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5 Things To Avoid Common Mistakes When Picking Bridesmaid Dresses

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When planning a wedding, the most powerful (and most stressful) thing is not picking a wedding dress for yourself, but picking a "team uniform" for your bridesmaids. Not only do you want your girls to look gorgeous, but they also have to be comfortable, so you need to know some tips for shopping for bridesmaid dressesHowever, when it comes to choosing a bridesmaid dress, most people make a lot of mistakes. From budget control to style and color, we've rounded up 5 tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses to give you the right advice on choosing a bridesmaid dress so you don't feel like it's a nuisance, but a fun wedding. 

Consider the Color

The bridesmaid dress color is probably one of the most critical decisions you will make – as it sets the overall look and feel for your wedding day. We have some bride-to-be’s that know “exactly” the color they want for their dresses. It can be a very tough decision for some. When making a decision, the key elements to consider are your wedding theme; your venue; the season; the coloring & body shapes of your bridesmaids; and your unique personality! If you already have an idea for your wedding theme, you can use it as the base for your color palette. Make sure the color of the bridesmaid dresses matches your wedding theme. This will make the colors and themes complement each other naturally.

It can be tricky to choose a dress color that complements your wedding theme and will delight your wedding party. If you're out of ideas, I recommend the versatile champagne bridesmaid dress, it's like a fresh champagne flute, and the champagne hue goes with everything. What's more, this neutral shade is great for mixing and matching with other colors, and comes with blush, beige, and gold undertones for warm and cool wedding-themed colors. Champagne bridesmaid dresses look good on basically everyone and are versatile enough to fit every dress code, wedding location, and season. 

Let Bridesmaids Be Themselves

Remember that one size or one style doesn't fit all. One way around this is to offer them fashion freedom. It may sound unrealistic to let each bridesmaid choose their own dresses, but the bridesmaids will definitely agree with this approach, because they will feel that you are allowed to show their charm on that day, and they will also recognize their sense of aesthetics. However, before doing this, there are still a few preconditions to follow: Give your girls the color palette/event style you've chosen, along with the option to pick their own styles. Giving a uniform request on the color and fabric of the dress to make the bridesmaid dress doesn't seem to conflict with the wedding theme and can also coordinate with the bridal dress.  

If anyone in your party has a more unconventional style, such as visible tattoos, piercings, or brightly colored hair, don’t make them hide or change this aspect of themselves. Encouraging bridesmaids to express them unique personality and just let them be themselves. Each of your bridal party members is beautiful and unique in their own way.

Keep Costs in Mind

The fastest way to send your bridesmaids down a stress spiral is by not considering their financial situation. Among the complaints of bridesmaids, the most heard is the worry about the high price. Although you have been very considerate to choose moderately priced dresses, but if add wedding gifts, bachelorette parties, makeup, hairstyle and many other expenses are also a lot of expenses for the bridesmaids, not to mention the bridesmaids who have to come from other cities. It's worth paying attention to how to control the overall expenses of the bridesmaids, after all, a bridesmaid dress probably isn't the only thing they're paying for. 

Consider the Style

Each of your bridesmaids is likely to have different body shapes, heights and styles. Therefore, the suitable styles are also different, and different bridesmaids can choose different styles of bridesmaid dresses. Choosing dresses can be a bit overwhelming because there are so many colors and fabrics to choose from. From lace to chiffon to satin to jersey, there are endless options, and they all give off a different vibe. If you’re having a casual wedding, stick to casual and low-key fabrics, such as chiffon. If you’re planning a lavish, elegant event, fabrics such as satin and sequins have a more formal look and feel.

Focus on Comfort

Although the style is very important, you can't just focus on style and ignore personal comfort. Most bridesmaids will find themselves doing quite a lot of running around on the day – they play a massive role and will need to be able to move around for pictures, bridesmaid duties and getting the dance floor moving in the evening. Because of this, you must make sure that the bridesmaid dresses are comfortable and fitted. Actually, whether a piece of clothing is comfortable is a very personal feeling, but when choosing a style with some careful thought, it can greatly improve the comfort of bridesmaids. But in the feeling of fabrics, everyone is the same, no one likes to wear a dress that is uncomfortable for the skin, and believes that no one can refuse a comfortable and shiny satin bridesmaid dress.  

If you keep these simple tips in mind, you'll avoid making the mistake of choosing a bridesmaid dress and making it easy to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for your girls. So start gathering some inspiration, ask your girls about their budget, and start making some decisions about wedding themes, bridesmaid dress fabrics and colors. With so many dresses to choose from, you can be sure your girls will look absolutely gorgeous and help you achieve your perfect wedding day vision. 

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