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A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plan a Wishing Well Wedding?

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A wishing well wedding has become a key part of modern wedding culture, that helps intending couples receive cash and gifts from their guests. Instead of waiting until you receive random gifts, a wishing well wedding allows your guests to donate funds that can be used for other things like a honeymoon trip or purchase.

In this article, you will understand how to help your guests without making them uncomfortable. Whether you are the bride, groom, maid of honor or event planner, this guide is filled with insights that we have gathered as wedding experts to help you as you plan your wishing well wedding.

What Is a Wishing Well Wedding?

What Is a Wishing Well Wedding?
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A wishing well wedding is a charming tradition where wedding guests contribute financial and material gifts to couples. These gifts are usually placed in a decorative container. Traditionally, a wishing well has several significance, with a long standing history of it being associated with divine powers that makes your wishes come true. Thus, couples incorporate the wishing well concept into their weddings to symbolize support, seek good blessings from their loved ones as they embark on their marital Bliss.

No doubt, a wishing well wedding is a great idea for couples who do not just want the random or common gifts like kitchen equipment, or bed sheets. Instead, they get their guests to donate financial gifts which they can either use to purchase the important things needed in their house or even add to their savings. Interestingly, you can also receive good words and prayers from your guests in the form of written cards.

Why Choose a Wishing Well Wedding?

Would you rather have all your guests give you the same or similar gifts on your wedding day? How about guests giving you gifts that you may never use? I bet you don't want that. That is why you need a wishing well wedding. It is elegant, simple and saves you the stress of decluttering your home in the nearest future.

Wishing Well Wedding Etiquette

Wishing Well Wedding Etiquette

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Not every guest at your wedding has attended a wishing well wedding, so they may feel surprised, bothered or maybe uncomfortable about giving you their money. Here are simple tips to explain the wishing well wedding concept.

Explain Your Wishing Well in Your Invite

Add a note to your invite explaining your intentions to have a wishing well at your wedding. Explain the significance of them giving you cash gifts, instead of the traditional and random homeware. You can also include what you plan to use the money received for.

Put the Wishing Well out of the Way at Your Wedding

Instead of putting your wishing well at the entrance, or at the center, put it close to your seat. Despite this, some guests may still forget to drop their gifts, but don't focus too much on the gifts, maybe the guests have their own troubles and let us relax a little.

Wishing Well Signage

Make sure to have a sign on the wish box so your guests can recognise the wishing well. The signage must provide instructions or directions to your guests on how to drop their cash gifts. Ensure that your signage design is beautiful, and the color is related to the theme of the event.

Be Grateful

Be Grateful
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Avoid telling people how much they should give. Remember that it is a gift, it should not be coerced. No matter how much is received, ensure that you are grateful to everyone for their support.

Show Guests What the Wishing Well Bought

It is important that you keep your wedding guests updated on your wishing well fund. Ensure that you show them what you were able to implement with the donations. Always update your wedding registry, to show progress of all that you purchased, or did with the money.

Note on Gifts

Appreciate everyone who shows up at your wedding. You can send a thank you note, either physical or E-copy. Just ensure that you appreciate their gestures and support towards your marital journey.

Wishing Well Wording

Wishing Well Wording
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Getting people to drop their funds on your wedding day isn't the easiest thing to do, which is why you need to have a well crafted and emotional message. Here are 5 examples of effective and exciting wishing well wording.

Simple Wishing Well Wording

Thank you for showing up with your love, support and money to our wedding. We do not in any way take these kind gestures for granted.

Playful Poems Wishing Well Wording

Your smile at our wedding was blissful, but your gifts filled our hearts with Bliss.

Our heart never forgets two things; our marital vows and your support. Thank you!

Purposeful Wishing Well Wording

We are ready to embark on a journey of purpose and we will love you to extend your grace and support towards us.

Formal Wishing Well Wording

Our heart is filled with gratitude as we host you on our wedding day. We seek your generosity towards our big day. Your kindness is deeply appreciated.

Casual Wishing Well Wording

We want to see your smile as we exchange our vows. But, don't come alone. Come with gifts.

We will love to see you at our wedding, but don't forget your wallet at home. You will need it!

How Can We Include a Wishing Well at Our Wedding?

How Can We Include a Wishing Well at Our Wedding?
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Although the culture of wishing a wedding seems new, you can incorporate it into your wedding games. Ensure that your wedding event planner is fully aware of your intention to receive gifts from the guests. Also find some time to announce that your guests drop their donations in the wish well.

Wishing Well Alternatives

Wishing Well Alternatives
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Instead of choosing the usual well shape for your wishing well wedding, there are several options to choose from. There are beautiful options that can serve as an alternative - letter boxes, money trees, or suitcases.

Another great alternative is to use an online wish well for gifts. There are a few platforms online for intending couples to receive gifts without stress. All you need to do is put a sign with the QR code of your wish on the table, and ask your guests to scan. Interestingly, a digital wishing well makes it easy for anyone to send you and your spouse cash gifts, irrespective of their location.

Who Is a Wedding Wishing Well a Good Fit For?

Who Is a Wedding Wishing Well a Good Fit For?
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You should plan a wishing well wedding if you and your partner consider and love the goodwill and generosity of people. A wishing well wedding is also the best option for individuals who always have their house properly set up and don't want the usual traditional wedding gifts. Finally, if you prefer to buy your products yourself after your wedding, a wishing well wedding is an excellent option.

How to Thank Your Guests for Contributing to Your Wedding Wishing Well?

How to Thank Your Guests for Contributing to Your Wedding Wishing Well?
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Appreciating your guests will not only make them happy but also make them feel a sense of connection to you. Here are a few ways you should thank your guest for their contribution:

  • Thank your guests for their attendance
  • Appreciate them for showing up for you and your spouse

You can also give them a customized thank you card that deeply shows your appreciation and humble heart.

Is a Wishing Well Wedding Right for You?

Truthfully, I don't think there is anyone who ever gets a wishing well wedding wrong. It is beautiful and gives your guests the intention that you honor them, and you will like them to bless your marriage with their financial substances. Wishing well wedding is right for you, you would also enjoy it. Beyond the cash gifts, you can read a heartfelt prayer and love notes from your friends and families.


Think about exploring and creating beautiful memories after your wedding. You can achieve that with a properly planned wishing well wedding. The above tips are simple yet practical and detailed ways to plan your wishing well wedding.

Let's start the year with beautiful and creative ideas for an exciting wedding party as a bride.


How Much Should You Give to a Wishing Well Wedding?

There is no set dollar amount for a wishing well, and typically closer connections will result in larger contributions.

  • Close friends/family: $100-$300
  • Distant relatives/acquaintances: $50-$100
  • Colleagues/casual acquaintances: $25-$50

Do You Put Money in a Card for a Wishing Well?

Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to put money on a card. Write a text message wishing them well and thanking them for sharing this special day with you.

What Is an Example of a Wishing Well Wedding?

A decorative box with slots for envelopes, or a vintage suitcase with a charming message. A whimsical wishing tree decorated with ribbon for attaching cards, or a mason jar with fairy lights and a Make a Wish sign.


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