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How to Plan Your Perfect Wedding Recovery Day: Tips and Ideas

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Whether you threw a massive celebration or opted for an intimate elopement, one thing’s for sure: you need a wedding recovery day. Picture this as your official post-wedding spa day for the soul. Planning that dreamy wedding was a marathon – a 10 to 18-month emotional roller coaster of wedding theme debates, bachelorette shenanigans, venue scouting, and endless Pinterest scrolling for the perfect napkin fold. Exhausting, right?

Now, pause. Take a breath. Let's talk about gracefully transitioning back to reality after your wedding extravaganza. This recovery day isn’t just about regaining your sanity, but also about relishing the sweet aftertaste of your journey to the knot. Now, let’s map out the perfect course for your ultimate wedding recovery day!

What Is a Wedding Recovery Day For?

The wedding recovery day, typically unfolding the day after your grand celebration or intimate elopement, serves as the much-needed exhale after the whirlwind of your nuptials. As the name implies, it’s a dedicated time for the exhausted yet exhilarated couple and their fabulous entourage to recover and bask in the peace that follows the festivities.

Reminisce and Rewind

What Is a Wedding Recovery Day For

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It’s not just about recovery, and also a day to reminisce and rewind. Gather around with friends and family, then share stories and anecdotes that might have slipped through the cracks amidst the wedding day chaos. This is your chance to fill in the blanks, reliving the laughter, tears, and unexpected moments that make your wedding a tapestry of beautiful memories.

Make the Most of Your Decor and Food

Make the Most of Your Decor and Food

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You don’t want to waste the time it takes to arrange the wedding decorations and the delicious catering selected from many vendors. Don’t worry, you can reuse them on the wedding recovery day. You may be busy and forget to make full use of your venue as a background for taking photos, and there is still enough time to use your creativity in shooting. Furthermore, guests who were immersed in revelry and got drunk still had ready-made food and drinks to fill their empty stomachs the next morning.

Take Away Wedding Favors

Take Away Wedding Favors

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This recovery day also provides a strategic breather for both the hangover-stricken and those keen on clutching their cherished wedding favors. The recovery means ample time, so guests can navigate their post-celebration state gracefully, collecting tokens of your love without the rush.

Ample Time for Calming Down

Ample Time for Calming Down

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Feeling a tad flat after the celebration is general. For couples seeking solitude, it offers a moment to savor the quiet bliss of their newlywed status. Alternatively, those inclined to keep the celebration alive can enlist friends to extend the festivities, making it a crucial entry on their wedding planning list. 

How to Plan Your Wedding Recovery Day

Preparing for your wedding recovery day is an important thing to do because it kicks off your well-deserved break after the wedding madness. It's the moment you shift from the wedding chaos to a chill and cozy atmosphere. Also, this is your chance to unwind, look back on the beautiful chaos of your big day, and make lasting memories with your favorite people. Now, the big question is, how should we plan this?

Confirm Your Wedding Date: Friday or Saturday?

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You start the planning by deciding when this should happen – on a Friday or Saturday? Here’s the lowdown: if you’re leaning towards a Friday wedding or even on a holiday, it’s the green light for a potential wedding recovery party, aka the after-party. This timing gives you and your crew the chance to keep the celebration rolling without worrying about the workweek ahead.

However, if Saturday is your chosen day, well, you might want to hit pause on the after-party plans. Why? Because most guests might be gearing up for the week ahead, an after-party might not quite hit the mark. Remember, the wedding date itself is non-negotiable, but whether to throw that extra bash entirely depends on you and your soon-to-be better half. No after-party equals fewer expenses and a potentially more laid-back vibe. Now, the choice is in your hands.

Choose the Venue

Choose the Venue

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Selecting the perfect venue for your post-wedding recovery day is also a decision that can truly shape the vibe of this special moment. Thus, it is also important for you to spend some time thinking about where you dream of holding this event. There are many places where you can choose to have this special moment but if your hearts led you to a destination wedding, why not extend the joy by basking in the afterglow at the same venue? Many destinations not only offer stunning backdrops but also the convenience of curated food and drinks, turning your recovery into a seamless and delightful experience.

But if you’re opting for a local retreat, your backyard can also be transformed into a haven of relaxation – an intimate space where you and your loved ones can unwind without a care in the world. If the home doesn't quite hit the mark, you can also explore nearby options such as a charming pub or a serene beach for a casual, yet rejuvenating ambiance.

Selecting the best venue for your wedding recovery day is crucial to elevate the memorable experience. However, it's important to note that the venue, while significant, isn't the sole determinant of the event's success. The true essence lies in the cherished memories created and the atmosphere that surrounds the celebration.

 Trash Your Wedding Dress

Trash your wedding dress

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Want to make your after-wedding shootings special? Grab the trash-the-dress trend! After the dignified and orderly wedding, it's time for a little mischief. Splash colorful paint on your wedding dress, or simply jump into the pool. The destruction allows couples to vent their stress, which has been accumulated in this long year or so of wedding planning. If you want your wedding post to be more unique, in addition to the same exquisite wedding photos, come with some crazy spices. Invite your friends to join in the destruction, and everyone can contribute a touch to your colorful wedding dress palette. Isn't this another form of celebration? Of course, the premise is that your wedding dress is not a rental.

Prepare a Post-Wedding Brunch

Prepare a Post-Wedding Brunch

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Adding a post-wedding brunch to your planning checklist is also a must! The wedding recovery day wouldn’t be complete without some delicious bites. So, give serious thought to organizing a delightful post-wedding brunch to refuel and continue the celebration. Consider a spread of scrumptious dishes, refreshing beverages, and a relaxed atmosphere to keep the good times going.

Feel free to get creative with your menu. If you're feeling adventurous, you can also include leftover delights from the big day, ensuring no tasty morsel goes to waste. Think about crowd-pleasers like omelets made to order, succulent shrimp, fluffy waffles, or even a laid-back BBQ spread. These dishes are perfect for your wedding recovery event. However, before finalizing the menu, be sure to consider the diverse tastes of your guests. Ensure there's something for the kids and the elders in the mix.

As for the drinks, go for classic mimosas with the perfect blend of champagne and orange juice. Add a zing with a Bloody Mary for those who enjoy a savory kick in the morning. If you're looking for non-alcoholic options, you can try refreshing fruit-infused water – think crisp cucumbers, zesty citrus, or sweet strawberries. These drinks will not only complement the brunch but also add a sparkling touch to your recovery day feast.

To make this event more successful, don’t forget to choose the perfect time for your post-wedding brunch – aim for that sweet spot between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. It’s the Goldilocks hour for brunch vibes, allowing your guests to enjoy a leisurely morning and dive into a delightful midday feast.

succulent shrimp




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Gaming on Wedding Recovery Day

Incorporating some enjoyable games is a fantastic way to have a blast with your partner, family, and friends. Now, if you're into outdoor vibes, outdoor games bring that perfect post-wedding glow. Imagine tossing around giant Jenga blocks, playing cornhole, or having a chill frisbee session – If the weather's not playing nice or you're more of basically, a mini Olympics without the stress. Set up a board game marathon with classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Cards Against Humanity. It's all about laughter and friendly competition.

For a tech-savvy twist, consider video or console games. A Mario Kart tournament, perhaps? It's a surefire way to bring out the playful side in everyone. And hey, don't forget the timeless charades or Pictionary. Nothing breaks the ice like some goofy drawings or acting out Hello Kitty without saying a word. 

The key here is to keep it light, keep it fun, and keep those smiles beaming. Gaming on your wedding recovery day isn't just about competition; it's about bonding, laughter, and creating unforgettable moments with your favorite people. So, whether you're tossing bean bags outdoors or dealing out cards indoors, let the games begin!

mini Olympics


Gaming on Wedding Recovery Day

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Wrapping It Up

The recovery journey is up to you. Pick the vibe – from an after-party to a laid-back brunch, it's your call. Choose a venue that feels like home, whether it's your backyard or a faraway destination. The post-wedding brunch? Keep it simple with leftovers or go all out with omelets, shrimps, and delightful drinks like mimosas or bloody marys. And for the grand finale, gaming fun – indoors, outdoors, classic, or tech-savvy, make it a day of laughter and bonding. Your wedding recovery day is a chapter of its own, so savor every moment!

FAQs about Wedding Recovery Day

What Should Couples Do after Wedding?

Just relax. You have got through the stress of planning and hosting your wedding day, some rest and relaxation is super important for all couples.

What Is an Alternative to Post-Wedding Brunch?

You can create a post-wedding bag (similar to the welcome bag you greeted them with when they arrived). Inside you can include pre-packaged breakfast food and other morning-after items like Advil, Band-Aids, and instant-made coffee to give them a good morning jolt of energy.

Why Am I So Unhappy after Getting Married?

It may be difficult to adjust to major life changes after a wedding, and newly married couples may experience a sense of loss for the life they had before. Couples may also experience tension during or after a wedding.

Who Pays for Brunch after Wedding?

Historically, the post-wedding brunch is paid for by the bride's family, however, it can be a nice gesture from the couple or the groom's parents to foot the bill.


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