size fit your body better.

1.Side Shapes of Small or Normal Hips

Side Shapes of Small or Normal Hips

If your hips are small, then your side shape can be divided into four types: B-shape, P-shape, b-shape, and I-shape. The B-shape means that both your breasts and stomach are more prominent. The P-shape means that only your breasts are prominent. The b-shape means that only your stomach is more pronounced. The I-shape means that both your breasts and stomach are basically flat.

2. SideShapes of Large Buttocks

SideShapes of Large Buttocks

If you have larger hips, then your side shape can also be divided into four types: d-shape, S-shape, db-shape, and dB-shape. The d-shape means only your buttocks are prominent. The S-shape means your breasts and buttocks are both more prominent. The db-shape means your stomach and buttocks are more prominent. The dB-shape means your breasts, stomach, and buttocks are all obvious.

Shoulder Shapes of Pear-Shaped Bodies

Different shoulder shapes each have their own qualities and can also have an impact on the positive appearance of a pear-shaped body. When choosing the neckline of a bridesmaid dress, the shoulder shape plays a vital role in the performance of the neckline. If you choose the right neckline, then your shoulders will be more elegant and beautiful. But if you choose an improper neckline, even if the neckline is beautiful, it may not achieve the effect you want.

Shoulder width is smaller than hip width, which is one of the criteria to determine whether you are pear-shaped, so your shoulder width is narrower compared to other types of body shapes. However, in pear body shapes, shoulder width varies and can be classified as narrow, normal, or wide.

The shoulder shape consists of two main factors: one is the width (the distance between the two acromions, and the other is the angle (degrees between the shoulder line and the vertical line at the bottom of the neck). Based on these two categories, you can measure the width of your shoulders and the neck-shoulder angle and pick a keyword from each of them to determine your shoulder shape.

1. Width Perspective

  • Narrow Shoulder: Itis one of the reasons that your body looks pear-shaped. Most women with a pear shape have narrow shoulders. If your shoulder width is significantly less than your hip width, then you basically have narrow shoulders. Generally speaking, the head-shoulder width is significantly less than 2.

 Width Perspective

Image Source: Bolly Wood Life

  • Normal-width Shoulder: Itsacromions are located midway between the innermost and outermost vertical lines of the arms, neither too round nor too bony. The head-shoulder width ratio is around 2.

Normal-width shoulder

Image Source: Koimoi

  • Broad Shoulder: Broad shoulders are relatively rare in pear-shaped bodies. If you meet the conditions of a head-shoulder width ratio bigger than 2 and shoulder width less than hip width at the same time, then you belong to the wide shoulder group in a pear-shaped body.

Broad shoulder

Image Source: CNN

2. Angle Perspective

  • Slopedshoulder: If the angle between the shoulder line and the horizontal line is greater than 20 degrees and your shoulder to arm are rounded, then you have a sloped It is worth noting that women who have smaller bone structures, shorter clavicles, and narrower shoulders are more likely to have sloped shoulders, which are common in pear-shaped bodies.

Sloped shoulder

Image Source: Quiz Expo

  • Normal-Angle Shoulder: It is also common in pear-shaped figures, and their skeletons are small. The angle between the shoulder line and the horizontal line is between 15-20 The clavicle is not horizontal and has a natural slope.

Normal-angle shoulder

Image Source: The Concept Wardrobe

  • 90-Degree Shoulder: The angle from shoulder to arm is approximately 90 degrees, while the angle between the shoulder line and the horizontal line is less than 15 degrees. 90 degree shoulders are more bony, with a pronounced and flat clavicle line, and are mostly seen in small-skeleton and lean pear-shaped women.

90-degree shoulder

Image Source: The Concept Wardrobe

Height of Pear-Shaped Bodies

Height is one of the most important indicators that affects the suitability of summer ridesmaid dresses for pear-shaped women. When you are selecting a dress, I believe any store will need your height to initially delineate your size range. Different heights and proportions will result in different pear shapes, which leads to a diversity of pear shapes.

1. Height Types

There are three main classifications of height: 

  • Petite height is usually shorter than 5'25''. If your height is in this range, then you belong to the petite pear shape.
  • Medium height is generally between 5'25'' and 5'7''. If your height is in this range, then you belong to the Medium-height pear shape.
  • Tall height is higher than 5'7''.If your height is in this range, then you belong to the tall pear shape.

2. Proportions

Height of Pear-Shaped Bodies

Image Source: UK MODELS

Proportions are determined by height, head height, and the horizontal line of the belly button. Based on this, we can determine your proportional category based on your lower body height and full body height. Lower body height refers to the length from your belly button to the floor (without shoes).

  • Moderately proportioned: 0.56 < lower body height / full body height < 0.618
  • Incongruous proportions: Lower body height / full body height ≤0.56
  • Supermodel proportions: Lower body height / full body height ≥0.618

Define Your Unique Pear Shape

According to the above introduction of different pear shapes, we can come up with hundreds of pear shapes. But how do you pick out your own pear shape from these figures? The next reveal is for you!

Step 1: Before you can confirm your pear shape, you need to take standard front and side photos of yourself. Remember that you must not take pictures from a supine or a top view. When taking photos, you should place your handpiece or camera 3–4 meters away from you. The camera should be level with your eyes, placing it perpendicular to the ground.

Step 2: Measure your height with a tape measure.

Step 3: Combine the pear-shaped body type information provided above to determine your proportions and shoulder shape based on your frontal photo and height.

Step 4: Compare your side view with a categorized picture of your body type to get an idea of your fat distribution.

Step 5: Summarize them. For example, I have a petite A-d figure with moderately proportion and narrow shoulder. With a detailed description of a pear-shaped body, I believe you will have a clearer perception of your body shape again, which will be a huge help in finding beautiful summer bridesmaid dresses.

Tips for Choosing Elements of Bridesmaid Dresses

The key to choosing the right bridesmaid dress for you is "balance", as the visual difference between your upper body and lower body causes an overall imbalance. For this reason, you can achieve a balanced effect by using the principle of "top complicated and bottom simple". The top half of the bridesmaid's dresses can have intricate decorative designs, slightly exaggerated and delicate shoulder designs, layered texture designs, etc. The bottom half of the dress should be simple; it can be a monochrome A-hem or a wrap-around design. Note that there is no need for complex layers or decorative designs. Otherwise, it will increase the heaviness of the lower body. In addition, lighter shades and lighter fabrics of bridesmaid dresses can make you look lighter, which is also in line with the tone of the summer wedding.

You can read on about the specific choices for each specific element of bridesmaid dresses. You will benefit a lot!


For a pear-shaped body, whether it has wide or narrow shoulders, its shoulder width is visually smaller than the hip width, so making the shoulders visually wide is one of the best ways to balance the pear-shaped body. And for different inclined shoulders, the suitable necklines are also different. Here, we recommend some collar designs for you.

1. Universal Neckline for All Pear-Shaped Shoulders

The universal collar shape needs to meet one condition, which is "wide". A wide neckline will make your shoulders look wider. Conversely, a small neckline will make your shoulders appear narrower. Why is that? A wide neckline exposes more of your shoulders, but the line is extended horizontally, which causes the shoulders to widen horizontally.

  • Off-Shoulder Neckline

Off-the-shoulder Neckline

Image Source: Chicsew

Off-the-shoulder necklines are the right choice for you because they are suitable for all pear-shaped shoulders. They come in a variety of styles that can widen your shoulder while accentuating its beauty. A black off-the-shoulder dress or a white off-the-shoulder dress is very classic and common.

  • Other Necklines

Other Necklines

Image Source: Chicsew

Others, such as bateau necklines, asymmetric necklines, and wide V-necks, are also good choices. The bateau neckline just reveals your elegant collarbone; the asymmetrical neckline can make your bridesmaid dresses more designable; the wide V-neck can create an X-shape for the dress, thus making the pear shape more sexy and attractive.

2. Specially Necklines Suitable for Sloped Shoulders

sloped shoulders come with elegance and a classical vibe. However, many pear-shaped women are often troubled by it when choosing dresses because the rounded shoulders tend to look like they have no spirit and look decadent. In fact, if the neckline is chosen properly, the advantages of sloped shoulders will be released. For improving sloped shoulders, the key is to reduce the rounded line of the neckline. Some collar shapes with straight lines will give you a better overall look.

  • Square Neckline

Square Neckline

Image Source: Chicsew

A square neckline will neutralize your round shoulders and give you a stiff line for support. In addition, wide straps will suit you better than thin straps because they will not fall off easily and will emphasize the volume of your upper body. A square neckline bridesmaid dress can show off your elegant temperament.

  • Sabrina Neckline

Sabrina Neckline

Image Source: Madame Bridal

This neckline can also increase your shoulder width. If you have a swan neck, then this type of neckline can match you perfectly and make you more elegant. If you don't want the sabrina necklines to be too monotonous, you can choose a neckline with an embellishment that accentuates your temperament and give the whole bridesmaiddresses a finishing touch.

  • Queen Anne Neckline

Queen Anne Neckline

Image Source: Pinterest

This neckline is very classic and is named after the Queen of Great Britain. It features a dipped neckline design in the front, and its straps start at the outer edge of the chest and widen towards the neck. So if you don't want any risk of the straps slipping off, then this neckline will suit your taste.

3. Specially Necklines Suitable for 90 Degree Shoulders

Women with pear-shaped bodies and 90-degree shoulders are generally slim. A 90-degree shoulder can make you look more upright and help you easily manage bridesmaid dresses with various necklines. However, since you have a pear-shaped body with relatively narrow shoulders, it is necessary to look for bridesmaid dresses that make your shoulders look wider. You have bony shoulders and pronounced lines, so a soft-line neckline will make you more gentle, while a straight-line neckline will make you more imposing and spirited.

  • Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart Neckline

Image Source: Chicsew

The sweetheart neckline is shaped like the upper part of a heart. If you have a full bust, it is worth trying this neckline. In addition, your beautiful shoulder line is fully exposed, which is very elegant and charming. Don't worry about looking narrow shoulders because the line of the sweetheart neckline extends to the outside outward, similar to a V-neck, thus achieving the effect of showing wide shoulders.

  • Scoop Neckline

Scoop Neckline

Image Source: Pinterest

The scoop neckline is a large curved line that neutralizes your straight shoulder line, thus giving you a gentler and more generous look. Your shoulder and collarbones can be also perfectly displayed, perfect for summer! Whether your neck is long or short, you can manage it. In short, the scoop neckline dress is a boon to pear-shaped bodies.

  • Cowl Neckline

Cowl Neckline

Image Source: Chicsew

The cowl neckline features a loose-fitting design that drapes around the collarbone and creates a sense of piling up below your shoulder, which adds volume to your upper body. If you prefer a slightly more casual and elegant style, a cowl neckline bridesmaid dress is something you can consider.


Sleeves that are structured at the top half will fit you better than unstructured slim sleeves. Short sleeves will suit you better overall than long sleeves, but that doesn't mean you can't choose a bridesmaid dress with long sleeves. As long as the sleeves are accentuating the volume of the upper part, then you can consider them. Sleeves with shoulder pads will also accentuate your shoulder.


A sleeveless bridesmaid dress

Image Source: Pinterest

A sleeveless bridesmaid dress can be one of the options for you if you have pear-shaped figures. With the right neckline, the dresses will look great on you. You can choose bridesmaid dresses with embellishments at the neckline or the upper part of the body, which will make the upper part of the body more delicate and eye-catching. Some unique back designs will also make the dresses more attractive.

2.Short or Half-length Sleeves

At summer weddings, short and semi-long sleeves are perfect as one of the factors in choosing bridesmaid dresses. They can visually create the illusion of extended shoulder width, shifting the visual focus upward and thus balancing the top and bottom halves of the body.

  • Puff Sleeves

puff sleeve dress

Image Source: Pinterest

In recent years, puff sleeves have been popular with most women. Puff sleeves, shaped like bubbles, give the sleeves an overall swell. They can widen your shoulders while making you as sweet as candy. A white puff sleeve dress or a pink puff sleeve dress is pupolar in this summer.

  • Flutter Sleeves

flutter sleeve bridesmaid dress

Image Source: Pinterest

The flutter sleeves have an outward-expanding cuff. The cuff line is contracted into an inverted triangle, which can give you a wider shoulder. A variety of necklines, such as sweetheart and bateau necklines, work well in combination with the flutter sleeves. A flutter sleeve bridesmaid dress can be your right investment for this summer wedding.

  • Batwing Sleeves

Batwing sleeves bridesmaid dress

Image Source: Chicsew

Batwing sleeves that reach to the waist in length are also a good choice for most pear-shaped women because they add volume to the upper part of the body. If you are not very confident about your upper arms and want to cover them up, then these sleeves would be ideal for you.

  • Petal Sleeves

Petal sleeves bridesmaid dress

Image Source: Pinterest

Petal sleeves are one of the perfect sleeves for summer and also allow you to show off your charm on your friend’s wedding day. Petal sleeves come in many shapes, and you can choose according to your preference. A two-piece petal sleeve is simpler and more elegant, while a multi-piece petal sleeve will have more layers. But whichever sleeve you choose, it will add width to your shoulders and give your arms a more elegant look.

  • Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves

Image Source: Zulily

Bell sleeves extend outward from the shoulders and resemble a bell overall. The semi-long bell sleeve will emphasize your upper body. At a wedding ball, the sleeves will flutter with your dance steps.

Long sleeves

  • Juliet Sleevesor Leg-of-Mutton Sleeves

Juliet Sleeves or Leg-of-Mutton Sleeves Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Pinterest

Juliet sleeves and leg-of-mutton sleeves are two special kinds of puff sleeves. Juliet sleeves, which are named after Shakespeare's heroine in "Romeo and Juliet", consist of two parts. And leg-of-mutton sleeves only have one part.

They are loved by designers and wearers for their unique appearance and long history. The advantages of these two types of sleeves are that they can widen your shoulders nicely and give you an elegant vintage look. If you love long-sleeved bridesmaid dresses, don't hesitate to try them out.

  • Sleeves with Shoulder Pads

Sleeves Bridesmaid Dresses with Shoulder Pads

Image Source: Shein

Sleeves with shoulder pads will make you look more upright and are an effective means of widening your shoulders. If you don't want very fancy sleeves, then you can choose a shoulder pad dress to attend the wedding. Dresses with shoulder pads will make you look formal and show off your aura.

Waist Designs

Because of the larger hips of the pear-shaped body, we recommend the high-waisted style of bridesmaid dresses. Bridesmaid dresses with low waist designs will look like your hips are big, and the visual center will move down. And for the high waistline design, it can also be varied, not necessarily choosing just a horizontal line of the waistline design.

  • V-shape or Inverted V-Shape Waisline

V-shape or Inverted V-Shape Waisline Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: ChicSew

Both types of waistlines show off your curves as they extend along the vertical and have a nice tight fit. Compared to the two, the V-shape can make your waist look thinner, while the inverted V-shape waistline will make the upper part of your body shorter and can improve your proportions.

  • X-Shape Waisline

X-shape Waisline Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: ChicSew

The X-shaped waistline is a good investment for you if you have pear-shaped bodies because its lines visually create a contraction of your hips. In addition, it can improve your body proportions as well as give you a water snake waist.

  • Empire Waist

empire waist bridesmaid dress

Image Source: Byrdie

Empire waist is a style of clothing that is often applied to dresses. The gown has a fitted top, and the waistline is just below the chest, giving the impression of a high waist that can slim your body. A empire waist bridesmaid dress will make your body proportion better.

  • Open Waist

open waist bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: lolason

An open waist is one that is partially exposed at the waist. An open waist is one that is partially exposed at the waist. It will accentuate your strengths, i.e. make your waist look slimmer while emphasizing your upper body. In addition, it creates an X-shaped waistline, which is friendly to pear-shaped figures.

  • Asymmetrical Waist

asymmetrical Waist bridesmaid dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

Asymmetrical waistline designs will make your bridesmaid dresses look more different and interesting because they have enough styles. Pair it with a simple hemline, and it will weaken the heaviness of the lower half of your body. If you love to break out, you can't go wrong with this waistline design.

Positions of Hemlines

What we introduce in this subsection is how to choose the right hemlines for bridesmaid dresses based on your leg shape. For pear-shaped figures, choosing the right length is crucial, as the right length will lighten your lower body and improve your proportions.

  • Well-Proportioned Legs

If your legs are well-distributed, then you will fit basically all lengths of bridesmaid dresses. The improvement of your body proportions is already resolved by the waistline, so you can determine the length of the dress to your liking. If you are petite and want to make yourself look taller, then we recommend floor-length hemlines.

  • Legs with Thick Calves

If you have thick calves, especially the calves, then you want to avoid mid-calf hemlines because they make your legs look short and stubby.

So what length should you choose? Ankle length and floor length are the best! Not only do they cover the thickest part of your calves, but they also help improve your proportions. But if you prefer short bridesmaid dresses, then above-the-knee hemlines are also something to try.

  • Legs with Thick Thighs

People with this leg shape generally have thighs that are much thicker than the calves, so they will appear to have thin calves. For this reason, mid-thigh hemlines, knee hemlines, mid-calf hemlines, and floor hemlines are good for you. If you have very slim calves, then calf belly hemlines can also be one of your choices.


Choosing the right color will both add to your figure and make your complexion look better. The color should depend on the theme of the wedding. If the wedding theme has not yet been decided, you can draw color inspiration from our article here and then discuss the choice of bridesmaid dress colors with the bride. In another case, maybe the bride has already decided on the colors for you, but you can analyze how you can make the colors pop by yourself with the color recommendations and pairings we talk about in this article.

1. Single Color

A single color is the most common choice in bridesmaid dresses because it tends to be both formal and accentuates your simple and generous temperament. For pear-shaped figures, dark colors such as burgundy, black, brown, dark blue, emerald, etc. can make your crotch look narrower while appearing slim.

2. Different Colors

Different color combinations of bridesmaid dresses will be more lively and playful. You can apply the colors to achieve the effect of narrowing the hips and amplifying your strengths. And the principle of the combination is that the colors should emphasize vertical distribution. The area in the center of the hip is as dark as possible, which means that it should meet the condition of dark inside and light outside. Besides, combinations of the same series of colors, complementary colors, or different depths of colors are all good choices.

3. Different Skin Undertones

Different Skin Undertones

Image Source: Sundari Silks

Different skin tones will also have different suitable colors. The right color will make you look more toned. Do you want to know what kind of skin color you belong to? Don't worry! We'll answer it for you.

Look at the color of your veins in natural light:

  • If your veins are blue or purple, you basically have a cool skin under
  • If you're not sure which color is most visible, you likely have a neutralskin
  • If you have green veins undertone,it means your skin undertone is warm.
  • Cool

Cool undertones include a wide range of skin tones, such as cool white, cool yellow, cool brown, cool black, etc. For pear-shaped women with these skin tones, some cool but vibrant bridesmaid dresses, such as the shades of purple series, blue series, and blue-toned green series, are available. Among them, purple, burgundy, emerald, jade, lavender, and royal blue can be good choices. Some earth tones and neutral colors are also suitable for women with cool undertones. Try to avoid colors that are too cold, such as warm colors like orange and red.

  • Warm

Warm tones include warm whites, warm yellows, warm browns, and warm blacks. Neutral and warm colors would be the right investment for you, such as red, orange, and fuchsia. In the Morandi palette, gray and gray-toned green may give you a gentle and elegant temperament. And earth tones can give you a generous and friendly look. Try to avoid too-cold shades, such as blue.

  • Neutral

Neutral undertones include olive tones, neutral white, neutral yellow, neutral brown, etc. If you fall into this skin tone category, then you have control over many pairs of colors, including warm, neutral, and cool colors. So when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses, you can go with your own preference. There's no need to get hung up on which color looks pear-shaped, fat, or thin. The confident look is the most beautiful.

Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Do you have trouble choosing the ultimate bridesmaid dress after knowing your specific pear shape and the essentials for choosing a bridesmaid dress? Don't worry, we're going to combine the current bridesmaid dress trends to help you choose some of the best bridesmaid dresses for your best friend's wedding. To balance the top and bottom halves of a pear-shaped body, X-line, A-line, T-line, and mermaid silhouettes are suitable for you to wear.

You may wonder why A-line and mermaid silhouettes are suitable for pear-shaped figures. A-line silhouettes cover your hips so that no one will know what your hips look like. From this point of view, they are safer for you. The mermaid silhouette can outline your perfect waist and hip curves. As long as the top half of the mermaid dress design can widen the width of your shoulders, which means creating a T-line effect, you can show off your figure without being shy.

Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Soft Satin Unique V-Neck Side Slit Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Soft Satin Unique V-Neck Side Slit Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

This dress is excellent for you because it has an asymmetrical shoulder design that widens your shoulders as well as being rich in decoration. The mermaid silhouette wraps nicely around your hips, and the gown's fishtail runs from the upper part of your thighs to the floor. The sloped pleats on the hips echo the neckline and also visually narrow your hips, making it very friendly to pear-shaped figures. The back design of the dress is also basically the same as the front, making you look very elegant and beautiful both from the back and the front.

Elegant Off-Shoulder Mermaid Side Slit Soft Satin Long African Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant Off-Shoulder Mermaid Side Slit Soft Satin Long African Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

This vintage bridesmaid dress features a neckline and hip pleats. The overall neckline is similar to a wide V-shape. It is crossed and located on the chest, and its sleeve wraps tightly around the upper part of the arm. The high-waisted design improves your proportions and accentuates your waist. The loose pleats at the hips give the bridesmaid dresses as a whole a touch of casual and lazy feeling, making the dresses as a whole less tight. The back design of the dress is simple and generous, showing your elegance.

Elegant Asymmetrical Off Shoulder Soft Satin Side Slit Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant Asymmetrical Off Shoulder Soft Satin Side Slit Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

If you like a unique neckline that accentuates your shoulders, then this bridesmaid dress will meet your needs. This neckline design combines off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, and sloped shoulders so creatively that it achieves a surprise effect. The back of the dress has plenty of room for you to show off your elegant rear. The mermaid silhouette we offer adds to the overall sophistication of the bridesmaid dresses and allows you to accentuate the advantages of a pear-shaped figure. Thanks to the high slit, you'll be able to walk down the aisle at your bestie's wedding with ease.

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit Off -Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit Off -Shoulder Floor-Length Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

The style of this off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress is not complicated in design, but its delicate details are very fascinating. The drop shoulder straps are thin, showing your gentleness and visually widening the width of your shoulders. If you love strapless on your shoulder, then don't miss this one. In addition, the pleats at the hips resemble the ripples of water against the satin, adding to the design ambiance of the dress and slimming down your hips. The fishtail spreads underneath the pleats, and everything is natural and harmonious. The design of the back of the dress is also not complicated. And its silhouette is similar to the front.

Sexy Side Slit Off-Shoulder Mermaid Floor-Length Long Soft Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Side Slit Off-Shoulder Mermaid Floor-Length Long Soft Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: Chicsew

The design highlights of this bridesmaid dress are the shoulders, pleats, and back. The shoulders are designed with a slanted off-shoulder and a thin strap, which can effectively widen the shoulders of pear-shaped women. Since the pleats spread from one side of the waist, the waistline is not obvious, which can visually lengthen your height and improve your body proportion. In addition, the back design is also a surprise. Unlike the front style, the back has an open waist, allowing you to reveal your original slim waist. The deep V-shaped neckline at the back adds a further degree of skin exposure. If you love bridesmaid dresses with contrasting fronts and backs, then this dress will be the right choice for you.

Unique Soft Satin One Shoulder Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Unique Soft Satin One Shoulder Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Online

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Looking for a bridesmaid dress with ruffled petal sleeves to embrace your upcoming bestie's wedding? Look at this one! I'm sure you'll love it when you receive it. This neckline design is based on one shoulder, combined with a ruffle that ends up with unique petal sleeves. The ruffles on one shoulder gather at the peak of the shoulder and stack with the ruffles at the arm to form two layers of petals, giving you the ultimate elegance, as if you have flowers lingering around you. Underneath the ruffle is a simple but delicate mermaid silhouette, so your shoulders are accentuated and broadened. All in all, this dress is a boon for bridesmaids.

X-line Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant One-Shoulder Soft Satin Pleats Mermaid Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant One-Shoulder Soft Satin Pleats Mermaid Long Bridesmaid Dresses

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This is a special X-shaped bridesmaid dress because it belongs to the asymmetrical X-shaped design. Some Greek-style elements are reflected in this dress. The one shoulder with pleats and the fluttering belt that unfolds from the waistline all reflect a bit of Greek-style design elements. These elements in the gown will make you look more intimate and divine. The mermaid silhouette will outline the buttocks. One side of the hips is blocked by the flutter belt, so only the other side of the hips is exposed, which gives the illusion of narrowing the width of the hips. If you have a pear shape, wear it to your best friend's wedding because this bridesmaid dress won't let you down.

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit V-Neck Long Mermaid Maid Of Honor Dresses Online

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit V-Neck Long Mermaid Maid Of Honor Dresses Online

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The V-neck bridesmaid dress has a symmetrical X silhouette. Its neckline is a wide V-neck with wide straps at the ends of the shoulders on both sides, which leads to the visual effect of widening your shoulders. The design details that break the overly serious symmetry are the diagonal pleats at the hips, the high side slit, and the fluctuating hemline, which make the dress overall both formal and lively and playful for you. The back of this bridesmaid dress has a large V-shaped Peter Pan collar, which also adds to the overall interest of the dress.

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit V-Neck Floor-Length Long Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit V-Neck Floor-Length Long Bridesmaid Dresses Online

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The feature of this bridesmaid dress is that it will stop people's eyes at your waist because the ruffles are centered at the center of the waist and spread out in all directions, which can well reduce attention to your hips. The deep V-neckline allows you to show off your sexiness and charm. The piece of the pleated dress drops down naturally to create a flowing look, and it will float with your dance steps. So you'll be the highlight of the summer wedding ball, but without compromising the beauty of the bride. The aqua blue color will give you the calmness and beauty of the ocean. Of course, other colors will be beautiful too.

Unique Soft Satin Side Bat Sleeves Long Maid Of Honor Dresses Online

Unique Soft Satin Side Bat Sleeves Long Maid Of Honor Dresses Online

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If you are looking for bridesmaid dresses that are more forgiving for pear-shaped figures, then the dress in the picture above would be a good bet for you. It features sleeves, a waistline, and a high slit. The medium-length batwing sleeves combined with the V-neckline give you a flattering top half while still emphasizing its volume. For pear-shaped women with sloped shoulders, it will emphasize your classical temperament, while for pear-shaped women with other shoulders, it will not look uninspiring but bring a touch of casualness to the formal dress. Secondly, there is a bow tie at the waist, so you can have both feminine charm and playful cuteness. The A-shaped bottom half can cover your hips well. The high side slit design allows you to have room to show a little leg and reduce the heaviness of the lower half of the body.

Mermaid V-Neck Side-Slit Stretchy Jersey Long Formal Bridesmaid Dresses Online

Mermaid V-Neck Side-Slit Stretchy Jersey Long Formal Bridesmaid Dresses Online

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If you want to show off your waist and make it look slimmer, then you can't go wrong with this open-waisted bridesmaid dress. This dress is made from a stretchy jersey, so you don't have to worry about not being able to wear it; rather, it will flatter your figure. It has an open waist at the thinnest part of your sides and is crossed in the center of the waist, so your waist will be very slim! In addition, the large, deep V-shaped design will increase your sexiness. And of course, the back also shows your sexiness because it is hot enough! The upper part of the back is X-shaped, and the waist is not covered. The mermaid silhouette's structural lines are vertical, visually elevating you and creating the illusion of a narrower hip.

A-line Bridesmaid Dresses

Simple Off-Shoulder Chiffon Floor-Length Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Simple Off-Shoulder Chiffon Floor-Length Long Bridesmaid Dresses

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This gown is a very typical A-line bridesmaid dress with sleeves in chiffon that is perfect for summer. Its shoulder design is a combination of falling shoulder and shoulder straps, which can effectively broaden your shoulder and is suitable for a pear-shaped figure. The design of a high waist can make your upper body shorter and show longer legs. A silhouette design is extremely light and fresh against the breathable chiffon, which can effectively reduce the weight of your lower body. Pink will make you as beautiful as a pure fairy. Other colors are also worth trying, so you can decide according to your preferences and skin tone.

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit Spaghetti Straps Floor-Length A-Line Bridesmaid Dresses

Sexy Soft Satin Side Slit Spaghetti Straps Floor-Length A-Line Bridesmaid Dresses

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The reasons why this bridesmaid dress is suitable for the shape of the pear-shaped body are the square collar, asymmetric waist design, and A silhouette. Whether you have a sloped shoulder or a 90-degree shoulder, the wide collar is very suitable for you because the large and horizontal neckline can be visually widened from your shoulder. The waistline is composed of two groups of oblique folds, making your waist look slimmer. The A-shaped silhouette can effectively cover your hips, and this dress will not highlight your belly. The fabric of the dress is soft satin, which guarantees comfort and elevates the entire dress.

Soft Satin Off-Shoulder V-Neck Floor-Length A-Line African Bridesmaid Dresses

Soft Satin Off-Shoulder V-Neck Floor-Length A-Line African Bridesmaid Dresses

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This off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dress is very suitable for women with pear-shaped figures. If you are still hesitating about which dress to buy, you might as well add this list. When you receive it and try it on, you will be very satisfied because it is so delicate, and your small belly and hips will be covered naturally. Of course, your curve advantage, especially at the waist, will also be magnified. No matter what color you choose, it will be beautiful on soft satin. In short, this dress will solve your trouble with a pear-shaped figure and reveal your assets.


This article mainly introduces your choice of bridesmaid dresses from four aspects: the definition and characteristics of a pear-shaped figure, how to define your figure according to different pear-shaped figures, design elements suitable for a pear-shaped figure, and specific styles of bridesmaid dresses. We will be very honored if you gain something from our article! Make your bridesmaid dresses work for you instead of wondering why you can't wear them. If you wear an inappropriate bridesmaid dress, it's not your fault. Let the next one serve you, because it will be better. Consult with the bride, and I am sure you will find the perfect bridesmaid dress for you. Happy shopping!


What Type of Accessories Are Good for Someone with a Pear Body Type?

Choose jewelry away from your hips, such as pearls, necklaces, hair bands, earrings, etc., as they can help draw attention to your upper body. For example, choose accessories with shapes to place around your shoulders, which will accentuate your shoulders. Avoid wearing bulky accessories if you have a short neck. Try to avoid accessories that reach your hips or decorate your hips.

In addition, a thin belt is also one of the perfect accessories for you because it can highlight your slim waist while also shortening the curve of the waist to achieve the effect of shortening the upper body to improve the proportions.

How to Measure People with Waist Obesity?

Please measure two types of data at the waist: the widest part of your waist and the part 1 inch above your belly button. Because you have more fat distribution around your waist, we need one more figure to make sure the waist of the dress is right for you to ensure a comfortable fit.

How Should an Overweight Pear-Shaped Body Dress?

A-line square-neck empire-waist bridesmaid dresses and X-shaped puff-sleeve high-waist bridesmaid dresses may meet your needs. When choosing the length, try to choose ankle-length or floor-length bridesmaid dresses. The bottom half of the design should be more minimalist. If you like decorated bridesmaid dresses, then choose one with decorations on the upper half of the body.

How Can I Hide My Belly in a Bridesmaid Dress?

In terms of style, you can choose high-waisted A-line or X-shaped bridesmaid dresses, which can effectively help you cover your belly. Choose a mermaid bridesmaid dress with a little stretch and try it on, because a dress that doesn't show your belly is very much a designer's level of garment making. Of course, you also wear a high-quality control bodice under your bridesmaid dresses to tighten and smooth your belly.

Do I Need to Wear a Bra When Trying on Bridesmaid Dresses?

When choosing bridesmaid dresses, it is vital that you ask customer service in advance if the dresses have chest pads. I think it is very necessary to wear a bra when the bridesmaid dresses do not have chest pads. You should ideally wear the bra you may wear on your friend's wedding day before you try on the dress. If a bridesmaid dress is not designed to fit your chest, it can be modified, returned or exchanged. The bust girth can be accurate if measured after you put on the bra. When measuring, be careful not to have any compression of the chest or bra; otherwise, it will cause a deviation of the data.

What Shoes Are Best for a Pear-Shaped Body?

For a pear shape, pointed shoes, square shoes, and high heels are great choices because they elongate the legs and make the legs you have look slimmer. Of course, you can also choose high heels, which are great for this body shape because they visually stretch the legs. Avoid shoes that stand at the ankle, as they can visually break up the line of your legs, which could otherwise be elongated. When choosing shoes, make sure the straps are just below the ankle bone.


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