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The Guide about First Look With Your Bridesmaids Squad

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Sharing a first appearance with your wedding party is a fashionable concept that is currently spreading over the wedding world.  

For a large bridal party, we enjoy the first look with your bridesmaids! This gives the bride the chance to share a particular moment with her bridesmaids and maid of honor as well as give them a big reveal, which adds another emotional element to the wedding! 

What Is A Bridesmaid First Look?

A bridesmaids' first appearance is exactly that: a first look with your bridesmaids! Basically, you'll get into your gown and accessories in a room apart from your girls, usually with the assistance of your mother, or other women close to you. Then, we'll plan a huge surprise with your bridesmaids so they can all see you at once! There will be plenty of squeals, hugs, giggles, and happy tears! What do bridesmaids look first look like first?

What Is A Bridesmaid First Look

What Do Bridesmaids Really Look Like at First?

I can't speak from the bride's perspective, but I CAN talk from the perspective of a bridesmaid: it's a lot of fun (and also extremely emotional!)! When I was a bridesmaid in April, the bride got ready in the hotel suite's "bedroom" while the rest of us rested in the living room. It was extremely lovely to see her full appearance after she was finished, and I know she loved having some peaceful time before the rush of the day began. 

It was undoubtedly an emotional occasion to see one of my oldest friends as a BRIDE for the first time! There were many happy tears and hugs! 

How to Have Your Bridesmaids Do A First Look

Think about Hiring a Bridal Stylist


Hiring a bridal designer is the greatest method to guarantee that your dress choices complement the overall look, purpose, and personality of your wedding celebrations. They know how to bring forth your best attributes. They then add hair, makeup, and accessories to create a succession of magazine-worthy looks that improve the overall experience. Because taking authentic images with your wedding party is one of the pleasures of a first look, you'll want everyone to look their best. So, we recommend hiring a stylist to ensure that everyone's attire is spotless. " 

How to Have Your Bridesmaids Do A First Look

Consult with Your Photography and Video

A professional wedding photographer is vital for capturing the most beautiful and unforgettable images. The first step is to consult with your photography and video crew. You select a gorgeous and well-lit location for your shoot with their assistance. Align your positions and how you will both portray yourself better. Usually, your friends would have their backs to you, waiting for you to turn around and show your best side to your females. Make sure you tell your photographer which way you're going so they can prepare to capture it.

Make Certain That You Have Enough Space

To keep your wedding look a secret from your bridal party, you'll need a private changing area and a separate dressing area. Telling your team to flee to a crowded corridor isn't going to cut it. Remember to inquire about the space when booking your bridal suite. If you're getting ready in a hotel, get numerous rooms or neighboring ones so you can dress discreetly. A private property or home with multiple rooms is another suitable place. Whatever place you choose, it should be climate-controlled and comfortable.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed. Allowing for adequate preparation time will reduce unneeded tension and prevent ceremony delays. You must ensure that you have time set aside on your calendar to plan the first look. This is usually done after a bride has been fully dressed and has had some interior bridal photographs made. It does take some effort to have everyone in place ahead of time, and when they see you, they will all want to hug you! Everything takes time, so prepare appropriately! Although a bridal party first look appears to be quick, it takes longer than you think, we don't want you to feel rushed at all. Remember to consult with your planner, photographer, and photographer about your intentions so that they can prepare accordingly and block off enough time on your timeline. 

Communicate Expectations

The morning of your wedding is usually frantic, so minor details may pass your mind. Because mysteriously departing after you've done your hair and makeup will cause some uncertainty, don't forget to inform your bridesmaids that you'll be getting ready separately. It's also crucial to let them know that while you're getting dressed, they'll need to change into their outfits as well. 

Some Things to Avoid

From poor lighting to unnatural attitudes, these are seven hazards to avoid when showing off your wedding look to your bridesmaids for the first time.

Getting Ready in Dim Light

Nothing ruins the potential of a photograph more than harsh shadows and dimly light locations. Yes, professional photographers will troubleshoot using their talents and techniques, but it's preferable to hold your first look in a place with plenty of natural light.

Getting ready in dim Light

Don’t Clean Your Suite

Another factor that contributes to poor image quality? "A disorganized suite."If you're going to do it in a room, make sure it's clean before the reveal. Fold up your pajamas, push your baggage out of the way, and throw away any garbage to ensure that your images look immaculate.

Creating Unnatural Reaction

It's natural to want to nail your bridal party's first appearance. However, if your expectations are too high, you may not receive the desired response. Avoid making it appear overly choreographed. If the first gaze is forced, the photographs will appear strange. 

FAQs – Bridesmaid Dress

What Should You Do with Bridesmaid Dress after the Wedding?

It all depends on the dresses. You may consign it or donate it to a thrift store, where it might be worn by someone else or used to make a completely different dress. Or, give to a family member or friend for their children to use for dress-up. Another option is to keep it eternally and store it in a dress-up box for your future children. 

How to Deal with a Bridesmaid That Doesn't like Any of the Dresses You Choose?

You've chosen clothes to match the theme and style of your wedding, and they're uncertain. The first step is to figure out why they don't like what you've chosen. If it's practical—for example, if the style is uncomfortable to wear—you may need to make adjustments. If you've only ever bought clothes to fit you, it's difficult to comprehend why strapless gowns are a nightmare for large-chested women, or why a tight dress can be unpleasant on someone who is gender-fluid. If the color is causing issues, make sure they can see it in person rather than simply on the internet. If possible, send fabric swatches. If it's still a problem, find out why and talk to your bridesmaid.


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